Heart Touching Sorry Messages for Husband (2024)

A few years back, I learnt that to keep valuable relationships, I would need to apologize for my mistakes and sometimes, for the sake of peace, admit to being in the wrong. A good writer once said, “Apologizing does not always mean you’re wrong and the other person is right, it just means you value your relationship more than your ego”. I bet you agree with that.

Offences are common in relationships, in fact, I would say they are unavoidable. Hence, the need for us to always own up to our mistakes and apologize for them. You may have done something wrong to hurt the feelings of your husband, the truth is, you will need to apologize to him. You saying sorry is not a sign of weakness but strength because it takes strength and courage to make an apology.

It is also important to think about what you did wrong and talk about it to avoid such future occurrences. Also, you can get a beautiful sorry gift for him but don’t downplay the power of a simple sorry message too.

You may probably find it difficult to make up words for an apology even with a sincere heart, so, below are some heart touching sorry messages for husband to make your husband know how sorry you are and how much you love him.

Long Heart Touching Apology Messages for Husband

Express the sorry thoughts of your heart to your husband by sending him any of these long apology messages that are heart touching.

1. I know I have been childish about a lot of things and this has led to our constant fights over and over again. I am so sorry I hurt you so bad, even when you don’t deserve such. I’ll strive to make myself better. I love you endlessly.

2. If you are angry with me, you deserve to. If you are angry about the words I spoke, you also deserve to be angry. I take responsibility for my actions. I acknowledge that I got you upset and reacted terribly. Please, forgive me, I’m so sorry.

3. I admit that I am imperfect and full of flaws and you’re the best man in the world that makes me feel like a perfect woman. I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did. I am so sorry hubby. Pls overlook my imperfections and forgive me as always.

4. I know I have a bad temper and I have been working on myself lately. I’m deeply sorry for lashing out at you. That was really terrible of me. I hope you do forgive me one more time.

5. I’ve had the best moments of my life with you and nothing is worth more than being with you. I’m sorry I hurt you, I really feel bad about myself. Please, forgive me. I need us to be as sweet and romantic as we have always been before this misunderstanding.

6. I am deeply sorry for taking you for granted. It’s not intentional and I don’t mean to do that in any way. You know you’re worth more than a thousand goldmines to me. I love you deeply. Please forgive me for my actions.

7. I think of the best times we have shared the laughs, smiles and happy moments together but then, I say to myself every time “I mess up” You truly deserve someone better. Please, I am deeply sorry. Forgive me.

8. You are not just the man of my dreams, you are the man of my life, I couldn’t ask for anybody else but you to fill that special space in my heart. I know I have made a terrible mistake, do forgive me, please.

9. I had always imagined I will be the one to make you happy every time and seeing you sad now makes me doubt my beautiful imaginations. I still wouldn’t stop, rather I’ll keep working out beautiful moments for you to eternally cherish me. I’m sorry for hurting you and I love you.

10. A time will come when we’ll sit side by side; old grannies holding hands together and I will remind you of the beautiful moments we’ve had and how childish I’ve been at making you angry. We’ll laugh hard then and I’ll whisper to you “I love you so much”. I’m sorry for hurting you.

11. Do you think my fragile heart can bear not speaking to you? No, not even for a moment. I won’t trade you for anything in the world. Although I allowed my emotions to get the better part of me, that wouldn’t happen again. Sorry for being a jerk.

12. What was I even thinking to have said those words that made you angry? Obviously, I was not thinking straight. I should have been more calm and understanding. You’re the best man I know and none can be better than you. I’m sorry for hurting you and I love you.

13. In you, I’ve found true love, a friend and a partner. In you, I’ve found a soul mate and a teammate, one who cares and understands me so well. I can’t imagine life without you. Sorry for hurting you. I can’t wait to hear from you. I love you so much.

