Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Mother

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Mother (2024)

One of the greatest gifts almost every individual appreciates in life is the gift of a mother or a mother figure, especially a good mother. This is because the roles of a mother in our lives are almost irreplaceable, the love they have for us is virtually incomparable, and the sacrifices they make for us are priceless.

However, that doesn’t negate the fact that there are some mothers shirk from their responsibilities, who care less for their children and who even push their children to make wrong decisions in life. It just happens that good and evil are normal phenomena in life; when good comes, we should appreciate it and try to make it better, and when it happens that evil comes, we should attack it and try to make it good.

When you are fortunate to have a good mother who wouldn’t mind giving her all to see you happy, the least you should do for her is to also give your all to make her happy. That’s a way to show your appreciation to her. And if you are on the other side of the coin, you shouldn’t carry hurts because no matter what, a mother remains a mother. You should rather show her love; that could be a way to make her see reasons to change.

Nevertheless, mothers are awesome and deserve to be shown some love. There are many ways to show love to your mother, and one of them is to celebrate her. Celebrating her makes her feel loved, appreciated and cared for, and one of the best opportunities to celebrate her is on her birthday.

I know you are here because you thought of that too! So, we are together. Let’s keep going.

Celebrating her on her birthday makes her feel special and brings back sweet memories. And of course, there are many ways to give your mom the best treat on her birthday. One of them is to send her some emotional, sweet and encouraging words to her.

Is it her birthday already? Then, quickly get any of the heart touching birthday wishes for mother below and make her feel special as she truly is. They are free emotional birthday messages for mother. Just copy and paste as many as you can.


Most Touching Happy Birthday Messages for Mom

Most touching happy birthday messages for mom you shouldn’t hesitate to send to your sweet mom as she celebrates a milestone.

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1. I want to show the world the priceless treasure God gave me even before I was born. I want to tell the world how I have been tremendously blessed to have a lovely mom like you. This is to let you know how I cherish you and wish you the best as you rock a new age today. May you be forever blessed and may you reap the fruits of your labour. I love you, mom. Happy birthday!

2. Not everyone has a mom but I’m so fortunate to have one, not just anyone but a super nice, caring and selfless one. Words would betray me to describe you, sweet mother. I just want you to know I love you and wish you many years of fruitfulness and love. Happy birthday, mom.

3. I wouldn’t have known a higher level of love if I didn’t have you in my life. Your role in my life is so amazing and irreplaceable and I appreciate you for that. I’m glad you are celebrating a milestone this day; a golden jubilee. It’s my wish that your new age be better than your past. You will find countless reasons to rejoice and your remaining years will be in good health and peace. Much love for you, mom. Happy 50th birthday, mother.

4. Many things I have to say this day but only a few my words can convey because your great personality is beyond what a million words can say. I’m glad I’m the child of a great woman like you and it’s with that joy I wish you a happy born day. May this new year of your life and subsequent years be more beautiful than the past. Happy birthday, darling mom.

5. Happy birthday to the best mom I have ever seen and even yet to see. I can’t just envisage what my life would be if you weren’t my mother. This is to let you know that I appreciate all you’ve been to me and I wish you heaven’s blessings as you add to your age this day. May you find joy and peace of mind all your days. Happy birthday, dearest mom. I love you.

6. Looking back to what you have been through just for our family to stand, sending you a happy birthday text wouldn’t be enough to appreciate you. You are all shades of a virtuous woman and I covet your strength, patience, wisdom and discernment. My heart won’t stop wishing you the best. You will live long in good health to enjoy the rewards of your labour. Happy birthday, mommy.

7. If for any reason life would repeat itself, I would come to you as a child over and over again. You are just the perfect mother for my soul. May the good Lord continue to bless you and set your feet on the path of greatness. You will live long, mom. Much love for you. Happy birthday!

8. Let’s talk about all the sacrifices you have made for me. Or, maybe we should talk about the sleepless nights you have had for me. What about the love and care you shower me with? I can’t just mention all you have done, they are numerous. That’s why I’m sure that you will be greatly blessed. You will know no sorrow for God will honour you. Thank you so much, mom, for everything. Happy birthday!

9. I don’t know what every other person desires today, but one thing I know I desire is that my dearest mom be blessed beyond measure. You deserve even more than that, mom. You are a great woman who works hard to see her children become great. So great is thy reward, dear mom. Thanks for everything, ma. Happy birthday to you.

10. Happy birthday to you, mommy. No one has seen the true definition of a mother until they see you. Just do one thing for me, mom: enlarge your coast for the heaven is about to rain on you, boundless blessings, coupled with peace and a sound mind, even in good health. Enjoy your new age, darling.

Heart Touching Birthday Quotes for Mom’s Birthday

Celebrate your mom’s big day with these heart touching birthday quotes for mom’s birthday. Best
heart touching birthday wishes for your mother.

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11. People have got mothers, but I’ve got not just a mother but a golden one who is rocking a golden jubilee. The world needs to see how attractive 50 looks on my mom, but much more, it’s my prayer that she becomes even more beautiful; within and without. Cheer’s to a glorious new year at 50. Happy 50th birthday to my mom.

