Safe Flight Messages for Boyfriend

Have A Safe Flight Messages for Boyfriend (2024)

If you have a close friend, a family member or even a relative who’s travelling, don’t you think it’s a very nice move for you when you send them a safe journey wish?

Well, your boyfriend is your companion, the love of your life and now he’s about to embark on a journey by air. Whether his trip is official or casual, if you can’t be with him, the next best action is to send him a safe journey wish.

Like life, travelling is a risk. Be it on land or in the air, moving from one place to the other is stressful, and most definitely has its hazards. Plane crash is steadily becoming a thing of the past now and that’s all thanks to advanced technology in the aviation industry, yet, you can’t rule out the possibilities of inconveniences that come with flying, airport hassles, jetlags amongst others.

Your boyfriend is about to embark on a journey by air, you should definitely put on the responsibility of wishing him a safe trip. This will make him know that you’re genuinely concerned about his safety and that he’s on your mind. And if he’s been gone for so long, there’s nothing stopping you from throwing him a surprise welcome party. I’m sure you’ll do anything for the man you love because he deserves even more.

It doesn’t stop there though, check on him when he’s about to embark and keep in touch throughout the journey. If he’s the type that has got phobias either for heights or for long-distance travelling, you should help him with some tips on how to stay comfortable during a flight.
If it’s his first time of travelling by air, you can get some tricks that’ll help him across, and of course, he’ll need help with knowing how to manage jetlags.

Don’t forget that you should make it a point of duty to pray for your man always so that if the journey is official, he will come back fulfilled. Nothing excites a man than knowing his woman is praying for him. You can send him some good morning prayers and even romantic texts during the flight.

Make sure that you don’t let your boyfriend get on that flight just like that. You should check out these have a safe flight messages for boyfriend and choose the ones to send to him. He will most definitely appreciate it.

Best Safe Flight Quotes for Boyfriend

These best safe flight quotes for boyfriend will stand in as a companion as he gets set to travel surrounded by total strangers and not quite sure of what will unfold in the course of the journey and at his destination.

1. Hey babe, how are you doing? I hope you’re not having the jitters already about your flight? And if you have, even though I can’t be there with you, know that I’m sending this message to you to be your companion and let you know that you’re on my mind. I’m excited that you’re flying, at least you’ll be saved the stress of travelling long hours on the road. My heart is with you so relax and enjoy your trip. You will definitely have a safe flight as I’m praying for you. Take care of you, my love.

2. Ever since you told me you’ll be travelling by air, I’ve asked the angels to take care of you and keep your flight safe, so don’t worry about a thing because God’s got you. I know you’re scared of heights but make sure you don’t fret too much and do well to relax yourself completely. Make sure you have your headphones on so that my voice can take your mind off your phobias. You’ll have a safe flight as I’ve already prayed that for you. I’ll see you soon, be safe. You already know that I love you so much.

3. I know you’re just about to take off but don’t worry about a thing because you would get to your destination in no time. The journey is going to be hitch-free, I promise. And as you go, make sure that the only thoughts in your heart are thoughts of me, it will help you better enjoy the flight. I hope you know that I’m missing you already? My consolation is that I’ll see you soon, I’m very sure of that. Bye baby, have a safe trip and take very good care of you.

4. I hope you’re not worried about anything? Because you’re not even the pilot, so don’t waste your time worrying. The good thing about flying is that you will arrive at your destination in no time at all, almost as soon as you’ve sat down. Make sure you’re not eyeing any other woman on the plane as I’ll be in your heart, watching you. I’m just teasing you. I know you’re a perfect gentleman. Take care sweetheart, and enjoy your trip.

5. If only you know how happy and proud I am that you’re going on this trip. You earned it baby, you’re doing just fine. I care about you as much as I love you and that’s why I am wishing you the safest of trips ahead. Just do me a favour, make sure you don’t stop thinking about me. Don’t worry about anything, just follow the basic flight instructions and fasten your seatbelt. You’ll surely do just fine, trust me. I love you, don’t forget that. I look forward to when you’ll be back with me, again.

