Paragraphs to Get Your Boyfriend Back

Cute Paragraphs to Get Your Boyfriend Back 2024

Love is beautiful, so beautiful that we cannot afford to live life without it. To love and be loved are two of the most important things that can happen to anyone.

Losing someone you love however is also one of those things that happen in life. Especially when it is someone you love so dearly. But the good news is that you can have such persons back into your life if you choose to, and I can show you how to get someone to love you again.

There are different ways to get your boyfriend back but I have specially written these paragraphs to get your boyfriend back as one of such ways.

So, all you need do is to send any of these cute paragraphs to get your boyfriend back to him and the rest will sort itself.

Get Back Together Paragraphs for Him

Send these get back together paragraphs to your boyfriend and watch him to come back to you in no time.

1. I’m sorry to have disappointed you. You loved me so much but I never loved you back well enough. I’ve learnt, I promise to do better. Give me another chance, please.

2. I wish all that happened never did. I miss you so much and can’t wait to have you back.

3. I didn’t know how much you really meant until we separated. It left a vacuum that no one can fill. I want you back. I need you.

4. I miss you so much. I want to have you in my life again. Let’s give it a try again.

5. I don’t know what I was thinking. I wasn’t thinking right. Now that you’re away, my life feels broken. I need you. Come back.

6. I miss having you around. I miss everything. I miss us.
Give me another chance, please.

7. I’m sincerely sorry for all I caused you. I miss you so much. Want to have you back.

8. I don’t know how much you meant until you left. You’re irreplaceable. I’m sorry I disappointed you.

9. Find a place in your heart to forgive me. I wasn’t supposed to do all I did. I miss you so much.

10. Dear, let’s have a clean slate and rewrite our love story.

Paragraphs to Win Him Back

You seem to be losing your boyfriend but you don’t want to. Send these paragraphs to win him back and watch him come back into your life.

11. Having you was the sweetest thing that happened to me. I can’t say what life has been like since you left. I want you by my side always.

12. I think we can get back together. I don’t want to end this relationship with you. Let’s start afresh.

13. For the first time in my life, I felt a vacuum in my heart. It seems large, really wide as the oceans. Nothing on Earth can fill this emptiness. My love, let’s begin again, please.

14. Let’s give it a try again. I’ll do my best to make it work this time. I can’t do without you.

15. We’ve always worked out being together. The arguments we’ve had made us even stronger. Let this not be an exception, please. Let’s work things out.

16. You don’t want to know how much of the world you mean to me. I can’t express it well enough. I miss you so much.

17. I admit I was wrong, and I sincerely apologise. Forgive me, let’s do life together again.

18. If not for anything, consider the love we shared and the memories we built. Let’s live the future the way we’ve always envisioned it.

19. I just want to have you back. Let’s move on together. I miss you.

20. You’re one special gift life gave me. I must have been stupid to cut off what we had. I apologise. I’m really sorry. I just want to have you back here.

Paragraphs to send to your Ex to Get Him back.

These are paragraphs you can send to your ex to get him back to you and make him love you the more and care for you.

21. Don’t think anyone would understand me as you have. I miss you so much. Let’s do it again, please.

22. I took your love for granted, I’m sincerely sorry I did this. I promise never to take you for granted. I just want to have you back.

23. I’m so sorry for all that happened. Find a place in your heart to forgive me.

24. If the world suddenly stops, and life ceases, you’ll always be my love. This separation will bring us together again. This has been my prayer.

25. Don’t know what you did to me. I realized I can’t do without thinking about you. I always want to have you. Come back to me, baby.

26. Even when it seems like there’s a wall of separation between us now, I’m convinced that this is not the end of our love story.

27. Don’t want to be without you. We have our lives programmed together already. I miss us. I miss you.

28. Our love journey has been full of ups and downs. We’re in the ‘down’ moment, let’s move on again.

29. I just want us to begin this story again. I promise to ensure it works out this time.

30. Let’s leave all that happened in the past to the past. We can start again.

Paragraphs to Get Him Back- Boyfriend

You should send these paragraphs to your boyfriend to get him back and watch him cherish you like never before.

31. Don’t know what to say really. I just want you to know that I always love you, and I want you back.

32. I miss your touch and care. I must have taken your love for granted. Now I’ve learnt. I’m sorry. Let’s try again.

33. Can you pls ignore all that happened and forgive me?! I’m sincerely sorry. Let’s come back together.

34. You meant the whole world to me. My heart skipped when you left, it keeps happening. Come back, baby!

35. It’s just as if my world went dark. You were my sunshine, my real happiness. I really don’t want to lose you. Let’s do it again.

36. I understand that I wronged you. And I’m sorry. Find a place in your heart to forgive me. I want you always beside me.

37. It’s true I got mad at you all because of what you did. But it’s fine. I’ve forgiven you. Let’s get back together.

38. Baby!
I don’t want to have you in my past. I want to live life with you. That’ll give me great delight. I just want to have you back.

39. Waking up every day, I want to have you by my side. I want to see you smile and give you a peck. Come back, baby.

40. I’ll love you no matter what happens. I promised to always do. Now is not even an exception. I need you always.

Cute Paragraphs for Ex Boyfriend

Here are cute paragraphs for ex-boyfriend. Send them to your ex and see him run back to you with open arms.

41. You were really kind-hearted. You loved me so much. I didn’t reciprocate your love well enough, and that pulled us apart. I wish I did better. Give me another chance to prove my love for you.

42. I just realized how much of a true and loving human you are. You’re really amazing. I wasn’t seeing that part of you. And I’m so sorry I neglected you. I want to have you back.

43. Truly, I initiated the breakup, but I think I was out of my mind. I didn’t know what I was doing. Now, I regret my actions.
I sincerely apologise for all this must have caused you. I need you by my side.

44. I miss you, I can’t deny this. Let’s be together again pls.

45. I love you! This might sound strange, or insincere but it doesn’t matter. I really do love you. Can we give this a try again pls? Let’s rewrite our love story.

46. I miss you too much baby. Even if it seems like we’re not together anymore, I still have a special place for you in my heart. I love you beyond words. Wanna have you back.

47. I keep staring at the window, waiting for you to walk into my room again, holding my hands and telling me how much you love me. I miss all of these. I miss you, I miss us.

48. Know that if the planet comes to halt, my love for you will never cease. What I feel about you is real. I’m sorry about all that happened. Let’s do this better.

49. Every relationship has a period of silence like this, let me put.
I don’t want this to separate us. I think we were made for each other. Let’s stay strong baby. I miss you

50. Every day, I think about us, I dream of a life with you. And that’s all I want. I love you always. Let’s be together again.

I trust that you enjoyed reading this post. More than reading, these paragraphs to get your boyfriend back are intended to help you do just that – get your boyfriend back.

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