Birthday Prayers for 4 Years Old

4th Year Birthday Prayers for 4 Years Old

At a tender age, a child, especially a 4-year-old child, needs all the love, blessings, and prayers from you so that he/she can have a wonderful and memorable childhood. As a parent, you should have the tradition of waking your child on his birthday with a hug and some prayers.

Words from parents are so powerful that they are capable of creating a strong aura of protection around the child. The words said to a child should be positive and filled with encouragement. Those words should carry the word of blessings and fortunes on the life of the child.

While some children develop psychologically and emotionally faster than others, they are all still children with open minds. It is your duty as a parent to know what prayers to say and how to act in any given situation so that your child can be better prepared for the future.

Birthdays are one of the important days to make a child feel loved. So, you should shower your 4 years old with not just gifts but sweet and kind verbal renditions and praises to God on his/her behalf as he celebrates his 4th year birthday.

Here are 4th year birthday prayers for 4 years old in 2024 you can say to your 4 years old child or that of your loved ones on his/her 4th birthday.

Happy Birthday Prayers for 4 Years Old

While celebrating your 4 years old child, remember he/she has already been gifted intellectually and can retain the memories of his/her early childhood from the age of 2. Don’t hesitate to bless his/her birthday with these happy birthday prayers for 4 years old.

1. On this day of your 4th birthday, I bless you with wisdom and sound mind to achieve greatness and be the best in what you do. I also ask God to fortify you intellectually to make you excel academically and other areas you set your heart on.

2. I pray for the unwavering grace of God upon your life to protect you as you clock another year. May He also continue to shower his love and mercies upon your life, Amen.

3. Dear God, I look at my child every day and I thank you for blessing me with such a wonderful son/daughter. I couldn’t have asked for someone better. Lord I ask that you sustain him/her with good health and sound mind like you have always done and may he grow to achieve destiny and purpose.

4. You are a child of destiny, a seed of Abraham. Therefore, you are born great, your name shall be great, greatness is in you. Everything you touch shall be great. Greatness and great people shall be your convoy and they shall never depart from you.

5. In blessing, you are blessed. Every curse is turned to a blessing. You shall be above only, your friends and peers shall look up to you. Every obstacle set before you for you to stumble shall be your stepping stone. Amen.

4th Year Birthday Prayers for 4 Years Old

6. I ask God almighty to keep you under his wings. Hide you against bad peers and people that have laid it in their hearts to harm you. You shall be safe always as your safety is guaranteed and not negotiable.

7. As you clock another year in this journey of life, may this day not be your last. Your table has been prepared in the presence of your friends and enemies so your cup shall always overflow. You have come to this earth to succeed and so shall it always be.

8. His word has said that I shall not be barren nor will I cast out my young and the number of days I have shall be fulfilled. Therefore, I prophesy that you shall be well in all your days. No man or woman born of a man shall claim your life and all that you will work for. With long life and prosperity, God shall satisfy you. Amen

9. Happy birthday, baby. Mummy and daddy love you and are happy to have you as part of the family. Mummy and daddy want to let you know that you are the best gift to them from God. We want to wish you a happy birthday.

10. Happy birthday to you, our precious child, our cupcake coated with honey and immeasurable value of sweetness. From the depths of our heart and soul, we want to let you know that we love you and we are wishing you are happy birthday.

4th Year Birthday Prayers for 4 Years Old 3

11. Baby, we want to tell you that we love you very much. We are praying for you to grow old and become who God wants you to be. We pray He keeps you in His safety and may you never depart from his protection. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

12. Ever since the day you came to our lives, it has been nothing but joy and happiness. We know you will make us proud and happy. Thank you for coming to our lives. Happy birthday.

13. There are no words that can quantify the joy in our hearts because of you. Your tenderness and uniqueness give us reason to thank God. From the day you were formed to the day you were born, up till now, you have always been and will forever be our greatest wonder. Happy birthday our dearest.

14. Waking up and looking at you every morning is an assurance that miracles truly exist and happens to people who believe and trust in God. You are nothing short of a miracle and God has proved himself in our lives through you. happy birthday, honey.

15. We know for certain that we were placed on this earth to take care of you, and we will never fail in our task to give you the best that you need and deserve. We are happy daily for your growth and development and are proud of you. Happy birthday, dear.

