Trust Text Messages for My Husband

Trust Text Messages for My Husband (2024)

One sure way of getting your man to reveal his secrets or offloading all his pent up emotions, is telling him in an unguarded moment you trust him absolutely.

A man thus reassured of his wife’s undying love and devotion is one with renewed vigour to keep up with living above reproach. Definitely, such a man would know his virtues are noted and appreciated and easily uphold them.

Verbally affirming your honest and trustworthy husband gives him wing to fly the integrity flag. Reassuring your husband you trust him when circumstances make others to cast aspersions on his integrity is the magical elixir that will make him survive the trying time.

A man on the brink of a tempting affair will have a rethink when lavished with his wife’s attention, love and confidence in his fidelity. Resisting daily temptations to compromise is made easy when you let your husband know with a ring of sincerity, your love for and trust in him.

Loving someone can be earned or spontaneous. Trust isn’t automatic. It is earned over time. Do you trust your man? Can you trust your hubby with your life in all areas of life? Has he been faithful in his dealing with the family finances? Is your husband a man of impeccable character? Awesome! It’s time to let him know how much you love and trust him.

Here are cute trust text messages for my husband to make your husband feel very cool this 2024, just for you.

Trust and Love Messages for My Husband

Spark the ember of love in your husband’s heart with a bit of romance. Send a trust and love message to your husband. These will help.

1. I love you, my Candy crush. You are my soulmate and forever love. We connect beyond the realms of words, happenstances and the physical. Trusting you is a no-brainer. You inspire so much confidence in your integrity and fidelity that I have no reason to ever doubt you or your love for me. I adore you, honey.

2. Trust is a two way street for lovers that are totally into each other. Darling husband, I love you from the depth of my heart. We connect in ways more than the physical spark or affectionate feelings. It’s a soul tie that’s unbreakable. When I say I love you, I’m also letting you I trust you explicitly, in every way.

3. Darling husband, your love still intoxicates me like red wine. It explodes in my heart like a romantic volcanic eruption. There’s no stopping it; it has a mind of its own, set on taking over my whole being. I’m held captive by your love, my lover boy. Yes, I trust you. You are as genuine as they come. Nothing can sway my conviction.

4. I know for sure that forever love is neither a fantasy nor an illusion. Every day, I bask in the euphoria of your love for me. Such unrivalled bliss! Such joy!! Such unfathomable feeling of contentment in having a trustworthy darling as husband!! You are my Paradise, husband of my dream. I love you, my Sunshine.

5. Dude, I’m nuts about you. You’re my perfect match, my soulmate. Your love has brought all kinds of blessings into my life. Every day comes with reasons to celebrate your awesomeness. Every season comes with unmitigated joy. I adore you, my bag of choice goodies! I trust you with my very life.

6. Agreeing to be exclusively yours forever, was one way of letting you know how much I adore and trust you. Giving my all to you, holding nothing back is the demonstration of my confidence in your love and integrity. Darling husband, you are the song in my heart, till eternity.

7. King of my heart, being married to you is the tonic that nourishes my soul. My heart pulsates only for you as yours beat for me. This gorgeous babe is still hopelessly in love with her guy. Just so you know; I have absolute confidence in your faithfulness to me and your integrity in handling our finances. Nothing can shake my love for you, handsome. I love you to the moon and back.

8. You are the best husband in the world. I’m so proud to call you mine. I appreciate your unconditional love and encouragement in our ‘trying to conceive’ (TTC) journey. You have been with me all the way. Your unshakeable love and unflinching support have been my rock. You’ve proved to be a man of your word, refusing to stray in spite of constant nudging/pressure. I love you my champion!

9. Husband dearest, in your love, I find refreshing milk of kindness, a towering pillar of support, fiery passion, sparkling love and everything good in between. You’re more than enough for me, husby. I love and trust you in ways that will shock even you. Cross my heart!

