Funny Birthday Wishes
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2024 Funny Birthday Wishes and Messages for Myself

So it’s your birthday. It’s the day you escaped the womb some years back and to wish yourself happy birthday, you’ve decided to take the funny path?

Weldone, Sir. Weldone, Ma!

So you need some funny happy birthday wishes for yourself? Use the funny birthday wishes below.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Myself

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Myself

On my birthday, I know my real friends by my bank alerts. You know what I’m saying?

I am a year younger today, I need more gifts, abeg.

Ladies keep off, it’s my birthday not my money day.

The friend that can’t ask for your account number on your birthday, is that one a friend?

Hey, everyone! I just got an alert that your wishes didn’t convert to money. Please, would you rather deposit cash in my account?

No doubt, all about me is worth celebrating,
So follow me to sweet sensation where you’ll eat and have constipation.
For the time I’ll send you notification.
On the menu are enough varieties with jollof rice – I don’t mean concoction.
Thinking if you don’t wear ‘ankara’ no ‘semo’ for your consumption?
Don’t worry I’ll give you some consideration.
And, God I thank You for this connection!
Happy birthday to myself from I and me.

Funny Birthday Messages for Myself

Funny Happy Birthday Messages for Myself

I have seen the light on the cake, wishes on my social account, but I want more monetary wishes in my bank account. Happy birthday to myself.

I would have been the richest person in my village today if only I could convert these wishes to money.

Cool friends send wishes but real friends send cash. Which one are you.

I have enjoyed enough of smiles today, can you guys just ask for my account number?

When I remember today is my birthday, I wish I have a machine that would convert wishes to cool cash.

Funny Birthday Quotes for Myself

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for Myself

Why should I be happy when each birthday I celebrate draws me closer to the grave?

I wish a birthday would be weekly so I see friends who would prove to really love me by giving gifts.

It’s funny how we grow older and happy when,  in reality, we are a day closer to our Graves.

If you cannot wish yourself HBD, why wish me? Who abbreviated wishes don epp?

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