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Charming Love Poems for Him or Her (2024)

The truth of the matter is that no two people can live happily together without a bit of difference here and there. Disagreement is bound to happen but the way it is solved is all that matters.

Your relationship or marriage is still standing today because both of you have unique ways to settle personal differences. To be able to understand each other is amazing and you need to know how to appreciate your partner for that ability.

There are lots of ways to show appreciation to your lover and you could do that by going on a romantic date or by buying valuable gifts to put a smile on your lover’s face. There’s also a simple way of telling your partner that you adore them and this is by writing charming love poems to them.

So, if you need cute poems to send to your lover, here are the best-compiled charming love poems for him or her to blow your partner’s mind away.

Most Charming Love Poems for Him – Boyfriend

It isn’t only your boyfriend’s job to compliment you in a relationship. You need to also tell him how amazing he is. Men don’t get to receive compliments, so, it’ll be a special thing if you compliment him with the most charming love poems. Here are love poems for him.

1. When you hug me, I forget all my problems
when you smile at me, I feel assured that everything will be alright.
When you whisper in my ears of your undying love, I know deep down that you are all I have.

2. The little things you do are all stuck in my memory.
The way you hold me when I’m sad, I remember
How you smiled at me, when I was pissed off, I won’t forget!
You make me feel helpless in love.

3. You are the only one I can tell my secrets to
not because I feel that’ll be safe with you,
But because you are the only one I feel safe around.

4. I cherish you and the thought of losing you keeps me awake several nights
You are the first to make me feel this way, and you’ll be the last.
I love you with everything in me.

5. That day you walked up to me, I knew deep down that I had fallen for you. I’m sorry I had to play hard to get, I should have just kissed you when you said hi. I love you.

6. This is my heart, take it. Only you can take care of it.
This is my soul, have it! For it will always be yours.
I want every part of me to be yours.

7. This sounds random but You are the sun that lightens my day, you make me look forward to a new day with you.
You glow and show me the way when I sink in my darkness. I love you.

8. I love you. I don’t know how I started loving you, I just came to realize that I love you. I’ll never stop loving you for you are my obsession.

9. I love you, I love every part of you. I love how careless you look when you sleep, I love how you frown at me when we argue. I love you don’t forget that. You are just perfect for me.

10. I never get bored around you. Sometimes we say a lot when we are together and sometimes, we just stare at each other but I never get bored because your presence satisfies me.

11. Since the day I met you, I’ve been having countless dreams about you. I always dreamed of loving you and watching you love me too. I’m glad to see that dream of mine become a reality. I love you.

12. I always thought I knew my worth until I met you and you made me realize how priceless I am. Today, I want you to know that you are valuable and the most handsome man I know.

13. I love how you smile at me when I talk and how you gaze into my soul when I tell you my pains. You always seem to understand my every action. You are perfect for me and I love you.

Best Charming Love Poems for Her – Girlfriend

Your girlfriend is charming, you have to let her know. To enjoy a beautiful relationship with your girlfriend, you need to let her realize how unique a person she is through poems. Here are the best charming love poems for your girlfriend.

14. I love the way you believe in yourself, it makes me work on my confidence.
I love how you argue with me, it makes me understand you more.
I love the way you react when you mess up, I love everything that makes you.

15. You make me a fool around you, and I love it.
You make me lose every sense of reasoning when you smile.
Your kiss is addictive, I love you.

16. Sometimes, when I try to express my love for you in words, I become clueless
Not because I can’t find the right words, but because the right words don’t exist.

17. Every day of my life, my heart beats in panic
I fear that another man will see your beauty
You are like the sunshine, bright for everyone to see.
I love you, baby.

18. Is it possible to forget an angel?
Not everyone is lucky to meet an angel
But here I am, with the opportunity to be in love with an Angel.

19. The most valuable painting in the world is that of Jackson Pollock no 5 1948
The world is wrong about that
Your photos are the most valuable and beautiful.

20. When I close my eyes to sleep, I see you in my dreams.
When I’m deep in thoughts, it’s you I’m in thinking of.
My room is filled with your scent.
I love you, my lover.

21. You are the reason I smile all the time.
The thought of your love is the source of my happiness.
My girl, let’s love each other in the next life.

22. every day you are with me becomes a memory I don’t want to forget.
You are the strongest girl I know.
You hold me up when I break down.
I cherish you.

23. Your smile intoxicates me, my wish is that you smile all day.
Your lips when met with mine is a healing toxic.
I want you with me forever. Love you.

24. You rule in my world.
In my world, you are the queen
Who calms every storm with her smile
She sits high on her throne, to rule my world.

