Heart Touching Quotes for Mother

Heart Touching Quotes for Mother (2024)

It would be nearly impossible to exhaust the many blessings mothers bring to our lives. Do we talk about the memories, the lessons, and the discipline that have made us into better people? How do we factor in the many ways they show us how to truly forgive, how to give second chances, and how to love ourselves and other people?

With them, we don’t have to look too far for the signs of strong woman. We readily find role models, inspiration, and examples of women that slay and nurture at the same time. Over and over, we see their selflessness at play, their kindness and will power to make us into better people.

As such, it is only befitting that we show our appreciation. It becomes necessary to let them know that we see their labour of love towards us. Along with the gifts for mother you can send, the constant care and support, you can also show your appreciation and how much you love her by sending her any of these heart touching quotes for mother.


Most Touching Words for Mother

Your mother deserves kind and sweet words. That is why these most touching words for mother will do.

1. Having children of my own have opened my eyes more. Now, I see and truly appreciate all you’ve done for me, mother. I see and appreciate the sacrifices, the warmth, love and laughter. I love you, mother. Thank you for everything.

2. Home is wherever you are, mother. Even with the posh environment, beautiful house and all, you’re where I truly belong. I can’t wait to get home and to see you. But until then, I love you so much.

3. I’ve asked myself how it is possible to choose someone over and over again. For as long as I can remember, you’ve put us first, you’ve chosen us again and again. For these and many other things, I’ll always be grateful to you, mother.

4. All of life’s lessons I’ve gotten from you have made life easier. The lessons have made me a much person, not just to myself, but also to my family and immediate society. There’s truly no mum like you in the entire world.

5. You’re my inspiration. You’re my woman crush every day. I see how you live, how you compartmentalize, how you love, all of your achievements, and I’m just amazed. You truly are a superwoman. And I adore you a lot, mum.

6. From you, I’ve learnt that being a successful wife, mother and career woman doesn’t mean suffering. I’ve watched you take charge of situations and slay while at it. You’re everything I want to be when I’m much older. I love you, ma.

7. In the years I’ve lived, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve seen people come and go in my life. I’ve seen people stay around only for a season. But if there’s anyone that has been constant, that has held my hands and loved me through it all, it is you. Just live forever, mum. I’ll take care of the rest. Just live forever.

8. You’re a gem. And I can say with all certainty, they don’t make mothers like you anymore. Regardless of the protest that may come up for saying this. It is my truth. They don’t make mothers like mine anymore. Kind, strong, beautiful and successful. I’m not ungrateful for you, mum.

9. To me, you’re irreplaceable. No one can take your place in my life, in my heart, and this family. All I just ask God for is for Him to keep you alive for a very very long time. I’ll definitely treat you like the queen that you are. Good morning, mother.

10. When I was younger, I used to wish to be like you. Because you’re an embodiment of strength, wisdom, kindness and beauty. But you’ve shown me how being my own person is amazing. You’ve taught me how to be comfortable with myself. And I’m so much better for it. I love you, mum.

11. You give me hope. You show me how nothing is insurmountable if I put my mind and strength to it. You make me believe that I can do well as a wife, mother and career woman. That I can slay in all aspects of my life. You’re my superhero, mum!

12. People who feel single mothers are unsuccessful haven’t met you yet, mum. They would be blown away. That you raised a beautiful daughter that is me and got your life into the way you’ve always wanted it. I’m amazed at the things you do. I’m amazed at the person that you are.

13. I’m so thankful to God for an amazing life and a mother that is a queen through and through. I pray that long life, good health, wisdom, peace, and joy will continually be yours. Mum, I love you loads!

14. We’ve gone through a lot, and we’ve grown since then. From the many disagreements, struggling to build an intimate relationship, managing our varying views and all. If I have to do life again, I still don’t want a mother that isn’t you. Because no one will love me, care for me, and pray for me as you do. I love you, ma.

15. God is not a man that He should lie. His words talk about satisfying us with long life. His words talk about joy, peace and comfort. And I’m praying that you will see all of these manifest in your life. Good morning, mum.

