Happy Birthday to Me

Lovely Happy Birthday to Me Wishes in 2024

Happy Birthday to Me

Whether it’s out of love or the absence of wishes from friends and family, I know exactly how it means to be sending happy birthday wishes to oneself.

My Thoughts on this Day

I thought about luck, ruminated on fate, dug deep into favour and I found that not everyone alive today have gotten a glimpse of them all.

My days are with sunshine, I have a galaxy of stars and the moon at night. My years have been full of experiences and yet I’m here with boundless joy.

I’ve got hope for the future and the present life is everything to write home about.

It’s my birthday and I’ve got everything to be grateful for.

The journey has been worth the ride so far and I deserve some big wishes from me to myself. Happy Birthday to Me.

If only hearts can speak, then you will know how blessed I am to see this day. I’m glad I’m plus one today.

I’m getting a year younger today. Glad and happier birthday to myself.

On my birthday, I pray whatsoever may stand as an hindrance this year shall not survive. Happy me.

On my special day, I wish and pray that God sees me through coming thick and thins. Happy birthday to myself and myself alone.

Each time I lost momentum and almost gave up on my dreams, all I did was just stand in front of a mirror and tell who I see… “YOU CAN DO IT.” Happy birthday to me.

Momma’s prayer has kept me going for the past 365 days now. I wish myself all the love and care this harsh world can offer. Happy bornday to me.

I love the day I was born. On that great day a hero was born that’s the reason I’m celebrating myself today. Happy womb escape day to me.

Today is the day I was brought to this world to be the best I can be and a source of inspiration to myself and people. Happy birthday to me.

As I celebrate my Birthday today, I wish myself another 365 days with Loads Of Fun, Excitement and wonderful memories meant to be remembered. Happy Birthday to me.

How I came to love life itself remains mystical and I owe it to my past birthday wishes. So today I’m wishing myself all the best my friends wish me. Happy birthday to me.

Through rain and sunshine, I’ll forever be grateful especially on a special day like this. Jah bless this birthday guy.

When troubles came and my heart was bothered, I looked up to God and He was there for me. Thank you Lord for sparing me through the years. Happier birthday to me.

I’m glad to see another birthday. Jah bless me abundantly always and specially on a day like this.

Every day comes with a blessing but birthdays come along with special blessings. So I’m wishing myself blessings on blessings and a great birthday with many more to come.

Wishing myself more money, more understanding, more knowledge as I am a year older today. Happy birthday to me.

Plus one plus every good thing that comes along with a birthday. Happy birthday to me.

To every dream on my heart I receive the power of God to make them come true for the sake of this special day. Happy birthday to me.

I’ve got no money but I’ve got hopes and dreams. This day, I declare more money into my account in Jesus name. Happy birthday to me.

On this special day, I wish myself every goals I’ve ever set to meet fruition. Happier birthday to myself and me alone.

The only one who has never given up on me is God. He has always been my shield and rock as He guides me through the past 365 days safely. Grateful heart, Happy birthday to me.

Thank you father for making me rejoice in your awesomeness. Grant me more of this day in good health and wealth. Happier birthday to me.

On this great day, I wish myself more grace from God almighty as I celebrate myself today. Happier birthday.

My life is mine and has always be mine but the way I live it revolves around how bountifully God will bless my now and always. Happier birthday to myself.

On this special day, no one can congratulate me before myself so I’m wishing myself nothing but for the will of God to be done in my life. Age with grace I pray.

The best of the best of all wishes is what I wish myself. Age with success I pray. Happy birthday to me.

Saying thank you God will not be enough, yet I’ll say bless you God for keeping me with assurance that you’ll keep me safe for the next year and always. Happy Birthday to me.

Happy Birthday to Me, Myself and I

You keep setting your treasures in just a jar of clay.
You are so mindful of this ordinary sand…
For her, you never sleep…
Who am I!
What have I given you to deserve this measure of Love from you.
I’m not even faithful…
I’m just by mercy privileged to be a partaker of your Grace.

I don’t take this for granted, Lord.
I thank you for yesterday, I appreciate you for today and I’m grateful for tomorrow and ever.
I return all the glory to you, Father.

“Only you will I praiiiiiiiiise…. Only you will I praiiiiise, Baba… Only you will I praise… I have no other God”

Happy Happy Happy birthday to me, myself and I.

Happy Birthday to Myself

Each day holds no guarantee in this life. Use today to spread your love. Tell the person that means the most to you that you DO truly love them. Tell them you appreciate them. Tell them that their love truly makes this life worth living. Tell them and others you are sorry for current mistakes…

Don’t let the minutes, days, weeks, months pass before you, tell them. Don’t make a life worth living in the past.. Don’t hold grudges or keep those regrets locked withing your heart. Free yourself and break the chains that may bind you.

Do it today, this new week or tomorrow. Live for the moment and focus on building a peaceful future for tomorrow. Keep a smile, always trust in God’s word, and always trust in God’s love. TELL THEM!!
Live today like tomorrow will never come

May God Help Us To Live A Better Life Today!

Happy Birthday to me.

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