6. Trust me when I say I’ll give anything to be with you on that flight, I just want to be there and be sure that you’re okay. Don’t forget to follow all of the procedures and take good care of you. You’ll be fine and you’ll definitely have a very safe flight. Take good care of you, baby and don’t get jetlag. But if you get one, we’ll do something about it when your back here as I’m definitely seeing you as soon as you’re back. Kisses and hugs for you to keep your company.

7. If only you know how excited I am that you’re going on this trip. I know how much you’ve longed for it and how hard you work to make sure that it happens and now, it’s here. I would have loved to be with you on this trip but someone has to be here to pray that you have a safe flight. I’ll miss you so much but my compensation is that you’ll be fine for me and you’ll be back in a jiffy too. I wish you a safe journey baby, my love is with you and the angels are keeping watch over you. You’re safe.

8. It’s nice that you have to travel by air and not that you have to face the stress of road trips. I hope you’re not freaking out right now because it’s all going to be fine and you’ll have a safe flight. Don’t worry, I’ll bombard you with loads of pictures of me so that you’ll have every reason to smile on this trip. If you’re tired just lay your head, close your eyes and imagine that I’m right there with you, holding your hand. Take care of you, baby, rest assured that I’m seeing you sooner than you can even imagine. I love loving you always.

9. My excitement when you told me you’ll be travelling by air was very spectacular. If only you know how much worries that knowledge lifted from my heart. I was scared you’re going to be travelling a long distance by road and all by yourself too. I’m not worried anymore because I’m sure that you’ll have a smooth flight. And remember not to worry about your flight though, leave the pilot and his crew to do their job. Take care of yourself very well and get enough fun you can. Think of me all of the time too. I love you baby, bon voyage.

10. Now you’re travelling and I’ll have to go through the pain of missing you so much, I wish I could just be with you on this trip. Did you check out your flight schedule already? Make sure you’re not running late. I’m just bothered about how you’ll have to take care of yourself and be all by yourself. I just hope you have everything you need, packed in that case. Make sure you don’t stay too long, I love you babe and I can’t wait to see you when you get back.

11. Another life’s blessing to you is that you get to travel by air, I hope you’re not freaking out about all of these? I wish I could be there with you to hold your hand and reassure you that it’s all fine, but then, I’ll be here, keeping you in my mind and praying that you have a safe flight and a safe stay over there. Don’t make me miss you too much, make sure to take care of yourself for me. It’s going to be a long experience of missing you but I’ll look into to when you’ll be back with optimism. Whether you’re on land or you’re in the air, I love you so much, darling.

12. Even though I can’t be there to see you off, you already know I wouldn’t miss sending you a safe journey wish for anything in the world. Don’t let anything scare you as I’ll be right there with you, in your heart. I’ll wait up for when you call me that you’ve arrived there, so make sure to enjoy the flight. Enjoy the trip and take your mind off any worries that might be looming. I’m beginning to miss you already love. But then, take care of yourself and be fine. I’ll see you soon, that’s a promise.

13. My love for you is everywhere you go, so don’t worry too much that I’m not there with you, I’m right beside you and in your mind all of the time. Nothing is going to happen to you, you can rest assured because I’m praying for you. Make sure you take extra care and every precaution too so that you don’t fall sick on the trip. I’ll be seeing you soon, don’t miss me too much. I wish you the smoothest trip you’ve ever had. I love you, honey.

14. Don’t bother about the flight and the journey, you’re not the pilot and of course, the flight is already in God’s hands. Let the thoughts of me, and where you’re going to, be the only thing in your heart because that’s all that should matter to you. Thank God for the internet, I can always talk to you and see your face anytime I want to so I don’t get to miss you too much. You’ll go and come back all in one piece, don’t forget that I love you so much and I’ll be right here till when you’ll come back to me. Take care of you, my love.

15. I know you’re very strong and fierce so I’m sure that as you embark on this journey, you’ll be fine. Keep going and don’t let the thoughts of me escape your mind. You know I secretly wish I could be with you on this trip but then, someone has to be here, to wait for your return. I don’t know what I’ll be doing when you’re not here but we’ll talk about that when you land. For now, go ahead and make sure you have a very nice trip. Don’t forget to make friends so that you’re not lonely on the flight. Be fine my baby. I’ll be here to pray for your safe return.

