Best of Most Touching Love Messages from the Heart

(2024) Cute Paragraphs to Make Him Smile

The smile of the person you are smitten with should mean something to you. In fact, by theory, it should mean the world to you.

Therefore, it is completely rational to scroll around looking for some cute paragraphs to make him smile and the good news is, you would find the perfect ones right here.

You are definitely not allowed to be ignorant in the year 2024. As long as you have the will to make them smile, you have the way and shouldn’t ignore it. Here are the best cute paragraphs to make him smile.

Long Paragraphs to Make Your Boyfriend Smile

Make your boyfriend happy by reaching him with these long paragraphs to make your boyfriend smile.

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1 . Hello dearest, I just want to let you know that I am not planning to stop loving you anytime soon and I hope that you can get used to seeing my quirky faces.

2. You still remain my favourite person in the world and I would like to remind you daily of the power our love holds in the grand scheme of things.

3. Of all the things to see, it is your face I crave more than anything else in the world right now and I hope that you know this. I love you very much.

4. You are such a good sport and you have a sense of humour for the world. I guess this is me being grateful that you are mine and doing it in a weird way as usual

5. I hope that you always know that I love and cherish you and that I will always do.

6. I constantly think about everything we have done together these past years and I am convinced that we are meant to be every single time.

7. I don’t want you worrying about the prospect of things to come because everything seems to have the tendency to be great as long as we have each other

8. This is our time and this is our chance to show each other what love truly entails and do it with fervour and genuineness.

9. We have done a very great job of painting love in good light and I couldn’t be more proud of us.

10. all the times we spend together and away from each other are not even enough to tell you just how much you mean to me.

11. I have come to understand the concept of what is mine is yours since we both agreed to start being each other’s support system.

12. I could never ask for someone better because I already have the best; you.

13. I can promise you one thing as long as you’ll have me; all of my energy will be focused only on you.

14. Because I cannot take the beauty of your smile from my head, I constantly imagine you seeing my messages and breaking out in a smile.

15 . We are both the best version of ourselves individually and it is even greater to see that we make magic together.

16. I would not want anyone who is not you in my corner. ever!

17. I hope it never has to come between choosing between two things, if you are ever in the option, I am making you my only choice.

18. You became the one for me right about the time I saw you; I love you, so much.

19. Everyone is a type of angel but you, my dearest, are my angel. my one and only.

20. You make me dance and want to bury myself in the ambience of the euphoria that comes with the feelings you stir up.

21. You have more unadulterated intentions towards everyone around you and this is one of the things that make you so unique.

22 . I might just have the best human in my corner. That is the only explanation that will suffice for the constant support get from you.

23. Trust me when I say you rock my world and please, better continue to apply the pressure.

24. Everything about you and the things you stand for just resonate with me. I love you so much.

25. Today has been good but I think it has the potential to be better if only you can just smile for me.

Nice Paragraphs to Send to Your Boyfriend

Here are some nice paragraphs to send to your boyfriend when you want to make him as happy as he deserves and as much as you like.

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26. Everything you have been doing lately have inspired me to be the best version of myself and life is better. I love you, so much.

27. I just thought I would let you that I am so privileged and of course, lucky to have you as my boyfriend.

28. Life became better and my vision clear all of a sudden. Thanks to you, my love

29. I know that you are expecting the always hear that I love you. but, I’m going to tell you now that sometimes you are going to annoy me but it’s still going to be me and you because I love and will always love your sweet troubles.

30. You are the man of my dreams and it is so beautiful to have you in my corner.

31. I would never have thought that we could pull a year, let alone years. Yet, here we are after three years still being each other’s favourite person.

32. I am done pretending like I don’t miss you so much. I can’t wait to see you. be prepared, I might just eat you!

33. Sometimes, I think about all the things we could do together even while we’re apart and all of them have been naughty. I know you don’t like naughty but just know that you are missed.

34. I am going to keep telling you how much I cherish your smile until you tire of it. I promise you.

35. You’re the cutest thing in my entire life and I do not know how I would have gone through life without this feeling you inspire in me.

36. There are so many things I want to say to you right now. I will not lie and pretend like I love you isn’t the most accurate.

37. You are so dear to me, love and I would not trade our relationship for silver or Gold.

38. It has been such a long while since I allowed myself to care for anyone like this and it feels really amazing

39. I hope you can feel it too. I would die if in left to feel all these on my own

40. Yes! you make my heart race. Yes! you make me hold my chest when you smile and No! I won’t stop loving your smile.

41. A lot will happen in the next few days but I am going to always take solace in the fact that we are going to always support each other.

42. I really can’t wait to hold your hands again and feel your warmth next to me.

43. You are the one I will love to spend the rest of my life with. I might not have said this before because I just realized this moment.

44. I am so in love with you and your smile takes me high.

45. I believe so much in our story and I stay committed to what we are building together.

46. I guess I have come to just realise that we are indeed in this together and as long as you will have me, I am yours.

47. It is perfectly fine in my heart and all is well in life as long as you are present with full blown love.

48. You are such wonder and magic should be your name

49. What you make me feel is strange. Yet, it is the most beautiful thing I have ever felt in life.

50. You are the one for me and the one that is destined to make my love story epic and the most beautiful.

Cute Paragraphs for Him to Make Him Feel Better

If you agree that your man deserves happiness, then, you’ll use these cute paragraphs for him to make him feel better and to see him smiling sheepishly.

