Powerful Safe Journey Prayers to My Love

Powerful Safe Journey Prayers to My Love (2024)

Imagine that you are travelling, wouldn’t you want to know that your lover is thinking about you and taking it a step further by praying for safe travels for you?

Well, that’s the same way your love wants to know you have them in mind. That’s the same way they want to know they are in your prayers whenever they are travelling.

However, I understand that sometimes, we run out of the right words to say or send to them. If you can relate, do not worry, I am here to help out.

Here, you will find powerful safe journey prayers to my love to send to your lover and pray for them as they travel. Be it your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife, fiancé or fianceé, these prayers are perfect to help them have a safe journey.

Journey Mercy Prayers for My Love

When someone we love is travelling, it is expected that we cover them with prayers for journey mercies.

If you are looking for powerful journey mercy prayers for my love, you have come to the right place. Make your pick below.

1. I pray that your journey will be successful. When you leave and when you return, you shall have success. I cherish every single moment we shared. Whenever the journey gets boring, just think about me and the moments we shared; that’s bound to keep you busy through the journey. Please, call me as soon as you arrive.

2. My sweet one, thank you for all the love and happiness you bring, you’re an embodiment of good things, and I’m just lucky to have found you. I pray that your trip will be safe, and may your days be full of everything nice and beautiful, my love.

3. There has never been a time I stopped thinking about you, you’re in my thoughts, in my heart, and my life. You give me so much love and succour. As you journey tomorrow, I pray that it will be safe and smooth, you will arrive at your destination in peace. Journey safe my love I will miss you.

4. Moments like this make me emotional, knowing that I would have to stay home alone without you for such a long time is just hard to accept. I pray for your safety on this journey, you’re my paramount concern. Till I see you again, my love, journey mercies!

5. If things weren’t the way they are right now, I would have chosen to make this journey with you, but I have to stay back for the sake of the kids and our home till you return, I will miss you so greatly. I pray for you, my love, this journey will be the smoothest of all your experiences so far.

6. Thinking about you gives me so much happiness. Your love has taken over my heart, I never thought that I would find a wonderful person like you, you make my world a peaceful place, nothing can be compared with that. Thank you for the love you show me all the time. I pray that your journey will be nothing short of safe, my love.

7. We have been expecting this day, and it’s finally staring at us in the face. As you take your first step away from home today, you shall return a better man. I’m wishing you a successful life out there, and I hope to see you soon, my love. I pray your journey will be safe, my love.

8. You have always been my joy giver, my life is nothing without you in it. I pray you will succeed in everything you have planned to do. Have a safe journey, my love. I will be missing you so much, and thinking about it now makes me sick.

9. I wonder what my life would have turned out to be if you were not there. You have proven to me that there are angels in human form. You are my greatest love. I love you with all my heart and soul, and I pray that you will journey safely.

10. I pray that your journey will be safe, my love. May every single step you take away from home bring you double steps closer to all that you seek. You will always remain the love of my life. I miss you more than you know.

11. I just can’t stop thinking about you. You just left a few minutes ago and I’m already feeling so helpless. I miss you like we’ve been apart for months. May your journey be smooth, my love.

12. I don’t know how to stay happy when you’re leaving me in this lonely state. Promise me you will not forget me. I pray you will arrive at your destination in good condition.

13. If my wishes were to be given express answers, I’d wish to always be that woman you will never love to depart from. I pray you to have a stress free trip. Safe journey, my love.

14. My love, I wish you were not part of the people to go for this trip, I know I’m being selfish, I just don’t want to be left alone. Never mind, I’m such a baby. Journey mercies!

15. Life without you hurts more than anything, my love. Please, don’t forget to keep in touch when you get there. Have a safe journey.

16. My love, each time I remember that you will soon be miles away from home, I wish I could turn back the hands of time for us to be together much longer. Have a wonderful experience on your journey.

17. As you cross many miles away from home on this journey, my love, I will always be with you in each of the steps you take, wishing you well always. Journey safely.

18. May the Lord guide you right in every step you take away from home. May everything that lies ahead in this journey bring you peace and success. Don’t ever be afraid of trying new things. Have a safe journey, my love.

19. You have no idea how much I will miss you, my love, please don’t forget to call me when you land. May you have beautiful encounters. Safe journey.

20. May the Lord take away every hardship on your path as you set out on this wonderful journey. My heart will always love you. Have a very safe journey, my love.

21. I’m trying not to cry my eyes out thinking of how much I would miss you. Please, don’t forget to always keep me in your heart and mind. I pray for your safe journey, my love.

22. You make me feel like I’m the only woman in the entire universe. Don’t forget that someone who loves you is out there waiting for you. Safe journey to you, my love.

23. May all your experiences in this journey bring you sweet and unforgettable memories. Greater things await you. Enjoy every single moment, my love. Safe journey.

24. This can’t be a goodbye, my love. You are my joy, and I will always wish you well, you will go safely and come back safe. Have the most memorable experiences ever.

25. Saying goodbye is hard to do. Journey safe, my love, and have a lovely time of life. Your heart will always be my destination.

