Birthday Prayers for 27 Years Old

27th Birthday Prayers for 27 Years Old (2024)

It is almost normal to get into a routine with life, to forget the miracles of everyday living to forget the beauty in little things and to start to treat as normal, the blessings of day-to-day activities. This also applies to our dreams for the future as well.

But birthdays are new beginnings. They offer time to take account of the past years. They offer opportunities to intentionally count the blessings, and to be grateful for the journey so far. There may be unmet expectations, but you can sit back and be grateful.

Birthdays are also time to get back on the dreams that have been abandoned. To plan for the new year and those after it. And to basically restrategize to see that things work better.

But plans and strategizing inclusive, prayers can give speed to the wishes. So, in addition to adding more colour to the celebrant’s day, you can hasten things up by sending these birthday prayers for 27 years old.

Opening Prayers for 27th Birthday Party

In need of opening prayers for a 27th birthday party? These prayers will set the mood and usher the celebrant into a beautiful new year.

1. Heavenly Father, we thank you for life today. We thank you for the opportunity to gather together to celebrate the birthday of (insert name). We thank you for all that you’ve done in the life of the celebrant, in the family, and with friends and well-wishers. We ask that today and every other day will be filled with blessings for the celebrant. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

2. Thank you, Lord. For your unending mercies and love in the life of the celebrant. Thank you for how far you’ve brought (him/her). Thank you for the battles of the last year, that you helped us win. We ask that you don’t stop blessing (him/her) with good health. We ask that your blessings and favour remain abundant. In Jesus name; amen.

3. Lord, we are ever so grateful for the gift of life. We are grateful for how far you’ve brought this family. But importantly, we are grateful for how far you’ve brought the celebrant. I pray and commit the future into your hands. May you guide and direct (insert the celebrant’s name). May your blessings and protection be a constant in (his/her) life. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. Thank you, Lord, for answered prayers.

4. Heavenly King of Glory. Our Father and Lord. We humbly bow before you today. For the life of (inserts name). We are so thankful. We are so grateful and in awe of the good things you keep doing in (his/her) life. To you be the glory in the name of Jesus. Lord, we know that the hearts of kings and queens are in your hands. So we’re asking today, that you safeguard the celebrant’s future. That you don’t take away your hand of blessing, your hand of direction and goodwill. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. We also ask that today’s celebration will end on a happy note, with plenty rejoicing in the lives of those gathered. Amen.

5. Abba Father. King of kings. Lord of lords. Thank you for the privilege of another year in our daughter’s life. Thank you for your blessings and the gift of good health in her life. We are never ungrateful. As she turns another year today, may your favour and connections never depart from her life. May we have every cause to come to celebrate her next year. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 27 Years Old Friend

You should celebrate the blessing of your friend turning 27 years old and bless them with these birthday prayer messages for 27 years old friend.

1. As you turn 27 today, may God cause you to know only comfort and ease in your life. May He be there for you in all seasons of your life, and may He grant unto you all your heart desires. I love you so much, dear. Happy 27th birthday, dear friend.

2. You’ve been such a huge blessing to me in the years that I’ve known you. Let’s not also forget how you go out of your way to see me happy. I appreciate the gift that is you. And I pray that you will experience nothing but true joy and blessings in your new year. Happy 27th birthday, dear.

27th Birthday Prayers    

3. You know I’m no pastor. But I have to confess that I haven’t met anyone as hardworking and dedicated as you. That is why I pray that you’ll find nothing but open doors and divine connections in this year. And that all your blessings hanging will be released to you. Happy 27 years birthday, my dear friend. You rock!

4. This year, more than the other years, you will feel God’s tangibility in your life. You will feel His care and blessings like you’ve never had before. Happy birthday, my darling bestie.

5. For as long as you live, which will be long and full by the way, may no man be able to take away your joy and happiness. All that God has kept in store for you, may no hand be able to tamper with them. Happy 27th birthday celebration, my best friend. I love you plenty.

27th Birthday Prayer Messages for Cousin

These 27th birthday prayer messages for cousin will make the 27th birthday celebration of your cousin blessed and complete!

6. Cousin, you’ve been such a blessing to me for years now. I can hardly recall a time you weren’t there for me. I earnestly pray that blessings and happiness will be multiplied for you. In this new year, you will look back and confess that it only could have been God. Happy 27th birthday.

