Happy Birthday Messages

2024 Happy Birthday Messages for Lovers & Loved Ones

Yes, the day is here! Someone special is celebrating their birthday and you are brilliant enough to be part of those that thought it wise to grace the occasion with cute birthday messages and lovely birthday wishes.

Whether the birthday is in advance, happening right away or it’s already belated and you want to send happy birthday in arrears…

You want to get some to send to your best of friends, your lover, your colleagues, your family members or one of those well-wishers?

No matter what’s on your mind, we’ve got you covered. Just follow me on this page slowly – don’t rush it!

We set up this page to make sure you have all messages you can send to your loved ones on their birthdays. If you care to wish someone a happy birthday with messages and wishes that will wow them, then the messages on this page are all you need to make them have the best of their day.

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Happy Birthday Messages for a Friend

Amazing Happy Birthday Messages you can send to a friend on his/her birthday.

Life is short and daunting but splendid when you’re with someone who helps you grow every day. You’re a special person needed to be celebrated. Happy birthday my friend.

Close your eyes, now open your eyes… Wow, it’s your day! More of days like this. Happy birthday. Enjoy yourself.

I’ve got some hours more to wish the most amazing person in my life happy Birthday. Happy birthday to you friend.

Finding friends is easy but finding the real once is difficult. You’re real and the best among them all. Jah bless the day you were born. Happy Birthday to you

I will never forget this day because a very important person was born some years ago to help me grow every day. Happy Birthday my VIP. I celebrate you.

Every day can be forgotten but not your birthday. I wish you the best of it. Happy birthday to you my friend.

Heroes are celebrated but legends are remembered. You’re a legend that’s why you’re remembered on this special day. Happy birthday.

And just like that, another 365 days starts today. Rejoice for the lord has preserved your soul to celebrate in another 365 days to come. Happy birthday.

Years ago you were a toddler and then a baby but amazingly today you’re a man. I celebrate your growth! Happiest birthday to you.

See how a toddler of yesteryears has grown big to be a talk of the town. You’re worth the celebrations! Happy birthday to you.

Make a wish and it will come to pass Cos years ago I made a wish for you to be born and it came to pass. Happy birthday, friend.

Nothing feels better than seeing a unique friend celebrate his day. I Wish you all the best this world can offer. Happy birthday to you.

Even when your hair turns gray and you’re still hearty and Hale in years to come on this day I will always wish you happy birthday.

As long as the ray of the sun remains yellow and the sky remains blue this day will always be special.

Life is beautiful, yes beautiful but more beautiful on days like this. Enjoy the bright side of life on your day. Happy birthday.

Today marks the beginning of more greatness, promotion, joy, excelling, God and less of you. Happy birthday.

Even if yesterday was a today and Sunday was a Saturday things would have still happened in a special way cos it’s your special day. Happy birthday my dear friend.

Sleep like a baby but wake up like a man tomorrow is Monday and it’s your birthday. Happy birthday to you in advance.

For the rest of your life never say never cos things will only get better. Happy birthday to you my best of friends.

Drink but don’t get drunk be happy but don’t get carried away, rejoice for the best things in the world are coming your way and today Is your birthday. Happy Birthday

For how special you are on this special day Even a blind man can sense it and the dump can hear it even the birds sing that today is your birthday. Happy Birthday.

Years ago your mom made a wish that you be born and it came to pass so today I’m making a wish that God keep you alive for me and you excel in your endeavors. Happy birthday my dear friend

If I am chanced to say a word or sing a song and then go on to write a poem, it will still be happy birthday cos you’re here all over my thoughts. Happy Birthday

This day you’ll live beyond your own expectations and God will prevent all sort of temptation and the devil will receive condemnation for your sake. Happy birthday dear friend

As you celebrate your birthday today I join the heavenly host to say God bless you always. Happy Birthday.