14. I know I have let a lot of things get in the way of our relationship; pride, ego, anger and selfish-interests. I know a lot of damage has been done, yet, I believe strongly that we can rebuild a perfect life together. Forgive me my wrongs. I love you so much.

15. This is not the usual sorry message. With every sincerity and love in my heart, I apologize for being insensitive about my actions. I care about you and our relationship. I know I made a mistake but I’m ready to improve and make everything work out. I am deeply sorry. Forgive me and I miss you.

16. Only a few people have large hearts to forgive others their wrong and love them for who they truly are. I know you have a large heart and you love me but I love you more. I’m sorry, please forgive me.

17. I wouldn’t hesitate to say I’m sorry, I wouldn’t hesitate to take responsibility for my actions, I wouldn’t hesitate to ask you to forgive me and I wouldn’t hesitate to keep on loving you.

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18. I guess this is a perfect time to tell you how beautiful your eyes are, how perfect your smile is and how special your heart is. There’s no way I’m letting you go. Yes, I made a mess of things but please, I’m sorry. Forgive me.

19. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not perfect and I’m sorry for offending the one who knows all my flaws and still loves me despite my imperfections. Please forgive me.

20. I can’t make up enough words to say how sorry I am for hurting you. It was totally immature for me to have yelled at you. I can’t go on without you. Please forgive me.

Most Touching Sorry Letters for Husband

After a very hurtful mistake, your husband deserves an apology. Here are some of the most touching sorry letters to make him know you are truly sorry for hurting him.

21. I’m sorry for being selfish, I could have tried to understand things better. My ego took a better part of me. Please, forgive me.

22. My heart has been heavy ever since we fought. I know it’s all my fault and I’m willing to make things work.

23. Your silence is like a piercing dart through my heart. I miss talking to you and I apologize for every wrong. Forgive me.

24. I wouldn’t wait till I’m perfect to say how sorry I am. I’m deeply sorry, please forgive me.

25. Every time I hurt you, I hurt myself even more and I don’t want that to happen anymore. I’m sorry.

26. I’m sorry for every pain I caused you, you’re so special and don’t deserve to be hurt. I will do my best to make it up to you. I’m so sorry.

27. Please forgive me of my insensitivities. I didn’t know you’ll be upset by my actions. I take responsibility, kindly forgive me.

28. Please, forgive me for hurting you. I didn’t mean to, but I accept that I’m wrong. I love you more than anything in the world.

29. If I have to say a thousand words to apologize or say how sorry I am, I will gladly do. Nothing will hold me back from being with you. I miss you.

30. I don’t know how to make you believe that I’m sorry about what happened but please, believe me, I’m deeply sorry, do forgive me.

31. I know you hold my world perfectly in place. Since I got you angry, everything feels upside down. I’m so sorry. I miss you.

32. If I need to make a tattoo of ‘I’m sorry’ on my forehead for you to know how deeply sorry I am, I will, please, forgive me, sweetheart.

33. The world may get angry at me and I’ll still be fine but when you get angry at me, I lose myself, you are an important part of me, please forgive me.

34. The last thing I would have thought to do is to make you angry. I’m sorry for offending you.

35. If I had one wish in the world right now, it will be for you to see how sorry my heart is for messing things up. Forgive me, I love you.

36. I’m sorry I get overly jealous and react in a bad way. Please forgive my childishness. You mean more than anything to me.

37. I realize when I hurt you, I hurt myself even more. Your kind is so rare and I won’t want to lose you for any reason.

38. Every time we have an argument, my heart gets torn in two. I am sorry for making you feel less deserving of me. Please forgive me.

39. I will go to the heights of the heavens, the depths of the earth, I’ll give everything it takes to make you know how sorry I am. I love you.

40. What was I thinking to have said those mean words to you? I don’t mean them in any way. I’ll be more careful to think before I talk and react. I am sorry.

Touching Sorry Messages for Him from the Heart

A casual message will not convey the deserved apology for your mistakes, but when the heart is put into it, your apology becomes irresistible. Sending him these touching sorry messages will make him know it’s from your heart.

