Loving You Text Messages for My Husband

(2024) Loving You Text Messages for My Husband

 Marriage is one of the most respected unions. It’s an institution made up of love, trust, commitment and respect. A husband will always want to be loved and respected by his wife, and his wife must give him this, so as not to allow a third party in their union.

From time to time, there’s a need to let your husband know how you feel about him and his presence in your life. He doesn’t have to do the most powerful thing before you acknowledge him. This thoughtful gesture will mean a lot to him.

Do you want to do this but don’t know how or where to start? You can simply do this by reading through the compiled loving you text messages for my husband I have here, and send one to him.

I Love My Husband With All My Heart Quotes

Here are I love you my husband with all my heart quotes for your husband to make him know how much you cherish him and keep his heart close to yours always. They are capable of making your husband love you more.

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1. I feel very lucky and blessed to have married the most loving and caring man. I love how you love and care about me. I love you so much and will love you forever. I’m so grateful for having you.

2. Oh baby! Thank you for coming into my life and making it the best place to be. I love you to the ends of the earth.

3. You compliment my life in ways I can’t explain. You simply are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I cannot imagine a single day without you. I love you.

4. Nothing in the whole wide world can describe what we share. I don’t even know how to place it. All I can say is, love me the same way forever. I love you.

5. More than anything else, I love to be with you. I love you wake up beside you, every morning, and then get wrapped in your broad arms every night. I love you, baby.

6. You’re the joy of my life. You came into my life with so many good tidings. You can’t even stand seeing my unhappy. If this is how true love feels, then I want to enjoy it forever – with you.

7. I never knew my marriage could be such a beautiful place, considering that of my parents’. You make everything seem so easy to do. You’re the best of husbands. I’m so blessed to have you.

8. Always prayed for a love irresistible. I never knew I was going to have it so fast. You came into my life at the very perfect time. Thank you.

9. You’ve shown and proven to me what love entails. You teach me everything, and I’m always eager to learn from you. You’re my best friend, and this wouldn’t have been possible with someone else. I love you.

10. Don’t get it twisted, nothing’s ever going to come between us. No one at all! Because you’re the air I breathe, you’re my everything. You’re the one for me.

11. Everything I am and have belongs to you. Everything I represent belongs to you. No one would ever come close to what you mean to me. I simply love you effortlessly, because you make it very easy.

12. You’re everything a man should be and have. You’re so handsome and real. You’re gentle and kind. Whatever will make me stop loving you, will never happen. Trust me.

13. I bless the day I agreed to be your wife. It remains the happiest day of my life. The only man that matters to be asked for my hand in marriage. What could have been more beautiful? It’s forever or forever with you, my love.

14. I never knew what love was until I met you. Never seen a man so down to earth, until I met you. Never seen a man so full of love and life, until I met you. Who’s the best, again? Definitely you!

15. I might not really show how much I love and care about you, but I do. I really do. I love the way you sweep me off my feet, whenever I set my eyes on you. You just make me feel like going to the altar again and again. I love you so much.

16. Love, at first sight, was ours. I never knew things would work out, but you kept being optimistic. We made it, darling. We’re partners forever.

17. It’s very true that you’re a great husband and father. But what’s truer than true is that you’re the only existing perfect man. I love you forever.

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18. You keep making me fall in love over and over again. You’re too sweet and kind. What did I ever do to deserve this much love? I owe you, honey. I owe you.

19. You are the only person I’ve ever wanted to be with no matter what. Thank God for making my dream come true, through you. I love you, my darling husband.

20. God has given me a wonderful gift, He has made you mine. I always thank Him for this valuable gift in my life. The kids and I love you, our hero.

21. Honey, I really appreciate how far you go in making me and the kids happy. I appreciate how much you want to see us happy. I thank God it wasn’t a mistake marrying you. Thank you.

22. Life wouldn’t have been funny without you. You’re always with me, every step of the way. Having you is like having the whole world to me. You’re my angel.

