Forgiveness Quotes for Family

Heart Touching Forgiveness Quotes for Family (2024)

You may have wronged your entire family or a member of your family such as your Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, or even a Cousin. This misunderstanding might have gotten you so mad that you ended up saying a whole lot of mean things and acted as though you do not give a damn.

In reality, you really do but the circumstances you were in didn’t give you enough time to think deeply before you react. Now that your anger has subsided, you really long for the good relationship you once enjoyed. Your case may be different from that of a misunderstanding. Maybe you were unable to perform a particular obligation expected of you, or you forgot something very important such as a family member’s birthday.

Whatever the case is, one major step in restoring a breached relationship, in this case, within a family relationship is to ask for forgiveness. This shows that you have deeply reflected on the event and have decided to take responsibility. There are times you may not be able to do this in person because they might still be very mad at you. Not to worry, a simple text message can accomplish much through powerful words that are very powerful and well-crafted to get any form of forgiveness.

These quotes can do wonders and mend the relationship between you and your family in ways you cannot imagine. Are you at a loss for words and need help with getting the right words to express your deepest apologies to that family member? Here are some heart touching forgiveness quotes for family you can make use of.

Emotional Apology Messages for Family Members

Your apology must be emotional to the person you are apologizing to if you really want them to take it seriously. You cannot be careless with your words by sending a message that doesn’t connote your sincerity and remorse. You should not just send a message that reads, “sorry” which may appear forced or insincere to your family members. The clause “I am sorry” is a little bit fair but you should be able to state what you are sorry for so the recipient of the messages will know you are truly sorry for what you did.

1. After having deep thought about our discussion, I saw that I was a bit overboard with my reaction, you guys only wanted the best for me and I appreciate it. Kindly forgive my childishness, Fam.

2. You are the kindest big sister that I know yet I keep on taking you for granted because of my childishness. I am sincerely sorry for the way I reacted this morning. Please, forgive me.

3. Deep down my heart, I know you want the best for me. I don’t know why I keep resisting your discipline. I am truly sorry, Dad.

4. I promise not to cheat you again. So sorry for making you cry. Forgive me, Lil sis. You know you are the best little sister in the world. Winks.

5. I am sincerely sorry about the way I spoke to you yesterday, Honey. You do not deserve to be treated that way and I really apologize. Forgive me, my love.

6. I am so ashamed of myself right now. Anger is indeed evil. I cannot imagine the extent of the hurt I have caused you but please, accept my deepest apologies. I love you to the moon and back.

7. I am sorry for taking your wristwatch and keeping quiet about it, Big Bro. I know how much you cherish the wristwatch but I just couldn’t resist the temptation of taking it along with me to school. Honestly, I am very sorry. I promise to keep it well and return it as soon as possible. One love, Big Bro.

8. I know my Bae is really mad at me, you have the right to be. I am so sorry for transferring aggression on you. Please, forgive my thoughtlessness. Love you crazy, Babe.

9. In all sincerity, it is a privilege having you stay with us, Coz. I am so sorry for saying you are a burden to my family because I wanted to get back at you. I know I cannot take back my words, but I can try my best to change your thought as regards what I have said. I did not mean it in the least way and I really hope you will believe me and forgive my foolishness.

10. I was so impulsive that my nagging behaviour became repulsive. Now I will be in compulsive in saying sorry to you until you forgive me. I truly cherish you, Boo.

11. How can I begin to say I am sorry? I seem to repeat this same mistake again and again but I am grateful it is within my family and they truly love and care about me. Accept my most sincere apologies.

12. Your depressed state is driving me crazy; I sincerely do love you. My diamond, please forgive me, accept me and let get talking again.

13. I know I let you down and I made you sad. My unreserved apology to the kindest Soul Mate in the world, I wish I could make it up to you. I love you. I promise to be more careful with my words and action.

14. I can only hope that you still trust me after the horrible episode that happened last week. I am not trying to make excuses but I sincerely confess that I do not know what came over me. Don’t lose your faith in me yet, Mom and Dad. Please forgive me and help me back on my feet.

15. Y’all means the world to me and I am sorry that I do behave as though I do not give a shit most times. Deep down, I do and y’all have my words that I wouldn’t be ashamed of showing how truly I care from now on.

16. To the most precious people in my life, I am down on my knees, forgive me for ruining the family thanksgiving due to my nastiness. I am deeply sorry, fam.