4th Year Birthday Prayers for 4 Years Old 4

16. You are the light of your generation, a treasure of the Highest God, the pride of our family. The most amazing gift a family could ever ask for. You are a blessing to this world and you will surely transform the lives of many for the better. Happy birthday, dearest.

4th Year Birthday Prayers for Christians

There are often two birthdays in the life of Christians. The first birthday is the day they were given birth to by their parents and the second birthday is the day they have come to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and saviour, that is, becoming born again. Whichever one you deem fit, there are 4th year birthday prayers you can say to Christians to make them feel special.

17. I thank God for laying it in your heart towards becoming born again. It was a step in the direction. I pray for the mercies and will of God to keep you in His grace, and more grace to remain steadfast in him. Amen.

18. May the grace of the Lord Jesus and his peace that passes all understanding continue to lead you as you celebrate this day and may you never have regrets in him. Amen.

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19. As all things are possible for those in Christ Jesus, may all things become immensely possible for you and may you find his mercies anew every day of your life. Happy birthday to you.

20. As it is written, this day the sun shall not smite you by day nor the moon by night, you are the anointed of the lord and the apple of His eyes. He has given His angels charge over you to protect you and he has disappointed the device of the crafty so they cannot perform their enterprise against you.

21. As the memories of the righteous are blessed so shall you be remembered for blessings. As the steps of the righteous are ordered so shall your feet not lead you to damnation. The lord is a lamp to your feet so you shall never stumble or dash it against a stone.

22. I pronounce your healings today, now and forever. You are blessed in your mind, body and soul. Just like his words say; I wish above all things that thou may prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospers.

23. I decree and declare that you are blessed, you are safe and secured in the arms of the almighty. No evil shall ever come nigh to thy dwelling and no evil report shall be heard of thee in the city. The mark of Christ as been implanted in you, therefore, every affliction has passed over you. Amen.

24. His word says; afflictions shall not rise the second time. Therefore, every or any area of your life and family afflicted shall be healed in the name of Jesus, and your lips shall be filled with testimonies and new songs this day. Amen.

Fourth Year Birthday Prayer for Daughter

Let your fourth year old daughter know that she is constantly in your thoughts by saying these few words of birthday prayer. Children, no matter their age, are seen as a gift as they are still fragile and vulnerable and should be treated with the utmost care and love.

25. In your generation, I pray for you to become significant like notable women in the bible such as Deborah, Ruth, Esther and Sarah. May you take charge and succeed where other women have failed.

4th Year Birthday Prayers for 4 Years Old

26. May the stars in your sky never be hidden, may the glory in your head never be covered, whatever issues that plague young girls and lead them astray not find you. may you be safe always. Amen.

27. I put the seal of God on your destiny, no one shall take or steal it, no one shall kill you. child snatchers and paedophiles shall not come near you. the Lord shall fight for you always. Amen.

28. From today and henceforth, I bless you academically, physically, financially and morally. You shall always be the first and not the last. Your intellect is closed against confusion and open to quick understanding, you shall not lack and you shall not be lead astray. You shall not be sick neither shall there you lack all the resources you will need to finance your education.

29. I pray that you grow to become a woman of virtue, full of a sound mind and morality. I ask that God leads you in the part of His own choosing and make you a beacon for other girls like you.

30. I blind every evil eye of enemies looking at you, I destroy every evil ploy to terminate and destroy your life. As long as you live and exist on this earth, we shall always hear good reports only about you.

31. Happy days are before you, nothing shall ever cause you to want to wish for the past. All tables have been prepared before you and God shall enrich you in all areas of your life in abundance.

32. The lord of host, in all his goodness, shall show your mercy, He shall sustain you and grant you your deepest desires. He shall also make himself known to you and you shall have a great and mighty impact positively on your friends and family.

Fourth Year Birthday Prayer for Son

What better way to celebrate than to let your son feel appreciated and know that he is constantly in your thoughts! Use these fourth year birthday prayer points to genuinely pray for your son. Birthdays are considered as one of the most important days and these should be done often by parents.

33. I know the thoughts I have towards you, thought of good and not of evil, to give you an expected end. May your life not end unexpectedly on this earth may it not be cut short prematurely before you achieve greatness.

34. All your goings and comings are blessed; may you not find yourself in a strange destination that will cause you harm, and may you continue to dwell in absolute peace and security.