16. For as long as I can remember, there’s never been a time when I didn’t want you proud of me. Because I see all the effort you put in to see me happy, comfortable and educated. As long as I’m alive, I’ll do all that is within my power to make you proud of me.

17. You’re strength personified. And yes, even years after, I still maintain that I want to be like you. I love all that you stand for, and I love the person that you are, mum. I love you so much.

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18. You’ve always been an integral part of my life. And you’ll always be. Because it is hard imagining a life without you. It is hard picturing someone else try to fill the gap of a mother. I love you dearly, mum. And I’m always praying for you.

19. May your going out and coming in be blessed. May you eat and enjoy the fruits of your labour. May God satisfy you with long life, good health, comfort and warmth. May His eyes watch over you, and guide you always. Have a beautiful day, mother.

20. I’m sending you this message today, to remind you that you are loved. And that I never want you to forget that I believe you’re the greatest mother ever! I love you always, mum. E-kisses.

Some Heart Touching Lines About Mother

Mothers are beautiful people through and through. These heart touching lines about them will warm your mother’s heart.

21. It isn’t hard imagining that you can be my best friend. You were my first friend. You cared for me, prayed for me, and protected me. It really isn’t hard to believe that you are my best friend. I pray that God’s blessings will fill your day and life. I love you, mum.

22. I see how you love me. I see the depth of it, and I’m amazed. You keep choosing me over and over again, putting me first, and loving me despite my shortcomings. I really don’t want a life that you aren’t in. I can’t picture happiness without you in it. So, live forever mum!

23. Thank you for being everything good, everything sweet, and everything beautiful. There are not many like you. I’m not even sure they make mothers like you anymore. Thank you for the person you’ve raised me to be. I love you forever!

24. Truly, nothing beats a mother’s love. There’s no mountain I don’t feel like I can’t move. There’s no height I don’t think I can’t get to. No depth, achievements I can’t get. All because of how you raised. All because you didn’t let your love smother me. Rather, you let it make me strong. I’ll always owe you, mum. Always.

25. I wish I could bare the depth of my love for you, so you could see. I love you so much, mum. So much so that, I want you to live forever. If I had my way, we’d be touring the world together, we wouldn’t fall ill, and we wouldn’t have to worry about money. You’re still the best thing that happened to me!

26. I love how we are inseparable. I love how your name is the first thing I can think of even in the midst of chaos. Merely speaking to you, crying over the phone, and knowing there’ll be no condemnation, is everything. I cherish you, mum. With all my being.

27. I am what I am because of you. I have all that I do, because of the discipline you raised me with. Thank you for the solid background. I owe you everything, mum, including my life. And I pray that God will keep blessing you, caring for you, and protecting you. I love you so much.

28. Regardless of the distance between us, I’m really glad that we’re still inseparable. That we can still finish each other’s sentences and know when the other is hurting. You’re the best mother and friend ever!

29. Thank you for the comfort, peace and warmth that you give. My life is better with you in it. Thank you for the non-toxic vibe and atmosphere that never leaves you. I love you so much, mum.

30. It’s no surprise that people always want to be around you. Merely talking to you draws people in. And I love that you are so reliable, trustworthy and beautiful. If there’s a next life, I’m so coming as your daughter!

31. Facing myself was hard. I couldn’t believe how things went from a 100 to 0 in a short time. But you helped me relearn everything. You held my hands when frustration came crashing. You cried with me, pushed me hard, and I could finally face myself. I owe you my life, I owe you everything. You’re so loved, mother.

32. Thank you for putting us into your plans every time. You think of the consequences of your actions and plans. You think of how they would affect us, how they would make us better, and how they’ll shape our lives. I know I’ll be a good father because I have a mother like you.

33. Mother, from you, I’ve learnt life lessons that have made me so much better and stronger. I’m deliberately living my life, not just going through the motions. I’m smashing goals and living the mental picture of my dreams. You’re truly a supermum.

34. I’m totally grateful for a mother that is as thoughtful and sweet as you. I’m grateful you gave birth to me. I’m grateful you taught me most of the things I know. And I’m thankful for the very solid foundation you gave my siblings and I. I’ll always love you, mum.