27th Birthday Prayers

7. As you celebrate your 27th birthday. May God’s presence drive out every form of darkness and grey areas in your life. May you know only productivity in this new year. Happy 27th birthday, dear Cousin.

8. You turn 27 today. Glory to God! I decree upon your life, that nothing will be able to tear you away from God. Nothing will be able to tear you away from His blessing, favour, protection and good health. Happy birthday, my friend and cousin.

9. In this new year, you will discover purpose. You will find out that unique thing that God has prepared for you to do on this earth. You will find your niche, good connections, and you will thrive there. You won’t be confused anymore. Everything will become clear to you. In Jesus name. Amen. Happy 27th birthday, dearest cousin.

10. In this time and season where people are struggling with their faith. Yours will remain firm. In this time where people are questioning God. You will find reasons to stay grateful and faithful to Him. You will see His goodness like never before. His faithfulness will become more pronounced in your life. In the mighty name of Jesus; amen. Happy 27th birthday, cousin brother.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 27 Year Old Sister

To celebrate your sister turning 27 years old, you should totally add these birthday prayers to the gifts and good wishes.

11. You’re honestly the best sister in the entire world. If I had my way, I’d want to be your sister over and over again, in whatever worlds we come in. As you celebrate 27 years today, I pray that you will keep finding amazing and countless opportunities. Happy birthday!!

12. You’ve been so many things to me. So you’ve also been to every member of our family. I really don’t know what we would have done if you weren’t in the picture. You’ve brought ease and comfort for all of us in your own way. I really pray that God will keep granting you ease in all aspects of your life. You’re loved, sister. Happy 27 years birthday.

27th Birthday Prayers

13. You are an overflow of so many things, sister. You really do have a lot of things in excess. You’re kind in excess. You’re loving and forgiving in excess. You’re also hardworking and determined to a fault. There’s no sister like you in the entire world, and I’m always grateful for you. I pray that God’s blessings will always overflow in your life. In the name of Jesus. Amen. Happy 27th birthday.

14. You are a star! I’ve never believed anything less about you. As you’ve grown over the years, I’ve come to see this. Our world has also come to see this. You can actually turn dust into gold, and you have the most giving heart ever. Happy 27th birthday, my sister. May you continue to live long, and to shine like the star that you are. Amen.

15. The blessings of God add no sorrow. The blessings of God bring only happiness and joy. This is why I pray that God’s blessings for you in this new year will know no bounds. Happy birthday, sister. Love you!

Birthday Prayer Messages for 27 Year Old Brother

What’s life without the brother to share with? To celebrate the man that has been with you through highs and lows, send these birthday prayers for his 27th year.

16. I’ve told you this a lot, I know. But I’m saying it again. Your type is rare. Really rare. And there’s no one in the world that’s as grateful to have a brother like you than me. May only the rare kind of blessings keep locating you. May only rare doors be open for you. Happy birthday, my brother.

17. I’ve watched you evolve over the years. And honestly, it could have only been the hands of God upon your life. It could have only been Him working to make your path easy. Working to protect and lead you. You’re 27 today, and I trust the Lord to keep working for you. To be your pillar all the time, and to keep you safe. Happy 27th birthday, bro.

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18. I love the kind of heart you have. I love that you are a gentleman and a gentleman. I love how you love people. And how you’re so godly. I still want to be like you when I grow up! Today and for the rest of your days, may God always come through for you. May joy flow like a river in your soul. Happy 27 years birthday, baby brother.

19. All I ask from God is that He keeps you alive for a long time, and till a ripe age. Because I’ve seen how you can maximize opportunities. And how opportunities are limitless only for those that are alive. So, brother, may you live long and full. Happy birthday, dear.

20. May you know breakthrough like never before. May you breath breakthrough every hour of this new year. May you experience favour all the time. Happy 27th birthday, brother.

27th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Son

Thinking about your son can make a bad day alright, and cause an extra lift in your steps. To celebrate his 27th birthday, these prayers will do.