10. Men are scum, or so they say. Not mine. My husband is an exemplary man; loving, caring and above board in every way. I don’t just love you crazily, I trust you absolutely, dearest husband. All that is in me adore you. My heart beats only for you as yours does for me. It dances crazily at the very sight of you and comes roaring to life at the barest of touch from you.

11. My precious crown, you are the reason behind my smiles. You are the key to my happiness; I trust you to take care of it. You’re the logic behind every wise decision I make. Your blessings are the magnets that attract uncountable favours to me. I have a treasure in my husband: I adore you, now and forever!

12. My darling husband, my heart is filled to the brim with love for you. I adore your unending devotion, ever ready support, and a bundle of goodness. Your love humbles and inspires me. You honour me in a way that makes me glow. Your smiles tickle my senses. I don’t need to be an undercover phone detective to know I can trust you now and always. I adore you, Honey Pie!

13. You mean the world to me, my gem. Your flaws tickle me and your quirks sparkle my dull moments. Your eccentricities drive me crazy. Your imperfections? Totally adorable! I love you, king of my heart. There’s no genuine love without trust. I love you this totally because I trust you completely.

14. True love intoxicates when taken with reckless abandon! I’m perpetually high on your tender loving care, husband dearest. I love you passionately. I have no reason to doubt you in any way. Darling husband, your love tickles and thrills me to no end. I love you very much, sweetie.

15. You want to know why I’m crazy about you? Easy! You are my soulmate! Everything about you pleases me. I don’t feel threatened by your relationship with my gender because you made it apparent to all that I’m the apple of your eyes. I cherish you, my husband.

16. Darling husband, love and trust are two sides of a coin. When I tell you I love you from the depth of my soul, it means I trust you with everything within me. I love you, my cupcake.

17. You look like a ladies’ man, but you are a fiercely loyal husband and lover of one woman: your wife! I adore you, my Prince Charming. With you, I have nothing to fear. I’m totally secured in the knowledge of your exclusive love for me.

18. It amuses me when people assume you’re an incorrigible flirt just because women flock around you. If only they know; that you have eyes only for me and your heart is solely mine. I cherish and trust you forever.

19. You are just one man to the world, but you are my entire world. My sweetheart, you mean the world to me. I love you and I trust you with my life.

20. Broken trust is like a chocolate bar; when freezes after melting, it’ll never go back to its original shape. My precious husband, thank you for not putting my trust in you to test. I love you even more for being worthy of my trust, always.

21. Love can be spontaneous or gradual, but trust is earned and proved over time. My Sunshine, my trust in you is well deserved. I cherish you for being all shades of awesome. Forever.

22. My hunches are always right on the money. I trust them completely. From the first time we met, I had a hunch that I can entrust my world to you without a care. I’m thrilled to say it’s the best decision I ever made. I love you, husband dearest. I trust you with my eternity.

23. Indeed, marriage is a leveller. Ours levelled every false notion that all men cheat. If playing around is in men’s genetics, I’m glad it skips your DNA, husband dearest. Now and always, I love you, Honey!

24. For every reason for loving you, I could come up with a matching reason for falling out of love with you. My adorable husband, you charmed your way into my heart with your honesty, transparency and accountability. Marriage has changed nothing; you’re still as loving, caring and trustworthy as ever. My love for you is endless and without reason. You’re the totality of my worldly treasure. I love you.

25. If I put my mind to it, I guess I’d be a great poet. Your love inspires me to write heartwarming poems featuring the three most magical word ‘I Love You’ and the most reassuring words, ‘I Trust You. Yes, I do; madly and totally. You rock my world, effortlessly!

26. With you, my love, It’s always summer; because you are my Sunshine. The sun is eager to brighten the world with its shining light, but even it fails to brighten my heart like your sunny smile. You’re my joy and pride. I love and trust you so much I find no words to describe it. Darling husband, you rock!

