Have A Safe Flight My Love Messages

Have A Safe Flight My Love Messages (2024)

The ability to stay in touch with your partner when they are not with you is one of the most beautiful feelings ever. It keeps them going any day, any time.

It is your duty to keep tabs on your partner’s activities, and one of such activities is their journey, especially when they are taking a flight. You should call or text to check up on them in the course of the journey. You could even crack jokes for them, so the stress attached can be eased, and so they can have a safe flight. And also, be romantic about it, don’t just make everything dry and boring.

Have you always wanted to do this but find it hard anytime you try? Don’t worry, that’s why these have a safe flight my love messages below are here. Just read through, and pick what’s best for your partner.

Safe Flight Messages to My Love

These safe flight messages to my love will make your partner experience your love in a new dimension. They will make them have the most beautiful flight ever.

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1. If only I had the choice to go with you on this journey, it would’ve been so beautiful, but I have lots of abandoned assignments. I’m so gonna miss you. Have a safe flight, baby.

2. Baby, I have no idea how long this journey will take, but my love and prayers will always be with you. I’m missing you already. I wish you all the best on this journey, baby. Bye.

3. You bring me happiness. In fact, you are my happy place. Even in your absence, the love is always the same. I will miss you though. Make sure you’re calm all through. Safe flight, my dear.

4. May the Lord God be with you every step of the way. Don’t be scared about the plane, baby. You will get there safely. May this trip bring you God’s peace. Safe flight, my love.

5. May God guide you on this journey. I’m so gonna miss you, my love. I’ll be eagerly waiting to hear from you. Please don’t forget to call me when you get there. Wishing you a beautiful trip. Safe flight, my darling.

6. You have been praying for an opportunity to be able to travel out of this country, and here it is. Embrace this feeling and everything that comes with it. Wishing you a very safe flight. Good luck to you.

7. My thoughts will never leave you while you’re on this journey. I will be here praying for the road to be smooth and free of accident. I am missing you already, baby. Safe flight.

8. I wish you success on this journey. May all you’re going for be successful. I’m so happy for you. Don’t forget to holla at me when you get there. I will be waiting for your call or text. Do take care of yourself. Safe flight.

9. May the Lord make this journey smooth for you; no casualties shall be recorded. Just keep praying and believing God. Don’t forget to get me things on your way back. Safe flight.

10. Baby, I have never lived a day without you. Now you’re going for a whole month. How exactly do you want me to cope? I hope you will be back soon into my lovely arms. I’m missing you already. Safe flight, my love.

11. I know that this journey is very important to you; so it is to me. So, I will be here praying that you are victorious in your endeavours. Be hopeful for a beautiful journey. Safe flight, my love.

12. Light up your heart, enjoy the adventure of the journey, wishing every of your moment on this journey a blissful experience, safe journey.

13. May this journey bring you the amount of success and happiness you deserve. Everything will go as planned in Jesus name. Amen. All shall be easy for you, just have faith. Safe flight.

14. Wishing that you have a swell time in the course of this journey. Don’t be too shy to mingle with others, I’m not complaining. Just make sure you do everything in moderation. I love you so much, baby. Have a safe flight.

15. I’m so happy that you know what you want, and go for it; I can’t be prouder. This is a success already. Just relax your mind, and be hopeful for the best. Wishing you the best time out there. Have a safe flight.

16. This your journey has me thinking about all the good things you’ve done in my life. You are a selfless human being. I’m wishing you a safe flight. May your ways be full of sweetness and serenity. I love you. Safe flight.

17. Don’t forget to keep smiling, my love. Your journey will be full of wonderful experiences if you keep smiling. As the love of your life, don’t forget to call me when you get to your destination. Have a safe flight.

18. I know you’re not feeling too well, but then you just had to go on this journey. Please, stay strong throughout the journey and enjoy yourself. Block all forms of negativity, and stay happy. Wishing you a safe flight.

19. This isn’t your first time of going on this kinda journey, so you don’t really need my help. I hope you didn’t forget to pick your face mask and other necessary things. May you go and return safely, by the grace of God. Safe flight, my love.

20. I want to stop crying, but it’s so hard. How do I cope without seeing you for such a long time? Anyways, I wish you a safe flight. May the Lord see you through the journey. I love you.

21. I don’t know if you’re on the plane already, but I want you to focus on networking too. This is very important, so please treat as such. May the journey be smooth for you. Safe flight, my dear.

22. I will not stop calling you, as you go on this journey. I need to know how you’re fairing. Please, keep your self together and focus on the journey. Wishing you a safe flight to and from. Bye love.

23. Don’t worry about this journey, for it is already settled by God. Just focus on the main thing, which is enjoying yourself and having lots of fun. Have a safe flight, honey. I can’t wait to see you again.

24. I want you to enjoy all the memories that this holiday brings; good or bad, just learn from it. So you’re going to have fun without me. Well, have a safe flight. Don’t forget to call me.