35. You have a reserved place in my heart. As a matter of fact, you have my heart forever. And I promise to care for you and to do right by you always. Just as you spent your life doing for me. Good morning, mum.

36. You always tell me how you loved me, even before you saw me. I can totally relate with this now that I’m a mother. Honestly, I can now understand and implement all the lessons and wise words I got from you. Thank you for equipping me!

37. I know my source of strength, inspiration and doggedness. I got everything from you. And see how I’m living my best life, living out my dreams, and actively living life! Here’s sending you e-kisses and hugs. I love you, ma.

38. All I know is that I want to be like when I grow up. And I know how you’ll tell me that I have to be my own person. But I want to be like you. You’re strong, infinitely kind and gracious to people, and you’re beautiful. I really don’t want to hear the reasons, I just want to be like you.

39. Life has dealt me blows. But every time, you remember to call me and to remind me to take things slow. Thank you for reminding me about the process, about discipline, about perseverance. We’ll yet take those many trips we talked about. Love you, mum!

40. You can literally do no wrong in my eyes. Weaknesses and all, you’re the perfect mother. And I pray for God’s goodness, mercies and blessings upon you daily. Have a beautiful day, mum!

Beautiful Messages for Mother

Looking to make your mother’s day? To appreciate, and pray for more blessings upon her? These beautiful messages for mother are your best bet.

41. You make our home so beautiful, so peaceful, and a very happy place to be in. I don’t need to create mental pictures or think too far, I know that I want a home that is as lovely as the one you’ve given us. I love you, ma.

42. You’re so perceptive and so intuitive. I don’t know how you do it, but you always seem to know when things aren’t going well with me. And you don’t hesitate to call, to chip in one or two things, and to make me feel better. My life is truly better with you in it.

43. You’re the most forgiving and accommodating person I know. Regardless of how many times I’ve strayed, and the many heartaches I’ve caused. You were always patient, and always believing the best of me. Thank you so much, mom.

44. No matter how grown-up I am, no matter the distance between us, I’ll always be your little girl. And I’ll always be loyal and faithful to you. I love you with all my heart, mother. I love you!

45. I can’t picture a life without you. I really can’t do it. You’ve filled every area of my heart and life, and I never could conceive of a life without you. Good morning, mom.

46. If there’s any relationship that has me singing my appreciation, it is the one we have. I’m so grateful for this mother-daughter relationship. I’m grateful for the access you give and thankful that I don’t have to be scared with you. I love you, mum. And again, you’re the best!

47. If there’s any reason I’m this beautiful, sensible, confident, reliable and carefree. It is because of you, mother. You lead an exemplary life, and I’m glad I didn’t have to look too far for a role model. Have a beautiful night rest, mom.

48. I could try to stay without you, but I’ll always need you. I’ll be lying if I say that I can live without your voice, your counsel, your shoulders or your jokes. You’re everything beautiful, ma. And I never want to do life without you.

49. I am strong in mind and body. I am confident and assured in myself. I have the mind to dream and make sure they all come to reality. But I recognize my source, which is you, mum. Thank you so much for everything. I’ll always be in your debt.

50. May God’s blessings, favour, peace, life, vitality, comfort and warmth never depart from your life. May they always be abundant in your life. I love you so much, mummy.

Sweet Messages to Mom From Daughter

Your mom is ever willing to be there for you, to give you her time and attention. To show that you appreciate her efforts on you as her daughter, you should totally send any of these sweet messages to her.

51. We’ve had many moments together. We have cried, mourned, rejoiced, and played around together. I’m grateful for the growth, I’m grateful for our relationship, I’m grateful for our lives, and I’m grateful for a mother like you. E-kisses.

52. If I haven’t told you how much I love you this period, do forgive me. I love you, mum. More than all the words in all the books in the world. You’re my everything!

53. My world is a colourful place because it has you in it. If we had hundreds of people like you, the whole world will be a better place. You’re kind, strong, responsible, resilient and beautiful. I love you plenty, mom.