27. Being a man of few words might have given room for the occasional bouts of doubt, but you communicate so much love wordlessly, that I’m confident in your love for me. I love you, my husband. More than that, I trust you. You have a beautiful heart that works so hard to protect me from being hurt. I love you, Sweetie Puff.

28. I love you so much, sweetheart. What’s not to love about you? Absolutely nothing! You are adorable and trustworthy. Your cuteness exclusively reserved for only me. I adore you, husby.

29. I’m crazy about you, my heartthrob. You’re the Prince of my heart, an essential part of me. You won my heart by your commitment and devotion. You retain it by constantly proving you can be trusted in every way.

29. We’ve been together since forever, seems like. You never play games with my intelligence, feelings and person. You are as straight and as honest as they come. I enjoy playing the games of life in marriage with you, though. The type that puts a smile on our faces and makes us peal with laughter. I love you till forever, dude.

30. Brains, brawn and different shades of gorgeous in only one man: a heady combination! Throw in impeccable manners and sunny disposition; the result is a unique husband with endearing aura. Your love and conduct inspire trust and confidence. I love you, my precious darling.

31. In a world of compromise and free fall immorality, it’s refreshing to be married to a man of integrity and discipline. You are an amazing husband and a wonderful dad to our lovely children. Life with you is both exciting and exhilarating. I love you with all my heart.

32. I have no fear, husband dearest. I’m confident you can’t ever cheat on me nor deliberately do anything that will hurt me. I know you love me and always on the lookout for me. I love you very much, my precious husband. You’re my best gift from God. A gift that begets more valuable gifts.

33. Doubt is never an emotion I entertain concerning you. I am so confident about your fidelity, and honest dealings. All your raging libido is solely reserved for my beautiful wife. Our misunderstanding is so open and consistent that there’s no room for misunderstanding. I love you, sweetie pie. More than life itself

33. Honeypie, you are a rare find. I have no regrets marrying you; just pure bliss. You are an exemplary man of worth and discipline: a real gem. I trust you in every way. I feel blessed to have you as my crown! I am incurably in love with you, husband like no other. You rock!

34. You are a breath of fresh air, my loving husband. Your honesty and transparency in every way are very refreshing. I am blessed to have a man whose word is honour-bound. A man that can be trusted and vouched for by his spouse, close friends and sundry. I’m very proud of you, sweetie. I love you, just so!

35. Love seldom communicated is love subjected to doubts and mistrust. I love your openness in our marriage. I love how you carry me along as an equal partner in all areas. I love how you carry yourself responsibly and make yourself accountable. You are a rare breed, my darling husband.

Trust Sms for Husband far Away

Being in a long-distance marriage shouldn’t put a strain between you and your beloved husband. Send a trust Sms to your husband far away. Then, distance becomes nothing. Mistrusts given no room to flourish with these.

36. My heartthrob, out of sight isn’t out of mind. You live in my heart and you’re always with me everywhere. I love you, Honey. I trust you to keep yourself for me, always.

37. Every day without you is a very hard nut to crack. I miss you like a part of me is forcefully taken away. I thrive on our calls and chats. I console myself with the memories of time spent together in bliss. I love you, my husband. I trust you to keep your eyes from roving.

38. Take good care of yourself, my pumpkin. I’ll spoil you silly when you come home. I can’t wait to give you amazing treats. Need I remind you I love you? Very much. I trust you not to give a face to predatory females.

39. I love you, my munchkin. There’s never a dull moment with you; you’re always fun to be with. Life is very boring without you, right now, so I keep myself busy counting the hours/days till I’m able to join you. Just so you know; I trust you.

40. I love the way you paint a vivid picture of your life there. It makes me feel I’m part of it. I love the way you make it obvious to everyone that you’re a happily married man smitten with his wife. I love you, Sugarplum. I trust you like my life depends on it. You’re the best!

41. I see you everywhere I go, and in everything I do. I’m going through the motions till I see you again. Your love makes me vibrant, Honey. I trust you to keep the slay queens at bay as I love you with every breath I take.