17. I feel my heart will stop beating if I do not receive your forgiveness as soon as possible. Please, forgive my rude behaviour and make this heart keep beating for you.

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18. I am very sorry, Granny for not keeping to my promise of visiting you yet. I have been so occupied with work but I promise to squeeze out time for you. Love you deeply.

19. How on earth could I stand in loggerhead with the most amazing people in my life? I am deeply sorry, Fam.

20. To my sweetest niece. I am so sorry I couldn’t make it down to your wedding. I tried all I could but circumstances didn’t seem to favour my journey. Please find a place in your kindest heart to forgive me. I promise to make this up to you in every possible way.

21. I wouldn’t be able to make it down this Christmas. In all honestly, I tried all I could but it didn’t just work out. Please, forgive me, I promise this will be the last I will miss.

22. To the sweetest parent in the world. The ones who love me more than I can imagine. Please, forgive my nastiness towards you. I believe all you do are for my best.

Heart Touching Sorry Quotes for Dad

You have offended your Dad and you intend to let him know that you are truly sorry. Here are some amazing heart touching sorry quotes that will help you out:

23. I truly trust your judgement, Dad. I am so sorry for behaving as though I know it all and ended up acting rudely towards you. Forgive me, Pops.

24. Indeed, the African proverb that says, ‘What the elders see while sitting, the young ones standing on their toes won’t see’ is correct. Now, I know how ignorant I am and I have learnt my lessons in full. Forgive my childishness, Dad.

25. I am so sorry for forgetting to do what you sent me, Dad. I do not even have any excuse, kindly forgive my forgetfulness.

26. Now that I am a father, I understand better that all your chastisement was for my absolute good. Forgive my years of rebellion, Daddy. I truly appreciate you.

27. I did not put your feelings into consideration and I acted extremely selfish. Please, forgive my attitude, Daddy.

28. I now know that I am the most insensitive person there is. How did I not know how you feel about the situation? I cannot help beating myself up. Please, forgive me, Dad.

29. I love you; Dad and I know you have already forgiven me even before I ask but then, I wouldn’t take you for granted. Please, forgive my thoughtlessness during our discussion yesterday.

30. I am so heartbroken right now, Dad. I cannot seem to understand what informed my action on walking out on you. Please, forgive me.

31. I sincerely acknowledge that my behaviour was in the exact opposite of the values you stand for and raised me by. I am deeply sorry, Pops. I truly am.

32. How on earth can I forget the birthday of the most wonderful man in my life? Please, forgive me for this huge mistake, Dad. Happy belated birthday, may you live very long in health and more wealth.

33. Please, forgive me, Dad, and take me back. I have no one else to run to except my own family. I am truly sorry.

34. I kept on asking myself what I was thinking when I said those words. I truly honour you, Dad. Forgive me for allowing anger to becloud my reasoning.

35. I acted in the most foolish manner there is and I acknowledge it. Please, forgive me, Pappy.

36. I kept on disobeying your orders till I got myself hurt. It would have been fine if I were the only one hurt but knowing that my pain gets to you disturbs me. I am really sorry, Dad.

37. I do not want to be in strife with you anymore, Pops. I want to respect you and hold you, dear, because I now believe you love me. Please, forgive my initial ignorance.

38. I do not know how to be responsible all by myself, Dad. Forgive my mistakes, and tutor me all the way.

39. Even though I cannot figure out how to make amends, from the core of my heart, I am truly sorry and I feel it is right to let you know this, Dad.

40. I do not scorn nor take your sacrifices for granted, Dad. Please, forgive my poor performance. I promise to sit up.

41. Good morning, Dad. Foremost, I am very grateful that you did not discipline me out of anger yesterday. Once more, Dad; please forgive my nonchalant attitude, I cross my heart that I will change.

Heart Touching Sorry Quotes for Mom

No matter the good relationship that exists between you and your mom, there will be times you both will not agree with each other on some issues which can lead to you hurting her feelings. You are in one of such moment right now and you will like to let her know how sorry you are. You can touch her heart by sending her these well-composed heart touching sorry quotes. Here are some to help you out:

42. What can I ever do without you, Mother? Yet I find myself over and over again hurting you. I am very sorry, Mon. Please, forgive me.

43. Mama, words are not enough to tell how deeply sorry I am but I will try my best to convey my feeling. You are the most amazing mother I can ever ask for and I cannot understand how often I forget that and act in the opposite way. You do not deserve to be hurt, you deserved to be cherished, honoured and adored. Please, forgive my babyish act, Mama. I love you.