54. Thank you for deliberately loving me. I remember some of the decisions I made when growing up, and I just want to cry. But you stood by me, you didn’t use my past against me, and you forgave me truly. There would be no me without you. Thank you for loving me deliberately, mother.

55. I want to be all that you are to my children. I know you’d ask me to do better than you. But I’m dead serious about being like you. I never met a more amazing and beautiful woman like you. I love you so much, mum.

56. Whenever I hear people say, “like mother, like daughter,” I am always happy and proud. I am my person, but I want to take after you in a lot of things. Your kind heart, soothing words, carefree lifestyle, and joyful aura. I’m proudly “like mother, like daughter.”

57. I celebrate you, mother. A queen through and through, a godly woman, kind and beautiful too. There are not many like you, and I’m glad that I have you in my life. I love you!

58. If I could, I’d scream my love for you for all the world to hear. Thank you for being the best mother I could have ever prayed for. Thank you for loving me in spite and despite my flaws. I’m proudly your daughter.

59. The shoes you would leave behind will be big. I don’t see how I could ever fill them. I don’t see how I could be as loving, forgiving and graceful as you. But I do know that I’ll always do my best. So you can be proud of me now and always.

60. Our home is a safe haven because of you. You’ve filled it with so much love, laughter, sacrifice and patience. Today, I am lucky to be reaping the benefits. I’m healthy in my mind and body. I owe you a lot, mom. I love you.

61. Thank you for putting up with me until I came around. I was so childish and stupid, now that I think of everything. But your patience and optimism have paid off in my life. I’m still growing, making mistakes too, but I’m a much better person. Thank you for always, mom.

62. Even with the divorce, you strived to see that I wasn’t unsettled. It took you a lot to raise me. But you did it. This is all you, mom. Everything I am, everything I have. This is all your doing. I owe you my life.

63. You’ve done the most for me. And I say this without bitterness or anger towards my father. But I’m not stupid not to be grateful for the gift that is you. Thank you for fighting for me, for choosing me, for loving me. I wouldn’t be here without you.

64. Even in the midst of storms, you shine. You ride the storms with so much strength, grace and patience. I want to be like you when I’m older. I want to have your kind of heart, and live the way you live. I love you so much, ma.

65. If there’s anyone that is proud to see you chasing your dreams, that would be me. I’m glad that you get the chance to live, to go after your dreams, and to do them with the comfort your children willingly give. You’re worth everything, and you’re not too old!

66. I have you to thank for showing me the meaning of family. Thank you for teaching me that we never abandon our own, regardless of how grave the situation gets. I’ll be representing you well everywhere I go.

67. I’m always grateful for this bond that we share. Grateful that I have a best friend that is my mother and family. Grateful that I can be sure my secret is always safe with you. Thank you for everything, mommy.

68. Thank you for teaching me how to truly love. Thank you for teaching me selflessness, forgiveness and second chances. Please live forever, ma. I love you.

69. Scars and all, you were never ashamed of me. You loved me for both of us until I could love myself. I am better, I am confident, and I am happy. Good morning, mom.

70. I’m so happy that we don’t have a one-sided relationship. I’m happy that we hold each other in high esteem, and that neither of us has to do too much to get each other’s attention. I’m grateful for us always. Love you, mom.

Sweet Messages to Mom From Son

Your mom is there when the chips are down. Through the highs and lows. Sending any of these sweet messages will convey your thankfulness to be her son.

71. Your strength has been all we needed to scale through. All we needed to be the amazing humans that we are today. There’s definitely no us without you. Love you so much, mom.

72. Lord knows that you gave me the best life ever. There’s not a memory of us that isn’t filled with love, joy, happiness and warmth. It is my prayer that the heavenly Father will fill your life with all these in triple folds. You have my heart forever, mom.

73. Because of you, I am. There’s not a part of me that isn’t grateful for the gift of you each day. I cherish you, mother. And I pray for long and full years for us still.

74. You’ve given me the best things in life. You’ve given me your heart, your body, your time, your money, and other resources. There ain’t any mother in the world like you. And my heart rejoices that I have you in my life. I love you dearly, mom.