41. I always wonder how I came to be loved by such a perfect man. I’m sorry for letting my emotions get the better part of me. I’ll be more careful. I love you.

42. How can I think of hurting you, I was clearly out of my mind to have hurled such words at you. I’m sorry.

43. I’m doing my best not to allow my weaker sides to get the better of me. I will learn to listen more and think carefully before I talk. I’m sorry dear.

44. I know I have always put my interests ahead of yours and you have always allowed me. I have been selfish most of the times. I see my mistakes now. I promise to be better. I am deeply sorry.

45. I have regrettably taken your calmness for weakness. This is me being childish. I really don’t know how to face you to say how sorry I am. Please, forgive me.

46. I miss your smile, no other smile brings me peace and assurance like yours. I’m sorry. Hope you smile as you read this. Forgive me.

47. I know it’s hard for you to believe me when I say you’re special and you’re the best thing that happened to me. Of course, you are, I won’t want to spend my life with anybody else.

48. When I decided to walk on this journey with you, I promised to make you happy, smile and feel grateful. It was never my plan to make you sad and unhappy. I’m sorry for hurting you.

49. I sincerely have no excuse for my mistakes. I am deeply sorry.

50. If I had the power, I will roll back the hands of time and prevent such from happening. But without that, I ask that you forgive me. I’m truly sorry.

51. I’ll choose you as my man, a thousand times over and over again. Not only because you have accommodated my weaknesses but you also tried to make me better. You’re too special to be ignored. I’m truly sorry.

52. With every sincerity in my heart, I say I’m sorry for hurting you. I hoped I’m not too late.

53. I am sorry for putting my happiness ahead of you and it just doesn’t make sense that you always try to make me happy while I do the opposite to you. I’m deeply sorry. Please forgive me.

54. I’ve not seen anyone whose smile is as perfect and beautiful as the rainbow except you. For being such a rare gem, I will choose to be with you forever, always making you happier than now every day.

55. What I feel every time I make you happy is pleasant satisfaction. When I hurt you, I feel disgusted. I choose to always make you happy.

56. I’m sorry for reacting terribly I should have thought of the consequences of my actions. Forgive me, my love.

57. I was just being jealous and I probably took it too far. I’m sorry.

58. The best moments in life are not just the happy and fun times but moments when we have a fight and make up our differences to strengthen our relationship. I’m sorry for hurting you.

59. Ugly moments like these are not foretold but can be avoided. I’m sorry for making you sad.

60. If it would take forever for you to forgive me my mistake then I’m ready to wait.

Funny sorry Quotes for Husband

Sometimes, apologies are sweeter when they carry a sense of humour. Try these funny sorry quotes for husband to make up for the mistakes in your marriage.

61. I’m sorry for yelling at you, I wasn’t trying to make you know that my voice is the loudest in the world, not even close. I was just been emotional.

62. I may not be willing to fight for so many things but one thing I’m willing to fight for is our love. I’m sorry I was impatient. Can you forgive me?

63. A short story: I offended you, I was deeply sorry about it, you forgave me and we lived happily ever after.

64. I have continually thought of how to make it up to you, maybe I should cook you your favourite meal, get you a special gift, or a pleasant surprise; just anything to make you know how truly sorry I am.

65. Sorry is spelt “I love you”. I am sorry.

66. There is no love without forgiveness. I’m sorry, please forgive me.

67. The ones we love, we hurt the most. The ones we love, we forgive the most. Forgive me, I love you.

68. I will give up the entire world to make you forgive me. I am sorry.

69. I know that being sorry is not just about saying ‘‘I’m sorry’’, so I am sending out my heart to you to show I am truly sorry.

70. Here is my heart kneeling to say sorry to the one who deserves to be loved by me.

71. The only horse I would want you to ride right now is called forgiveness. I’m sorry for being a jerk. Forgive me, sweetness.