21. In the years we’ve had together, we’ve been through a lot. We’ve learnt together, we’ve grown and evolved, and we’ve built a relationship together. You’re a son like no other, and I’m always thankful for you. I pray that for the rest of your days on earth, your joy will be full. And nothing under the heavens will snatch it from you. Happy 27th birthday, my son.

22. I’m really glad to have the kind of relationship I have with you. I’m grateful that even with the distance, you haven’t shut me out. And that we still share something special as father and son. I’m proud of all your achievements, and I can’t wait for the blessings of this new year. May God’s blessings and favour be your portion for the rest of your days. In the mighty name of Jesus; amen. Happy birthday, son.

23. Life may be hard, but you won’t experience suffering. People may be losing relationships, but you’ll experience only open doors. When people confess of a casting down, your confession will be that of a lifting up. I speak protection upon you and whatever is yours. You will live long, and you’ll get the life you’ve always dreamed about. Happy 27th birthday, darling.

24. You’re all grown up! And I’m still asking how the years went by so quickly. In a moment I was chasing you around to get a bath, to eat, and to sleep. Now, you’re out there smashing goals. You’re out there living the life you’ve always talked about. Oh my! I’m so proud to be your mother. I am! May success never cease in your life. May you know only increase. Amen. Happy 27 years birthday, my son.

25. You’re the most content child I know. Even when we had our rough times and couldn’t give you the very best, you were always content. There’s no other son in the entire world as you. As you’ve covered our shame countless times, may you never experience shame. You didn’t give us headache; may you never experience situations that will give you cause to worry. Happy birthday, son. I love you.

27th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Daughter

Daughters bring calm and warmth. And the 27th birthday is a perfect time to send birthday prayers for calm and warmth in their lives.

26. You have dreams. You have aspirations. I know all this. And I also know that the years haven’t been too good for you. I know the struggles and all. But I know that this is a year of new beginnings for you. The Lord will crown all your efforts with success. And you will see the rewards of the things you’ve worked for. Happy 27th birthday, daughter.

27th Birthday Prayers

27. You make me want to weep for joy all the time. I see all you’ve able to achieve by yourself. I see you living a wonderful life. I see the world you’ve been able to create for yourself. And I’m so happy. My joy knows no bound. I want you to remember that I’m proud of you always. And that my prayers are always with you. May God’s protection and favour remain abundant for you. Happy birthday, daughter-shine.

28. I’ve seen the finger of God work for you for years. I’ve watched you grow, and all I can say is that the glory of God has been with you. His many blessings, countless miracles and connections are evident in your life. As you turn a year older today, may God’s glory never depart from your life. May He continue to speak and work for you. In the name of Jesus. Amen. Happy 27th birthday, my daughter.

29. You brought me comfort and succour when you came into my life. You made everything new and brought a new kind of shine to me. May you always know comfort and succour for the rest of your years. By this time next year, may God fill your house with the cries of a child. You will look back and truly have reasons to thank God. Happy 27th birthday, baby.

30. You’re a child that is very dear to my heart. And you know that I don’t joke with you at all. If I had the opportunity to birth and care for you again, I won’t hesitate at all. May your 27th year be filled with so much colour. May your new year be filled with happy moments. I love you, baby girl. Happy birthday.

27th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Nephew or Niece

What’s a complete family without the nephew or niece? For their 27th birthday celebration, you should add these birthday prayers.

31. I have your thoughts on my mind always, nephew. I love your spirit. I love your determination. And I definitely love your doggedness. You inspire me always, even with being older than you and all. As you celebrate 27, may your determination and doggedness burn stronger. May your efforts pay, and may you get all that you deserve. Happy birthday, dear.

32. I love how you always struggle to your feet, even when you have reasons to stay down. I love how you believe in your dreams. I love how you’re consistent and persistent. I see the fire you use in pursuing your dreams, and I’m proud. May you continue to prosper. May God bless you with abundant life and good health. Happy 27th birthday, niece.

33. This is a year of new beginnings for you. You’ve worked and worked all these years. This new year will be the time you reap. So, even with the uncertainties in your heart for the 27, dive in. God’s got you, and He’s given you a new beginning. Happy birthday, nephew.

