Have a Safe Flight Back Home

Have a Safe Flight Back Home Wishes Quotes (2024)

Travelling can be stressful and even nerve-wracking.

Knowing your loved ones have you in mind and are praying for you will always serve to make the journey less overwhelming.

Show your loved ones some love this 2024 by sending them safe flight wishes when they are travelling.

If you run out of words to say, find below a list of beautiful safe flight back home wishes and quotes.

I Wish You a Safe Flight Back Home Quotes Wishes

For someone going on a journey by air or already there and planning to come, or already coming, use these I wish you have a safe flight back home Quotes, messages, wishes and prayers for them. For Friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, brother, sister, dad, mom, uncle, aunt… Etc.

1. Enjoy God’s mercies on your journey, my love.

2. Don’t panic dearest, God’s got you on this journey.

3. The whole family awaits your arrival! Come back safely, dad.

4. The long vacation is over! It is time to head back. Welcome back in advance, darling!

5. The children will surely miss you, we wish you don’t have to go so soon but we are thankful for the time we all had together. Have a safe journey back, grandma.

6. Even though you are already on your way back to me, I still miss you, so come back safe, real soon, baby.

7. My love, I know that travelling by air makes you jittery and sweaty, so if you become nervous, just think about me because I’ll be there with you in your heart. Travel safely, love.

8. Just a short time we’ve been apart but it sure feels like a long while. I can’t wait to have you in my arms. Journey safely, darling.

9. If it is possible to go with you, I’ll gladly do! Journey mercies, sweetheart.

10. Baby, you know how worried I get whenever you travel so be sure to have a safe flight and inform me when you land. Love you to bits.

11. Darling, I pray that the air will be clear and the sky will not be tumultuous. Have a safe flight ahead.

12. The road may be long and bumpy, but rest assured, you’ll get there safe and sound, darling daughter.

13. Sweetheart, I might just lodge in a nearby hotel not far from the arrival terminal because I might not be able to wait till you get back. Enjoy your flight, honey.

14. Know that wherever you go, I’ll always be with you. Bon voyage, mon amie.

15. May your flight be free of stress, safe travels, dear brother.

16. I know travelling can be nerve-wracking for you, so know that my thoughts and prayers are with you, journey mercies, grandpa.

17. As you come nearer, the distance gets shorter. Expectantly awaiting your arrival. Safe travels, my heartbeat.

18. When I remember how I’ll have you all to myself soon, then I get excited, I can’t wait to have you here with me, my darling wife. Have a safe flight.

19. As excited as we are to have you, we know that your safety is priority, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Safe travels, mum.

20. Looking forward to your visit, uncle. May your trip be smooth and your flight enjoyable.

21. Gramps, whenever you feel any bump or tremor, just close your eyes and picture us waiting at the terminal for you, it will pass before you know it. We pray for journey mercies for you.

22. My lovely wife, as you set out on your journey home, I pray for safety for you, expectantly awaiting your safe return with the kids, with love from your husband.

23. When you told me you’ll come visiting, my mood lightened. May your flight be unimpeded, sweet daughter.

24. I can’t wait to hear all the gist of your long vacation, down to the last detail. Have a safe flight back, best friend.

25. Angels will carry your plane safely on their wings and bring you back to me. Be safe, baby.

26. Seeing the world is a dream of many, having the thirst to be back home is noble. Have a safe flight home, my precious friend.

27. I hope the memories you bring back last us for a lifetime because I’m not ready to let you go again for a long time. Happy travels, my darling husband.

28. My precious son, your siblings and I miss you greatly and can’t wait to have you back. Have a stress-free flight back home, son.

29. Try and enjoy your flight as much as you enjoyed the trip. Safe arrivals, my brother.

30. I pray that you arrive safe and sound and have an awesome travelling experience, lovely friend.

31. Minister of enjoyment, I know you’ll have an amazing time and make amazing memories too, safe trip ahead, sister.

32. I am looking forward to hearing all the juicy stories I’m sure you are dying to share with me. Come back speedily and safe, my wife.

33. My warmest greetings to your entire family. Safe flight home, my dearest friend.

34. I hope the weather agrees with and mirrors your mood today, even as you journey back home. Safe travels, uncle.

35. As you embark on this journey, I pray the skies are in your favour and don’t get bumpy. May the clouds fly you back home to us just as safe as you left. Safe travels, my son.