12. Life, they say, is beautiful. And why won’t it be beautiful when it has in it, an amazing being like my mom. A woman whose worth is far above rubies. Nothing is enough to describe how awesome my mom is. I celebrate the woman who made me who I am today. May you always find reasons to rejoice and be celebrated. Happy birthday to my mum.

13. It’s another opportunity to celebrate the woman who nurtured me into who I am today. May the heavens bless her and cause her to enjoy many years ahead in good health and a sound mind, Happy birthday, dearest mama.

14. Happy birthday, world’s best mother. I bless the day I was formed in your womb for you’ve been a blessing to me. May you remain a blessing to this generation and may you find favour and success in all you lay your hands. I love you always, mummy.

15. One thing I will forever be grateful for is having a great and selfless woman as a mother. You have taught me what I wouldn’t have learnt anywhere else and have shown me what I wouldn’t have seen even if standing on the tallest tree. Great is thy reward, oh mother, even as you celebrate today. This day will bring you a new beginning of God’s goodness and benefits. Happy birthday to my mom.

16. The love I have for you, I can’t find anywhere else. It’s unique and unbeatable, specially for an amazing woman like you. It brings you good tidings as you add to your age today. Here is wishing you many years of good tidings, mom. Happy birthday.

17. I celebrate a woman who has made everything about me special to her. That is why her special day has become my special day, and she will forever occupy a special place in my heart. Many happy returns to my super mother. Happy 40th birthday, mom.

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18. Hurray! It’s the big day of a big woman, a woman of worth, beautiful within and without. I can’t but let the earth know how awesome you are and as well provoke the heavens to rain you unstoppable blessings as you complete another decade today. Happy 60th birthday to my mother. May you become more beautiful in all ramifications.

19. This day, I celebrate the special woman who can’t stand seeing me in troubles. She is always there to see me through and make me see a brighter side of life. This is just the beginning of your exploits, mom, for you will be blessed beyond measure in this new age of your life. Happy birthday, mom.

20. The luckiest daughter in the world wishes you a happy 70th birthday, mom. You are the reason our family is standing firm today. I’m glad to say I am always proud of you and daddy is the luckiest man on earth having a great woman like you. We will you the best new year with good health and wealth. Age with grace, mom.

21. Even when I am supposed to make you proud, you have rather made me proud of you. Your impeccable nature and astonishing wisdom make me want to flaunt you to the world over and over again. You deserve the best birthday with beautiful things for the rest of the year. Happy birthday, mum.

22. Happy birthday to the woman who is as strong as a man, one who never shirks from her duties, one who seeks the best for her children. That’s my mom, my super mom. Wishing you long life in good health and wealth. You will age to see your children prosper.

23. Happy birthday, my dearest. I may not have officially appreciated you for all you have been to me, but I want you to know my heart does always. I can’t take all you do for granted. This new age is here for a turn around for good. Let’s take the turn together, mom. I love you.

24. How can a son like me be this successful without a strong and positive mother beside him? Today, I celebrate the woman who has instilled positivity in me and has raised me into a strong and fearless man. May you always rejoice even as you age in good health and peace. You will reap the rewards of your efforts. Thanks for all, mom. Happy birthday.

25. Yay! It’s my mom’s special day., and I celebrate love, strength, patience, wisdom, discernment, courage and discipline. All that is in one woman; my mom. May they only continue growing as you celebrate a new year. Happy birthday, mom.

26. It’s time to celebrate the woman who has borne my weaknesses and massaged my strengths. One who has been my doses of hope when I find my strength failing; my prayer warrior. This is to tell you that you will only get better in life and not less, mom. I will be by you whenever you need me. Cheers a beautiful new age of a beautiful mother. Happy birthday, mom.

27. Countless words, unbeatable praises, indefinite thanks and unfailing promises for the woman who has been by me. As you rock a glorious new age today, it’s my prayer that your remaining years on earth be glorious. May you be blessed all around, in good health and peace. Happy birthday to my mother.

28. Celebrate the woman who has hope and sees the best in me when no one else does. I’m glad I have you as a mother. You are my everyday strength. I appreciate you, mom, and will forever wish you the best in life. Enjoy a new age of good tidings. Happy birthday, Mummy.

29. To me, you are special every day but today is more special because it gives me to chance to show the world how special you are. You are just the best and perfect mom. I love you always and wish you glorious experiences in this new age of your life. Happy birthday to you, my mama.

30. Happy birthday to the world’s best mom. As much as I want to spoil you with gifts today, I also want the heavens to bless you. May you find favour in the sight of God and may all your efforts be rewarded with success. You will age beautifully and enjoy good health and a sound mind. Happy birthday, mom.

Deep Birthday Wishes for Mother

Say deep things to your mom on her birthday with these deep birthday wishes for mother below. Best of all heart touching birthday wishes for mother.

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31. The joy of every good mother is to see her offspring become great in life, and my joy as your child is to see you age beautifully well, in good health and prosperity. Happy birthday, mum.