25. I pray for God’s guidance and protection over you, as you begin this journey. You will reach your destination and come back home safely. I miss you so much. Please, don’t forget to reach me. Safe flight, my love.

Best Safe Flight My Love Quotes

These are the best safe flight my love quotes you can send to your partner when they are travelling. This will make them feel relaxed and hopeful on the journey.

26. Although you’re going to be miles away from home, that doesn’t change the fact that I will always love you. The feeling will always be the same. Please, don’t be too hard on yourself, in the process of this journey. Safe flight, my love.

27. Our memories together will always be fresh in my heart. I can’t do without thinking of you, my darling. I pray God grants you journey mercies. Amen. Have a safe flight, my love.

28. I know you’re possibly at the airport now, but I just wish you can come back home; either to pick me or cancel your flight. This is how badly I am missing you already. Anyways, have a safe flight. I love you.

29. Your flight is going to be a smooth, enjoyable and memorable one, depending on the energy you dish out. Wishing you a safe flight and safe landing, in Jesus name. Please, be good, always. I love you.

30. I know you’re on your way already, but I need to ask you a question. How do you feel about travelling without me? How will you feel doing life without me in the coming weeks? It’s not going to be easy for me, though. Wishing you a safe flight, my love.

31. It feels so good that you’re going on this journey. It’s like a dream come true. I can’t be happier, my love. Please, free yourself and have fun; you deserve it. Safe flight, my love. All the best to you.

32. May the purpose of your journey be achieved without stress and negativity. You deserve the best, and it’s on its way to you. May you go and return safely. I will be praying for you. Wishing you a safe flight, my love.

33. You have such a lovely soul, and I’ve always told you that you will always get what you deserve without going through hell. This journey is one of the numerous good things you deserve. More to come, in Jesus name. Have a safe flight, my love.

34. Here’s wishing you a safe journey, my sweetheart. You have really worked towards achieving this journey, now it’s here. Go and have the time of your life, you deserve it. I love you so much. Safe flight, my love.

35. As you travel today, may God’s protection be over you. May His outstretched arms straighten your ways, and make you get to your destination in good condition. Have a safe flight, my love.

36. As you travel, please, don’t find it difficult to be positive and optimistic. Relax, everything good will come. May this journey bring you best results than you’ve ever had. Have a safe flight, my love.

37. My love is with you, even as you travel today. It will always be with you because this is my pledge to you. Don’t stop being the amazing person that you are. Have a safe flight, my sweet love.

38. Baby, I know flying a plane for the first time can be so scary. You can do it, just don’t be bothered. Be calm throughout the whole thing, and it will be worth it. Don’t forget the pictures and other beautiful things you promised. Have a safe flight, my love.

39. May the love and light of God continue to guide you through as you embark on this journey today. Do away with all that’s not important. Only your happiness is important in this journey. Safe flight, my love.

40. This journey will be so easy, provided you want it to. Be relaxed, and have a beautiful time. You know I love you, and I’ll keep praying for you. Safe flight, my love. Good luck with everything.

41. This journey is nothing compared to the ones you’ve been on. So, don’t be too worked up over anything. Be free and enjoy the fun while it lasts. Make sure you pack all the goodies on your way back. Have a safe flight, my love.

42. May the Lord be the pilot and fly you safely to your destination. You shall come back home with love and peace in your heart. Please, don’t forget the cause of this trip. Have a safe flight, my love.

43. I know you miss me already, but that word isn’t enough for what I feel right now. I feel like a part of me just left. I know you will arrive safely at your destination. I love you so much. Safe flight, my love.

44. We thank God for the success of your defence over there. As you come home today, get as many things as you need, because you deserve it. Just come home and get some rest. Have a safe flight, my love.

45. Hey babes. You have no idea how much I am anticipating your arrival. I can’t contain my excitement, right now. I have so many things on ground for you. May the Lord bring you home safely. Safe flight, my love.

46. You had so much hope for this particular journey, and now it’s here. I’m so happy and proud of you. You made it possible with your hard work and diligence. May the journey bring you more good luck. Safe flight, my love.

47. I’m so happy you had a successful stay, over there. The same way you left home with joy and happiness in your heart, that’s the same way you will join us again. The kids and I miss you so much. Have a safe flight, my love.

48. Babe, I don’t know why you insisted on driving yourself on such a long journey. My prayers are with you. God will work things out in your favour, and you will get there safely. Amen. Safe flight, my love.

49. You are going on a very long journey, but God is able. God will be with you and guide you on this journey. You shall not be found wanting. May you arrive safely to your destination. Safe flight, my love.

50. I insisted on driving you to your destination, but you said you’ll be fine. Please, be fine and enjoy the whole process of the journey. Put your mind off things that are not worth it. Have a safe flight, my love.

Hey there! Impressed, right? I know you will be. Thank you for checking out the have a safe flight my love messages on this page. I hope you were thoroughly fed. If yes, please feed more people by sharing. Thank you.

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