42. You are a rare gem, my husband. Loving you has me unravelling, blossoming like a flower under your adoring eyes. I almost wilted from missing you, but I chose to glow from the anticipation of seeing you. Trust isn’t an issue with us; love is everything, and that we have in excess. I love and trust you, dearie.j

43. I am hanging out with my friends. Everyone but me is having fun. I’m preoccupied with the thought of you. I love you so much that my heart feels like a burst. Thank you for not messing around. I trust you, my husband.

44. Rather than be a shadow of myself because I’m missing you, I decided to doll up, taking nice pictures so you can eagerly look forward to our visit. Anticipate the nonnegotiable toe-curling kisses and heart-melting cuddles. I love you, Sweet. I trust you to keep your roving eyes just for me.

45. Long days and torturous longer nights are making me look forward to seeing you soon. Dearest Husby, Expect indefinite house arrest with endless love plus unlimited indulgence. I adore you, pumpkin. I trust you with my life.

46. If I can trust you with my heart and life, then trusting you to keep yourself for me is a given. I love you, my heartthrob. You rock my world with careless abandon, even in your absence. You’re the best.

47. Even from this vast distance, your love echoes loudly in my heart. I can hear your whispers of undying love as your heart thump sets wildly in your ribs. I love you, my husband, just as much and lots more. I trust you now, just as ever.

48. I’m savouring the blissfulness f from being loved by you. I need to fill this vast gulf between us caused by absence. I adore and trust you, my husband. Nothing is allowed to dim the shine of my love for you.

49. You know it’s not in my nature to be unnecessary jealous, especially because you have never given me cause to doubt your fidelity. Loving and missing you is j misfiring ideas into my head, but love wins. I cherish you, Husby. Always.

50. Even when my spirit flows in despondence, the dripping berry of your sweet love sparks it back to its lively state. I love you, my husband. Don’t worry your handsome head thinking I’d be suspicious or something; I trust you totally. Take the best care of what I treasure: you.

51. A woman in love sees no fault in her man. When her love is reciprocated and matched, the soul connection leaves no room for ambiguity. I adore you, my Treasure. I trust you just as much. Baseless rumour has no hold on me. I love you.

52. My husband, my champion, my hero. I miss you so much it hurts, but I love your commitment to communicating regularly via every available means. My trust in you as a faithful husband is absolute. I love you.

53. Rumour thrives on hearsays and spread through the grapevine. It changes nothing. I trust you, my husband. I have absolute confidence in the man of my dreams. I cherish you now and forever.

54. To know you is to love and trust you. You are a highly disciplined man; frivolity and frolicking do not feature in your pastime. I miss you every day, but I have peace in the knowledge that you’re totally mine, distance notwithstanding. I adore you, my husband.

55. I’m proud to have you as mine. You are gold! A rare gem. Be it on fidelity, finances, business, whatever; your word is your bond and can be trusted without misgivings. I love you, Husby.

56. You are my world, my dearest Husby. You are in the centre of my universe. I have no doubt about keeping our wedding vows. Your integrity speaks louder than words. I love you to the moon and back.

57. You are a man of honour and conscience; honest and trustworthy be it finances or matters of the heart. We may be miles apart, but my love for and trust in you is absolute. I love you, darling husband.

58. Love seldom communicated is riddled with doubts, mistrust and uncertainties. I love you, my precious husband. Your love shines forth even from afar and boosts my trust and confidence in you. You rock!

59. You’re my premium milkshake, my everyday crush, my main course, side dishes and dessert, darling husband. Your smile ignites a raging passion within me. I miss you dearly, but I trust you to take good care of yourself and tag on a “keep off, I’m taken” on at all times. I adore you, Honey.

60. Distance changes nothing: you are more than enough for me, and I also trust you with my whole being. What can you do to make me love you more? Just breathe and continue to be your awesome self. I love you, my charming husband.