I wish everyone around me can be like you born on this day to help me grow, that makes today a special day for me just like you cos without this day you won’t be my friend. God bless you for ME. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to this cute but naughty at times friend. God bless your new age dear. Wishing you all that your heart desire. Keep flourishing my friend

Still thinking of what to type but still more grace more blessing more joy more of God blessings for you. Happy Birthday.

I am really speechless for the little time I had known you, you are the best and I bless the day I met you. Happy Birthday.

With wisdom, your days will be many and years will be added to your age. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to you my darling friend. More of it to come. Enjoy the day. Mwah!

Everyone has a special day every year and yours is today. Happy Birthday to you my friend.

Happy Cake day to one of the very few people I can never forget. Happy birthday.

Look at the mirror and who you see is being celebrated today. Happy Birthday.

Enjoy yourself it’s your day. Th sun is shining, it’s your Hay! Happy Birthday to you my jolly friend.

Make a wish and it will come to pass. Do you know why? You’re special and today is one of those special days for you. Happy Birthday my friend.

Every day is special but your birthday is very important and special. Enjoy it while it lasts. Happy Birthday.

Your day is too special to forget. Your type is too special not to be celebrated. Happy Birthday to you, today.

I’m sending you lots of love and support on this special day, special occasion. I wish you a Happy Birthday.

Sending you a thousand smiles and a million hug for your birthday. Happy Birthday to you from me.

For a long time ago I haven’t met a friend like you. Thanks for being around. And I’m here to wish you the best of happy returns of this day. Happy Birthday my friend of friends.

I foresee things turning around to favor you as you celebrate more of this day. Happy Birthday my pal.

Today is one of your luckiest days so enjoy the best of it and be glad. Happy Birthday to you my personal person.

If every day can be like today then you will be celebrated every day. Happy Birthday to you but send my own cake.

Breaking news: someone is celebrated today and it’s you. Happiest Birthday to you.

I was eager to wake up because someone special is having his birthday celebration today. Happy Birthday.

The journey of our lives starts the day we were born and it’s worth celebrating. Happy Birthday to you my friend.

Finally, your day is here. And I wish you the very best of it and the ones to come. I celebrate you today. Happy Birthday to you, from me.

Among the friends that are more important than brothers, you are one. I bless the day you were born. Happy Birthday today.

My soul sings to celebrate you today and my spirit joins me in wishing you a happy birthday. Enjoy your day.

Long life in health and wealth. Long life in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Happy Birthday with limitless happy returns of this day.

Unspeakable Joy is on its way coming as my wish for you on your day and forever. Receive it as a token for the day. Happy Birthday to you.

I wish you the best of all this world could give as you celebrate your birthday today, and forever. Happy Birthday to you, my friend of life!

If everything around you can speak then you’ll realize how special you are to me. I wish you a Happier Birthday.

The only difference between yesterday and today is that today is your birthday and it’s special. Happy Birthday to you, with endless merriments.

From now on May the Glory of the lord shine on in your life. I wish you all the best as you celebrate your day. Happy Birthday to you.

Life is good when you’re enjoying it alone, better when you have a friend with whom you’re savoring each moment. You make life sweeter and you’re worth being celebrated. Happy birthday to you.

He who is a friend in great need is a friend indeed. You deserve to be called one forever. You make my days. And I wish I’ll pay back. Anyways, happy birthday to you my friend of life!

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Happy Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

Happy Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

The sun rises today with a very special charm to wish you a happy birthday.

As the sun shines and it is Visible for all to see so shall the Glory of God shine on you happy birthday.

The clouds cleared today with a very special intent and trees are all swaying in unison to wish the most important person in my life happy birthday.

You’re my angel and that you came into my life is what I owe to this great day. Happy birthday lovey.

Everyone needs a beauty worth being celebrated and I’m glad mine is celebrated today. Happy birthday to you dearie.

God blesses this day for this day’s sake. The most special person in my life is born. Happy birthday sweetie.