44. I can now see my folly, Mom. Do forgive me for running my mouth to you recklessly. I promise to make up for this. Love you, Mom.

45. I have only repaid your kindness with rudeness. I am genuinely sorry about this. I am not in doubt that you will accept me back but I will not overlook doing the right thing, which is seeking your forgiveness.

46. I love you deeply, Mom and I am confused about why I act as though I do not sometimes. I am so sorry about the way I reacted to you earlier today in public. Please, forgive me, Mama.

47. Good morning, Mummy. Trust your night was splendid. I want to sincerely apologize for my behaviour the last time we had a discussion. I am so sorry for hurting you with my disobedience.

48. I feel so ashamed that I could be so insensitive and hurt my Mama this way. I am deeply sorry, Mum, forgive your baby.

49. I cannot bring myself to understand why we hurt those we love the most but maybe it’s because we are imperfect humans. Mummy, I am so sorry for talking back at you. Please, forgive my manners.

50. I send my heart with this message, Mama. Forgive me for walking out on you while you were trying to make me see things from your perspective. I accept I took things way too far and I regret this action of mine.

51. Sweet Mother, your baby is here as usual. Please, forgive me for not cleaning the house before dashing out. You know I love you and do not mean to disobey an order. I promise it won’t repeat itself again. Winks.

52. I cannot bring myself to stand before you, having recognized the extent of hurt I caused you. Therefore, I am sending this message and I truly pray it conveys my deepest thought. I never intended to disobey your instructions, Mom. I was carried away by what my friends told me and it all seems right until this happened. I am indeed sorry; Mom and I pray that you forgive my misdemeanour.

53. You are first love, Mom. I cannot get too busy for you, forgive me for not keeping with my promise of visiting you. I promise to be the first person you’ll wake up to tomorrow.

54. Good day, beautiful mother. I am so sorry that I couldn’t finish up what you asked me to do for you. I promise to finish up ASAP. Love you, Ma’am.

55. To the first woman I fell in love with do I send this unreserved apology message. I am deeply sorry for acting in such an irrational manner. Please, forgive me, Mum.

56. Your baby is really sad right now because she made you unhappy. I am very sorry, mummy. I promise not to repeat the same mistake. I really do promise.

57. I absolutely agree that my actions were ridiculous, even though I know you have forgiven me, I will not ignore doing the right thing, which is expressing my remorse and seeking your forgiveness. I appreciate you, Marmee.

58. I can feel the pain in your heart in mine. I do not know how best to make this up to you but I promise to do every single thing needed to make your heart heal and filled with Joy. I truly adore you, Mumsy.

59. Making you cry was the height of it. I cannot change the past but I can ease the present with my apologies and change of attitude make the future better by doing my best, Love you, Mom.

60. The thought of hurting you hurts me but I keep on falling into the same error. Please, forgive me, Mom.

61. I promise to quit friendship with those guys, I never knew it will hurt you this much, Mammy. Please, forgive me.

62. Mummy, I am truly sorry about my display of folly yesterday. I got carried away with my phone that I forgot to make dinner and make you go to bed on an empty stomach. Please, forgive me, Mama.

Touching Sorry Quotes for Brother

There is no way you wouldn’t have issues with people that are closest to you. There are times you might be careless with your words or acted out of context. In this case, you have done something to hurt your brother and you need his forgiveness. I will suggest you send him these touching sorry quotes in order to soften his heart towards you.

63. I am really missing the fun and laughter that we do share. I am so sorry for snitching on you, Bruv. Please, forgive me.

64. I acknowledge that my being rude to you before your friends caused you so much pain. Please, forgive me.

65. I honestly accept that I have annoying habits and it often pisses you off. I never knew it will cause you much hurt as it did today. I am truly sorry, Bro.

66. If only I could go back in time and change the narrative, I will gladly do that. I am so sorry for causing you so much pain, Bro.

67. I want you to know that you are my dearest brother and that I am so sorry for being arrogant.

68. You are the kindest brother on earth and I am the most selfish person I know. Please, forgive my bad attitude towards you. I promise to change.

69. I am so sorry for making you cry, Little Bro. I do really care about you.

70. I can only ask that you forgive me for making you do all the chores yesterday. I promise to make it up to you by taking you to the movies. One love, Bro.