26. As I look up to the sky tonight, we will both be seeing the same moon, I will miss you greatly, my love. Journey mercies!

27. Let the sunrise of this beautiful morning warm your spirit for the journey ahead. God will always be your guide to and fro. Safe journey my love, you’re the best.

28. May every step you take today bring you closer to your destiny. Safe journey, my beautiful love.

29. Savour the refreshing air of your journey, my love. May every mile you travel be memorable for you. I wish you well.

30. May your heart return to me in one piece, may every moment be great for you, and may your journey be safe and successful. I will be here waiting for you, my love.

Best Safe Journey Prayers for My Love

You don’t need to worry if you are looking for ideas on the prayers to say to your lover who is travelling.

Here are great ideas for the best safe journey prayers for my love.

31. As I watched you leave home tonight, I couldn’t hold the tears cascading down my cheeks, and I couldn’t hold you back either. This journey is far more important than what I feel right now. In God’s name, your journey will make sweet memories. Journey safe, my love.

32. We have all looked forward to this day, may you arrive at your destination in one piece, may your journey be smooth, and may your destination be all that you envisioned it would be. Safe journey, my love.

33. I’m holding onto the memories of the times we shared. May your departure be beautiful and may your arrival be joyous. Have a splendid journey my love.

34. Moments with you are the best. I enjoyed the sweet memories that came with it. Safe journey, my love. Have a wonderful experience out there.

35. May your journey be blessed, may your efforts be rewarded accordingly, and as you travel from home today, I wish you divine protection and guidance, my love. Go in peace.

36. I shall carry the euphoria of our bond in my heart. May this new land favour you greatly. No matter how many miles you’re away from home, my heart will always beat for you. Safe journey, my love.

37. The sweet memories of our life together will remain ever fresh in my mind. I pray for your safety as you journey so far away, my love.

38. You brought splendour and harmony into our union, every moment of our life felt good in every sense. Have a safe journey, my love. I will miss you.

39. May your first flight experience be smooth and memorable, I pray for your safe departure and safe landing. God be with you, my love.

40. While you are flying in the clouds, I hope you can look down and see the world differently, feel the pleasure in your journey, and vibe to every good feeling. I pray you to have a safe journey, my love.

41. May the thoughts of me keep you warm on this journey. I will be praying for you as you go forth. Saying that I will miss you is an understatement, I will miss you greatly. Journey mercies, my love.

42. May the good Lord make your journey easy. He will grant you stress-free departure and landing. I’m overwhelmed by emotions already. I will miss you so much, my love.

43. I can’t wait to welcome you back into my lovely arms even though you’re just setting out. I’m going to miss you a lot, safe journey, my love.

44. I know that this journey is important. I’m hopeful for your return soon. May the Lord keep you in warmth and safety. Take care, my love.

45. This is a chance to light up your world, enjoy the adventure of the journey. I pray that every moment of your trip be blissful. Safe journey, my love.

46. I’m certain this journey will bring you success and happiness in every way, may everything that you have set to achieve be easy for you. Safe journey, my love.

47. You are my sweetness, and I will always be your sweet love. I miss you already. May your journey be smooth and stress-free, my love.

48. It shall be well with you, my love. Go for gold, go for success, remain in safety. I pray you will have the best experiences ever.

49. You are the joy of my life, don’t ever forget that. When you get to your destination please don’t forget to let me know. Safe journey, my love.

50. Make sure you enjoy yourself out there. You deserve nothing more than the best. Journey safely, my love.

Safe Journey Wishes to My Love

You don’t just want to pray for your beloved who is travelling, you also want them to know you have them in mind as they are travelling.

Send any of these safe journey wishes to my love to let your lover know you have them in mind.

51. I have always taken good care of the home front. Please, do not worry too much about us, just make sure you come back as soon as you can. May your arrival be met with joy and gladness.

52. I pray that God will grant you more than you’ve ever prayed for on this journey, and His mercies keep preserving you wherever you go. Safe journey to you, my love.

53. As you embark on this journey, may your experiences be incredible, may all your fears melt away like ice, and may you find what you seek. Wishing you a safe journey, my love.

54. Keep the faith throughout our journey; I’m very sure that this journey will bring you a lot more than you wished for. Wishing you a very safe journey, my love.

55. Your experiences will be great, your life out there will yield maximum results. Safe journey, my love. I will always pray for you.

56. As you step out from here, may the Lord keep you from harm’s way, may His light never cease from shining on your path and you shall arrive at your destination safely. Wishing you the smoothest journey, my love.

57. I have no doubts about your safety, my love. You left home safe, the same way shall you return. You will be surprised about how everything will turn out great. I wish you well.

58. Wishing you, my love a very safe journey. May the Lord be your guide every step of the way.

59. I know I will miss you so much but, this is for both our good. Wishing you a safe arrival in your new destination.

60. As you set out for your journey, you will go smoothly and return smoothly. I will remain your love forever. Wishing you the best life out there.

61. You will always be my special one. As you set out for your journey, you will go and return in sound mind and spirit. I wish you well.

62. Anyone who has you in their life has the whole world, my love. You’re everything to me and the kids. We are wishing you a safe journey to and fro, and we miss you already.