35. In all your endeavours the Lord shall bless you with the strength of Samson, the wisdom of Solomon, the grace of David and the foresight of Daniel. You shall not be lacking in ideas and the strength and wisdom to achieve them.

36. I pray for the grace on you to remain in God’s love and mercies. I know there are social devices that influence boys of this generation, but your case shall forever remain different no matter how hard they try, you shall always triumph and come out victorious in Jesus name.

37. I ask God to bestow upon you the spirit to become a smart adolescent, a purposeful youth and strong adult, your life shall never be wasted on the laps of a strange woman nor shall be you ensnared in the traps of youthful lust and corruption.

38. you shall not bring shame to your parents neither shall you cause them pain and disgrace to all they will labour to do to make you achieve greatness in your life.

4th Years Prayers From Mum And Dad

Parents are the ones who go out of their ways to see a child’s dream become a reality even if it means forgoing their personal needs for years. Your contributions to the life and success of your children are immense and should never go unappreciated. The 4th year celebration of your child requires some prayers from mum and dad.

39. Your labours shall never be in vain, the strength that you have used in bringing up your children shall not be wasted. The Lord shall bless the labour of your hands and you shall reap the fruits of your labour.

40. Your children shall not die before your eyes, neither shall you be made to bury them, they shall grow old for you to see their children and children’s children.

41. I pray for good health and finances, long life and prosperity, I bless the purse that generates your money and pronounces that it shall never cease or run dry. May you not lack good things and peace of mind, in Jesus name.

42. You shall find rest in all that you do, may your children not be found wanting in evil deeds and may they not bring shame to your name and a disgrace to all that you have laboured to achieve in their lives.

43. With long life and security, the lord shall satisfy you, your cries shall not be heard in the city neither shall the blood of your children be spilt by evil men and women, all your days shall be crowned with songs of joy and rejoicing.

44. The Lord God shall shut up evil mouths against you, none shall have the reason to ask you “where is the God that ye serve?” or say “surely he has abandoned you” because the Lord shall be with you every step of the way till you are ready to meet him.

Opening Prayers for 4th Birthday Party

Prayers are a means of divine communication with God almighty and His angels. However, saying some prayers to Him at the beginning of an event gives Him the opportunity to make the event a successful one. Don’t let your child’s 4th birthday party begin without some opening prayers.

45. Dear lord, this is one of the days that you have made, and we have gathered together to rejoice with your son and daughter on their birthday celebration. We bless the celebrants and we ask, oh lord that this party is successful. We declare that it becomes open, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the holy spirit. Amen.

4th Year Birthday Prayers for 4 Years Old 1

46. Father, birthdays are one of the joyous days to remember ourselves and someone special in our lives. It is a day to celebrate a life that you gave just like the angels sang during the birth of our Lord Jesus. Lord, we bless today and bless the celebrants of today. We also ask that you take charge and have absolute dominion over the weather and elements of today as we declare the celebration open in Jesus name.

47. Lord bless everyone that has come here to celebrate with the celebrant today. We ask that we have a successful gathering and that you keep everyone safe and secure, as they came so shall they go to their respective homes safe and sound in Jesus name.

48. Lord we are gathered today to join hands in celebration with your sons and daughters on their birthday, we ask for absolute control over the activities, games and food of this celebration and we pray for the success of it in Jesus name.

49. Lord, we lift the parents of these children to your heavenly throne as they have laid it in their hearts to put forth a party on behalf of their children. We ask that the purse at which they brought at the money for this celebration be replenished in an unmeasurable fold and everyone that will take part in this celebration including the celebrants be blessed one way or the other. Amen.

50. Today we celebrate the start of the new year on the lives of the celebrants, we thank God for them and ourselves for giving us the opportunity to be alive to witness these events. We are not ungrateful not to acknowledge the mercies and faithfulness of God. As we declare this event open in his name, we say thank you, Lord.

At the latter age, children become more accountable and self-aware of everything around them. This is why you need to maximize this time to speak words of prayers, especially on their birthdays. Bless your child’s 4th year in life through the above-listed 4th year birthday prayers for 4 years old (2022). Words are powerful, soothing, and reassuring when said in the most loving way. Go ahead and use them to your advantage.

Written by Joseph Abimbola

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