71. I said some mean to you during our argument earlier today and I sincerely want to apologize. Forgive me, Brother.

72. I really respect you and I am sure you know that also. Please, forgive me for acting otherwise yesterday.

73. I cannot trade having you as my big bro for anything. Please, forgive my childish behaviour and let’s get talking again.

74. How can I deal with the thought of my best friend not talking with me? Forgive me already, Brother.

75. Hey, little bro, I am so sorry for beating you the way I did yesterday. I simply let out my frustration on you and I now deeply regret it. How can I make this up for you?

76. I really wish we can go back to normal. I agree you were really hurt but find a place in your kind heart to forgive me, Brother.

77. I could see the pain in your expression and yet I kept on ranting. I am so sorry for being such a foolish little sis. Please, forgive me, Brother. I miss us talking.

78. Playing all by myself is awkward. I believe you will forgive me soon enough so I wouldn’t get fed up with sending my apologies to you.

79. My dearest Brother, if there be any love left in your heart for me. Please, let it speak forgiveness for me.

80. I am so overwhelmed with guilt; I wish you can see how deeply hurt I am because you are mad at me. Please, forgive me already.

Emotional Sorry Quotes for Sister

The female gender is very emotional. They often read between the lines and are capable of giving a thousand meaning to a simple sentence. So, you cannot afford to be careless when apologizing to your sister. You have to mean every word of these sorry quotes if you really want her to take you seriously. First of all, you have to admit your wrongdoing so she doesn’t falsely blame herself for it all, then you ask for her forgiveness. Here are some quotes to help you out.

81. I deserve to be flogged for making my beautiful sister cry. I am very sorry, Little Sis. Please, forgive me, dear.

82. You are the most caring and protective elder sister I know bun I keep on disobeying your orders and hurting you. I am so sorry, sis.

83. Forgive me, Dearest sis for not doing my part of the chore and making Mom get mad at you. I honestly do not intend to make you sad.

84. You are the only one I have to love, fight and argue with. Kindly forgive me if my words were too harsh.

85. I will love you now and always, sis. Find a place in that beautiful heart of yours and forgive my naughtiness already.

86. I am so ashamed of myself right now that I cannot walk up to you or face you. Please, forgive my attitude, I really hope this will help heal the hurt I caused you.

87. I can understand the fact that you are ignoring me due to the pain I caused you but please, do remember you are the only family I have got and I need your forgiveness more than anything else.

88. I take sole responsibility for the awful event that happens today ad I am truly sorry. Please, help me in making things right.

89. Of a truth, I am deeply sorry but then you are the one person I can be naughty to because you are my closest family.

90. I am sorry sis for all the crap I did and the nasty things I said. God bless you as you forgive me. Winks.

91. I sincerely did not mean to upset you, I hope that you can forgive me, I am sorry.

92. I have been consistent in breaking the promises I made to you about getting you a new phone. I truly hope you will see my heart and understand that I am trying my best. I believe all will be good very soon, dear. Please, forgive me.

93. Having seen the tears roll freely from your eyes, I knew how to hurt you were. I am so sorry, dear sis.

94. I Know How Angry You Are right now and I really hope you see past my wrong and forgive me, Sweet Sis.

95. I have never seen you this mad at me. I am very sorry for taking you for granted over and over again, Sis. Please, forgive me.

96. Good morning, Little Sister. I am so sorry for the way I spoke to you harshly in the presence of your friends. I could see the hurt in your eyes, but I was so mad I ignored it. I am truly sorry, I never meant to belittle you. Can we get talking again?

97. Never forget you are my best friend forever, Sis. Please, forgive my carelessness with your EarPods. I promise to get a new one for you before the week runs out.

98. I am very sorry, Sis for eating all the food you left in the pot without considering the fact that you might be hungry when you get back. Please, forgive me.

99. I know without a doubt that I have to ask for your forgiveness. Please, find a place in that beautiful heart of yours to accept my taking your favourite dress with me to school.

100. Hi, Big Sis. Kindly forgive me for not doing the laundry before leaving home. I can imagine how red your face will be when you see them so I have decided to apologize in advance.

Conclusively, in order to make your family know that you are truly sorry for what you have done wrong and that you need their forgiveness, you need to be able to express remorse over your actions and empathize with how the offended party felt. These beautiful forgiveness quotes for family crafted for you will make all the difference.

Written by Joseph Abimbola

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