16. I’m coming to see you off so that I can give you a hug and a smile to always remember. I’ll miss you but I know it’s very important for you to go on this trip. I can’t wait for you to get there and load me with a gist of how smooth your flight was. You know I can’t do without talking to you and making faces at you. Just remember that you have to make sure you take care of yourself for me and don’t get too exposed out there. Please eat well and rest well too. See you soon baby, have a nice trip ahead.

17. The only thing in my head right now is how funny you’re going to look on that flight because you’ll feel you’re alone. Don’t worry yourself, baby, you’re not alone, I’m right there with you in your heart and that’s why I’m sending loads of pictures of me so that you can have something to keep your company throughout the flight. I’m counting down to your touchdown there, already. I love you baby and trust me when I say God is going to take care of you on this journey.

18. Right now, the only thought forming in my mind is that you will call me soon to tell me you’ve arrived there safely. Your journey is in God’s hands and I’m sure he’ll do a perfect job of keeping you safe. You will meet with blessings on that journey and as you touchdown. Everything you have done for will be a success and you’ll be amazed at how smooth it will all turn out to be. You’ll be fine baby, just that I’ll miss you too much. Take care of you and don’t get sick. I love you beyond words, you already know.

19. I woke today and I asked the heavens to please be with you on this trip and give you good weather so that your flight will not encounter any difficulty on the way. You’re precious, and I’m sure God knows that too, so he’ll take care of you. My only fear is how long you’re going away because I’ll miss your presence here with me. I don’t really want to dwell on that though, I’ll make do with the pleasant memories you gave me and all of the times we shared together. I don’t even want to stop thinking of you when you’re not here. That’s why I’ll keep praying that you have a very safe trip babe. I love you babe, safe trip ahead.

20. I made sure to check the weather forecast this morning because I needed to be sure that everything will be fine, but then I remember I didn’t check with the weather creator so, I quickly prayed to God to be with you and grant you a safe journey today. Your flight is in God’s hands baby, he’ll do a good job of taking care of you. But first, you take care too and make sure you’re thinking of me always. I love you, darling.

21. Every element of nature will work for you and not against you as you go today. You will go out and return to us safely. I already left you in God’s able care and I’m sure that he will take perfect care of you. I wish you journey mercies and please make sure you don’t get sick on your flight. Loads of love from here.

22. In recent times, you have been very busy and left to catch several flights just to reach one after another and I’m sure that you’re stressed out already. I wish I could be there with you babe, to help you ease all those stress away. Take extra care of you darling and makes her your seatbelt is fastened always. I love you and I can’t wait for you to be back here.

23. Don’t allow an iota of worry into your mind, just leave everything to God to take care of them and focus on the fact that you are going to be alright. Remember that there’s nothing to be afraid of, you’re stronger than all of it. I wish you journey mercies and a safe flight baby. Make sure you come back as soon as you can.

24. One thing I’m very confident of is that you will have a very smooth and lovely flight. I know because I’ve been praying for you. I missed having you right here with me and facetime didn’t do enough justice to that. I have a feeling that you’ll be leaner than when you left here. But then, I can’t wait to see you again baby because I’ve missed you terribly. Do have a nice time travelling back.

25. Before you even embarked on the flight, I have been praying for you that you’ll arrive at your destination in one piece and you won’t be stressed out. I hope you have everything in place because that’s the only way you can enjoy your flight and not have to worry about where your stuff is. I’ll miss you but then it’s what I have to sacrifice for our love. Take care baby and don’t worry, your flight is safe.

Safe Flight Wishes for Boyfriend

If you can’t be there with him on his flight, sending him a safe flight wish will sure suffice and help keep him company so he doesn’t miss your presence too much.

Don’t start being worried, it will only arouse his anxiety. Instead, wish I’m a safe trip and send him wishes like these ones to help him not just to relax but also to enjoy his flight while looking forward to seeing you again.

26. I hope you’re not worried about me because I’m going to do just fine and wait patiently till when you’ll be back here with me. Your baby is a strong girl, you know that. Don’t worry about me, just relax and enjoy your flight. But make sure to call me as soon as you touchdown. I’m missing you already baby, that’s why I have to wish you a very safe flight so that you can come back to me.

