77th Birthday Prayers

Happy 77th Birthday Prayers for 77 Year Birthday Celebration (2024)

Life’s most memorable and pleasurable moments are often found in the simplest of things. You can actually make a 77-year-old feel like a sweet 16 or gorgeous 20, by blessing them with unexpected gifts that connect to their childhood memories or fantasy. You can take a beautiful step further by praying for them on their special day.

A 77year old man or woman have either seen or done it all. Nothing much excites them. Heartfelt prayers on their birthday will surely lift their souls. A lifted soul is one with renewed vigour, is younger and full of zest. One that is invigorated to take on the world like an exuberant youth on a rampage.

If your plan is to make the celebrant happy and connect to their maker, prayer is a must because birthday celebrations come once a year. It’s a day of appreciating God for the gift of life, health, and uncountable blessings. It’s a day of joy when gifts are given, parties are thrown to celebrate, a 77th birthday celebration is special. It signifies double perfection, a year of recovery in thousandfold. It signifies ageing graciously with abundant grace.

It’s your 77-year-old father, mother, sibling, in law, and boss’ birthday celebration. Gifts are awesome, but prayers for sound health and God’s blessings are more appealing. Heartfelt prayers work magic in their hearts. A combination of the two is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Need help in getting appropriate prayer as a special gift for your 77-year-old celebrant? Want to be a blessing to that special someone? Check out these beautiful 2024 happy 77th birthday prayers to 77th birthday celebrant:

Birthday Prayer Messages for 77 Years Old Sister

It’s your darling sister’s special birthday. It’s time to shower her with cute birthday prayer messages on her 77th birthday, for being such an amazing sister.

1. Happy 77th birthday, darling sister. This new year, may the Lord give you peace like a river, uphold you and bring joy and happiness into your heart. Have fun, now and always.

2. Happy 77th birthday, sister dearest. It shall be a year of double perfection. May the Lord grant you good health and a sound mind. May you be as fit as a fiddle and happy as a lark. Have an amazing new year.

3. Happy 77th birthday to a woman of style and substance. As you are a year younger, healthier and wiser today, may the Lord hear all your prayers and grant the desires of your heart. May you rejoice daily over your children and grandchildren. Have a smashing birthday, dearest sister.

77th Birthday Prayers for 77 Year Birthday

4. Happy 77th birthday to a woman of poise, elegance and class. A sister like no other. May God keep you as the apple of His eyes and keep you safe from every evil. May you continue to be relevant as you age graciously.

5. Happy 77th birthday to a paragon of beauty, intelligence, composure and simplicity. You’re a sister that’s more like a mother. May God reward you for all the years of generous sacrifices. May your latter glory far exceed your former. You’re mightily blessed today and always.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 77 Years Old Brother

What better way to make your brother’s 77th birthday extra special, than heaping him with heartfelt birthday prayer messages for 77 years old brother on his special day?

6. Happy 77th birthday to a man of principle and dignity. You’re a father figure with character and strength. May the Lord illuminate your life with so many blessings and joy; just as you light up mine and others. Have an amazing new year. Love you loads

7. Happy 77th birthday to the best brother in the world. You’re a jolly, caring and loving brother. May the rest of your years be filled with joy and laughter. Old age has nothing on you, smash your day in style.

8. Happy 77th birthday to a man of inspiration. Your well of insight shall never dry. Your ocean of wisdom shall flow ceaselessly. Your relevance shall be prominent. Dear brother, may the Lord bless you lavishly today and forever.

9. Happy 77th birthday to my dearest brother. May the Lord satisfy you with long life and show you his salvation. God shall doubly perfect all that concerns you now and forever. Have a wonderful birthday filled with laughter.

77th Birthday Prayers for 77 Year Birthday

10. Happy birthday, darling brother. This new year, your cup of joy shall fill up and overflow. Your strength shall not fail and your body will not wear out. May the Lord renew your youth like the eagle. Have a blast!

77th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Cousin

Put a lasting smile on your darling cousin’s face by celebrating him/her with touching 77th birthday prayer messages for cousin.

