How to Wish Myself Happy Birthday on Facebook
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How to Wish Myself Happy Birthday on Facebook in 2024

If you are one of those who search for How to Wish Myself Happy birthday on Facebook, then you’re here for the best guide on how to wish yourself happy birthday on Facebook and any other social media platform.

Wishing yourself happy birthday is not limited to Facebook alone. You can choose to wish yourself happy birthday on any other social media sites depending on where you have more friends and followers.

You can use Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp or Imo.

I use WhatsApp and Facebook because that’s where I am sure people would relate well with my piece and I’ll get the response I desire.

Since Facebook is the right one for you here, we will focus on how you’ll wish yourself happy birthday on Facebook.

Ready? Follow the guide.

How to Wish Myself Happy Birthday on Facebook

Know What Works

If you already have followers and you’re a people person on Facebook, there is an assurance that your fans would be looking up to your birthday post.

Knowing fully well that your timeline will receive attention on your birthday, it’s very important that you let whatever you’re giving your fans be top notch.

And by now, you should already know what content your fans love most; give them that and you’ll get the best response.

Oh! You don’t have many fans? Then don’t worry. Just know that using a picture – a very lovely picture – with a nice post would do.

Choose a Message Point

In a way, your birthday wishes on Facebook could be written to reflect on the past, appreciate the present or envisage the future.

For instance, my last birthday was done with writing a post for People going through challenges.

Read: The post I wrote on my birthday

So, you just decide what to give your fans.

You might decide to write a post to appreciate your family and friends, a post that tells your past experiences, one that shows your personality or one that tells what you envisage in the future.

No matter what you do, make sure your fans can connect with your thoughts.

Did you get the drift? Then move to the next step.

Prepare a Picture

Prior to my birthday on February 12th of 2018 ( I do this every year), I had gone to the studio with my wife from where we took some nice pictures I used – Olalekan Adebumiti.

Note: It’s important you use your recent picture, make sure it’s depicting joy and something your family, friends and well-wishers can relate to.

Instead of using your own picture, you might decide to use a picture that depicts the message you want to pass across. It could be a motivational picture.

Make a Lovely Post and Publish

Now with the post and picture that you will love to use, log into your Facebook account and upload.

Let the post be the picture’s description.

Most importantly, make sure you post it as early as possible so people can see it on time.

That’s the guide on how to wish yourself a happy birthday on Facebook.

You can do exactly the same on Twitter.

Sample Birthday Posts to use on Facebook

Here are sweet samples of Birthday posts you can use on Facebook.

1. Dear Beautiful,
I’ve known you since the very beginning and I’m excited that you’re getting better at yourself. I wish you the very best as your new year begins. Cheers to a new beginning. Happy birthday, self!

2. Although I’m not yet where I want to be, I’m still definitely not where I used to be. I’m glad I’m making progress and I’m patient with me. I see a beautiful future ahead. Yeah, it can only get better.
Happy birthday to me!

3. It’s my birthday! I’m actually not so as overly excited as might be expected, all the same, I’m grateful for the gift of life and more persuaded of the better and greater things the future holds. I love and I’m proud of myself. Happy birthday dear me.

4. I am young, I am imperfect, and yes, I am beautiful, I am gorgeous, I am more than I can ever know, I am me! Happy birthday to me. I wish myself growth and progress in every sphere of my life.

5. Dear young man, you’ve not been the best of yourself over time and you’ve had lots of ups and downs, still, tomorrow holds something bigger and more beautiful than you’ve ever imagined. You have all you need to be excellent in you, my prayer is that you express those things as you begin a new year. Happy birthday to my very self.

6. Don’t you ever think you are alone. The One who has brought you this far has never failed and He won’t start now. He’ll be with you through it all. I love you so much and am looking out for you. Happy birthday dear me.

7. I’m grateful to God for being my Hope and Defend from day one till now. And to friends and family who have been by me, I’m eternally grateful too. Happy birthday to me. I really do hope the years ahead be more blissful and beautiful than the ones behind. I love me.