72. When I offend you once, please, forgive me twice or three times. I love you so much.

73. Forgive me every day, even when I don’t hurt you, so when I hurt you, I will be already forgiven. I love you.

74. When I splash my wrongs at you, remember to drench me with your forgiveness.

75. Let your love and forgiveness erase every one of my mistakes. I’m sorry for my poor attitudes.

76. If you choose to let go, let it be that you let go of my mistakes and offences, never let me go, you are everything to me.

77. I cannot promise not to make a mistake tomorrow, but I can promise to love you till the end.

78. I love you and there’s nothing you can do about it. I’m sorry that I got you angry. Please forgive me.

79. Let the flame of our love melt away your anger and the joyful memories of our best moments fill your heart. I’m sorry for being a jerk. Do forgive me, please.

80. Here I am asking you to forgive me for every one of my wrongs but there’s one thing I don’t want you to forgive me for; never forgive me for loving you the way I do.

Apology Messages to My Husband for Hurting Him

Hurting your husband could be very painful. Maybe you hurled hurtful words at him or took your relationship for granted. It could be anything you’ve done. Any of these apology messages to my husband will make him see you are deeply sorry for hurting him.

81. I know I have said a lot of hurtful words that I don’t mean to say but every beautiful word I have ever said to you, I mean them a hundred and one percent. I love you so much.

82. My heart is torn in two ever since I hurt your feelings, and you’re the only one that can mend my broken heart. Please forgive me, I miss you so much.

83. Every time I remember I am in love with you, there comes this amazing joy and peace in my heart, and hurting you doesn’t help me experience that. Please, forgive me.

84. Please, forgive me and let’s walk hand-in-hand to build a beautiful relationship where we live happily ever after.

85. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely apologize to have hurt you by taking you for granted. You know how much you matter to me.

86. Apologies make us stronger and those who forgive have the strongest heart. I apologize and hope you truly forgive me.

87. My heart wouldn’t stop thinking about you, I feel bad about myself. Give me another chance to prove my love to you.

88. I kept playing back how I spoke to you in my head and knew I was totally wrong to have upset you at all. I take back every word I said. Please, forgive me, I love you.

89. Life without you will be a nightmare. You are that special to me. Please, find it in your heart to forgive my wrongs.

90. I know I have caused you so much pain by my actions, I’m sorry, please give me the chance to heal your heart with my love for you.

91. I will gladly give up everything for you to accept my apology, things aren’t the same without you.

92. I really wish you could know how much I regret my actions. I’m sorry for hurting you.

93. There’s no excuse I can give to justify my mistakes. I’m sorry please forgive me.

94. I wish I can make you see how sorry my heart is for the pains I’ve caused you. I’m sorry to have acted that way. I love you.

95. How can I make you know you mean more than the world to me when my actions say otherwise? I guess I’m human after all but that’s not an excuse for my mistakes. I’m sorry. I love you now and always.

96. See through my heart and you’ll see how sorry I am for taking you for granted. Please, forgive me.

97. I’m sorry I’ve not been supportive enough. I will learn to be the great teammate you want me to be.

98. I’m sorry I took our relationship for granted. I want you to know that I really treasure all that you are and all that you’ve been. I’m sorry and willing to make everything work out. I love you.

99. Love is about sacrifice and compromise and I’m willing to do everything it takes to make our relationship work.

100. I wouldn’t deny I have made some foolish decisions that have hurt you and affected our relationship, I am willing to right my wrongs, please give me a chance. I’m sorry.

I am sure that you have found some beautiful heart touching messages to help you express your apologies to your husband. Feel free to use any of them as a guide, and I suggest that you try as much as possible to be specific about whatever wrong you have done to your husband in your sorry message.

Don’t delay about saying sorry to him, it will even hurt you and your relationship more. So, go ahead and pick up your mobile phone, computer or what have you and touch your husband’s heart with a sorry message.

Written by Joseph Abimbola

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