Inspirational Birthday Quotes

Inspirational Birthday Quotes for Someone Special

All we want to feel on our birthday is that aura of love and speciality. It’s a special day for someone special to you and you sure need to make the memories of that day linger as long as possible. Your pleasant words of love can go a long way to achieve this! Inspire and motivate that special person with your words and make them feel loved.

The heart has a depth and that depth should be filled with beautiful words on a special day. It’s time to fill the depth of the heart of that someone special on their birthday!

Make the birthday special for your loved one with these best inspirational birthday quotes and messages for someone special, and fan the flame of love burning in their hearts for you!

Inspiring Birthday Quotes for Him

It’s an interesting thing to make the male figure in your life feel loved and wanted on his special day. This collection of inspirational birthday quotes for him will make his birthday an exceptional one and make him love you more!

1. You’re the most handsome guy I’ve ever met and added to your look, is a great brain to compliment it! Happy birthday, lover.

2. I’m glad I’ve got the best dad, exceptional and quintessential! Happy birthday, dad.

3. I see you grow every day in strength and in wisdom, and forever I’m grateful for the gift of a brother like you. Happy birthday, cute little brother.

4. You’re an example to us all, but to me especially. You’re a model, the definition of selfless brotherhood. Thank you for always being there for us! Happy birthday, brother.

5. It’s a new year of amazing opportunities, I can’t wait to see you soar! Happy birthday, love.

6. Each birthday with you has been remarkable, your birthday makes me recount God’s blessings to me! Happy birthday, hubby.

7. Happy birthday, dad. You deserve joy and happiness all your days and that is what is coming your way this new year!

8. This new season of yours will bring greater blessing, achievements and breakthroughs! Happy birthday, big brother.

9. May your days be bright and your years bring greater joy and laughter. Happy birthday, dear.

10. I didn’t take just look from you but your hot brains as well, I’m glad to call you dad! Happy birthday, dad.

11. I’m the happiest person on earth just because I have you to lean on. Happy birthday, dear husband.

12. It’s time to celebrate the most important person in my life. Happy birthday, my love.

13. I might not have the right words to quantify how much I love you, just know my heart screams of your amazing love! Happy birthday, sweetheart.

14. You’ve brought joy to us all and I’m sure you deserve better. Happy birthday to the most exceptional dad.

15. You’ve proven what true fatherhood is and I can’t thank God enough for having you as my dad! Happy birthday, dad.

16. I’ll count and recount the stars if that’ll show how much I love you. Happy birthday, my love.

17. You’ve modelled us in incredibly great ways. You’re the real deal, dad! Happy birthday.

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18. The grass is green and I believe it’ll be greener all your days, I wish you nothing but happiness this new year! Happy birthday, my love.

19. It’s time to sound the alarm, it’s an amazing day for the most amazing person! Happy birthday, love.

20. You’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with, but first of all, I’m spending the whole of today with you! Happy birthday, fiancé.

Inspiring Birthday Quotes for Her

Here comes another great opportunity to make that angel special on her great day. This collection of inspirational birthday quotes for her will leave your female loved ones awe-struck and re-kindle the flame of love they’ve got for you.

21. You bring so much light and love to us all and all I wish for you today and beyond is a life full of pleasant surprises. Happy birthday, my queen.

22. You make living each day special by being more than just a load of happiness to me. May this day bring you all your heart desires. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

23. You’re kind, not just to us your children but to everyone around you. I cherish your sweet and large heart. Happy birthday, sweet mum.

24. Every day reminds me of how blessed I am to have you and today isn’t an exception. I love you now and always! Happy birthday, love.

25. I love your sweet soul and your compassionate spirit, you’re really the woman of my dreams! Happy birthday, sweetheart.

26. Through the good days, you’ve been here and even on bad days you’ve made me a better person. All I wish for you today and always is joy unspeakable! Happy birthday, dearest.

27. My warmest wishes go out to you on your special day. May you enjoy all that your heart desire. Happy birthday, my dear.

28. I really can’t say what my life would have been without you to model it. I’m grateful for a mother like you! Happy birthday, my gold.

29. I wish that on this day you have all the pleasant surprises that’ll make you marvel and rejoice! Happy birthday, dear.