61. My dearest husband, you’re the best version of me. A gem, a real treasure! I love you with every breath within me. I nurture no suspicion about you because I know you aren’t a game player. I trust you, now and always.

62. You’re more precious to me than the most valuable gold, Husby. You’re a rare gem; my gift from God. I love you madly and trust you with my life. This distance is killing me softly, though.

63. My husband, my vintage wine, my forever crush and my biggest fan! I’m not very good with words, but I want you to know I’m nuts about you. Totally. Even from this vast distance, my trust in you is absolute. No teeny weeny bit room for doubts. I cherish you, my adorable guy!

64. Many men have done valiantly, but you trumped them all, on every front! You are cute, caring and charming. You’re all I desire in a man and glad to have. I love you, husband dearest. I trust you even more. I miss you loads.

65. Near of far, my heart thumps wildly at the sound of your voice. Incredibly, I’m married to this gorgeous hunk! Husby, you’re my main guy, sidekick, and everything! You rock my heart with reckless abandon. I love you and trust you.

66. All the loneliness and misery I experience with you away, is going to cost you a lot when we see. Compensation is unnegotiable in kisses and cuddles. Expect full house arrest with endless love and indulgence. I love you, Husby. It also means I trust you.

67. Imagine being this far away and still retaining the power to make my heart go crazy for you! You are a man in a million, my husband. I am forever yours, darling. I trust you as much as you trust me. I adore you, crazily.

68. I miss you crazily, my charming husband. Living this far away from you is kind is totally unbearable, but I’m putting on a brave front for you. Your love inspires trust. I love you like it’s going out of fashion.

69. My love for you is like the ocean stretched out between us: versatile, fascinating and beautiful to behold. We may be apart, but my trust in you is unshaken because our hearts are in sync. I love you, my drop-dead gorgeous husband.

70. It’s no news I’m smitten with my adorable husband. My heart beats excitedly to the sound of the music of your love. Every day without you is a lesson in pure torture. You are a man of discipline: trusting you is never an issue; missing you, is. I’ll cherish you forever, Honey.

Honest and Trust Love Letters for Husband

Your brutally honest husband richly deserves your commendation. He has earned your trust in finances, matters of the heart and everything. It’s time to let him know you think the world of him. A cute honest and trust love letter will do the trick.

71. Dearest husband, love and trust are big deals in a world of anything goes. Finding the combination in a rare breed as you are an uncommon find. My heart is full of love for you, my Candy crush. You’re my amazing dispenser of topnotch goodies, my powerhouse of endless love. You’re selfless, kind, caring and considerate. No wonder I adore you. You rock, Honey.

72. My darling husband, you are my rock. I love you so much it’s scary. I find peace and joy in your arms. My world sails smoothly on the serene ocean of your love. Love is never enough in turbulent or challenging times, but my trust in you is so absolute and unshakable. You’re honest, hardworking and dependable. Even if I’m not married to you, I’d easily trust you with my life. Luckily, I am on both counts. Still crazy about you, same as always.

73. My darling cute and charming husband, I love you without qualification. You mean the world to me. Come rain or shine, our love has come to stay. Have no fear. If the world cast aspersions on your integrity, know that I trust you. I not only believe you, but I also believe in you. We’ll ride this storm out till truth is revealed like the shining star.

74. Dear husband, I can never measure the depth of my love for you, nor ascertain its width or height. You mean everything to me; the whole enchilada. You are so open, it’s easy to trust you. Your transparency is why I can vouch for you any day. You are honest to a fault and I admire that. I cherish the man you have always been.

75. My dear husband, love is a matter of the heart, while trust has to be earned over time. I’m privileged to call a man above board. No mudslinging about your character can cut ice with me. I’m your number one fan, cheering you on all the way already. I love you, my pumpkin.

76. My darling husband, have you heard the latest gossip buzzing on the grapevine? Your prim and proper wife is totally besotted with you. As in stark raving madly in love with you. For once, they are actually right on the money! I’m head over heels in love with my handsome dude. What’s there not to love? You are brutally honest, endearingly trustworthy, charming, loving, and a specialist in predicting my every mood. I’m your loyal captive, my King. I’m forever at your service!