23. Thank God all of this isn’t a dream, but reality. Sometimes, I beat myself, trying to see if I am dreaming. Thank you for being my reality. I will never betray you.

24. Trust is a very strong word, but it’s the safest to say I trust you. You’re never a problem for me. You have a solution to every problem. You go all out to see the family does not lack. I love you, honey. I love you.

25. You are all of the love, passion, and comfort of my life. Your life is so simple and easy. Thank you for making this marriage work. You’re the best husband ever.

26. Your love for me is beautiful, your commitment unquantifiable. Your only concern is my happiness, you make me feel so special. I love you so much.

27. Our love can’t be defined by anyone, because it’s simply not their mate. They’d want to know the secret, but I will always be ready to tell them, it’s you. Thank you for making us work.

28. You’re always feeling the need to go drop me off at work. Always feeling the need to tell me not to get drunk before driving. Always feeling the need to remove my makeup for me. My husband, I love how you treat me.

29. You are someone with whom my heart is bound. My love for you has no end, no boundary, no corner. Our love goes on but never ends. I love you so much.

30. You are the most handsome man in all the world. I have never seen such a caring man in my life. Your heart is truly filled with the purest form of love ever. You mean so much to me.

31. You’re always there for me, every step of the way. You always want to see me win. You’re not one of those husbands that get intimidated by the wife’s success. Honey, I am the luckiest woman on earth. I love you wholeheartedly.

32. Despite your role being tasking, you never for once complained about them. You do them as your life depends on it. You’re such a great man. I’m super proud of you.

33. Thank you for teaching me how to go for whatever I want. You taught me not to ever retreat or surrender. I’m glad I married a man who supports my ambitions. I love you.

Heart Touching Love Messages for Husband

Here are heart touching love messages for your husband to make him lost in thoughts of you.

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34. You were aware of all of my strengths and weaknesses, and yet you accepted me just the way I was. You have always inspired me to become the best version of myself. I will never stop loving you.

35. You’re my good luck charm and you make life worth living. Together, we will achieve all our dreams and aspirations, because we are stronger together.

36. I feel so lucky and fulfilled, whenever I see you by my side. I’m almost lost because I still can’t believe I settled down with the one I have always loved. Love won!

37. Never seen, met or heard about a perfect gentle husband. You’re all of these and more. God really loves me enough to have thought about making you, my husband. I love you dearly.

38. I’m glad for everything our marriage stands for. I love how people are willing to learn from us. We made this possible, and we will keep touching lives through this marriage.

39. You keep assuring me that you will always be there for me. Here you are, with me, you never left. Sometimes, I’m not sure I deserve all of these, but your love for me makes me so confident that I do.

40. I consider myself lucky, not only because you’re my husband, but because you stand by your words always. I married the only good man in the world!

41. I love how you assure me that you will always be there for me through it all. You have never ever looked back, since then. Thank you for staying true to me. I love you.

42. I cannot explain my undying love for you through mere words. I am the luckiest wife to have you by my side. Nothing is more precious to me than us. I love you wholeheartedly.

43. I love how we both invest in our marriage. It has given us numerous good experiences, and I am so glad we were thoughtful enough to know that our marriage comes first, before anything at all. I love you.

44. Forever is so little to acknowledge and thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I was nothing, yet you picked me up and turned me into a wealthy woman. I love you is an understatement. I will die for you!

45. With you, my next life is sorted. Because even then, I’d love to be with no one else, but you. You’re the only one who will continue to make sure I never lack. Love you.

46. Show me your husband, and I will show you a man who has no assignment than to make me happy, for the rest of our lives.

47. You gave me everything I wanted. You taught me everything I needed to know. You helped me with everything when I was down. What more can I ask for? Now, I promise never to let you down.