30. No other person could have sat patiently and watched my infant head as sweet as you did. Thank you for being a great mother. Happy birthday, mum.

31. You remain the most important part of my life as long as I breathe. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

32. Now and beyond, I want to have you close by my side and tell you the sweetest things from my heart! Happy birthday, love.

33. Let me steal a moment out of your amazing day to wish you all the good things of life and to make you smile! Happy birthday, dear.

34. You’re the deepest part of me I’m always grateful for, your love is immense and true! Happy birthday, love.

35. You’re the perfect piece that completes me. Thanks for being you and loving me passionately! Happy birthday, my dear wife.

36. I’m the happiest man on earth just because I’ve got you and I’ve got your love! Happy birthday, dearest wife.

37. When it comes to you, I’m sure of a life fulfilled. It’s another great year to make things happen! Happy birthday, lover.

38. I’ve come to love you more as the days go by, I think it’s amazing to let this secret out to you! Happy birthday, dear.

39. I wish that your new year will be as bright as your smile, filled with love and joy immeasurable! Happy birthday, my love.

40. The joy you experience on this day is nothing compared to mine. When I remember this day, I remember how God has been good to me to give me a gift as amazing as you! Happy birthday, dearest daughter.

Inspiring Birthday Quotes for Me

It’s your birthday and you can choose to make it the talk of the town just with your words. These sweet Inspirational birthday quotes for me is the right answer to make yourself feel all the emotions on your big day! You are special as well!

41. The last one year has been exciting and despite the highs and lows, I’m here standing strong! Happy birthday to the best girl I know!

42. I’m looking forward to another eventful and graceful year! Happy birthday to me.

43. I’m grateful for how far God has brought me and much more grateful for how far he’s taking me this new year. It’s an amazing year for me! Happy birthday to me.

44. I wish myself a new year of success and amazing pleasant surprises! Happy birthday, birthday me!

45. Let the birthday wishes to start rolling in. But first of all, I wish myself a merrier new year! Happy birthday to me.

46. Every day, I’m happy being me. Wishing myself a year of bountiful harvest! Happy birthday to me.

47. I love to see my dreams come true and my purpose fulfilled, this is the year of dreams come true and purpose fulfilled! Happy birthday to me.

48. Much more than anything, I love the way God has fathered me over the years, He’s been true to His words! Happy birthday to me.

49. When I look at my life, all I see is a graceful being. Now and forever, God has all my praise! Happy birthday to me.

50. I am the best gift I can ever get myself. I love the fact that I love me! Happy birthday to me.

51. Looking at the stars, I see myself as one. I am that star that shines bright. Happy birthday to a star!

52. It’s an amazing reality to see another beautiful year. Just as I grow in age, I grow in grace! Happy birthday to me.

53. I don’t look into my past, all I see is a brighter future that starts today! It’s going to be a great year for me.

54. No year has passed without having a remarkable pleasant experience. I await the pleasant experiences for this year! Happy blessed birthday to me.

55. I see a future of blissful and happy living. It’s another year of greater heights! Happy birthday to me.

56. I wish myself a happy birthday as I celebrate my big 18. It’s a new year of amazing opportunities!

57. The day will be gone but all the happiness will stay forever with me. I wish myself a happy birthday.

58. No matter what life has brought my way, I remain undaunted and determined. It’s a new year of success!

59. Happy birthday to the girl who lives her dream by the day, happy birthday to me!

60. Step by step, I’m moving closer to the fulfilment of my dreams. Happy birthday to me!

Inspiring Birthday Quotes for My Friend

Friends are one of the most important parts of our lives who deserve to be treated with love and kindness. Your friend deserves inspiring birthday quotes and you need not look further because they’re just right here for you. Send one of these to your friend and make their day special.

61. You’re worth more than a friend. May this day bring you joy and all your heart desires! Happy birthday, dear.

62. Happy birthday to the most valuable gift I’ve gotten over the years, your friendship is a gift I don’t take for granted!

63. You’ve proven over and over again that true friendship cannot be bought with money. Happy birthday, dear friend.

64. I’ll stick by you forever, enjoy your aura of sweetness and pure soul. You deserve a very happy birthday, friend.

65. My heart rejoices anything I remember I have you to always lean on. Thank you for sharing true friendship! Happy birthday, girlfriend.

