Birthday Wishes Quotes for Friend
Birthday Wishes Quotes for Friend
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100 Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes for Friend so Special in 2024

Birthdays come once in a year. Presenting of gifts isn’t the only way you tell the person you’re happy for him/her or you love them. There are other ways to make them know you care and value them. Why won’t you wish them a HAPPY BIRTHDAY? The fact you’re depressed doesn’t mean you should let a friends birthday pass without wishing them a Happy Birthday. We all have to be celebrated, so don’t be a bad friend and not celebrate someone.

Here is a list of birthday wishes and birthday quotes for your friends to make them feel you care for them. Happy Birthday to them.

Birthday Wishes Quotes for Friend

Be the supporting and encouraging friend you ought to be, by celebrating your friend with the following Happy Birthday Wishes and Text Messages for My Best Friend.

1. Happy Birthday, dearest. I wish you a million years to live in the land of the living and more money to spend.

2. Happy Birthday, dear, I wish you the best life can offer.

3. Happy Birthday to that one person who makes me happy always, who happens to be my best friend. I wish you happiness and fewer pains.

4. I am happy you’re alive and in good shape. Go celebrate this special day of yours. I wish you bountiful harvest, bountiful blessings and more years on earth. Happy belated birthday.

5. I’m happy you’re witnessing another 365 days of your life. I pray God gives you the strength to celebrate more. Happy Birthday, dear.

6. I wish you all the good things in life and also pray all your wishes come true. Long life and prosperity to your new age my friend. Happy belated birthday.

7. May this your birthday be filled with love and happiness, and may you achieve all your goals. Happy Birthday.

8. For every soul on earth, there is always a special day for them. As you celebrate yours, I pray sorrow depart from you my dearest. Happy Birthday.

9. You should smile even when you’re in pains, even if you have no reason to but for the reason of adding another year. Happy Birthday.

10. As you turn plus one today, I pray that all the good things in your life be multiplied abundantly, and the bad and sorrowful things be subtracted. Happy Birthday, dear.

Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes for Friend

Be the one that ignites that unforgettable moment on your friend’s birthday with these Awesome Birthday Wishes for Friend from the Heart.

11. You’re bigger, nicer, smarter and fresher today. Happy Birthday.

12. +1 in years, +1 in God’s favour, +1 in strength, +1 in God’s blessings and +1 in prosperity. Happy Birthday, dear.

13. I asked God to grant you grace, long life, more money and good health always. Happy Birthday.

14. You’re gradually transitioning from a boy to a man. Happy Birthday my friend.

15. If only you know how happy I am for you to be alive and celebrate this day, you would never cease to praise God. Happy Birthday.

16. Give thanks to God at every point in your life because he alone has made it possible for you to be alive to witness this day. Happy Birthday.

17. Hope I’m the first to say this to you… Happy Birthday, dear.

18. I know you must be elated because it’s your first time witnessing a new age. Happy Birthday.

19. I want you to be brave and strong always because your new age comes with a lot of obstacles, and I pray for strength for you to overcome. Happy Birthday.

20. The birds are aware of your special day, I sent them to sing you pleasant birthday songs because you deserve the best. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages Quotes for Friend

Let your friend always cherish the kind of friendship you share, when you wish him a happy birthday with the following best birthday messages and quotes for friend.

21. Today marks an increase in your life. Happy Birthday.

22. Don’t give space for haters, because today is all about you. Happy Birthday.

23. You’re like my reflection. Happy Birthday, dearest friend.

24. You know I want you to keep elevating, not minding the challenges in life. I will continue to pray for you. Happy Birthday.

25. Hey dude, happy birthday.

26. Life has different phases. Whatever phase you take or find yourself in, just give God the glory. Happy Birthday.

27. Today, you escaped from the womb after hiding for 9 months. I hope you like where you are. Happy Birthday.

28. I don’t have much to really say but to wish you a Happy Birthday filled with long life.

29. I care about you so much. Happy Birthday.

30. Keep going higher. Happy Birthday.

Sweet Birthday Quotes for Friend

Wish your friend all the blessing now and in the coming year as he is plus one today, with the following sweet happy birthday quotes for a friend from the heart.

31. May God wipe every form of sadness and tears from your face today and all the days of your life. Happy Birthday.

32. I will always have your back bro. Happy Birthday.

33. Happy Birthday to you my best friend. More years to come, more money.

34. If I could get you the world I would, but since I can’t, I hope you see the love and happiness hidden in this SMS. Happy Birthday.

35. Make a wish my dear friend, for it’s your day. All you desire, you will get. Happy Birthday.

36. I’m happy to be alive to celebrate this special day of your life with you. Happy birthday, dearest.

37. You know you’re plus one today. So, it’s high time you stopped acting like you’re minus one. Happy Birthday.

38. All the years you have lived might have been full of pain and regret, I want you to let it all go for its a new dawn in your life. Happy Birthday.

39. Happy Birthday to you. You had better kept my cake or I’ll spank your ass.

40. Today, you finally escaped from the womb. Happy Birthday.

Cute Birthday Wishes Quotes for Friend

Wish your friend all the best as he is celebrating his birthday today, with heartfelt birthday wishes for my friend.

41. The world is proud to have someone like you living in it. Happy Birthday brotherly.

42. I wished for so many things for you; I wished for money, cars, clothes, phones but what would be the use of them without life so, I changed my mind and wished for long life for you. Happy Birthday.

43. Your mama would be smiling at the sight of you now because today makes her remember and brought back the smile she had on her face when she first set her eyes on you. Happy Birthday.

