Thank God for Journey Mercies
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Thank God for Journey Mercies in 2024

There is something attractive about introspection and gratitude. The sad part is not many people engage in it. But if you are one of the people who do, then, you already know gratitude is the right attitude.

There are so many things to be grateful for and one of them is for journey mercies. And I know that’s why you are here; you are still right to do so.

For someone like you who is interested in thanking God for journey mercies, these thank God for journey mercies in 2024 messages have been put together so that you can have your pick from them.

Go ahead and appreciate your keeper!

Thank God for Safe Journey

Here is how you show gratitude and make it an attitude; You thank God for everything, and here are thank God for safe journey messages you can use.

1. It has been hectic. But, I’m very glad to be home after such a long journey. Thank You, Lord, for keeping me safe.

2. It is such a great relief to be here safe and sound after that scare we had on the road. I am grateful to God for journey mercies.

3. There is nothing as calming as having a long journey with little stress and no accident. I am grateful.

4. It is such a delight that we get to celebrate a journey well-travelled. Thank you, God, for the journey mercies you have granted us.

5. I am so happy that God granted you journey mercies, may His name be forever exalted in your life. Amen.

6. All praises to God who has made this journey a successful one. May His name be praised forevermore in Jesus’ name.

7. It is not all the time I get the chance to be grateful for journey mercies. I’m getting it now and I’m taking it. Thank you, God, for journey mercies.

8. That we didn’t have a cause to call an ambulance for help in our journey, it is worth praising God. Thank you, God, for journey mercy

9. I have had the most interesting journey with the most beautiful set of people and I’m grateful to God.

10. The last few days on the road have taught me that it is gracious to show gratitude for every journey no matter how short. I thank God for journey mercies.

11. It has been a great journey so far. with a couple of minutes to go, I am sure that I have made it. Thank God.

12. I appreciate God for keeping me and mine and for protecting us from the dangers of the road.

13. I am appreciative of every journey that has been successful so far. I am specifically happy about the just concluded journey.

14. I am happy to say that I had the best time on the road with my family and friends. Thank God for journey mercies.

15. The mercies of the Lord are never changing and I am glad that they have extended to my journey.

16. Gisting and having family time away from home is possible with my loved ones this weekend. I am grateful to God for granting mercy.

17. It is not easy to travel around the world in a car. But, that is what I just did with my friends over the cause of the week and I am happy to be alive.

18. I hope that my gratitude is accepted. Thank God because he protests his own.

19. The journey that started out being a business journey grew into something even more exciting. Thank God for journey mercies

20. I am just really glad to be back home. it has been a long ride.

Thank God for Traveling Mercies

This is how you make a better life for yourself; be grateful for the one you have now, especially after a peaceful journey by using these Thank God for travelling mercies messages.

21. I have not travelled in years and doing it again this year and it being a success is something to celebrate for me. Thank God

22. This journey has helped me to see God in a new light and I am happy to be exposed to this new dimension. Thank God.

23. He is truly the almighty because he has kept me to and fro this journey.

24. God is able, indeed and he has proven that he is just another time.

25. God has been my protector for a long. So, I am not surprised that he has done it again. I just want to say thank you, God.

26. It is the perfect time to say that I had the best time with friends sponsored by protection from God.

27. I would like to say to the universe that I won! God loves and protects me from the sneer of the Fowler.

28. It is a great time to be a lover of God. I am grateful for journey mercies.

29. God is still in the business of doing good, I see. Thank you, God.

30. What God has done for me is marvellous in my sight. Thank God for journey mercies.

31. I love and cherish the smooth sailing I just had on this journey. Thank God.

32. God is so gracious. That is the only explanation I can give for being this protective of me.

33. I feel loved and cared for because he has been nothing short of amazing in his protection of me.

34. I am so happy that you took the trip. Who would have known.?

35. I can say that I love God now because he first loved me. Thank God for the journey mercies.

36. I am very passionate about God because he cares deeply for me. Thank God for journey mercies.

37. The reason I’m laughing sheepishly is that the journey was convenient and also without calamity. Thank you God.

38. I have always wanted to say thank you. I guess this is another perfect example to make. Thank God for journey mercies

39. It is a great feeling to thank the Lord for all my travels now that he has reminded me that he can protect me.

40. I am pumped from the journey I just had because the ride was amazing. Thank you, Gid

Thank You God for Journey Mercies

Below, you will find some thank you God for journey mercies messages to appreciate God for granting you a safe journey.

41. I am so grateful that the road favoured me and I received journey mercies.

42. It is so pleasing to be able to come down from the bus after such a long journey.

43. Gratitude should follow after every journey that didn’t end up being a bloodbath.

44. In a world where crashes and accidents are common, God has granted journey mercies.

45. Getting to my destination on time and in good shape is something I am definitely grateful for.

46. This day, the only thing I want to do is show gratitude for bringing me to and fro.

47. It has been wonderful being on a journey with colleagues and getting ample time to bond with them. I thank God for journey mercies

48. It is a great day and I feel refreshed and grateful for the just concluded journey.

49. Nothing could have prepared me for the travails of the road. But, I am here after all of that and I am grateful.

50. It feels awesome to be at the destination this early and fresh like I never left my house. Thank God.

51. I am so grateful to God because it has been a wonderful journey.

52. God decided to keep me and I have every reason to be grateful to him.

53. Many things don’t move me. But, when I see the hand of God, I ensure that I show gratitude. I am so glad he kept me on the journey.