11. Happy 77th birthday to my favourite cousin. May you receive fresh unction to march into this new season of double perfection with vigour and joy. Your life shall be full of testimonies this special day and forever.

12. Happy 77th birthday, cousin dearest. Your special day is an occasion to appreciate God for the amazing gift of a life full of love and kindness. May you cruise on God’s grace for the rest of your life as your good deeds return to you a million fold. Cheers!

13. Happy 77th birthday to my darling cousin. On this special day of yours, I wish you unending blessings, unlimited favour and all that your heart desire in perfect health.

14. Happy 77th birthday, dearest cousin. The Lord will renew your strength. You shall not retire to expire, the Lord will empower you to do greater exploits in Jesus name! May all you perspired to achieve give you joy and inspire others to be more. Have a beautiful new year!

Birthday Prayer Messages for 77 Years Old Friend

Your amazing friend needs exactly this birthday prayer messages for 77 years old friend, to make his/her special day awesome.

15. Happy 77th birthday, old friend. The passing years proved you to be a worthy friend. May you continue to fulfil purpose and live a blessed life. May you not grow weary in doing good. May you continue to be relevant today and always. Have a blast!

16. Happy 77th birthday to my dear friend. How the years have swiftly gone by, leaving us with memories of wonderful times spent together!
May you not know a better yesterday as you age graciously. May your latter glory supersede your former achievements. Have an awesome celebration!

17. On this glorious day of celebration, may the Lord fill your heart with unfathomable joy, and make your body healthy and strong. May life be kind to you now and always. Happy 77th birthday, my jolly good friend. Cheers!

18. A friend like you is as priceless as gold. Words will fail me to tell you how much you mean to me. As you are a year younger, healthier and stronger today, may the Lord always give you cause to smile as radiantly as you ever do. Have an amazing new year. Happy 77th birthday, dear friend.

77th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Aunt/Uncle

Need some deep birthday prayer messages for your aunt/uncle on his/her 77th birthday? This is just perfect for you.

19. To my dearest aunty, on your 77th birthday, may you continue to glow like the golden fleece and sparkle like a shining star. May you retire only to refire in that regal refined way of yours. God bless you today and always.

77th Birthday Prayers for 77 Year Birthday

20. Happy 77th birthday to my favourite aunty. This new year, may you walk with a spring in your step. May your days be filled with joy in your heart, and your eyes twinkle in pure delight and your mouth filled with laughter. Have the merriest birthday ever, in perfect health!

21. To my dearest and agile uncle at 77, a hearty birthday to you. May the Lord bless your beautiful heart and cause you to live out your years in sound health and general wellbeing. May all you’ve laboured for over the years give you immeasurable joy. Cheers to more beautiful years ahead.

22. Happy birthday, dear uncle. You have been a solid source of inspiration and encouragement to me and countless others. May your new age bring you joy, fulfilment and peace. May your great legacy outlive you. Cheers to an amazing 77th celebration!

77th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Sister-In-Law/Brother-In-Law

Your brother or sister in law deserves soul-lifting prayer messages on his/her 77th birthday. This collection is just what you need to make their day.

23. A most wonderful 77th birthday wishes to my adorable sister in love. You are more of a sister than an in-law, may the universe be kind to you. May the Lord reward your labour of love in our family. May your star continue to shine, without taking a break. Have an awesome celebration!

24. My sister in law, my best friend, doubling as a mother figure; I will forever cherish you for the impact you made in my life. May your good works speak for you every day of your life. May your children’s children reap from the abundance of your rich heritage. A happy birthday 77th birthday to you.

77th Birthday Prayers for 77 Year Birthday

25. Happy 77th birthday to my dearest brother in law. May the Lord renew your strength like the eagles. May you be as fit as fiddle, fresh as a daisy and glow as you grow. Cheers to more fulfilling years.

26. To my dear brother in law at 77, a wonderful birthday celebration to you. You are kind, loving and caring. Your grey hairs are filled with unmatchable wisdom. As you grow younger in fitness, may the Lord fill each passing day with joy, peace and goodness. Congratulations, sir!