25. I exist to feel your existence
My heart beats because of your tender love
Without your love, my life will be dark.
My Girl, I love you.

26. You are beautiful and you make everyone around you bring out the beauty they’ve got. You are the only woman that makes me feel alive.

Charming Love Poems for Husband

Your husband won’t say it but deep down in his heart, he wants to hear you say one or two loving words to him. Surprise him by sending charming love poems. This will surely put a smile on his face. When he sees your efforts, he will be encouraged to love you more.

27. A husband like you
A husband like you who cries with me
A husband like you whose patience is comparable to a dove
A husband like you whose laughter calms all my pain
A husband like you

28. I love you so much that I can fight the world to prove it
Every organ in me aches for you when you are far away
I can’t bear to see you in pain and I’ll say this again, I love you.

29. My prayer Is that our daughters find a man like you
A man who’s understanding,
A man who’ll stand by them at their weakest
And a man with a beautiful soul like you.

30. I remember those days you were courting me, you were such a gentleman. You still are
When you proposed to me, you had that alluring smile on your face. You still have it when you smile.
I’m glad that you still have that joy in your heart you had when we got married. I love you, sweetheart.

31. I know already, you don’t have to pretend anymore
You are an angel, right?
You were sent by God to keep me happy right?
Just say it! I know that humans can’t be as charming as you

32. I love you, I’m in love with my husband
Wrapping my arms around you every morning brings me extreme joy
You alone defines love for whenever I look at your eyes, I see our future together.

33. I love it when I’m referred to as your wife
This title means a lot to me
It’s an honour for me to be able to share your pain and joy
I love being your wife.

34. You are the only one who smiles at me when the world frowns
You cry with me when everyone laughs at me
You alone will own my heart in this life and the next.

35. My greatest life decision is walking down the aisle with you.
My second best life decision is becoming the mother of your kids
My third best life decision is loving you.

36. Your arms assure me that everything will be alright.
Your arms are my pillar when I’m down
Your arms are all I need when I’m cold.
You are all I need, dear husband.

37. I know it’s been hard on you
But I promise to never stop believing in us
I see all the things you do, they are engraved in my heart.
I believe in you and us.

38. To you dear husband, I promise a lifetime
A lifetime of peace
A lifetime of happiness and joy.
I’ll love you and cherish you for all eternities

Charming Love Poems for Wife

Many people no longer see value in marriage as a commitment to a spouse isn’t easy. Finding someone to say “I do” to you isn’t a simple task. It is proper that you appreciate your wife for loving you and committing herself to you. Sending charming love poems to your wife is a way of appreciating her. Take a look at them below.

39. You made me believe in love.
Ever since we started this journey, it has been a rollercoaster of happiness
I’ve never gotten bored with you
Let’s get married again in our next life.

40. You deserve this world, my special woman
If I climb mount Everett, just to engrave your name on its wall, you deserve it!
If I hang the world’s rarest diamond on your neck, you deserve it.
You deserve all I have and all I’ll ever have.

41. Darling, all the sacrifices you’ve made for me I’ve counted
I owe you a lot and I promise to pay you back in this life and next
Keep fighting babe, you are my superhero!

42. You are my definition of joy.
You shine brighter than the sun in my life.
You give me reasons to live, I love you!

43. Today, I shout out to you
The only woman who makes me go crazy
My wife, my mother, and my all
You alone will occupy my heart.
Take the keys to my heart and let no one in!

44. Hahaha, I’m never letting you go.
Ever since we vowed to be with one another, I knew it’ll be a lifetime with you.
In the next life, I’ll give up everything to be with you.

45. My special woman, you are really special
Every day, I count myself lucky to have someone like you.
You are my confidence and soulmate.

46. I see all you do and I acknowledge them
This poem is to you, to let you know that you are special and that there will only be you in this life for me.

47. The storm is coming again.
I won’t be scared, I won’t shiver
I have to by my side to hold me.

48. What more can I ask for? You are all I’ll ever need.
The bible says “He who finds a wife finds a good thing”
You are God’s treasure to me.

49. Since I started my life’s journey, I’ve always felt empty.
Until you walked Into my life and filled my emptiness.
Ever since you became my wife, my life has never been the same.

50. You are the most confident woman I know
You make people understand your worth with just a glance
Your self-esteem marvels me.
Indeed you are a woman, my wife.

Life is short, you need to express your heart’s desire to your partner while you still can. I hope you find what you’re looking for while reading the above charming love poems for him or her. Wishing your relationship the best.

Written by Joseph Abimbola

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