I’m painting the sky red cos it’s my honey birthday. You need to close your eyes to see it. Happy birthday dearie.

Life wouldn’t have been fairer if you were not here. God blessed the day you were born and you have been a blessing to me. Happy birthday lovey.

Tell the world it’s my best friend and lover’s birthday. Let the whole world join the adulation! More of this day, baby. Happy birthday, I love you.

If I was given the chance to choose a million years ago it would have been you all in the name of the day you were born. Happy birthday sweetie.

Happy birthday to the most wonderful person to my heart. You are worth celebrating my dear.

Breaking news: the world’s most special heart’s birthday is today. Happy birthday to you, my princess.

Make some noise my baby is celebrating her birthday today. Age with grace, baby girl.

I think about your sweet voice, your pretty face, and your special heart and remember the day they came to the life. Happy birthday, my beautiful.

How can I let you go when I have found you, how could I have found you if you were not born? I bless this day. Happy birthday my lover.

Seeing the best lover in the world celebrates her birthday is extraordinary. More of this day, forever.

God has been so good to me for making me witness this great day. Enjoy my dear, it’s your day.

My life would have been incomplete without you and for the reason that you were born, I deem it fit to celebrate with you. Happy birthday, honey.

Life is beautiful when there are wonderful people around. It’s an awesome experience with one like you since we met. I celebrate you. Happy birthday to you with 1000 kisses.

My life has been great because of the coming to pass of this special day. Happy birthday, my unique queen.

There’s only one person who I’ve hidden in my tears, the only one who makes me lost myself in her. The person is you. Happy birthday to you, my darling.

I never knew love until I met you, my love’s journey never started until you were born. Happy birthday my wifey.

Make some noise it’s my baby’s birthday and my special day. I Celebrate you, my love.

Enjoy every moment of your life. Life is too short to keep regretting the things you don’t have. Happy birthday sweetie.

Your cute eyes, your sweet lips, your caring heart and your great mind… I wish them all happy birthday. I love you.

I can sense even in my dreams that a heroine’s birthday is today. Happy birthday dearie.

Even in 50 years to come I will still wish you my darling wife happy birthday

This marks the most important day in our relationship cos for the sake of this great day we both came together and will remain forever. Happy birthday my heart winner

Every man has his heart desires for his woman and mine is that God should keep you for me, grant you inner peace and joy. Happy womb escape my princess

In the early 90s God took one of my rib and created a pretty damsel in a magnificent way so she can be mine and today she’s plus one. Rejoice, my love, for the positive things are yours from. Happy birthday my sweetness.

Happy Birthday Messages for Husband

To the man who loves me and my imperfections, to my ever reigning king and husband, I wish a happy birthday.

Thanks for showing me how to love, you’re the only one deeply engraved in my heart. Happy birthday my lovely husband.

You were the first and only man who knew my values and worth. Your love and care make me beautiful than the best of creams. I’m glad I met you. Happy birthday my hubby.

For every dreams you made come true and every wishes you made hit realization, I say thank you, thank you and thank you. Happy birthday my king.

I wish you today the very best of the best now and always. I wish you the best of me, too. Happy birthday to my dearest.

No one has ever been so special to me like you are. You’re the man darling. You make me rule my world! Happy birthday to you.

There’s only one place I seek rest and that’s your heart. Thanks for granting me that chance. Thanks for being my succour. Happy birthday my love.

Happy birthday to my second half. Happy birthday to the one that has proven to me that love is true. I love you forever. Happy birthday to you, my husband.

I was empty until I met you. You completed me and filled me with unspeakably joy and happiness. Happy birthday to my dearest man and husband.

You’re the one who made me who I am today. I see a better me because of you. Thanks to you, my love and life. Happy birthday.

I am just an ordinary woman but you made me feel so special and extraordinary. You’re the real man darling. Happy birthday.

You have been the only person who have made me special than I am myself. You’re for real a good husband. Happy birthday to you my joy.