48. You’re the only man I will keep on loving. You love me so much, and I feel lost at times. All you say is, “babe, you deserve even more than these”. Honey, I won’t stop loving you.

49. It’s such a great pleasure to be referred to as your wife. What a beautiful title. Above that title is the love you have for me. What would I do without you? I love you too much.

Sweet Love Quotes for Husband

These sweet love quotes for husband will ignite your marriage and keep the fire burning.

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50. I married a man who never complains about his wife’s ambitious self. I married a man who pushes his wife to greatness. I married a man who would stop at nothing to make sure his wife is comfortable. I married the last good man on earth!

51. I’m not only amazed at how much you care for the kids and me, you see nothing wrong in lifting people who have nothing. You believe that you’re in the best position to help the needy because you’re more privileged. May God continue to bless you, my darling husband.

52. If there’s only one thing I would never stop doing, it is loving you! I will keep on loving you, even in death. You mean so much to me.

53. You are like a gasp of fresh air, whenever I’m going through difficult times. You just show up, and then and there with a solution. Your love revives me and keeps me strong. I love you.

54. In a world full of fake and unfaithful men, I found the love of my life. So faithful and real. Thanks for coming in my life, I love you so much.

55. Loving you is so sweet and easy, but knowing that no matter what happens, you won’t stop loving me, is the sweetest. I love you with all of me.

56. You made me who I am today, and you’ve never forgotten once boasted or told people about it. I’m yet to see a man more humble and kind like you. I’m so grateful for everything, my husband.

57. I’m so glad I didn’t have to marry a man who my children will not be free with. I love and appreciate the miles you go, to make us happy in this family. You’re our hero.

58. I thought I knew how to love, not until I met you. You literally taught me how to love from A-Z. I thank you for being so selfless and loving towards me.

59. Having you in my life makes it so awe-inspiring. As a woman, you compliment me a lot and make me know that I am different and unique in my own way. Thank you for loving me so much.

60. Some of the most precious moments of my life have been the ones in which I’ve had you beside me, and talking on how to keep prospering. I love you, my better half.

61. You’re the head of this family, yet you make me feel like the head. Whatever decisions I make are okay by you. You want me to have all the power, while you spend the money. Ain’t you such a gentleman?

62. Because you’re my husband, my life feels like a fairytale. I still don’t want to believe I am not dreaming. What have I done to ever make you settle with me? Please, tell me, so I keep doing it.

63. Honey, you’re so mature and responsible. You take all my blame, even when I am at fault. How can one love another this much? I’m speechless.

64. Your love is captivating, heart-warming, amazing, and my heart wants only you. You are the most amazing thing that has ever happened in my life. I love you.

65. You protect and defend me at any given opportunity. You just want to keep proving to me that there’s true love. I’m glad I found love in you.

66. You are the sweetest thing ever happened to me. If only you know how I really feel about you. It’s so deep, I don’t know how to express it. I thank God you’re my husband.

67. I think you should start paying me specially, for having your back and treating you right. You know I am joking, right? That’s the least I can do, as your wife. I love you.

68. Falling in love with you was the most heavenly thing in my life. It changed my entirety. It made me see love from different beautiful angles. Thank you.

69. I appreciate you for tolerating my excesses. I know I disturb you a lot, but I hope you know it’s because I love you.

70. Years will pass, but I will never forget the first moment that you held me in your arms. At that moment and every second since then, you have been the reason I breathe, live, and exist. You are my love and the source of my happiness. I love you.

71. All that matters to me is your happiness. I just want the father of my kids to remain happy, always! You make me feel like the queen of the world.

72. Growing up, no-one ever told me love was easy. Some even said there’s nothing like love. Some said you can be lucky. But I thank God for making our paths cross. Love truly does exist.

73. Lord knows I’d never have made it this far if I hadn’t met you. My husband, you changed my life for good and turned my world around for the best. It can only be you!

74. For every time I wronged you, I am sorry. I never meant to hurt the love of my life. I can only breathe when I still have you as my husband. I love you.