36. You know I won’t stop worrying so call me as soon as you land. Fly safe, dear gramps.

37. I know you love and enjoy holidays and I hope this won’t be an exception. Wishing you the safest flight yet, sweet uncle.

38. I pray that the weather has no adverse effect on your health. Get back to us safely, sweet mom.

39. I’m assured that not only you fly back home to your loved ones today but the sweet memories you’ve made also do. Here is to having a great travel, dear colleague.

40. We are all keen to see you and can’t keep still until your arrival. I wish you a safe flight back home, dear daughter.

41. This time last year, you left for another part of the world, today, you journey back to your loved ones. It will be so cool to see you and catch up with you again. Enjoy your flight back here, old friend.

42. I promise to spoil you to bits and load you with lots of fun so get here as quickly as you can. Also, remember to enjoy your trip, darling.

43. An excited and healthy family awaits you, we hope you meet us also healthy and in great moods, dear husband.

44. Enjoy every bit of your journey! Safe travels, dear sister.

45. Leave your worries behind and enjoy every moment of your trip. Here is to a great and secured flight back, old friend.

46. I pray to the almighty God, protector of all lives to keep you safe and bring you to us in one piece. Journey mercies, dad.

47. I’m envious of you getting to spend time with your family and old buddies but I’m also happy you finally get a chance to do just that. Be well and safe travels, favourite neighbour.

48. When I think of my sweet lil’ girl all alone up there, flying over the oceans just to get to me, I get anxious but then I close my eyes, clasp my hands together and turn my worries into prayers for your safe trip back to us. Be well, daughter.

49. You’ve shown my family so much love, especially, you’ve showered the kids with love and care, you deserve to be with your family, thank you for all you do, my family and I wish you a fabulous and safe trip back home, sweet aunt.

50. I am sure your family is as eager and expectant to see you as you are to see them. My regards and fly safe, dear brother.

51. Wishing you a lovely flight and a swell time for you and your loved ones, colleague.

52. Put a smile on your face, be happy and enjoy your trip because for sure, you’ll be met with happy and delightful faces. Safe travels, my husband.

53. As you take this huge step to connect to your root, I wish you all the luck you need. Stay safe, soldier.

54. I’m so sure that the kids won’t settle down until you arrive, so come back to us safely, my sweet wife.

55. I’m rest assured that your parents will be elated to see their son after a long time. I hope you meet them well with your pleasant surprise of a visit. Wishing you a lovely flight ahead, my lover.

56. I am more than happy to have you around, sister. So have the best flight experience!

57. I wish you’ll leave your worries behind and enjoy your break away from your hectic work life. Wishing you a lovely flight, my friend.

58. If we keep on with the rapid pace of life, we’ll tire quickly, we’ll age quickly and life will eventually whish by us. Wishing you a wholesome stay with your family and a safe trip to them, sweet colleague.

59. I’m glad you are finally taking time off to go for a holiday. You deserve to be pampered for once. Wishing you safe travels, best friend.

60. You’ve dedicated yourself to the prowess of this company and we are glad we can do something cool for you, so here is wishing you the best trip ever. With love, from your team.

61. At last! You have some time to unwind and I’m glad you chose to spend it with me. I promise you the best time ever, stay safe, my favourite cousin.

62. The great traveller! It comes as no surprise to me that you are once again on the move. May you have a safe flight to your destination, dearest friend.

63. Wishing you a safe flight and a lovely time in the arms of people you love and cherish, dear friend. You deserve it.

64. I’m glad you finally decided to make this trip rather than regret it in the future. Have a fabulous holiday, uncle.

65. You have been a dutiful son and we are happy to see you take this big leap in your career. Have a safe trip to your new location, precious son.

66. If there is anyone who deserves to have time off to spend with family and loved ones, it is you. I pray your journey is safe and worthwhile, dearest colleague.

67. I’m not in the least bit surprised that you are once again on a flight to another part of the world. After all, you treat the world as a book and you have read so many pages and do not intend to stop until the very last word. So, do have a fun and safe trip, sweet best friend.