54. I felt God’s full-blown love on my journey and I do not take that for granted.

55. What God cannot do truly does not exist. This is the only explanation I have for how God pulled me out from what should have been a fatal accident. Thank you, God.

56. God is great and he has done another great thing by keeping me alive and guiding my journey.

57. God really loves me and he has proven that once again by protecting me and granting me journey mercies.

58. I am so happy that I am here today because God’s mercies kept me.

59. Having God has taught me a lot. more importantly, it has taught me that no harm will come near my dwelling. Thank God for journey mercies.

60. I had the time of my life on that road trip and I am happy that God granted me safety.

Thank You Lord for the Safe Trip Quotes

The time to appreciate God for a safe trip is here and you should use this time judiciously with these thank You Lord for the safe trip quotes

61. His promises are yeah and Amen. He has said he will protect me, and he has proven that once again by granting me mercies on my journey.

62. I hope this joy is permanent. This joy that God himself has placed in my heart by protecting me from an accident.

63. As long as I have God, I have no reason to worry about anything. Thank you, God, for your journey mercies.

64. Your love and kindness have kept me this far and they have both seen me through such a difficult journey.

65. I am inspired and feeling really loved because God really stood up for me.

66. Once again, I want to thank God that he is the greatest for keeping me from every form of accident.

67. I am thankful that God has not made me regret travelling. I am eternally grateful.

68. God has indeed given me victory. I am grateful for journey mercies.

69. I am appreciative of the love and protection I got and still get from God.

70. I feel all the love and I soak it all in. Thank you so much for the journey mercies.

71. It is going to be a great night because I just had the best day of my life on the road. Thank God for journey mercies.

72. I am here because God kept me from roaring lions on the road. Thank God!

73. I really do have nothing to give other than gratitude for all the times you have kept me from every road accident.

74. I love you Lord because you first loved me. Thanks for the journey mercies.

75. You have been awesome in all your ways – protecting and caring for me like the daughter that I am. Thank you!

76. My heart is pleased and I am chuffed at the turn of events for the last few days. Thank God for journey mercies.

77. It has been one road trip to another lately and you have kept me from the accident in all of them. Thank you, God.

78. I know my hero, it is the almighty who has made it a duty to always guide my going and coming.

79. I am not even the best driver to ever exist. Yet, I have only ever enjoyed peaceful road trips. Thank you for always going before me, God.

80. I am so happy that you are my God and I am your daughter. Thank you so much for the journey mercies.

Thank God for The Safe Trip Messages

Using these thank God for safe trip messages as you ought to is a way to impress God and make him want to do more for you and yours.

81. One thing I have come to learn about you is that if you did it before, you’ll do it again. Thank you for being and of course, for granting me journey mercies.

82. I want to just say this once and for all; my days on the road would have been nightmares without God. Thank you, Father.

83. I am very grateful for everything I have including life and good health.

84. You have done a lot since the day I travelled and I must give utmost respect and gratitude.

85. Yes! It is a safe trip. It is not by my might or power but, by the spirit says the Lord. Thank you, lord.

86. I have all these things to thank the Lord for and I am choosing the one that means the most to me; Thank God for journey mercies.

87. God is really still in the habit of keeping his loved one. I appreciate that he has kept me on this journey.

88. My Lord has done great things in my life and I cannot tell it all.

89. It is such a perfect time to show gratitude for all the protection I have gotten from my travels this year.

90. I am in an appreciative mood because I just came back from the longest journey of my life.

91. It is a celebration galore because God has done great things. Thank him for journey mercies

92. Your mercies are indeed new every morning. Thank you for today’s journey.

93. God has promised to take care of me and he has done it so far with class and style. Thank God for journey mercies.

94. I am so convinced that he has prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies. Thank God for journey mercies.

95. Traveling several miles and retiring home without a scratch is proof that God is still in the business of protecting his own.

96. I am God’s own and the mercies of the Lord follow my journey always.

97. You have always been particular about keeping me from the snare of the Fowler. I am grateful for the journey mercies.

98. Keeping me alive was for a purpose. I am to start manifesting soon. Thank you so much for your support.

99. There is this joy in my heart knowing that I just dodged another accident. Thank you, Jesus.

100. My heart is excited and I am grateful because your mercies have kept me from the dangers of the road.

These messages are exciting because they are all so filled with positive messages to the creator. Use some of these Thank God for journey mercies messages and let the chain of Thanksgiving continue in strength.

Written by Adebayo Esther

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