You are more than a husband. You are more than a friend. You are my world, my everything. Happy birthday honey.

The first time you told me about love was the day that opened me into this world of untold bliss and wonder. Thank you for bringing me to your world of love and care. Happy birthday my dear.

You added meaning to my life since I met you. Thanks for your special deeds. Thanks for being you. Happy birthday my lovely husband.

You are the only man who does special things to make an ordinary woman like me feel more than special. Happy birthday darling.

God bless you always my husband, most especially on this special day. Happy birthday my king.

To the man I’ve decided to live with forever, and stay close by come rain come shine, I wish a very glossy birthday. I love you.

It’s the day that I remember and sigh a great deal. This day reminds me of the blessedness you’ve ushered into my life. So let me whisper into your ears… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY KING.

You’re the best thing that have ever happened to me. I can’t imagine a life without you now and forever. Happy birthday my love.

God shall keep you for me my darling husband, not just on your birthday but forever. Happy birthday.

God must have created you on a Monday when he have rested during the weekend. You’re my perfection, my dear. Happy birthday my king.

Your love and care speak volume of the stuff of love you are made of. You are a rare gem in deed and in need. You will remain mine forever. I love you. Happy Birthday to you.

To the man who loves me and my perfect imperfections, I wish a lovely and happy birthday. I love you, darling.

No greater joy than seeing my dream man celebrate his special day. Each day, I love you more, my darling. Happy birthday to you.

To the man who does ordinary things in extraordinary ways, the one who makes greatness out of nothingness, I wish you a happy birthday like never before. You’re a rare gem, darling.

Happy Birthday Messages for Wife

There’s only one person closer to me than my tears. Thanks for sticking around to be a faithful wife. Happy birthday honey.

The greatest favour God has given me was gifting me with a wonderful wife like you. Happy birthday my dear.

I hope to keep on spending days like this with you for as long as possible. You’re the best woman I’ve ever met. Happy birthday dear.

Since I lost my mom I never for once missed her as you have filled the void she left with your care and deeds. Thank you and happy birthday to you my wife.

Each day when I wake up I thank God for granting me the opportunity to meet you. It will happen forever. Happy birthday my soulmate.

To the flesh of my flesh, the bone of my bone, I wish you my wifey a very happy birthday.

A life without you would have been boring. Thank God I met you for the sake of this day. Happy birthday my wife.

Each time you’re not around, I feel great emptiness and I know my rib is missing. I’m glad I met you. Happy birthday my queen.

Bless God you’re alive. I wish you more love than you expected. Happy birthday dear.

My life has been meaningful because of the wonderful wife I married. God bless this day for me. Happy birthday.

Even in a thousand years ago it would have been you and no one else. I’m in love with you always. Happy birthday my queen.

No one else has ever showed me more care and love like you do. You’re such an amazing wife. Enjoy your day darling. Happy Birthday to You.

That I met you I owe to this day, you’re the best gift I ever received from God. Happy birthday to you my one and future love and life.

No matter what may come my way, I will love you till the end of time g it’s the sweetest thing to do. Happy birthday my wife.

When I was deaf you were my ear, you listened while I spoke and gave me hope when I was down. God bless you for me always. Happy birthday my queen.

I wonder if all the wishes in the whole world will be enough to wish the wonderful woman I married. You’re the real wife. Happy birthday dear.

A life without you is not worth living. I feel blessed to have a companion like you. Happy birthday my wife.

How else can a man be successful without a woman like you. You’re the best around. Happy birthday my woman.

There’s only one reason why this day remains special. It is because you’re so special too. Happy birthday my wife.

To my beautiful and adorable wife, to the one who keeps my cheeks with endless smiles, I wish a memorable birthday. I love you.

Nothing sounds better than you calling me your husband. You’re just too wonderful for me to describe. Happy birthday to you.