44. You will never run short of God’s favour. Happy Birthday.

45. I told God to send an angel down to watch over you all the remaining days of your life. Happy Birthday.

46. Live this new age with God. Happy Birthday.

47. I am so happy for you. Happy Birthday.

48. Whoever plans to make you cry, shall cry on your behalf. Your smile will know no end. Happy Birthday.

49. Let’s make a toss to more years. Happy Birthday.

50. God assured me he will never let you go back to the pains you had the previous years. He said he will fill the remaining days of your life on earth with joy and laughter. Happy Birthday.

Beautiful Birthday Wishes Quotes for Friend

Let the world know how important today is to the life of your friend, just with one simple update from you concerning your friend’s birthday. The only equipment to get that done appropriately is through the following touching birthday wishes and quotes for friend. Feel free to make your choice.

51. Even though we are not in good terms, I can never wish you bad. So, Happy Birthday my friend.

52. I care so much about your happiness and I pray it doesn’t fade till you return to dust. Happy Birthday.

53. I am happy for you and I pray you live to see more birthdays. Happy Birthday.

54. I would fight whoever tries to make you sad today. Happy Birthday, bro.

55. A friend like no other. Happy Birthday.

56. I might not have gifts to give to you, but I prayed for something that is more than any gift, and that’s long life and happiness. Happy Birthday.

57. It’s a fresh start for you, make good use of it. Happy Birthday.

58. Today is a day of merriment, a day to eat rice and drink bottles of beer. I pray the smile you wear today never goes off. Happy Birthday.

59. Hurray!! Turn on the lights, my best friend is plus one today. I wish you many more years to come. Happy Birthday.

60. Live the best of your new age. Never misuse it, plan it well and achieve. Happy Birthday, bro.

Happy Birthday Wishes Greetings for Friend

Here are happy birthday wishes and greetings for best friends that you can put to use to celebrate your friend in a unique way.

61. As you celebrate this wonderful day, I pray good things come your way. Happy Birthday.

62. You would live to see the children of your grandchildren. Happy Birthday, bro.

63. I woke up smiling today, thinking how happy you are for adding a year. Happy Birthday.

64. You look brand new today, my friend. I hope you don’t grow old soon. Happy Birthday.

65. Continue to remain blessed. Happy Birthday, dear.

67. No word can be used to express the joy I feel inside because of this beautiful day of yours. Happy Birthday.

68. Finally, the long awaited day is here. Make merriment and enjoy it. Happy Birthday.

69. You have just 24 hours to make a wish, so be fast before the time slips by. Happy birthday.

70. Begin to plan and achieve your dreams from today. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Blessings for Friend

Be an unexpected source of blessing for your friend as he or she is plus one today, with sweet happy birthday blessings for my friend.

71. Disconnect yourself from things that are not real and connect to the real and better things in life. I pray that from this day, you will never regret anything. Happy Birthday.

72. Happy Birthday, bro. Be a good son.

73. Be someone the whole world would be proud of, someone who sees the good part of life. Happy Birthday.

74. Never associate with failures because you are born to win. Happy Birthday.

75. Never relent in whatever you do. Keep striving hard and be strong. Happy Birthday, bro.

76. I am happy to see you happy. Happy Birthday, friend.

77. With a heart full of love and good tidings, I wish you a belated birthday.

78. Pray to God to forgive your sins, for you just began a new phase of life, live it without sin. Happy Birthday.

79. As God has given you another clean extra sheet to live on, please don’t stain it. Happy Birthday.

80. I see a better person in you. As you count the days of your life on earth, I pray God pours down his blessings upon you. Happy Birthday.

Awesome Birthday Wishes Quotes for Friend

Keep your friend amazed with touching words on his or her birthday with just one or two quotes for a friend’s birthday from you.

81. Do not give up yet for its another day to try again. Happy Birthday.

82. Eat and be filled, but don’t forget that the journey just began. Happy Birthday.

83. The time is ticking. Be fast to blow out that candle and make a wish. Happy Birthday.

84. I can never forget this beautiful day of yours. Happy Birthday.

85. I’m not sure what life brings, I’m not sure if dreams come true, I’m not sure what love can do, but I’m sure of something, on this beautiful day of yours, it is well with you now and forever. Happy Birthday.

86. No sweet thought to forward, no cute graphics to send, just a caring heart saying, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.

87. I wish you all the happiness, love and success in the world on your birthday because it’s an opportunity for you to attain greater heights. Happy Birthday.

88. I pray you have a great day, and be surrounded by your loved ones to keep you happy. Remember to smile always. Happy Birthday, dear.

89. May God bless your new age and prosper your days on earth. Happy Birthday.

90. On this special and beautiful day for a special friend, I pray all your dreams and wishes come true. Have a wonderful birthday.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes for Friend

Be an integral part of your friend’s birthday celebration with the following best birthday wishes and quotes for my best friend.

91. On this day, I celebrate a great personality, a true friend. I pray for God’s favour upon your life. Happy Birthday to you.

92. Happy!! Happy!! Birthday to a very good friend, my partner in crime. I wish you a very superb day with everything you wish for.

93. I pray you continue to roll in prosperity. Happy Birthday.

94. Birthdays come once a year so, make it count. Happy Birthday.

95. To one of the most amazing people I know. Happy belated birthday.

96. You occupy a great part of my heart so I won’t hesitate to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY filled with merriments.

97. You should take it easy with the cakes and chocolates. Don’t eat and forget to thank God for making it possible. Happy Birthday.

98. Today is supposed to be a WORLD HOLIDAY because someone great is having his birthday. Happy Birthday, dear.

99. The Holy Spirit will continue to guide your every step in life. Happy Birthday.

100. Celebrate while you’re alive because once you’re dead, your days on earth stops counting. Happy Birthday, friend.

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