27. Don’t make me worry about you, make sure you take all precautions, take care of your luggage and fasten your seatbelt. I’ll be praying for you as you go just make sure you are thinking of me all through the flight too. I just wish I can be there to make sure you’re fine but then, you’re a big boy and big boys take good care of themselves. I love you baby, and I wish you a safe trip.

28. It feels like you’ve been gone too long that I can barely hold myself to see you when you get here. I’ve missed you so much and you don’t have to remind me of how it’s not been too long you’re gone. There are so many things I want to say to you but it’s best kept till when you’re here with me. Just make sure you take care of you on that flight and come back to me in one piece. I can’t wait to see you again baby. I promise you unlimited fun when you’re back, but then, get here first.

29. I know it’s not been long that you left but the truth is I’m missing you already. I wish you’ll go there and do all that you have to do so that you can be back with me in no time. I have already prayed that you will be safe and the trip will be smooth so I’m sure you don’t have anything to worry about. You just have to be okay for me babe, no matter what. I wish you a safe trip and a pleasant flight. Don’t forget to think of me all the journey.

30. I know you’ll be okay, I’m very sure that you’ll be fine, I know you’ll take care and I’m very sure you’ll take precautions but still, I have to remind you to make sure you’re okay, take very good care and go through every precaution because it’s my duty that you’re safe whether I’m there with you or not. Fasten your seatbelt too. That’s the only way I can be sure you’ll be fine. I’ll miss you my love, but I’ll be here praying for you so that you’ll have a nice flight. I look forward to seeing you very soon, as a matter of fact, I can’t wait.

31. I shouldn’t be worried about you rather, I should be praying that you’ll have a very nice flight ahead. Just make sure that you’re relaxed, there’s no need for you to get worked up at all because it’s fine. And don’t get sick! You know I won’t be there to take care of you. I love you, darling, make sure you remember that always.

32. In a couple of minutes you’ll be up there in the sky and I will be down here worrying my head off about how you’re faring. Make sure you don’t embarrass us by puking on strangers. Just teasing you. Take care baby and don’t forget to fasten the seatbelts, that’s the most important part of it all. You’re covered because I’m praying for you.

33. Make sure you let me know how you’re faring up there at every minute, that’s the only way I can stop worrying myself out down here. You already know that I’ll miss you so make sure that you take good care of you and don’t get lean! I’ll see you soon baby. Take care and enjoy the flight because your safety has already been guaranteed.

34. You know that I can’t even think of not wishing you a safe trip, even though I’m not there with you physically. You matter so much to me that I have to always check on you at every minute. I rest hope you take good care of you as you go because I don’t want you to look less better than you do now. Make sure you’re relaxed too, it helps the mind and body. I’ll see you sooner than you expect. Have a safe flight darling.

35. I know there’s no point for me to worry about you and this flight because you’re covered by the angels always. May God be with you on this trip, when you touch down and on your return flight. I know you’ll be stressed out by the time you’re back but don’t worry, I’ll be waiting here, to take good care of you. Enjoy your flight baby, take care of you.

36. I don’t know why I have to be scared that you’re travelling when there’s no need for me to be at all. You know what you’ll do for me, the usual drill; and that’s you will take every precaution and won’t even forget to fasten your seatbelt. Make sure to do that darling, because I want the love of my life back in one piece. I will try not to worry because I’m optimistic you’ll do a good job of taking care of yourself.

37. The only thing that matters to me right now, even more than the whole world, is that you have a safe trip and a smooth flight. I promise to think of you every moment and make sure that thoughts of me are you constant companion on that flight, too. I’ll try not to miss you too much and I’ll see you when you’re back. Your baby girl loves you.

38. I don’t know if I should feel sad but the fact that my boyfriend will be travelling for a long time or that you’ll be on that plane surrounded by total strangers. I don’t want to worry too much but I really wish you’ll be fine and think of me all through your flight. Can you promise to take care of you for me? That’s the only way I will worry less. Take care of you my love and have a safe flight.

