Happy 96th Birthday Prayers for 96 Year Birthday Celebration

Happy 96th Birthday Prayers for 96 Year Birthday Celebration (2024)

Growing old is what everyone wishes for, but attaining the age of 96 years is a milestone in the life of every human. Having someone who is celebrating that age is what you should be proud of because whether you like it or not, longevity seems to be something that can exist in some family. It would be to your advantage if you make it one of the moments that should be celebrated specially and one way of making such a day special is to say a prayer that will put smiles on their faces.

It is always a thing of joy to see someone you love so much grow old right before your eyes, you can’t help but feel thankful. Saying nice compliments that will make your old people smile widely should be at the top of your list. You can also try to buy them memorable gifts people cherish for the rest of their lives.

Praying certain prayers could also get stuck in their hearts like a diamond on a ring. When you pray, you talk to God and your words carry your thoughts and how you feel in all sincerity. Hearing those prayers from you as you pray or send them as messages will make your 96-year-old celebrant beam with joy.

You can also apply a touch of creativity to these messages and there are lots of ways to be creative when coming up with prayer messages for a 96year old. Whatever you aim is, here are some 96th birthday prayers for 96 years birthday celebration creatively crafted for a 96-year-old.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 96 years Old Sister

Communication is key to expressing how and what you feel about your sister’s birthday. A reminder text with prayers will do just that. Your 96 years old sister should feel all the love through these birthday prayer messages for 96 years olds.

1. There are no greater moments than this, watching you as you age with love and grace. The strength to live on with more days filled without regrets are my wishes for you today and forever. Live on and prosper, my lovely sister. Amen

2. We often pray for long life and the grace to see generations come before us. You have lived to achieve that and God has truly satisfied you with good age. What is left for us to say to you is that we are proud to celebrate with you. May your joy overflow in us and may we see this day again.

3. Every time we remember your memories in our mind, we are reminded that you are one of the best things that God has blessed us with. We can’t afford to not pray and call on Him to always protect you. May your remaining days end in bliss.

4. Glad tidings to you now and always, we acknowledge the fact that you are remarkable and you are exceptionally wonderful. We pray for the strength and mind to emulate someone so wonderfully minded like you. Happy birthday, sister.

5. Our wish is for you to always be here to guide us as no one does it better than you. Though we are always reminded that our time on earth is limited, we want you to know that we pray that your days be multiplied and your soul be blessed.

Happy 96th Birthday Prayers
Happy 96th Birthday Prayers

6. The grace of the lord and his immeasurable peace shall continue to follow you and may you continue to abide in His presence. Happy birthday.

7. Goodness, mercy and peace eternal with glad tidings shall never cease from you and may your soul always find comfort.

8. Whenever you find comfort, it shall not be snatched, neither shall it be cut short. The security of the Lord shall always be there to secure you and your household.

9. We are always grateful for the person that you are and we pray for the feeling to remain long-lasting. As you become a mother to us, so shall many become parents to your generations in Jesus name.

10. May we never become short or fall short of reasons to celebrate you and with you, because you are a muse and everything about you is what we want. May it continue to remain so in Jesus name.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 96 years Old Brother

We get regrets from the words mostly left unsaid to the people dearest to us and you wouldn’t want to have this feeling when he is no more. Express yourself and say what is in your heart as your brother celebrates his special day. Let him feel the outpouring of your love towards him through these birthday prayer messages for a 96 years old brother.

11. Sweet brother, for the remainder of your days, may the grace of the Lord be with you and may He show his unfailing kindness towards you as you celebrate today. You shall have eternal peace as you prepare for his coming. Amen

12. Birthdays are worth celebrating, as you celebrate today may all your good deeds be brought to remembrance, and may we that your life as touched not forget in a hurry in Jesus name. Amen

13. You came, you have seen and you are still conquering. We pray for the strength for you to keep up the victory. Even in life and death, your ever-blazing trail shall never be extinguished in Jesus Name.

Happy 96th Birthday Prayers
Happy 96th Birthday Prayers

14. We love you and we are overjoyed by your life and stories, you are a hero to us and we are proud to call you our brother. We pray for more life to you and more healings in your bones.

