Birthday Prayers for 18 Years Old

18th Year Birthday Prayers for 18 Years Old (2024)

The 18th year birthday is an important one in almost every part of the world. It is an age in which a child is now considered an adult and is responsible for most of his decisions. Oftentimes, you as a parent are amazed at how your child grows so fast.

Just yesterday, you were cuddling her/him to sleep and today she/he is already 18! Time seems to always cheat on some parents by running so fast that they do not have adequate time to prepare their child for adulthood. Everything happens before you get to say, ‘Jack.’ Lol

Let’s leave the story for another day. Your baby boy or baby girl is 18 years old today and all preparations for a big party has been made, in total compliance to his/her dictate (winks). However, you are at a loss for what type of message to send to your 18 years old child. I bet you that a prayer text message is a superb idea.

Your child is starting a new phase of life where she/he will be taking a whole lot of decisions as an adult and she/he really needs to have her/his steps divinely ordered. Praying for her/him on the event of her/his 18th birthday should not just be your responsibility as a parent. You, as a friend, brother, sister, fellowship or church member can extend prayers to her/him on their special day. Below are some amazing birthday prayers for 18 years old son, daughter, brother, sister or what have you.

Happy Birthday Prayers for 18 Years Old Daughter

Yipee! Your daughter is 18 years old today. Your baby girl is now a woman and she needs all the grace and wisdom there is to navigate this phase. Below are some thoughtful happy birthday prayers for you 18 years old daughter. You can send it as a text, as an attachment on her gift from you or even on her birthday card!

1. I am really amazed at the woman you are becoming. Your fierceness and doggedness thrill me and I pray for you this day as you start a new phase, you will move from one level of glory to another, you will never be a victim of evil circumstances. Your ways are ordered by the Lord in Jesus name. Love you crazy, Hon.

2. It’s a new level, princess. Oh! You are now a Queen. No longer my little princess. Adjust your crown cos God’s gonna announce you to the world this new year. All that you do shall prosper and you shall be greatly celebrated. Love you, Darl.

3. My heart is so glad and full of great wishes for you, daughter. I summarize my wishes for you thus – may life never deny you of its goodness. Happy birthday, Baby.

4. I know you’ve got a lot of aspirations and life can be overwhelming, therefore, as you celebrate your 18th birthday this day, I join my faith with yours and ask for you great wisdom needed to navigate through life. Happy birthday, Pumpkin.

5. You are a shining star, Sweetheart. My prayers for you as you start this new year is that you will continue to shine brighter and brighter to the glory of God.

18th Year Birthday Prayers for 18 Years Old 2

6. Mama can’t still believe you are an adult yet, Baby. Therefore, I ask Jesus to give you such speed in life that will get your enemies confused.

7. May the Lord release upon you all the grace and wisdom you need to launch forth in all goodness as you clock 18 Years today. Love you, Honey.

Happy Birthday Prayers for 18 Years Old Son

No doubt your son has started taking most decisions and responsibilities by himself even before today, male children are like that, aren’t they? However, standing up for himself is now legal – he is 18 years old today and male children can be so daring. Therefore he needs all the divine support available. In addition to the PlayStation and iPhone, some doses of happy birthday prayers will go a long way for your son.

8. You are a warrior. You represent my strength. You have shown tremendous wisdom over the years and as you clock 18 years today, Son; I pray for your light and revelation of His will for you.

9. This is surely the beginning of great and wonderful things in your life, son. You shall be a point of reference for greatness. Never forget that we deeply love and cherish you.

10. As you begin this new year, I pray for you an unusual grace for discernment. May the Lord surround you with every good thing he has planned for your life. Love you, Son. Can’t believe you are 18 already.

11. You deserve every dose of happiness and that is all I pray for you. May your happy days be much more than your gloomy days. I wish to pray out the latter but it’s a part of every individual’s journey. However, whenever you experience yours, may the Lord give you the strength and courage to overcome.

12. You are our true gift from God to us, Son. May you never lose your relevance in His scheme. I ask for you divine protection and wisdom to navigate life. Happy 18th birthday, King.

13. I cannot explain how I feel right now. I am thrilled! My baby is 18 years old today!! The best gift I can decide to offer is my heartfelt prayers so I summarize the tons of prayers in my heart in these few words; may your life be a reflection of God’s goodness.

14. As you clock 18 today, I pray that you will be a bright light in a world filled with so much darkness. You will bring many to the light of the word of God. Nations will come to know the Lord through the brightness of your light. Happy 18th, Son.

Birthday Prayers for 18 Years Old Girl

Struggling with what to text to a female in your life who clocks 18 years today? This can either be a girlfriend, female acquaintance or neighbour. Here are some good birthday prayers for an 18 years old girl.

15. Thank you, Lord, for granting my girl the grace of another birthday. I ask that you keep, strengthen and uphold her as she journeys through this new year.

18th Year Birthday Prayers for 18 Years Old 1

16. My soul rejoices in the Lord for my lovely neighbour who is now officially a woman. I pray that the Lord continue to keep you and grant you direction in all your ways.

17. Happy 18th, Princess. Like the beauty of the dawn, you shall arise and shine forth in true glory. Love you loads, Bestie.

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18. I pray for you the grace of Deborah. You, my sweet girl, shall rule nations, and you shall do that in the wisdom of the Lord. Happy 18th birthday, Love.

19. Today is the beginning of great and wonderful things for you, my sweet girl. More favours and goodness in the new year.

Birthday Prayers for 18 Years Old Boy

Not sure about what to text to a male figure in your life who clocks 18 years today? This can either be a boyfriend, male acquaintance or neighbour. You can send them a prayer text. Here are some good birthday prayers for an 18 years old boy.