66. You’re that sister I never had, you’re that soulmate everyone needs to live a better life. Wishing you a fun-filled birthday, dear.

67. My days are perfect when you’re with me, you fill the atmosphere with so much love and joy. Enjoy your birthday today because you deserve all the joy today and beyond! Happy birthday, dearest.

68. With all my flaws, you still love me and make me feel wanted. Thank you for always looking out for me! Happy birthday, dear friend.

69. You’ve been there many times I want to give up on life, to motivate me and help me walk through the bad days. For this and many more, I say thank you and I wish you an amazing birthday celebration.

70. You’re a friend for a lifetime, amazing and full of life! Happy birthday, my dear friend.

71. I’ll be here as many times as you blow out your candles and make your wishes. Happy birthday, dearest.

72. You’re a friend that sticks more than a brother, I don’t take you for granted! Happy birthday, buddy.

73. True friends are rare and they’re short by one because I’ve got you already! Happy birthday, girlie.

74. May you have a birthday as amazing as you are and as sweet as your smile. Happy birthday, dear friend.

75. We’ve been through thick and thin together, it’s another year to enjoy God’s faithfulness together! Happy birthday, dearest.

76. Nothing can come between our friendship because what we share is true! Happy birthday, bestie.

77. Life doesn’t bless us with good friends twice. You’re one true friend life has blessed me with and I’ll be here all the way to care for you. Happy birthday, dear.

78. To that true one whose got my back always, happy birthday!

79. You know how to make things happen, turn around every situation and make them beautiful. Thank you for your beautiful soul! Happy birthday, dearest.

80. I wish you joy everlasting, peace undeniable and a life full of bliss and grace! Happy birthday, dear friend.

Inspiratingly Funny Birthday Quotes

Putting a smile on the face of the ones you love and making them laugh harder should be one of your birthday gifts to them. Making them laugh wouldn’t make you less motivational or inspirational but it’s a way to show them that their happiness as well matters to you. Here’s a list of funny inspirational quotes to lighten up your loved ones’ next birthday.

81. You really do not look your age, though you sometimes sound it. Happy birthday, buddy.

82. Let’s have the champagne poured on you and let’s see if you’ve really grown! Happy birthday, man.

83. You’re growing older by the day, but to me, you’re still that cute little girl wrapped around my arms. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

84. It’s another year of going crazy just for you. I hope you’ll enjoy that! Happy birthday, love.

85. I have to stay awake all night to wish you an amazing birthday. Happy birthday, girlie.

86. Let’s paint the town red for you today, you need not come with the paint though. Happy birthday, angel.

87. You should be glad you’re ageing gracefully instead of being bothered that you’re getting old. Happy birthday, buddy.

88. It’s time to loosen up and enjoy your free day. Happy birthday, man.

89. I don’t mean to remind you that you’re getting old, but today is your birthday so I’ve got no choice! Happy birthday, sweetie.

90. You’re a man now and I’m happy about that. Age gracefully, big man.

91. I can’t stop laughing at our moments together. Trust me, we’re making more of them in this new year of yours! Happy birthday, guy.

92. I’ll do away with the presents this year coz you’re too old for that. My birthday blessings on you, man!

93. How old are you this year? I hope this year reminds you every time of how old you are! Happy birthday, sister.

94. I want to play the old-time games with you but I’m sure I’ll win you as many times as your age! Happy birthday, guy.

95. Come out tonight and let’s count the stars since that has always been our favourite game. Happy birthday, sweetie.

96. I hope daddy stop calling you those cute names so you’ll know you’re old to be called a grannie already. Happy birthday, sister.

97. I’ll love to post all your silly pictures but I really don’t want to make you cry on your big day! Happy birthday, dearest.

98. I’m sure you don’t want to see the wrinkles, I really do not want you to grow old too but you’ve got to. Happy birthday, buddy.

99. We can’t dance around naked under the rain anymore, is this what getting old is all about. I’m sure you didn’t expect it this way! Happy birthday, my guy.

100. Blow out your candles and grow old! Happy birthday, man.

I’m sure you had a swell time going through the post. Don’t forget to drop your comments and share with your loved ones as well. See you next time when I’ll be blowing your minds away just like I did now!
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