77th Birthday Prayer Messages for Dad/Mom

It’s your mom’s or dad’s 77th birthday! Yippee!! Thrill his/her heart with touching birthday prayer messages for dad/mom.

27. You are all shades of special to me, sweet mum. You’re worth more than gold and all the treasures in this world. May the Lord bless you and be with you. May He give you good health, strength and vitality. May you spend the rest of your days in joy and peace. Happy 77th birthday, mum. I love you dearly.

28. Happy 77th birthday to a special woman of honour. Dearest mummy, may the Lord increase you on every side for all your sacrifices and selflessness. You shall go from strength to strength. None of the diseases of old age shall touch you. You shall age with grace, fresher, healthier, fitter and better. Your joy shall be continually filled with inexplicable joy. Cheers to a lovely new age.

29. Happy 77th birthday to the world’s best Daddy! There’s no adequate word to describe all you mean to me and my siblings. I love you beyond measure. May the Lord crown your years with peace, joy and overflowing blessings.

30. Happy birthday to a man of impeccable character, integrity and inestimable value. Daddy, you are loving, caring and inspiring. I’m proud to have you as my father. As your age is, so shall your strength be. May you live out your years in great spirit, good health and abundance of all your heart desire. 77 hearty cheers to you, Daddy!

77th Birthday Prayer Messages for Grand Dad/Mom

Your grandma or grandpa needs to know he/she is all shades of special. What better way than sending one of these 77th birthday prayer messages for granddad/mom?

31. Happy 77th birthday to my dearest grandpa. As you count your blessings on this occasion, may your joy be without limit. May the Lord give you encompassing peace and grant the desires of your heart.

32. To a worthy patriarch at 77, happy birthday, grandpa. You are fun-loving and the heart of every party. As you add a new year, may each day be filled with excitement. May you be free of anything that will slow you down. May you enjoy God’s abundance in the land of the living.

77th Birthday Prayers for 77 Year Birthday

33. Happy birthday, darling grandpa. On this special occasion of your 77th year of great exploit on earth, may the Lord satisfy all your desires with good things. May all his words that are tarrying up till now receive speed of execution. May all your good works outlive you.

34. Happy 77th birthday to my beautiful ever radiant grandma. You are a woman of substance. I admire how you impact lives. May the Lord reward and honour you. May the Lord bless you beyond measure and grant you good health and a sound mind.

35. Happy 77th birthday, grandma. You have such a lovely heart with a gentle and quiet mien. May your days be filled with peace. May you find fulfilment as you continue to fulfil purpose.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 77 Years Old Father-In-Law/Mother-In-Law

It’s time to celebrate your lovely father/mother in law on his/her 77th birthday with touching birthday prayer messages.

36. Sweetest mother in love! Indeed, you are a mother to everyone! May the Lord bless you with more wisdom, increase the outlet to be of more impact. When you call for one, thousands shall respond to your needs. Your grey hairs shall fill you with joy, not sorrow, all the days of your life. Happy 77th birthday, ma.

37. A wonderful birthday wishes to a rare gem at 77. I found an ideal soulmate in my husband because you’re an exceptional destiny moulder. I wish you a new year filled with resounding testimonies, overflowing blessings, unlimited favour and extravagant grace. May the excellent spirit of God be extravagantly poured upon you and distinguish you for more outstanding achievements. Have a beautiful day, mama!

38. To a special mother that gives the ‘in-law’ brand a charming package, happy 77th birthday to you. You are the real deal, mama! May the Lord bless you lavishly for giving me the most precious gift in my life. When you need the Lord, may His abiding presence encompasses you. God shall fill your heart with unlimited joy.

39. As the Lord graciously add another year to your age, may He give you the grace to enjoy good health, peace and happiness. Happy 77th birthday, my dearest father. You are more than an in-law to me. Love you, sir!

40. Happy 77th birthday, dearest father in law. Yours is the star that guides ours and steers us into the best path in life. May the Lord bless you non-stop. Today shall mark a new season of increased good tidings for you. You shall know no pain or sorrow in Jesus name. Congratulations, sir! We all adore you.