34. No aunt in the whole world is as proud as I am now. With a niece that keeps making us all proud. With a small niece that hasn’t given us reasons to regret the efforts. With someone as you, that is a constant source of inspiration, strength and passion. I’m very proud. And I should. As you celebrate your 27th year, may God decorate your life beyond measures. May He plant new dreams in your heart, and give you the strength and clarity to pursue them. I love you so much, niece.

27th Birthday Prayers

35. You’re one of the most intelligent persons I know. Scratch that, you’re the most intelligent person I know. Be rest assured that I’ll keep fighting for you, I’ll keep cheering for you, and I won’t stop praying for you. May God’s blessings and divine favour be abundant in your life, my darling. Happy 27th birthday, nephew.

27th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Aunt or Uncle

Aunts and uncles help us create beautiful memories. And to make their 27th birthday memorable, use these birthday prayers.

36. I have so many memories of you and me, uncle. And every one of them is coloured with fun, corrections and lessons. Even though I didn’t feel like it then, you gave all the corrections for my sake. I pray you to live long as you celebrate your birthday today. Because I never want to stop learning from you. I never want to stop playing around with you. Happy birthday, uncle. I love you.

37. You’re my favourite aunt for a reason. Although I can’t put the reason in words, you are still the only aunt I feel the most connection with. Maybe it’s because you get me the most, or because you can intercept my every mood or need. I’m so grateful for you; so thankful for you. As you celebrate your 27th birthday today, may heaven’s blessings continue to rain on you. Happy birthday, aunt.

38. You model the kind of man I’d like for a husband someday. And I know how you’ll tell me that I’m too young. I know I am, but I just want you to know how much you mean. How you’re my yardstick for a lot of things. Happy birthday, uncle. May you continue to walk in blessings and favour. May God’s protection surround you always. I love you with all my heart.

39. You’re always cooking up something, aunt. Always! I feel like laughing at this point. I can’t wait for the things you’d cook up in this new year. But I really want to celebrate you for all you’ve been to us. There’s no aunt like you in the entire world. And I pray that the universe will always align for you. May you see the rewards of all your labour. Happy 27 years birthday, aunt.

40. It’s been a huge blessing having you in my life. Thank you for being a kind person. Thank you for standing in the gap when I lost my parents. Thank you for being a role model, an uncle and a friend. As you add another year today, may you know only true blessings and happiness. May God’s direction be in abundance in your life. Happy happy birthday!

27th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Sister-In-Law

Sisters-in-law are additional sisters! To make her 27th birthday more special, add any of these birthday prayers.

41. You are a good person through and through. And you’re a wonderful addition to our family. As you turn 27 today, may God’s protection never be far away from you. Happy birthday, sister-in-law. Love you!

42. You’ve made us blessed people. You’ve brought us so much joy and happiness. May you enjoy a long life, prosperity and good health in abundance. Happy 27 years birthday, sister-in-law.

43. May you never be stranded in your life. May you find help and see people respond to your cause. Happy birthday, sister. Love, always.

44. As you’ve strived to ensure everyone’s well being. May God take your well being serious. You’re dear to my heart, and I pray that you enjoy your day. Happy birthday, dear.

45. May you have reasons to celebrate and leap for joy. May the hand of God work for you always, and smoothen out crooked roads. Happy 27th birthday, sister-in-law.

27th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Brother-In-Law

Brothers-in-law are blessings. And birthdays are good enough time to pray for blessings upon them.

46. Your labour of love over us all will never be in vain. We will be here for you as you’ve been for us. I speak blessings into your life today and for the rest of your days. Happy 27th birthday, brother-in-law.

47. May the God of provision rise for you always. May you know and experience a supernatural increase on all sides. In the name of Jesus. Happy 27th birthday, bro.


48. I pray that as you celebrate another year today, you’ll never experience loss of any kind. Rather, you’ll enjoy only multiplication. Happy 27 years birthday, brother-in-law.

49. No man will be able to take your joy in this new year. For the rest of your days, you’ll know only joy, peace and comfort. In the name of Jesus: amen. Happy birthday!

50. Nothing will taint the blessings God have given you. Nothing will taint the happiness and favour you now enjoy. Happy birthday, bro. Long life and prosperity.

I sincerely hope that you found these happy 27th birthday prayers for 27 years old (2022) helpful.

If yes, please drop a comment and share with friends.

Thank you.

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