For all the love and care you showed, you deserve all the best goodies in this world. Happy birthday my wifey.

I feel great having a woman as unique and beautiful as you answering my name. You’re blessed, honey. Happy birthday to you.

My life has been pleasant since the day I met you, you’re such a wonderful woman. Happy birthday wifey.

The journey of my life started the day you were born and it became more meaningful the day I met you. Happy birthday my life partner.

Happy Birthday Messages for Dad

There’s a big difference between a man and a father. You are more than just a man, you’re a father indeed. Happy birthday Dad.

If every man out there can be like you then this world will be a better place for everyone. Happy birthday dad.

Happy birthday to the man I cherish most. Happy birthday to the man I adore. I love you dad.

Every day of life, I owe you two words; they are “thank you”. Today, being a special day, I owe you a sentence: “Happy Birthday to world’s best father”. I love you, dad.

If stones can speak then you will hear them wishing you same thing I’m wishing… Happy birthday to you, dearest father.

Every goal you set you will be achieved, that’s my wish for you on this special day. Happy birthday, dad.

To the best dad in the world, I wish a warm and glittering birthday. I love you dad. Happy, happy and happy birthday to you.

Saying happy birthday won’t be valuable because you’ve heard it lots of time. So on this special day close your eyes, make a wish and see it come through. I love you, dad.

I wish there are better words to express how I feel about this great day. It’s your birthday, do celebrate and have loads of fun. Happy birthday father.

I’m so excited to witness another womb escape day of yours. Celebrate with joy my hero. Happy birthday to you, dad.

Happy birthday to my first and best friend. You will remain cherished and loved forever. I love you dad.

All my life, even when I encounter challenges, I’ve always learned to Smile… all thanks to you. Happy birthday, dad.

Sometimes, I sit and wonder if not for a day like this I wouldn’t have been your child. All thanks to God. Happy birthday daddy.

Happy birthday to the man who understands me most. Glad to be your son – a precious one at that! Happy birthday father.

Saying I’m lucky to be your child is an understatement. I’m really impressed with all you do. Happy birthday dad and may you live to celebrate more.

Keep on smiling father, it’s your special day and my greatest day of all. Happy Birthday, sir. I Love you, daddy.

Just as there’s a big difference between abundance and nothing so there will always be a positive difference in your life compared to others’. Happy birthday dad.

Happy birthday dad. But, remember you are getting older. No, I mean getting younger in an elderly manner. Lol.

Mom lied yesterday, she always do. She told me she loves you and I guess that’s the biggest lie someone can tell because NO one can ever love you like I do. Happy birthday dad.

You’re just too amazing, dad. I can’t explain verbally how grateful I am to have you as my father. Happy birthday dad.

To the first hero and legend I have ever seen, to my main main and the beginning of my pride, I wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I love you, dad.

I can say it a thousand times, that you are the best dad in the world. Your worth is matchless. Happy birthday, dear father.

God has really blessed me with a father like you, and it’s obvious I didn’t deserve it. I am lucky to have you. Happy birthday, dad.

For all you’ve done, you deserve much more than just a happy birthday. So I’m wishing you successful years ahead. Long live, dearest father.

Your day is far more important than mine. For your sake, I was born. You’re my favorite among friends. I love you dad. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages for Mum

Happy birthday to the most amazing mother in the world. May you live long to eat the fruit of your labour to the fullest. I love you.

You’re not just a woman but my mother and my best friend. You deserve all the best. Happy birthday mom.

When I needed someone to talk to you listened, when I needed an adviser you were there, you’re such a wonderful mother. Happy birthday to you, mom of moms.

Many people look up to past heroines as their role model but I never needed one because you’re always there for me. I love you mom. Happy belated birthday.

You’re Just too wonderful for me to describe in this little birthday message, but please accept my little act of care. Love you mom. Happy birthday.

I couldn’t have asked for another mom when I got an angel as a mother. You are sweet, so sweet. Happy birthday to you.