39. I hope you packed everything that you’ll need to stay comfortable on this trip and when you touchdown there? Please check again and make sure you have everything in control. I can’t bear to see you go because I’ll miss you so much, that’s why I won’t be seeing you off but trust me, you’ll be on my mind all through. Take very good care of you, babe.

40. I hope you woke today feeling good because if you’re not, then we’ll have to reschedule this trip baby. I hope you have the strength to go on and don’t look back. I know I’ll miss you but I’m sure you’ll come back to me all in one piece and a much better person too. I wish you a very smooth flight and the journey ahead.

41. Make sure that no one and nothing gets to you as you go up there. Don’t let anything bother you at all because you are doing a very good job of being you already. I believe in you always, so make sure that you don’t disappoint us all. You’ll do just fine so calm down, relax and enjoy your trip because it’s going to be a smooth one. Take care baby.

42. Make sure that you do everything the plane crew ask of you to do, it’s all precautions that are necessary for safety. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the flight. But when you feel bored, bring out your phone and look at my pictures and every memory we’ve shared. I’ll be waiting here for you. Have a safe flight darling.

43. You’ve worked hard and now it’s time for you to come back home to us all, if only you know how much I missed you. Soon you’ll be flying in the sky and I’ll have to keep my gaze up, waiting for you patiently too. I can’t wait for you to be here babe, there’s so much to talk about. I miss you but most importantly, I wish you a safe trip back here to us.

44. My days have been long because you’re not here with me and now that you’ll be coming back I am more than excited to see you again. I hope you’ll relax and enjoy the flight so that you can have all of your strength in place because when I see you, I’m definitely giving you the tightest of hugs. Enjoy your flight babe, see you soon.

45. I know I promised to be there at all times and send as you go on this flight, I’ll be there with you, although not physically. Don’t worry about anything, let me do the worrying on your behalf, relax yourself and enjoy your flight. I’ll see you soon babe!

46. I didn’t want you to see it but I was worried stiff when I saw you. I know you’ll be fine and you’ll take good care of yourself but I just can’t help worrying because it will be long before I set my eyes to see you again. Please fasten your seatbelt and take care of yourself, at least that will ease my worries a little. Please, make sure you’re thinking of me as much as I’m thinking of you too. I love you babe, and you’ll have a safe trip because I already prayed it.

47. I have a lot to say to you but it will have to wait till you touchdown. I only hope you won’t be too stressed from the long flight. And if you are, we can always do something about that. I already prayed for you so absolutely sure that you’ll have a very nice and smooth trip. Don’t worry, I’ll be here waiting so that I’m the first person you see when you touchdown.

48. I didn’t want you to know but I was worrying so hard when you left here. I’m glad you had a smooth trip there and I’m very sure you’ll have a nice flight back here again. You’ve been through so much that I promise to give you a treat, but get here first. Enjoy the plane view baby, I’ll be seeing you soonest. Take care of you and be fine.

49. Thank God for aeroplanes, you could be with me at any time and at little or no stress at all. Thank you for not allowing the distance to be a barrier between our love. You know how much I love having you around, it feels like when you’re not here with me. I know you’re putting a lot on the line for me but then, that’s why I’m your baby girl. Take care of yourself and enjoy your flight because as usual, it’s going to be a smooth one. See you soon my love, have a nice time.

50. Calm down and relax, it’s until you do that you’ll get to enjoy the flight. Take in the view of the sky, the clouds and everything that’s up there. Loosen up and make sure you make pleasant memories. Don’t forget to look out for others on the plane too. Don’t eat too much so you don’t puke and remember to fasten your seatbelt, I think that’s the most important thing. I can’t wait to see you again. Fly safe baby, I love you.

It’s nice to know that no matter how far you go or travel, there’s always someone out there, looking out for you, hoping you’ll stay safe and praying that you’ll be fine. Sometimes though, it’s nice to be that someone.

Don’t be a boring girlfriend, help your man have a pleasant trip and something to look forward to when he’s back from his journey, that’s why you’re his girl. Let him know he’s on your mind and you’re praying for him as best as you can.

Any of these have a safe flight messages for boyfriend will help you do just that, just choose whichever fits for you and send it to him. You’re good to go.

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