8. Today, I sit back to look at how far I’ve come and how far I am going. All I see is divine enablement and unparalleled love from family and friends. I’m confident of a bright future because I have amazing people around me. Thanks for your presence in my life. I wish myself a happy birthday.

9. It’s a new year, a new age and of course, a better me. I pray and hope to be a better and stronger me as I journey through the next 365 days of my life. Happy birthday to me.

10. Happy birthday to me!
Even though it hasn’t been all smooth all this while, still, God has been seeing me through and has surrounded me with lovely and happy people. I am thankful for everyone in my life, family and friends, and I want us to do more together this year. Thanks for all times. I love you.

11. The past 365 days of my life have been full of all sorts of stuff ranging from the really bad to the really good conditions. God saw me through it all and I’m grateful for life.
Happy birthday to me!

12. On this special day, I pray that I become the best of myself and excel on every side. No moving backwards and no stagnancy. I am better than I’ve always been.
Happy birthday dear me!

13. I appreciate God for thus far He has brought me and I also celebrate myself for being through everything patiently and in hope. The future is undoubtedly brighter than I can imagine. Happy birthday to me.

14. I might not be the most handsome in the world but one thing I’m sure of is that God made in His image, and that’s enough to make me feel the most handsome. I’m grateful to God for giving me His life and for grace to sustain me for the rest of my life. I love and wish myself the happiest birthday ever.

15. The only difference between today and every other day is that I was born this day many years ago and yeah, that makes today really special. Cheers to more beautiful and prosperous years ahead and of course, to a better me. Happy birthday, self.

16. On this day, I say a big “thank you” first and most importantly to God, my refuge and strength and then to my friends and family, who have been by my side since the very first day. I love you all. Thanks for the birthday wishes and love shown. Happy birthday to me once again.

17. Happy birthday to me. And even though I’ve not had it all smooth and rosy as I would have wanted, I’m still grateful for life and the beautiful ones I’m surrounded with. Thanks for making life worth living for me. I’m blessed to have you all in my life.

18. I look back today and I’m overwhelmed by how far I’ve gone and more excited about how farther God is taking me. I’m not afraid because He’s always been with me and would continue to be. I wish myself a beautiful birthday.

19. Many did not live long enough to celebrate their first birthday and here I am celebrating mine the 50th time. It only could have been God and sincerely, I can’t thank Him enough for life. Thank You, Jesus, for the love you showered on me. Your Name be praised.

20. It’s my Birthday!
I won’t keep quiet or hide my joy today cos scaling through 40 years uninjured and still bouncing happily is more than enough to be thankful for. And yeah, it wasn’t by my strength cos I even have none. God did it!

21. My birthday is today. It’s another opportunity to reflect on yesteryears and hope for a better future. And also to be thankful for the gift of the day, the present. Thank you, Lord, for all.

22. Today, I am a year older not only in age but in knowledge, experience, love. I’m better this day in all aspects than I’ve always been. I’m happy about the progress I’ve made and will continue to make. Happy birthday to me.

23. Today, I’m not necessarily celebrating how many years I’ve lived but much more, I’m celebrating growth, progress, life, family, friends, and looking forward to more of those in the years ahead. Happy, Happy birthday to me!

24. It’s a beautiful day today cos it’s my birthday. May this day usher in more blessings and love. And may I continue to grow in grace, wisdom and understanding. Happy birthday to me.

25. I know all my loved ones and folks out there would flood my timeline today with beautiful wishes, some because they would remember and many because they would be reminded by Facebook. Smiles. Whichever way, I appreciate you all and I wish myself a happy birthday too.

26. Even if I won’t be able to throw a big party to celebrate my day and appreciate all my loved ones for the love shown, I sincerely am grateful to each and everyone and more grateful to God, who kept me alive and happy. I wish myself a beautiful new year.

27. I can imagine how much love God has bestowed on me right from conception till birth and until now. The journey has been long and full of this and that but through it all, God proved to be faithful and He didn’t let me go through life alone. Happy birthday to me.