To every dreams you made come true, for every simple care, I appreciate and say thank you mother for them all. Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. In acts and deeds has your beauty ministered to my heart! You’re lovely.

All my life, I keep praying to God to give me an angel like you as a wife. You’re just too real to be human. Happy birthday mum.

Where would I have been without you mom? You stood by me and proved to always be a good woman. I love you mom. Happy birthday.

No man can verbally express How wonderful you are. You are simply the best, better than the best. Happy birthday mom.

I want to sing a song, do a poem or better still write a few pages on how wonderful you’re but I decide to summarize all in one sentence: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD.

On this special day, I pray you remain as caring as you are. You are a wonderful woman and mother. Happy birthday mom.

The most amazing moment on my life started when I knew you are my mom. God bless you always. Happy birthday.

Thank God you are my mom I wouldn’t have been who I am today without your effort. Happy birthday momma.

If I am chanced, I will paste your name on the sky and tell the world you’re the most beautiful woman that has ever graced this earth. Happy birthday mother.

While growing up as a toddler I prayed for a true companion to help me grow everyday then you proved to be a life companion helping me grow forever. Thank you momma. Happy birthday to you.

When I grow up I want to marry a role model like you. Your type is rare. Happy birthday to you, dearest mom.

The sky remains blue as usual,
The fields remain green as usual, the ray of the sun remains yellow and they all echo “Happy birthday to you”. I Love You Mom.

There’s no better and safer place to be than in your arms. Your untold care and love are the proofs that you’re the real mother. Happy birthday mom.

On this day, I pray the flood gates of heaven shower you with blessings upon blessing. Happy birthday to you, mom.

No one has ever showed me love the way you do. You’re much more than a mother, you’re a role model everyone look up to. Happy birthday to you, dearest mother.

If there’s life after death then in the after world you’ll still be my mom. You’re too good to forget. Happy birthday, mom.

Say a word and it will come to pass for the sake of this special day. Happy birthday mother. I Love You.

On this day 50 (add any other year) years ago an angel in human body was born and today, she is my mom. I celebrate your special day mom. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages for Him

Happy Birthday Messages for Her

I cannot but share this revelation. Wow, it’s your birthday! Happy Birthday to you my dear.

Say to yourself it’s my day and I must enjoy it. Happy Birthday, Shout Out to You!

Very few people have a special place in my heart and you’re one of them. I wish you a Happy Birthday.

Many are celebrated today but few are special like you are. Happy Birthday to you in a special way.

It took me just two seconds to say happy birthday but your worth with me remains unspeakable. I celebrate you.

Can you believe it? It’s your birthday again. Age with grace and have the happier birthday!

I will say this a million times more If I have to: Happy Birthday, Happier Birthday, Happiest Birthday to You.

Your sunshine has come there’s no more rain in the sky. Happy Birthday to you friend.

God kept you till date and will till many more years to come. Happy Birthday to you from me.

Have a fruitful birthday. Have moments of bliss unabashed. You deserve it. Hugs!

If wishing you happy birthday is a crime then I’m ready to be convicted today. Happy Birthday to a special friend.

Smile all day, that’s all you need because it’s your day. Happy Birthday to you again!

Everyone has a special day and you’re not an exception. May the specialty of today’s bring more blessing. Happy Birthday dear.

Today marks the beginning of another great year ahead. I’ll be part of the testimony come next year. Happy Birthday today.

Your birthday is bringing you more joy, more happiness, more success because it’s ever special. Happy New You.

God bless you on your birthday, God bless you always. Happy Birthday to you great friend.

Slept like a baby cos I was hoping to wish you happy birthday. Happy Birthday my confidant. Enjoy it all, it’s your day!

A simple lovable smile is a key to a happy birthday. Smile a little, smile more. Happy Smile day to you.

Blow away the candles, cut deep into the cake and take a sumptuous bite. It’s your day. Happy Birthday to you.