77. My dearest husband, there’s no hiding the obvious: you are the unrepentant indulger of your wife’s many fancies! The efficient dealer of my excesses and the major distributor of my sensible actions. The one who channels his wise counsels to profitable ends. You are a rare breed, husby. Straight forward, calm, honest and blunt. I love you, my heartthrob.

78. My bundle of Gorgeous, do you have any idea how much I love and trust you? Measuring its accuracy in quality or quantity is a difficult task. Whenever I go on business trips, I have this peace in my heart knowing I left capable hands to take care of the home front. You are honest to a fault. Down to earth, blunt and straightforward. With you what one sees is what one gets t You’re amazing, I love you.

79. My dearest husband, I feel like bursting out singing, screaming and letting everyone that cares to listen, know that I’m the lucky babe married to the most amazing man on earth. No kidding!this answer to prayer. Your honesty is endearing. Your openness is captivating. I trust you with my very life. I love you, sweetie.

80. Dear husband, do you have any idea how much I love you? You are the man behind my drive to excel. You’re my joy, my energy booster, my faith upholder and all-time champion. I’m a sparkling star because you’re the super angel that sets me rolling on greatness. You are a man of an unscrupulous high standard, honest and dependable. I love you, dearest. From your enchanted wife.

81. My superstar husband, saying I love is an understatement of the century. I’m totally sold out to you. You promised to give me wings to fly. You did, and I soar. You said you’d be the wind to steer my sail to greatness. You are, and the sky is my starting point. All I am, and ever achieved, I did because you thought I could. My love, I’m bursting with pride to be called yours. You are honest and truthful. I appreciate all your sacrifices and support. You’re the real star here, flush with pride!

82. Dearest husband, you are the apple of my eye. Life is beautiful when I take a peek through your rose-tinted love. You inspire, Honey. You are a whole mood; I mean everything! All I desire in my man and some! I love your perspective in complex issues and your intelligent input to vital matters. Your brilliant ideas are stimulating and your zeal to accomplish set goals keep me on tracks. I love your honesty and frankness. You’re the best!

83. My superstar husband, you are a great inspiration in every way. I love your honesty and uncompromising stand on matters. You motivate me to be a better person by the way you live in consistency with your values. I’m a better person because you are an amazing man. Generations to come will declare you blessed. I love you, pumpkin.

84. My brilliant husband, you are a genius and a goal getter! Your zeal to accomplish set goals keeps me on tracks. Your determination to excel is enough to power a turbo. I love your ‘it can be done spirit’. More than that, I admire your truthfulness, simplicity, honesty and plainness. I love you like it’s going out of fashion.

85. Darling husband and forever crush, I’m so pleased with you I’d like you to make a wish. Thank you for being honest at all times. Thank you for always saying the truth even if it doesn’t favour you. Now, to your wish: care for the moon? I will catch it for you, sweetie. Fascinated by the sparkling star? I’ll gladly grab it for you with love’s capable net. I can’t give you the world, but I cheerfully offer you my heart and all I’m worth. It’s all yours. I adore you, my heartthrob.

86. My charming husband, you’re a real charmer! The quirk of your eyebrows, your dreamy eyes, enchanting smile and all, thrill me to no end. You are the uncontested apple of my eyes; God’s perfect handiwork! Magnificent in every way! No defect, no flaw! No lies, no bending of the truth or twisting of the facts. Just plain truthful. I not only adore you, but I’m also very proud of you, today and always.

87. My forever crush, you are a constant source of joy to me. You’re the only bright spot in my life. Your love is the impregnable fortress that protects my peace from life’s many challenges. You’re my visa to unending joy, my passport to pure goodness. You mean the world to me, exemplary husband. Your honesty is a beacon of hope to the declining moral world. I love you, Sugar.

