Have A Safe Trip Messages for Boyfriend

Have A Safe Trip Messages for Boyfriend (2024)

One of the underrated pleasures of life is travelling. It’s a lifetime experience that helps you learn more about diverse people, places and cultures. The importance of travelling cannot be overemphasized as you stand to gain a wealth of experience from it. What’s there to not love about travelling? Absolutely nothing, I guess. And what better way to go on a trip than with good wishes from the love of your life.

What’s more important than an exciting journey is the safety of the traveller. So, while looking forward to the fun of the trip, you need the safety wishes more. The prayers and wishes usually come before you embark on a trip. This piece is all about saying safe trip wishes and prayers for the man in your life. You’ll want them to know that your warmth, thoughts and prayers are with them through the trip, right?

There are a lot of ways to wish them a safe trip, and I’ve taken out time to bring you some of the best Have a Safe Trip Messages for Boyfriend. Enjoy the read!

Have A Safe Trip Messages to My Boyfriend

I’m not sure you’ll want to miss out on these lovely safe trip messages for your boyfriend.

1. May this journey of yours bring you extraordinary memories and sweet moments. I wish you a safe journey along with a safe return.

2. May you have a lot of fun on the way, my love. I wish you a safe trip.

3. May this journey brings peace to your mind and joy to your heart. Have a safe journey.

4. I hope to see you safe and sound when you finally return. Till then, enjoy everything that comes your way. Have a safe journey.

5. Happy journey, my Love. May it be a smooth trip.

6. Wishing you the happiest and most interesting journey of your life yet. Be good in health and mind.

7. May you be safe wherever you are, and may the Almighty God keep you safe and healthy.

8. I already miss you here, my Love. I want you to have the best experience through this trip. Have an enjoyable trip.

9. I hope you prepared well for this journey. I pray that God in His infinite mercy protects and keeps you.

10. Never stop believing in God because He’s the one who saves. May He keep you safe throughout this your travel.

Best Safe Trip Quotes for Him – Boyfriend

Send these best heartwarming quotes to your boyfriend when he’s out on a trip to let him know how much he means to you.

11. I can’t wait to travel around the world with you, my Love but till then, be safe and healthy through this trip of yours.

12. Wishing you a safe and stress-free journey. Be careful and pay attention to details.

13. I’m already waiting to see the pictures from this trip. Journey mercies, my Love.

14. Have a pleasant trip. You will be missed here.

15. Wishing you a great and safe journey. Have a blast and be well.

16. Some people say travelling makes you wise. Some people say travelling makes you humble. I say, don’t think and just travel. Bon voyage.

17. Just think of all those beautiful things that you can have while you are travelling. These experiences are repeated a few times in life. So, make the most of your stay in that city.

18. Get lost, run out of money, and do crazy things – these are the memories from your travels that will last a lifetime. But make sure you travel safely and take care of yourself.

19. Wishing you a memorable voyage. May your route there be unimpeded. May only good things happen in your travel.

Powerful Safe Trip Prayer for Boyfriend

You definitely want one or more of these powerful safe trip prayers for your boyfriend while he’s on a trip.

20. May God protect you. May He guide you. May your journey be safe and smooth. May we have every reason to thank God on your arrival. Have a safe journey, dear. God be with you every step of the trip.

21. Your journey will be smooth and safe for you. Have a safe flight dear.

22. You will never travel when the ground is thirsty. The people of the world will never need your blood. You will have a safe flight to the glory of God. And we will have every reason to thank God for your safe trip. Have a safe journey, my Love.

23. I pray that the sky will be so clear and there will be no rain or any turbulence. I pray that the pilot will have clear eyes and the journey will be smooth and peaceful. May God’s hands be upon you every step of the way. Have a safe journey.

24. I know the aircraft is conducive. I know the engines are sound and working well. I know the pilots are safe and sound. I knew all through God who told me. I wish you the safest trip back home. Your protection is guaranteed, my dear. May God be with you.

25. I know they will tell you to fasten your seatbelts, but you may never really have any reason to fasten unless you are landing after a safe journey. May God be with you, my dear. Do have a safe trip back home.

26. As you embark on this journey, may God protect you, and may His angels be by your side every step of the way. Safe journey my Love.