Express a cute smile as you’re being celebrated. Put on your dance shoes and dig it to your joy. Happy Birthday to you.

It’s your happy day, it’s a glorious day. It’s a glorious day and it’ll be that forever. Happy Birthday my dear friend.

Every moment of a day might not be special, but every moment of a birthday should be. Have a splendid day. Happy Special Birthday to You.

Birthday is a new start to New goals and new endeavors. I wish you all the best as you take the new step. It’s your Birthday, make it count in joy!

A fresh start to another 365 days, a bigger expectation for the better things to come. Enjoy the journey as it comes. Happy Birthday, my friend of life.

Thank God for this great day. Thanks to friends and family who have been there all these while. And thank you for keeping the hope alive. Happy Birthday to you.

Forget the past, look forward to the future. The good have passed, the better is here but the best is yet to come. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

Continue to love life and start dreaming. Dream Big and Believing they’ll come true. Happy young Birthday to you!

Move forward with confidence and hope. Step High with and break new grounds. Look up and your help will come momentarily. Happiness Birthday to you.

If you were here I would say happy birthday but since you there happy womb escape to you. Lol. Seriously, Happy birthday to you.

More money, more love, more joy and more grace as you mark another special day. Happy Birthday to you Cute.

Seeing my best friend in the world celebrate his day is more than anything else in the world. Happy Birthday to my personal person!

If only I could fly, I would paint the sky Happy Birthday to the best among my friends. Now that I can’t fly? Happiest birthday to you!

More of days like this to come with soundness of mind and good health. More of you! Happy Birthday.

Can you hear the sound of the birds chirping around you? They are all wishing you a happy birthday. I wish you Have some unforgettable moments today. **Hugs**.

Plus one, plus every positive things that come along with a special day. Enjoy them all, it’s your day. Happy Birthday to you, from your paddy.

Smile and smile a lot, it’s your birthday. Your enemies are losers and God has got your life covered, let the earthen know!

Hurray! We are celebrating a genius today. And I join the family and friends to wish you all happy returns of the day. Happy Birthday to you, great mind.

The most special things in life happen occasionally. Today is one in your life. Do enjoy it and transfer the dividend to the next year. Happy birthday.

You’re a gem and worth to be celebrated. You deserve more than just wishes and I desire to give more next time. Happy Birthday to You.

The length and breath of the world can’t be enough to extend my gratitude to you for all you’ve done for me so far. Permit me to wish you a happy birthday still. I love you.

By this time next year, I pray you’ll have multiple cause to be happy you’re celebrating your birthday. I wish you all the best of the days. Happy birthday to you.

It’s a beautiful world for me because you’re in it. I wish you the best of this day and the ones to come. Happy birthday to you.

One thing is to be aged, another is to Age in Grace and wisdom. I wish the later for you. Happy birthday, my friend.

Happy is the mood, birthday is the day, many happy returns is the wishes, and the celebrant is this lovely you. Happy birthday to you.

Another 365 days of joy unspeakable, another 53 weeks of indisputable success, another year of testimonies that swallow testimonies! It’s a new day. Happy birthday to you.

May you notice the beauty of the morning as you celebrate, may the sunshine of the afternoon depict a brighter future and the stars at night confirms glad tidings galore to you. Happy birthday my lovely friend.

I see the glory of God all over you, dear friend. I see His grace ushering you into better days ahead. You’re celebrated! Happy birthday to you.

May you shine like a galaxy of stars. May you reign among your contemporaries. May your day’s be long and may you experience peace on all fronts. Happy birthday to you.

Just as you woke up to see the sunlight, you will wake up to see greatness and endless possibilities that will culminate in unlimited success. Happy birthday to you.

You’ll know no sorrow but joy. You’ll know no shame but fame. Your days shall be long and your year’s shall be spent in peace. Age with grace friend. Happy birthday to you.

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