75. The gifts I give to you will always pale in comparison to the ones you’ve given to me. You have given me the best gifts in life, and I’m forever grateful to you. Have a good day, mom.

76. I didn’t have to look far for a role model. You were with me from the first day, and you were always leading an exemplary life. You just had to be my role model. Good morning, mom.

77. I am a fortunate man, to have a mother like you in my life. May God’s choicest blessings remain abundant in your life forever and ever. Have a swell day, ma.

78. You may not have had me biologically, but you’re my mother. And I want to say thank you, for the beautiful life you’ve helped me create for myself. In short, you’re the real deal. Love you, ma.

79. My love for you keeps growing every day. And there’s never been a day I wasn’t grateful for you. Love you always.

80. You’re more than a mother-in-law to me. You’re a mother. And every day, I’m further convinced that you’re the real deal. May God’s blessing and favour continually rest on you. Good morning, mom.

Special Words for My Mother

These special words for mother will add more colour and liveliness to your mother’s day. Try them out!

81. You’ve played a huge role in getting me to the height I’m at today. If I’m living the life of my dreams, it is because I have you as a mother. Always pushing and spurring me on to success. There’s definitely no me without you, mommy.

82. Even in the times, I failed you, there was never a question about your love for me. I never met someone with a lot of ‘second chances’ in her heart. You hand me a new slate each time and love me through it all. There’s no one like you in the entire world, mom. Thank you so much.

83. I really cannot wait for my children to meet you. They would be blessed to call you Grandma and to sit under your tutelage. You’re amazing, mom.

84. You may feel like you fail me, sometimes, but it isn’t true. Look at how great I turned out. And I have no other person to thank for the life I have today, other than you. You didn’t fail me, mom. You could never.

85. I’ve never met another mother like you. You are a go-getter, a fighter, and someone who can turn dust into gold. I’m glad that I get to call you mother. I love you so much.

86. I’ve learnt that women are strong, fiercely loyal and equal. I’ve learnt to support them, not bully them with the power society has given me as a male, and to treat them with respect. You’ve made me a better and responsible human, mother. I’ll always be grateful.

87. I’ll get thoughtful gifts from people, true. But none will measure up to the ones you’ve given me. Your time, heart and love. Thank you, ma.

88. I can’t wait for my wife and children to meet you. They’ll be the luckiest set in the entire world. I love you, mother.

89. In my heart and life, you’re an irreplaceable person. You’ve done the most for me in this life, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Thank you so much, mom.

90. As I long as I breathe, I’ll be celebrating you every day. Here’s wishing you a swell day. Love you.

91. You’re worth more than gold, diamond and even silver. You’re a priceless gem, and I love you more than life itself.

92. If I had the world, Lord knows I will give it to you. But until then, I promise to do all that’s within my power to see you live comfortably, mother. You have my heart always.

93. You’ve been with me through my every milestone. Small and big, you’ve held my hand, and you’ve walked with me. Here’s praying for long life and good health, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.

94. I admire a lot of things about you. Your kind heart, your warm smile, your welcoming personality, everything. I’ll be loving you forever, mom.

95. You mean more than this world to me, mom. I hope that you never forget this. I love you forever!

96. Your lessons have saved me a countless number of times. Even in normal things like cooking a pot of salty rice. I love you, mama.

97. You’ve given so much love to people. You’re kind, you’re selfless, and you’re forgiving. Here’s wishing that you get that love back in the triple fold. E-kisses, mother.

98. We are lucky to have you. I know that I am lucky to have a beautiful mother like you. Here’s wishing you a great day!

99. I’m glad to have been under your influence, and under your tutelage. I’ve been made better, and we’ll be equipped for what life has to bring. Love you, ma.

100. Mother, there’s no one else like you. There’s no other person taking your place in my life. And you’re the real deal. Love you so much.

I totally enjoyed writing these heart touching quotes and messages for mothers. And I hope that you found them useful too.

Don’t forget to leave a comment and share with friends and family. Thank you!

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