63. May all your plans and ambitions for this journey pan out well. Safe journey, my love. You deserve the world.

64. I never thought a day would come when I will miss you so much but can’t have you around. Safe journey, my love, wishing you the best experiences in your journey.

65. You know how I love adventure and tourism. If not that my hands are full, I would have loved to travel with you. I wish you safety in all your walk.

66. May you never encounter any trouble along the way, wishing you a safe departure and arrival. Have a smooth journey.

67. You have no idea how I’ve looked forward to this journey, Although I know I will miss you greatly, I understand that it is worth it. Safe journey, my love, wishing you the best of luck.

68. First is the setting out for this journey, second is the return home; both will bring you gladness. Wishing you a safe journey, my love, I will miss you.

69. I wish you safety in your going and in your coming back, may this never be the end of your journeys. I will miss you so much, my love.

70. Your presence lights up my world, you shower me with endless love and attention. I will always love you nonstop. Safe Journey, my love, I miss you more than you can ever imagine.

71. May the road never see your blood, the Lord will preserve and keep you safe. Wishing you a peaceful journey, I will miss you, my love.

72. You have always been the source of my happiness. My life is sweet with you in it. I wish you success everywhere you go. Safe journey, my love, I miss you.

73. You have proved to me that you are an angel, I love you with all my heart. Heaven knows I can’t function well without you. Wishing you a safe journey and an all-around breakthrough.

74. May every single step you take away from home bring you great returns. Just remain under the protection and care of God, safe journey, my love. It is well with you.

75. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since you left, my love. I hope you are approaching your destination soon. I will always be here for you.

76. Your journey will be smooth by God’s grace, all that may seem to challenge this journey will be overcome. Be rest assured, my love. I will miss you so much.

77. As you journey today, you will go well and return well by the grace of God. Wishing you a safe journey my love, I miss you already.

78. My love, it is great to know you’re going on this beautiful journey. I’m already looking forward to your return. Wishing you the best as you go.

79. You shall achieve the purpose for your journey, go in peace knowing that everything is settled. Safe journey, my love. Wishing you a great journey.

80. I shall cherish the sweet memories we shared. I wish you safety in your going and in your coming back. You’re very precious to me. Have a trouble-free clearance.

Prayers for Safe Travel for A Loved One

Are your loved ones travelling any time soon? Then, you should send them prayers for safe travels. Any of these prayers for safe travels for a loved one will do.

81. May the heavens continue to guide you throughout your journey today, may this never be the last journey you shall embark on. You are in my heart always.

82. This is the day we have been looking forward to. As you have planned, it has materialized. I pray that the Lord will make your journey easy and successful. You’re loved.

83. Don’t think about it too much, I’m sure you will make it through by the grace of God. I pray that your mind will be at rest throughout this journey, beloved.

84. I earnestly pray that the Lord will smoothly take you to your destination and bring you back in safety. Enjoy your ride.

85. May the Lord guide you in every mile you cross, you shall arrive safely to your destination. Have a safe journey, dearest.

86. I have no single doubt that God has heard all my prayers for you on this journey. Your safety is guaranteed, my dear. May your journey be free of stress and hindrances.

87. May the angels guide you back home to me, you shall surely have a safe arrival. You’re not alone.

88. No matter the route you wish to go through on this journey, the Lord will bring you home safely, Wishing you a smooth journey.

89. The joy of welcoming you back home today is second to none; I have prayed for you, God will guide you home to me in safety.

90. The angels shall be your guide as you embark on this wonderful journey. Nothing you seek will be difficult to get, go well, you’re not alone.

91. The road shall be made smooth for you, the sun shall warm your heart, and your mind shall be at rest as you travel miles over the land and water. I pray for safety to your destination, nothing will ever stop you.

92. An angel shall be by your side as you travel through the oceans, nothing will ever harm you as long as God lives. You shall testify of this journey.

93. Every mile of your journey shall be smooth for you, I pray that the Lord will remove every hindrance from your path, and make your journey beautiful. Have a safe journey.

94. God will never leave you, He will follow you through to your destination, safe journey to you, gorgeous.

95. The Lord shall be your protector and defence every mile of the way. Have a very safe journey, and may your mind never be far from home.

96. May the Lord protect you. In His hands, lies all that is good. He will bless you in your going out and in your return. Have a wonderful journey.

97. Every journey is in your hands, dear Lord! You know what is before us, make this journey a wonderful one for my beloved, and show him more reasons to love and trust you every day.

98. There shall be no qualms on your way, I lift my hands to heaven saying beautiful payers for your sake; you will go and return safely. The land is yours to conquer.

99. May the angels surround you all through this journey, your life is secured by God, and He will keep you from harm’s way continually. Have a safe journey.

100. May your journey be as smooth as the sky. Like the birds of the air fly freely in the sky without fear, so shall you journey smoothly and fearlessly without fail. Have a wonderful journey experience.

In conclusion, we show love to our loved ones in many ways and one of those ways is by praying for them, especially during special times or circumstances. When they are travelling, these powerful safe journey prayers to my love will help you.



Written by Ayandola Ayanleke

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