15. You were the strongest glue that held us together when we broke, you stood by us and never gave up, may everyone who felt your deep impact, not desert you in your deepest point of needs and may you continue to flourish in every situation. Amen.

96th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Cousin

Say a wish for your cousin on their 96th birthday and allow him or her feel your deepest desires for their life through these birthday prayer messages for your 96 years old cousin.

16. Today, I celebrate a great cousin and I ask for the heavens to grant your utmost wish and desires on your 96th birthday.

17. May your days continue to grow brighter and your night skies never cease to be filled with colourful stars.

Happy 96th Birthday Prayers
Happy 96th Birthday Prayers

18. May all the stars in your sky shine like they were newly birthed, may you’re your lips continue to taste good things even at your old age and may you continue to remain strong and wonderful.

19. Your family shall continue to know eternal peace they shall reap the fruits of your labour and be satisfied, they shall never disappoint you and for the rest of your days, you are your family are blessed.

20. I pray that God in his infinite mercy protects all that you hold dear and may they continue to bring joy and gladness to your heart.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 96 Years Old Friend

Express your feelings to your friend as they clock 96 years. Let them know that you are happy to see them alive. Do these through these birthday prayer messages for 96 years old friend.

21. Celebration of life and the celebration of an eternal friend, may your life continue to grow and your paths continue to remain straight.

22. We have come a long way together, knowing you have been a blessing to me. There are no doubts that we have an everlasting friendship, so I pray that you continue to remain strong, rich and wonderful.

Happy 96th Birthday Prayers
Happy 96th Birthday Prayers

23. I pray for your life, your health and for your family. Let every good thing that brings joy and celebration continue to find their way to your doorstep.

24. You shall always find favour in the eyes of your friends and enemies. For the remainder of your years, you shall never cease to live in safety.

25. Happiness, peace, joy and security is my forever wish for you. when the time becomes over your stars shall forever shine to your 4th and 5th generation. You are already blessed.

96th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Aunt/Uncle

What could contribute to a celebration and make someone joyful? It is the messages he or she receives on their birthday. Celebrate your aunt or uncle on their 96th birthday with these prayer messages and make their day beautiful.

26. Enjoy today for it shall never remain your last, good things shall always abide with you and you shall never have a cause to say I am in need. Amen

27. No matter how often we ask God what we want, it shall never fully be enough for us to stop asking other things. All I want is that you remain blessed for the rest of your years and let God grant you unmerited favour.

Happy 96th Birthday Prayers
Happy 96th Birthday Prayers

28. For the rest of your years, you shall not fall into pity, neither shall you have the cause to grieve a loved one. Neither shall your family mourn any loss while you breathe.

29. There shall always be heard in your household celebrations, praises, thanksgiving and merriment.

30. The lord has made a mockery of your foes and those that seek to harm your generation and plundered all that he has given to you. keep on celebrating because you are secured in him.

96th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Sister-In-Law/Brother-In-Law

Send a short word of prayer and good wish to your sister-in-law or brother-in-law on their 96th birthday through these prayer messages meant for sister-in-law or brother-in-law.

31. In him you came and conquered, forever in him, you will always keep conquering. This family is blessed because of you and your shining light shall never be extinguished in your lifetime.

32. I wish above all things that you remain in absolute peace and comfort and they that seek to spoil your labours end before your very eyes. Amen.

Happy 96th Birthday Prayers
Happy 96th Birthday Prayers


33. As no one receives great news and keeps it, so shall the greatness of your generation be known to all men and their shine shall never be eclipsed. Amen.

34. May the grace of God forever strengthen you and may your celebration today not be the last of you, us and that of your family.

35. I pray for a successful birthday celebration, as we make merry for your sake so shall many more glorious moments be added to your life and may peace continue to be with you.

96th Birthday Prayer Messages for Dad/Mom

Parents are always excited to receive gifts from their children but some of the best gifts they would cherish forever are the things that money cannot buy. Your words and wishes are priceless to them so you should send these birthday prayer messages for their 96th birthday

36. May the light of a million stars’ shine upon you as you celebrate today, you shall receive more blessings and dance of thanksgiving.