88. Sweetiepie, may I never be too busy to tell you that I love you. You’re at the very centre of my life, the pivot that makes it revolve smoothly. Darling husband, I love you, crazily. It is settled, signed and sealed. My heart re-echoes my love for you. Your honesty is endearing and your penchant for saying the truth at all times makes my head swell with pride. You rock!

89. Darling husband, when I look at you, I see a man of honour and worth. Your honesty sets you apart and I love you for it. You once told me you weren’t perfect, that you had flaws and quirks; I waited with bated breath, but I saw none. Well, as your wifey, bestie, companion, and everything lovely in-between; I searched critically for the offensive ‘odds’, but I found none. All I see is an extraordinary man perfectly fitted for my shenanigans. Love you loads, my heartbeat.

90. My dashing hero, you are my eternal love song. The hit song with unforgettable lyrics. Your honesty is enthralling. Your love is more intoxicating than vintage wine. It gives me a good spin when life seems to stand still. Eternity isn’t enough to enjoy my bundle of delight: dear husband, shall we extend forever? I’m nuts about you!

91. King of my heart, you’re the ruling Prince of my dreams. You make me deliriously happy, sweetie buns. I can’t trade you for all the treasures in the world! I admire everything about you. Your thoroughness, honesty and diligence are commendable. You’re priceless, my precious husband. I love you.

92. My darling husband, you are my Sunshine; my pillar of strength, and staunch supporter. You are an incurable optimist and a man of impeccable character. Truthful in all dealings, blunt, and down to earth. What’s not to love? You are the magic that calms my frayed nerves; unfazed by any avalanche of challenges! I love you sweetie pie! If I were a gambler, I’d stake my life on your golden heart. Oh! I did and my gamble paid off handsomely. You are my jackpot!

93. My cute and charming husband, I will always love and trust you. No matter how stormy or dark the sky is, my love for you will blast away its gloom and dazzle you with its brilliant brightness. You can always count on, darling husband. I love you.

94. My dearest husband, I need to let you the current state of affair. My love for you is beyond curtailing or checking. It took fought from the realms of containment, multiplied and skyrocketed to full scale “Yours forever”. Do you know what I admire most about you? Your honesty. I adore you, Sugarpie.

95. Love of my life, you are the most incurably romantic man in the universe. You are loving, caring and wonderful. Best of all, I love the fact that you are a stickler for honesty and telling the truth. You are a complete gentleman. Love you loads, darling husband.

96. Throb and throttle of my heart, you are the most honest man I’ve ever seen on earth. Your integrity is admirable. I want you to know you have nothing to prove to anyone. Truth always prevails, like genuine love like ours, conquers all. I love you, darling husband. More than you’ll ever know.

97. Dearest husband, I know for a fact that honourable men like you are rare and far between. Honesty like yours is now an endangered specie as love like ours is going out of fashion. Keep the light shining, my love. I love you, dearie.

98. My dearest treasure of inestimable value, you are a rare find; a gem. No matter how long a lie flourished, truth always conquer. Your integrity will make you shine like the star you are. I love you plenteous, my adorable husband

99. My darling husband, I love you. Tattoo it into your heart so you will always remember. You are a great man, with a good heart and honest to boot. You’re the best! I love you.

100. My munchkin, you are a man of impeccable manners, honest and exceptional. You are conscientious and unpretentious. You surpassed all my expectations. You are my pillar, my backbone and unfailing support system. I love you to the moon and back, my husband.

Thank you for reading through and picking trust messages for husband suitable for you! I am sure you found the ones perfect for your darling husband. Telling him you trust him is a great way of revealing how much you love him. He will cherish you forever.

There’s not much to love without trust. Your husband surely deserves to know; you are amazing for meeting this unspoken need to be trusted.

Do you have any comment or question? Please, feel free to drop them. Kindly share with your friends and loved ones. Thank you.

Written by Ajala Abiodun

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