68. I’m sure your stay was full of beautiful memories and laughter. Looking forward to hearing about it all to the last detail. Journey mercies, wifey.

69. The thought of seeing your beautiful face and hearing about your glamorous adventure makes me itchy to see you so get here as soon as you can. Safe travels, favourite boyfriend.

70. The journey matters as much as your arrival, so here is wishing you all the fun and serenity you need for your trip. Stay safe, darling.

71. I’m sure you won’t be coming back empty-handed but in case you don’t remember, be sure to bring lots of goodies and gist. Have a safe flight back home, lover.

72. Having worked so hard and with such gusto and commitment, you deserve a great time with your family. This is wishing you the best flight experience and the best time ever with your loved ones. With love, from your colleague.

73. Dear lover, I know you can become air-sick but in order to get to me as quickly as you can, you opted for a flight back home. So, this is what you will do, plug your ears, put in our favourite jam and let the sonorous voice of the artiste accompany you on your way home. I’ll be waiting for you with open arms. Stay strong and have a safe trip, darling husband.

74. This trip is a dream come true, it is the fulfilment of a long-awaited plan to reunite with your family. May you enjoy a turbulent-free journey, soldier. Safe trip home.

75. Since we are aware of your travel, we have been in good spirits and we hope you are too! Be safe, son.

76. Even as you journey back to meet us in peace and safety, may you also feel at peace and have a peaceful and safe trip, daughter.

77. As you left unharmed and safe, may you return the same. Have a safe flight back home, brother.

78. My lovely wife, as you make your trip back, may you not experience any form of unpleasantness, may angels guide you home to us safely. With love, from dad and daughter.

79. I can’t wait to have fun with you, go on adventures and explore all the places we’ve only read about, so be quick to get here to me. Have the best trip over, bestie.

80. I pray to the heavens to send angels to guard you and keep you unharmed and secured, may your trip be peaceful, aunt.

81. May your return be as safe as your departure. Bon voyage, lovely girlfriend.

82. I hope you arrive home safely and tell me all about your exploration. Be safe, dearest son.

83. Dear mother, I pray you get home to us without an itch, we wish you well on your flight. With love, from my family and I.

84. I am sure you had lots of sweet moments and have made loads of amazing memories. I itch to hear all about them so come home safe to me, lovely daughter.

85. As you embark on a new path in your career, I wish you all great success. Have a safe flight to your new destination, sister.

86. I pray to God to protect you from all mishaps, may he bring you home to us safe and sound. Journey mercies, dearest aunt.

87. I’m happy that you’ll get to finally see your loved ones after such a long absence. Have a safe flight ahead, sweetie.

88. I sent a prayer skyward this morning for the angels to grant you a speedy and sound flight back home, daughter.

89. I’ve missed your warm hugs and grand tales of life, I can’t wait to have you sit by my fireplace again, have a safe trip, favourite grandma.

90. I wish you nothing but a safe trip and a joyous arrival, dear brother.

91. When I heard that you’ll be coming down here, my heart jumped for joy! It will be a great pleasure to have you around, dear uncle. Be sure to have a safe trip ahead.

92. You know I’m a sucker for rules and safety, so ensure you take all necessary precautions; fasten your seat belt and be alert. Above all, I wish you a tumultuous-free trip back home, lil’ sister.

93. Be sure that I’ll worry all day long till you arrive, so make sure you get here in one piece, darling wife.

94. Enjoy the skies and let them keep you company as you journey home, sweet boyfriend.

95. I remember you said anytime you travel by air, you always feel closer to heaven! Do enjoy your trip, mom but be sure to get to us safe and sound. We love you.

96. A hot meal, a hot bath and a hot wife awaits you, so be safe on your journey back home, darling husband.

97. I am sure my old pops will be ecstatic to have you home. Do have a safe flight home, brother.

98. You know I have no one but you so be sure to come back to me in one piece, my sweetheart.

99. I know planes can make you jittery sometimes so try to be calm, you’ll land before you know it, my darling lover.

100. The children and I send you our love and best wishes for a safe trip, darling wife.

Your loved ones will surely be full of gratitude if you let them know they are in your thoughts by sending them these safe flight back home wishes and quotes.

Written by Ayandola Ayanleke

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