28. I’m short of words at the moment because I attempted to count my blessings right from the start and like you would expect, I lost count. In short, my blessings are uncountable! God has been more than good to me. Happy birthday to me.

29. Times when I almost gave up and thought God had forgotten me, He showed up right on time and answered my prayers. He gave me beautiful friends and family and of course His Love, everlasting. What more can I ask for? Happy birthday to me.

30. Happy birthday to my beautiful self.
More than my wishes and heart’s desires, I pray that God Himself blesses me and prays for me. His prayers and blessings would suffice for the rest of my life. Thank You, Lord, for your blessings. I receive them by Faith! Amen.

31. Happy birthday to the one person I’ve known the most, lived with the most, and, of course, loved the most.
Happy birthday to me!

32. More than anything else, I strongly believe that tomorrow holds something brighter and bigger for me. I’m persuaded of better things about me. For these, I give thanks.
Happy birthday dear me.

33. Things will always work out perfectly for me because I believe in my self and much more than that, I believe in God who makes all things possible. I wish myself a hearty birthday.

34. It’s my birthday!
I celebrate myself because I’m so proud of who I am and the big future I see. I’m not afraid to achieve anything because the big God’s got me. I’m excited!

35. Every day of my life has been amazing to the glory of God and today is more amazing because it’s my birthday. I pray that I enjoy more of God’s blessings and grace in all my doings as I mark another year. Happy birthday to me.

36. Dear me,
You are beautiful, brilliant, gorgeous, loved and amazing. You are simply the best. I pray that you enjoy more of these as your new year begins today.

37. I’m here today because God kept me and I’m alive because He breathed His Life into me. I’ve received Grace for Grace of His fullness. I’m grateful for Your Love. Happy birthday to me.

38. No one has and can ever love me better than You do. God, Your Love for me is more than words can express. That’s why I’m saying “Thank You Jesus” from the depth of my heart. You deserve the lifting of my hands. I wish myself a cheerful birthday.

39. Happy birthday to me. I pray that this day, my path shines brighter and brighter and more opportunities come my way. The Lord shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory.

40. Friends and family, even if you don’t have any gift to usher me on my birthday, I cover your heartfelt wishes and prayers. God bless you for blessing me from your hearts. Happy birthday to me.

41. It’s more fulfilling to be happy than to be rich. And although I’m not the richest in the world, I’m very happy and healthy because I’m blessed with life and love surrounds me. I’m grateful and contented with these gifts and can only wish for more of it. Happy birthday to me.

42. If for no other reason, I will be happy and make merry because today is my birthday and I deserve to be celebrated. And even if no one celebrates me, I would celebrate myself cos nothing can steal my joy and happiness. Happy birthday to me.

43. Hurrah! It’s a special person’s birthday today. Yeah, the most adorable young lady in the world. Friends and family, come together and felicitate with her. She is me. Happy birthday to me!

44. I pray on this day that more than my dreams and wildest thoughts, God does exceedingly and abundantly above them according to His Word. Happy birthday to me.

45. I’m short of words right now and all I can say is “Thank You Lord” for sparing my life. Happy birthday to me.

46. I wish myself a very happy birthday and I thank God for adding another beautiful year to my years. Thank You, Father!

47. I wish I could have more than 24 hours to myself to celebrate with my loved ones cos it’s my birthday. I’ll have all the fun I want to in that short time all the same. Happy birthday to me.

48. Happy birthday to this young man who constantly reminds me of how awesome and great I am. He believes so much in me and I really love him. Young man, thanks for being me. Smiles. Happy birthday to my very self!

49. I know my Redeemer lives and that’s my hope for this new year and the ones to come. He would see me through life! Happy birthday to me.

50. Balloons and flowers are all over the place, music everywhere and the atmosphere shouts celebration. I guess it’s my birthday already! And yeah it is! Happy birthday beautiful me. I hope to enjoy my day to the fullest.


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