37. Your labours shall forever remain prosperous, your children and their children shall forever remain rulers in towns and cities and you shall always remain favoured.

Happy 96th Birthday Prayers
Happy 96th Birthday Prayers

38. I pray that on this day, you burst forth with thanksgiving and your eyes not be closed to good things, neither shall your eyes become unresponsive to the good news. Amen

39. I pray for more days of glory, glad tidings and joy for the rest of your years and may you remain blessed in all your accomplishments, most especially in the lives of your children.

40. Great things and great news from your children shall never stop coming to you. whatever they do shall always bring good reports to you. you shall not mourn them while you live and the joy that goes with being a parent shall never leave you.

96th Birthday Prayer Messages for Grand Dad/Mom

Celebrate the little things that matter in the life of your Grand Dad/Mom and leave them with an everlasting feeling of appreciation. Here are some birthday prayer messages for a 96 years old Grand Dad/Mom

41. It’s a blessing to have a grandparent such as you, there are lots of joy and wonderful moments in my life because of you. May your impact in my life not cease and may you never go weak as you age more, in Jesus name.

42. There are times we would worry about little things and all our fears would fade the moment you step in. we are deeply blessed and we pray for long life and more goodwill to you.

Happy 96th Birthday Prayers
Happy 96th Birthday Prayers

43. We pray that the joy and laughter that goes with ageing will not cease from your lives and may your life continue to remain cheerful till the rest of your days. Amen.

44. Enjoy the rest of your amazing life and be satisfied with all that you have accomplished, may every trail that you have blazed never go off. Amen.

45. I pray for your safety, the security of your soul, more strength in your bones and the longevity of a mighty tree. May you continue to live in peace all around you. amen

Birthday Prayer Messages for 96 Years Old Father-In-law/Mother-In-Law

Praying for longevity shouldn’t only be for those you are related to by blood, you can also extend it to someone who is connected to you one way or the other, most especially through wedlock. As such you can send a hearty wish and a birthday prayer messages to your 96 years old Father-in-law/Mother-in-law. Here are some birthday prayer messages for 96 years old father-in-law or Mother-in-law.

46. Your children and I have come together to honour and celebrate you, we pray for God almighty to bless and sustain you for the remainder of your days as you celebrate this day.

Happy 96th Birthday Prayers
Happy 96th Birthday Prayers

47. I am truly blessed to be loved and accepted by you into a wonderful family, there is no greater joy than I feel, so I pray for good health and the progress of your children and their generations.

48. My prayers and wishes for you this day is that for celebrations and thanksgiving to continuously remain in your household and for you to never stop being fulfilled and satisfied.

Opening Prayers for 96th Birthday party

Starting a birthday celebration with a soul-lifting opening prayer offered to God almighty is very logical and always a good thing because you want everything to go smoothly. Here are some opening prayers for a 96th birthday celebration.

49. Lord, we call on your name as we have gathered to celebrate this wonderful and memorable birthday of your son/daughter. We ask, oh Lord, that you grace this occasion with your presence. Come and take the chairmanship of this day and may your name be praised.

Happy 96th Birthday Prayers
Happy 96th Birthday Prayers

50. Lord, your wish for us is that our wine remains sweet and our barn remains filled. As we pour wine and sit together to dine and make merry amongst ourselves, we do so in your presence under your watchful eyes and may we not become like the rich man in the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. We ask oh lord that you protect everyone present including the celebrants and may they have another celebration again next year in Jesus name.

Most people in this age range may not truly value this day, while for others, life struggles make it easy for them to forget this day as being important to them. However, when it is time for their birthday, good wishes and prayers should be sent to them. This act is therapeutic and lets them know that being 96 years old is a wonderful thing.

Send that special 96 years old in your life to cloud nine and cause his or her heart to beat for joy. I am sure they will deeply appreciate the calmness within themselves when you flood their mind and body with soothing 96th birthday prayer messages for a 96-year-old.

Feel free to use any of these provided for you.

Written by Joseph Abimbola

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