75. Even after years of blissful marriage with you, you’re still the same as the man I fell in love with. You never change. This makes it so easy to love you.

Loving You Sms for My Husband

Let your husband know how you feel and get him closer to your heart with these loving you SMS for husband.

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76. With you this journey called marriage is so beautiful. Never thought I would meet my best friend, not to talk of getting married to him. I love you.

77. Knowing that you are always there for and with me gives me the satisfaction that I need. What more can I ask for? I love you, my husband.

78. The best decision I have ever made is falling in love with you. This beautiful decision changed my whole life. Nothing is ever going to stop me from loving you forever.

79. Right from school days, you’ve never stopped having my back. From defending me to making me feel secure. You make me feel so special and loved. I love you, my husband.

80. You show me a love so real and true. You make every second with you worth it. You’re so nice and protective of me. With you by my side, everything will always make sense.

81. Agreeing to do forever with you, was the best decision I ever made. I have never regretted since because there’s no reason at all. You will forever be part of my life. I love you.

82. My life has just been all-round beautiful all because of you. I thank God for having you as my husband and making this marriage stand strong. I love you so much.

83. All I have ever wanted was to meet a man who loves me, get married to him, have kids together, and build an empire. It was just a dream, but with you, it’s becoming a reality. I really appreciate your presence in my life.

84. You are the only one who has gone extra miles; to do things that I never imagined would be done for me. Thank you for your love and care. I love you.

85. Before now, I always saw you in my dreams. I always imagined settling down and having a beautiful family with a man like you. Then boom, you appeared. It’s safe to say, you’re my dream come true.

86. Ever since we met, you haven’t stopped treating me like a queen. You have given me the love any woman would dream to have. I love you so much, my husband.

87. You’re the source of my happiness. My joy comes from you. My strength comes from you. My sunshine comes from you; you are my all in all, the only reason for my existence. I love you.

88. My heart beats for you. My life is moving, because it’s attached to yours. Everything I do, I do it for you. I cannot imagine life without you. I love you, darling.

89. I can’t imagine being alone in this world, without you by my side. The journey would have been rough and tough, if not for your presence. I love you with the whole of me.

90. Our love is the purest, strongest and the most genuine love that ever existed. It wasn’t so hard for us, we were both brought up by loving parents. I pray our love continues to stand the test of time, and blossom!

91. Even though I am not the best of women, I still respect that I am with the best of men. You make me feel happy and complete. I love you.

92. I may not show it often, but I want to let you know I truly love you from the bottom of my heart. I really do, and nothing is going to change that.

93. I thank God every day for giving me such a wonderful husband. You are a treasure to my existence. I would have amounted to nothing, without you. I will love to keep loving you.

94. You are a perfect gift from God to me, and the world at large. I still can’t believe you are mine. God must have really loved me so much. I will always treasure you. I love you.

95. Never for once have I believed there’s love anywhere. Falling in love with you was my turnaround, and it made me believe true love exists, as I found mine in you.

96. Passionate is the love I have for you, my husband. You have loved me, even before I agreed to talk to you for the first time. You’ve not stopped, and I’m so certain you will never stop. I love you wholeheartedly.

97. There is no perfect word that can quantify my love for you, what I feel for you, what we share. All I know is that I love you so much, and I won’t stop.

98. In the challenges of life, you give me the strength to fight and overcome. A better tomorrow is all you keep singing to my ears. Thank you for showing me love and support. I love you.

99. You make our marriage outstanding, beautifully organized, practical and perfect. You give it everything it needs to thrive and stand out, including your all. I love you.

100. You have given me everything that I have ever dreamed of, including being the mother of your children. You are my one and only, and it’s just you that I will love forever and always.

Thank you for checking out the loving you text messages for my husband I have here. I hope you got what you wanted. In case you did, please share on all your social media pages. Thank you.

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