27. God will guide and protect you as you board the plane. God will watch over everything you do. He will keep you from all sorts of accidents. Have a safe trip.

28. God will protect your body and soul from all dangers. He will be with you every step of the way. Have a safe journey.

29. He has sent His angels to protect you. I am very sure of that. He will protect you on this journey you are about to commence. He will guide you and make you fit in spirit, soul and body to withstand whatever turbulence that may come your way. Safe trip.

30. God will give you peace as the journey will be a long one. He will guide you to do the right things. Have a safe trip.

31. Oh Lord Almighty, the protector of the universe and all that is therein. I commit my Love into your hands. Be his companion throughout the journey. Wear him your protective armour. Keep him from any danger that may arrive through Jesus Christ, Amen.

32. Dear Lord, preserve my Love. Be with him, guide him and protect him as he embarks on this journey. Surround him with your affection and be with him through the air, road and water. Amen.

33. The road will stretch forth and be your friend. The wind will blow and guide your directions. The sun will rise and light your path. God will be in control of the wheels. This is my prayer for you. Have a safe trip.

34. May the angels protect you and be with you today. May every instrument of the journey work in your favour. Have a nice trip, Love.

35. May the heavens be with you as you start this long journey. Have a good experience, my Love.

36. I pray today that you travel safely. Have a safe flight.

37. God will send his angels to guide and protect you all through your journey. Have a safe trip.

38. Wishing you the best of your trip. Wishing you the best of each moment. Never forget that I will be here to welcome you at all times. Have a safe trip.

39. Your tomorrow will be better than today. Your every day will be as amazing as ever. I wish you a safe trip today. And have fun every step of the way.

40. I miss you so much and I hope you make it home safely. Have a safe journey, my Love.

41. God be with you today and forever. Have a safe trip, Baby.

42. I may not have the power to bring you safely from there. The only power I have right now is to wish you a very safe journey and Godspeed. You will get here safely. Safe journey!

43. God stays with his people. He supports them and protects them wherever they are. He has supported you all through the years and I am sure he will do the same as you travel today. Have a safe trip, dear.

44. Let us in our gladsome mind, praise the Lord for he is kind. His mercies endure forever. He has assured us that you will get here safely. We are happy and waiting for you to get here. We all have missed you. Have a blissful trip.

45. I know you have a lot of stories to tell. I am sure you have a lot of things to share. We are happy that you have finally decided to come home. We are grateful that you have achieved even more than we thought you would. We are deeply thankful to God that we are going to meet again. Have a safe journey, my dear.

46. Your closet was filled with specks of dust due to years of neglect. But not to worry, I have cleaned out your room for you. Your room misses you and I am sure you miss it too. Have a safe trip, dear. May the blessings and protection of God be with you.

46. God’s path for us is clear. He has chosen your path for you and I am happy that you embarked on this journey based on the direction of God in your life. I wish you a safe trip as you journey down. Safe journey, dearie.

47. I know you can’t even wait to get home. It has been a long time and I am happy that you are coming back, FINALLY! Do have a safe trip, darling.

48. No matter how hard life is, I want you to know that no one has ever crossed the road of success without having to step on failures along the way. You have had your fair share of hurdles and hustles and now, I want to wish you a safe journey as you come home. Have a safe trip, dear.

49. You are my friend and I will forever appreciate your friendship. Even though we do not get to chat and talk every day, you have remained evergreen in my heart. I care about your journey that’s why I want to wish you a safe journey home. God be with you and protect you as you fly down here.

50. I am so excited to hear that you will be coming down soon. I miss everything about you. Have a safe trip dear.

When the one you love dearly is away on a trip, one of the simplest and most effective ways of getting into his head and letting him know that you’re thinking about him is by sending him loved up messages.

The icing on the cake will be sending him beautiful and thoughtful safe trip messages when he’s about to head back home. Oh, what a delight! Trust me, this is one of the little things that matter.

Of course, I won’t let you cross that bridge alone. I’m with you, every step of the way. If you are not good at crafting beautiful messages, I’m here with my list of well thought out wishes, prayers and messages that’ll fan the embers of your relationship.

Make sure you go through the Have A Safe Trip Messages for Boyfriend above and pick the best of them all, just for your boyfriend. Don’t forget to thank me later. Cheers!

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