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2024 Happy Womb Escape Day Messages, Wishes & Quotes

Here is all you will ever need of “Happy Womb Escape Day Messages and Wishes.

First of all,

What is Womb Escape Day?

Happy Womb Escape Day Meaning

Well , I don’t know how people came about happy womb escape day but I understand that

Womb escape day (or womb exit day) is believed to be the day you were born.

Happy womb escape day, therefore, is the celebration of the day you came out of the womb – your birthday.

Note: Happy Womb Escape Day is the same as Happy Uterus Escape Day.

With that in mind, the messages, wishes, poems and quotes for such an occasion is not different from the ones you send as birthday greetings.

Happy Womb Escape Day Messages for Him or Her

You can use the lovely birthday messages below for happy womb escape day messages.

1. I pray your birthday brings more joy and merriment, beyond your thoughts and wishes. Bask in the euphoria of jollity for this day.

2. More happiness, more blessings, more realization of your heart desires, even as you celebrate your day. Happy womb escape day to you.

3. No matter how much of wishes your friends send you for today, I wish you double of them plus all the wishes in your heart. It’s your day. Enjoy it.

4. Years back, you struggled in the dark for 9 months, only to be out with full wonders to the world. Here comes the wonder to behold. Happy womb escape day to you.

5. Let every step you take and every single move you make today bring the abundance of unspeakable joy to you. Yes! Joy and nothing but joy. Happy womb escape day to you.

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Happy Womb Escape Day Wishes for Someone Special

Sweet collections for Happy Womb Escape Day Wishes.

6. It takes courage to leave the known for the unknown. You left the terrain you were used to and became a resident of the world you never knew. I celebrate your courage today. Happy womb escape day to my pal.

7. You successfully lived in an aquarium for 9 months without drowning. And have also survived on this terrestrial habitat. Only the strong can adjust to environments and remain strong. Happiest womb escape.

8. You were too important to be hidden inside the stomach. The reason you got pushed out at nine months. Your importance has since then continued to increase. I wish you a happy womb escape today once again.

9. Your parents couldn’t wait to carry their bundle of Joy. And now that you are here, we are happy to see you grow. That’s why your birthday is always special. Happy womb escape.

10. Your presence on this planet has brought Joy and gladness to many hearts. I wonder what the world would have been like if you hadn’t escaped from the uterus. Happy womb escape day.

Happy Womb Escape Day Quotes for Him or Her

Use these collection of quotes for Happy Womb Escape Quotes you can send to him or her.

11. This day every year reminds us of the very day you came into this world. What a happy day it was. And it has since then remained a memorable day for you are our Joy. Happy womb escape to you.

12. It wasn’t easy for your Mum to go through the pain of labour, but for you to live, it was worth it. Continue to be a source of Joy that you are to everyone. Again, happy womb escape.

13. A happy day it will forever remain; the day you were born. What you have brought to us; Joy immeasurable. I am happy to have met you in this world. Happy womb escape day.

14. I have always known your existence in this world is not just for fun. You live with a sense of purpose and impact and bless every life that comes your way. Happy womb escape.

15. Your birthday is always a reminder to how gracious God is to the world. For giving you, a special gift to us. The world is happy to have you. I am happy to know you. Happy womb escape.

Happy Uterus Escape Day Messages, Wishes and Quotes

Best Messages, Wishes and Quotes to Say a Happy Uterus Day.

16. Blessed is the womb that housed a special person like you for nine months. And favoured is the world for accommodating you. You’re such a winner. Happy uterus escape day to you.

17. The birds are singing more sweetly today. The weather started so brightly too. I was wondering why, until I remembered it’s your day. The whole world jubilates for you. Wishing you a happy uterus day.

18. Hip Hip Hip… Hurray!
Joy visited us on the day you were born and had since then resides with us. Your birthday is always a day to celebrate this Joy. You are special to us. Happiest uterus escape day to you, friend.

19. Today is a special day because it marks the day the world received you. You’re special and unique in all ways. May your days be full and prosperous. Wishing you a happy womb escape.

20. I am proud to associate with a great like you. Even today is proud to be the chosen day you were born. May your star continue to shine brighter and brighter. Happy womb escape to you.

Happy Womb Escape Day Greetings for Him or Her

Best of Happy Womb Escape Day Greetings for someone you cherish.

21. This day many years back, you relocated from the womb to the outside world. And have since then become an important personality here. I celebrate you today. Happy uterus escape day to you, friend.

22. Though the world isn’t anywhere near how the uterus where you came from was, you adapted and survived still. That is why I call you a conqueror. May victory forever be yours. Happier womb escape day.

23. Your conception brought Joy to your parents. Your days in the womb strengthened your mother. You came out and became a blessing to the world. Happiest womb escape day to you.

24. You are being celebrated today because of a bold step you took many years ago. You were without strength but strong enough to come out to this world. I wish you a happy womb escape.

25. The world wouldn’t have been this colourful if you hadn’t taken the decision to step out of the womb. We are happy you are here. I celebrate you today and beyond. Wishing you a happy womb escape day.

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