77th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Boss

A great boss is an uncommon breed. Put a smile on your boss’ face with one of these touching 77th birthday prayers for my boss.

41. Happy 77th birthday, dear boss. You are more of a father figure than a boss. Thank you for impacting my life so invaluably. May the good Lord reward you abundantly. May you increase on every side. You shall never know a better yesterday in Jesus name. All your secret prayers shall be answered. Have a blessed new year, sir.

42. Happy 77th birthday to a diligent boss and senior partner who has been a great contributor to my professional career. You have been a wonderful boss. A man with a large heart big enough to accommodate my excesses. You are one in a million. I celebrate you today and always. The Lord shall bless you richly as you increase on every side. Cheers!

43. Happy birthday to the boss of bosses on your 77th birthday. I pray for you ma, the line will continue to fall in upon you in pleasant places. God’s rain of greatness will ceaselessly fall on you and yours. May your heart desires be granted in Jesus name. God will uphold you and your family, mercy and Grace will speak for you in high places.

44. You are a source of joy and happiness to me, dearest boss. I appreciate your fatherly advice, professional grooming and motivational courage to steer me to the top of my career. As you celebrate your 77th birthday today, heaven will celebrate with you. I wish you long life, sound health and a greater tomorrow. More achievements, more of God and all your heart desires.

45.Happy 77th birthday to a great mentor. You’re indeed a great leader worthy of emulation. May all you’ve worked for continually bring great joy to you. Here’s wishing you heaven’s best and greater heights in long life, good health and abundant prosperity.

Opening Prayers for 77th Birthday Party

Everything good in life needs prayer. For a well-coordinated and successful 77th birthday party, a deep opening prayer is in order.

46. Dear God, you are the giver of life and everything good comes from you. We thank you for your love, blessings, and protection over today’s celebrant and family. Thank you for the grace to celebrate 77 years on earth in amazing health and wellbeing. We return all the glory unto you. We trust you for more years of bliss in the life of our dear celebrant. We commit every aspect of the party into your hands, take total control for a hitch-free, seamless celebration of life. Bless everyone present today. Bless the food, drinks, and other fun activities as planned today. Thank you for an anticipated awesome response, in Jesus name.

47. In Jesus name, Lord we commit this party into your hands. We ask for your Presence, be with us from the beginning to the end. We pray for our dear celebrant of today, may this 77th birthday celebration ushers in a season of countless celebrations. Let your blessings be upon all well-wishers that are here to celebrate today. We start this joyous gathering in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

48. Dear Lord, accept our heartfelt praises for the 77th birthday celebration of our beloved. May our dearest celebrant live many more years in sound mind and perfect health, in Jesus name. Bless every family, friends, guests and organisers present here today. Take absolute charge of the party to the glory of your name.

49. Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of life and witnessing this 77th birthday celebration. Be with our darling celebrant of today. Cause your face to shine upon our beloved. Let your blessings flow without ceasing, and your covenant of life, protection and good health, to operate without fail today and always. Let your supernatural presence pervade all aspects of this birthday party, to the glory of your name, in Jesus name.

50. Dear Father, thank you for this beautiful gathering that promises to be exciting and fun-filled. Thank you for making our beloved celebrant witness this occasion of 77th birthday celebration, in good health and high spirit. May today be the beginning of more awesome wonders in his/her life. May your testimony abound in the lives of every guest here that graces this occasion. Thank you for a successful birthday celebration in Jesus name.

I’m absolutely delighted you are thoughtful and caring in uniquely blessing a 77year old celebrant with prayers on his/her birthday. Shouts of joy and victory will resound in your own tent as you celebrate with others.

Being a part of your loved one’s joy makes the occasion all kinds of special. Your heartfelt prayer is the icing on the cake, as prayers work wonders. I’m certain the celebrant will appreciate your kind gesture.

Thanks for permitting me to be of service to you with this write-up. Hope you are satisfied. Do you have any comment, suggestion or question? Please, feel free to let me know.

Kindly share this with your friends, family or colleagues.

Written by Ajala Abiodun

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