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51. I understand that you feel somewhat angry right now and I am not going to invalidate your feelings. Just here to tell you I support you.

52. I derive utmost joy from seeing you happy. So, you can already imagine how seeing you unhappy makes me feel. Please, cheer up love.

53. If I had the opportunity to pick a boyfriend over again, it would still be you and I would not even think twice about it.

54. You are going to feel so much better with time. Just trust the process. I love you, darling.

55. I hope that you shed the dead weight and never allow yourself to be consumed by negative feelings. I love you, so much.

56. You are my number one person in the whole world and I do not think I say this as much as I should.

57. Everyday is for us to be happy and all night is for us to keep each other warm. I love you, dearest.

58. You are so dear to me that I would literally combust with happiness the day we decide we want to walk down the aisle.

59. You are the best thing in my life right now and I walk around daily hoping to not destroy it.

60. We have come so far together being the best versions of ourselves and leaning on each other’s shoulders as and when due. I love you, a lot!

61. I could not be more proud of us. I am even more proud of who you have become and the man you are becoming

62. We have been so good together and to each other and that is literally the best thing healthy snack to take in. Thanks, boyfriend

63. The reason it looks to be very easy to love you is that you are such a likeable person and I am so in awe of you.

64. Every single time we have had time together these past few days, you have made me the happiest.

Cheesy Paragraphs for Him

There are so many ways to make him blush and using these cheesy paragraphs for him may just take the cake when it comes down to options. 

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65. When you’re not with me, I smile anyway because I am assured of your love and looming presence.

67. Love is really a beautiful thing. I have been able to learn this sweet from being yours.

68. You are such a good spirit and you make me so happy. I love you

69. I wish that your good streaks will rob off on me. I love you, babe.

69. I would really like it if we started holding hands in public and giving little care in the world.

70. I am so grateful for the gift of you because you keep giving and it’s the most beautiful thing

71. Our relationship is rewarding to both of us – I think this dynamic is what makes it really beautiful.

72. For every time you smile, my heartbeat races. Your smile has gradually become my happy trigger. Smile for me.

73. It saddens me and causes me a dampened spirit whenever you lose your smile. I hope you never stop smiling dearest boyfriend.

74. You have been so good lately and I hope you keep being great. I love you, dear

75. I hope you would just stop worrying about everything that could go wrong. I love you.

Paragraphs to Cheer Him Up When He is Sad

It is about time you used paragraphs to cheer him up when he is sad if you do not want him in a mood that will dampen your spirit

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76. This situation right now is not going to define you or us, and I hope that you cheer up as soon as possible. Love you

77. There are some people that I like, and some I love. Then there is you, someone I completely cherish and pray for. I love you.

78. You are not your past and I do not want you to let it define you. I love you so much.

79. You are such a beautiful soul and I would not want you to lose that on the account of recent incidents. I love you

80. I have always loved and cherished you and will always do.

81. Why would you ever believe that anything would change my love for you? Do better and better believe that we’re lovers for life

82. I am so happy that you came to me at your lowest. I would have done the same because you are my safe place. I love you.

83. Going through this time together has brought us even closer than ever before and that is beautiful

84. You are the cutest person I know with a smile worth worshipping and a heart of gold. I love you.

85. You are literally the most amazing person in the world and I’m not even exaggerating

86. You have been so many things to me lately and by far the most favourite version of you I love is the one that smiles.

87. I love seeing you smile a lot. But, I cannot just command you to smile. I can only hope that my message at least puts a smile on your face.

88. I would have been so lost in the world without you. I love you, my dearest.

89. Thanks for making my life so beautiful and worthy of emulation. I love you.

90. You have been my support times without number. I hope that you can also let me be there for you.

91. I love you all the time; mood swings or not and I am hopeful that you let us go through all the periods together.

92. We have done a lot of things together. But, I must be honest and say that having to laugh together with you ranks the highest on my favourite things to do with you.

93. I hope you do not ever allow the things of this world to shake your smile. I love you.

94. Your gorgeous smile by far the most favourite thing I love to see on you.

95. The world is not going to end without me letting you know that I fell for your smile before anything else and pray every day that you forever continue to smile.

96. The truth is, as much as we may wish, life is not always going to be filled with happy moments. But, if we have each other’s back in all situations and vow to always make each other better, we might just be ready for this thing called life.

97. I feel like I can conquer the world with you by my side. I adore you.

98. I am not even going to pretend like you do not make me want to do the most unexpected things just to show you how much you mean to me.

99. I am hopeful that by the time you receive this text, whatever has had your face crestfallen for days would have disappeared.

100. Keep flaunting your beautiful face that has been blessed by the most gorgeous smile and worry less about tomorrow.

If you know what continuous happiness does for a person, then I do not see a reason why you should not try to use these cute paragraphs to make him smile as often as possible for your boyfriend that you love so much.

Written by Adebayo Esther

Best of Most Touching Love Messages from the Heart

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