20. Not only shall you enjoy cash flow this new year, but you shall also enjoy health flow. Happy birthday, boy.

21. May the teach you to number your days even as you begin a new phase of your life. May you know what is right to do and do it at the right time. Happy 18th birthday, my guy.

22. Dude, now that you’re 18, you will get to make a lot of decisions by and for yourself. May you not make a decision that will ruin your destiny. Happy birthday, Buddy.

23. I thought about many things I could do to make the birthday boy smile so bright and amongst the great plan, I present the greatest: May the Lord make you a voice in the generation. May your light shine so bright across the nations of the earth.

18th Year Birthday Prayers for 18 Years Old 3

24. The Lord bless you with the blessings of the heavens, may the earth not be able to resist birthing his best for you. The new age launches you into greater fulfilment of purpose. Love you, Buddy.

25. Not only shall the Lord grant you wisdom, but He shall also grant you understanding. You are so graced with these that even the heathens will honour the Lord on your behalf. Happy birthday, my boy.

Birthday Prayers for 18 Years Old Sister

Even though your sister can be so annoying. Today is her 18th birthday and she needs all the goodwill she can get from her family members which include you. Here are some thoughtful birthday prayers that you can send to make your 18 years old sister happy. Winks.

26. Finally! My baby sis is no longer a baby but an adult. lol. May the love of the Almighty encompass you roundabout and make you as secure as Mount Zion.

27. Happy birthday, big sis. I am so glad you are alive to see this year, looking back at all you’ve been through in the past year, I can only appreciate God. May He continually keep you in His perfect peace and love. Love you plenty, Sister.

28. It’s a new season for you, Sister. May all the good your heart desire be speedily this season. Happy birthday.

29. Welcome to the adult’s forum. It’s not easy waiting for 2 whole years for you to finally grow up. Anyways, I love you like that and I pray that this new year will not only be the best yet but will, be a major one that you will forever remember for good. Never doubt that Big Sis loves you crazy.

30. This new year is one of the major breakthroughs for you, no doubt about that. Happy 18th, sharp mouth.

Birthday Prayers for 18 Years Old Brother

Your brother clocks 18 today and in addition to the gifts you’ve gotten him, you will really love to include a heartfelt message that conveys your desire for his new year. Here are some beautiful birthday prayers for your 18 years old brother. It is not necessary you are blood. It could be a friend turned brother or some distant relative or even a neighbour. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ! Winks.

31. May your 18th year on earth be the most wonderful yet. All that your heart long for will be given speedily to you.

32. I bet the world is not ready yet for the explosion it is about to receive. You are that explosion. Cheers to bigger you, greater you. Cheer to 18, Bruv.

33. Now that it is legal for you to take responsibility for your life, I pray that the Lord will order your steps all the way. Love you, Brother.

34. Watching you handle everything with so much wisdom and excellence always make me proud that you are my big bro. I ask that as you celebrate this new year, may your light ever go dim.

35. May you not only be happy in this life, may you be truly joyful. May you be an envoy of God’s glory. Happiest birthday to my one and only brother.

18th Year Birthday Prayers for 18 Years Old 4

36. As you have always guarded and protected me, may God also guard and protect you all the days of your life.

37. You’ve always got my back; Bro. and I can only wish you all the very best you wish yourself according to the will of God. It’s a perfect year for you already, Buddy.

18th Year Birthday Prayers for Christians

Regardless of race, ethnicity, colour, status, Christians are one big family. Therefore, you as a Christian are obligated to carry out some family duties such as remembering and sending a thoughtful message to members of your local assembly. You don’t have to be a fellowship leader before taking on this responsibility and they don’t have to be your ‘church friend,’ remember, we are all members of Christ family. So, here are some wonderful birthday prayers you can send to a brethren to make them feel loved and appreciated on the occasion of their 18th birthday.

38. May this new phase be one in which you seek the Lord wholeheartedly and walk according to His precepts. Happy birthday.

39. I pray that the love of Christ will be revealed to you in a greater dimension this year. His light will shine into every darkness and destroy their works. Happy 18th, friend, I love you.

40. It is a year in which you shall arise and shine. Nations shall come to your light and kings to the brightness of your dawn. Happy 18th birthday, Sister.

41. Looking at all that you have achieved in the past years, I can say assuredly that they are just child’s play compared to the more wonderful things the Lord shall achieve through you even as you start this 18th race. Keep winning, Brother.

42. You have such an exemplary figure in the fellowship and I pray that may you never lose your saltiness in Jesus name.

43. It is your season of abundance. May you never want anything this season and beyond in Jesus name.

44. This new year of yours, you shall enjoy the manifold greatness of God in all ramifications. Have a fun-filled 18th birthday celebration, sis.

45. May the glory of the Lord surround you like the wall surrounding Jerusalem. Welcome to adulthood, sis. Love you deeply. Happy birthday.

18th Year Birthday Prayers for 18 Years Old

46. The LORD will work out his plans for your life. You shall never be stranded in life in Jesus name. Happy birthday!

47. I decree the protection of the Lord upon you even as you step into a new year. Happy18th birthday, Boss.

48. I pray for precious sister celebrating her 18th birthday today that she will grow in divine love, and be a solace for the hurting in Jesus name.

49. Mercy gives access to what you are not worthy of. I pray for your mercy even as you celebrate your 18th year.

50. Most certainly, you shall experience the goodness and favour this new age of yours. Cheers to 18, dearie.

I am certain that you have seen one or two birthday prayers for 18 years old that communicates your thoughts. You can merge your favourite prayers together as appropriate or even include your own. Don’t forget it’s a prayer message and it can’t be too long, you know. People often take to heart the prayer messages they get on a special day such as their birthday, so go ahead and make that person in your life who clocks 18 years today feel special.

Written by Joseph Abimbola

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