32. May this day be memorable for the woman who brought me to life and put all her best to see me become something in life. May you always rejoice all the days of your life. Happy birthday, mother.

33. I wouldn’t have known how sweet the love of a mother is if you had not shown me. You love me tirelessly and I am glad you are my mother. May every day of your life in this new year bring you gladness. Happy birthday, sweet mom.

34. I exist because you agreed to let me grow in your womb, even when it wasn’t too convenient for you. You are just the perfect mom and I pray everything becomes perfect for you in this new age of your life. Happy birthday, mom.

35. Another time has come for us to sing a song of victory because this is a year of overcoming for you, mom. The Lord will uphold you and make you stronger. Welcome to a new year of bliss. Happy birthday, mama.

36. I won’t get tired of telling you that 60 looks awesome on you. The more you age, the more beautiful you become. May the Lord make everything beautiful for you in this new age of yours and beyond. Happy birthday, strong mom. I love you.

37. Everyone talks about how good you are but I’m short of words because what you are to me is beyond good and even beyond what words can convey. All I have to say now is, thank you for everything. May you never be stranded of help when you need them. You will be blessed always. Happy birthday, mom.

38. Happy birthday, my mother. The gaiety and merriment of this day will soon elapse but what you mean to me will forever remain. I love you, mom. Enjoy a new year of greatness and upliftment.

39. Happy birthday, mummy. How I wish I could gather the whole world to celebrate you today because of how awesome you are, but you deserve even more than that, you deserve to be blessed of the Lord and that, you will receive this day.

40. Though every day talks about you, this day specially reminds us that you are a human who has turned an angel to the world. We love your kind gestures and generosity. May you be blessed beyond measure. Happy birthday, blessed mom.

Birthday Wishes for Mom From Daughter

Here are heart touching birthday wishes for mom from daughter specially written for you to send to your mom as a daughter.

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41. Happy birthday, mom. I may not have been telling you how grateful I am to have you but my heart appreciates you every now and then. You made me the woman I am today. Enjoy a new age free from troubles.

42. A day like this has given me another special opportunity to tell you I love you so much. You have shown me undiluted love over the years and I wish you a new year filled with love and blessings. Happy birthday, sweet mother.

43. If I weren’t your daughter, I probably wouldn’t be the woman I am today. I’m an outcome of the efforts of a strong, intelligent and loving mother. Thanks for everything, mom. I love you. Happy birthday.

44. Every of your birthday leaves me to wonder how God created you. I have concluded that He took extra time to put in some amazing qualities in you. That’s why you are multi-talented and strong. May your strength never fail and may you keep getting better. Happy birthday, mom.

45. My personal mommy, another day has come for me to tell you how much I love and appreciate you. I’m a good wife and mother today because I followed the examples you laid. Thanks for being a good example. May you reap the fruits of your labour and may you age beautifully. Happy birthday, mom. You are my best friend.

46. Happy birthday, mom. The way you have sacrificed a lot for our family leaves me amazed. How can a woman be this selfless and compassionate, loving to a fault and strong beyond measure? You mustn’t end this year without being tremendously blessed. You will enjoy your reward even on earth. Much love for you, mom.

47. All the love I get out there can not compete with the love you show me. Why wouldn’t I give my last to see that you are fine? One thing I’m sure of is that I will never allow you to suffer. God will make resources available to make you live happier than ever. Happy birthday, mom.

48. The lord will bless and take good care of you, just as you have loved and taken good care of me all these years. Thanks for the chastisements and the discipline. Welcome to a new age of blessedness. Happy birthday to my mom and friend.

49. If I hadn’t known my grandparents, I would say I have an angel as a mother. You have loved me beyond what human strength can do. May you not lack those who will love you tirelessly, and may you find good things in this new age of your life. Happy birthday, mom. I love you.

50. Embrace this new age with positivity, mom. It’s a season to let go of the past hurts and enjoy peaceful moments. I love you always. Happy birthday, mom.

Birthday Wishes for Mom From Son

Here are heart touching birthday wishes for mom from son specially written for you to send to your mom as a son

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51. Happy birthday to my dearest mum. I am the happiest person to see you celebrate this milestone because what you have done for me is priceless and more than the sacrifices mothers make for their children. I will love you forever, mom.

52. My joy is to see the woman who made me who I am today become more beautiful. That’s why it’s my wish for you this day that all spheres of your life become more beautiful. Happy birthday, sweetest mom.

53. The fact that I’m not around to spoil you today won’t stop me from wishing you a perfect and memorable birthday celebration. Your new age will be recorded for good for it’s going to be a year of goodness for you. Happy birthday, mummy.

54. Happy birthday, mom. The fact that we have some misunderstandings at times doesn’t make me love you less. You are still my perfect mother, and I wish you the best as you rock a new age. I love you to the moon and back.

55. My mother and my friend. I’m glad to celebrate you this day and to thank you for being there for me always. You have been the shoulder I lean on and the wings that protect me. I’m so sure this new year of yours is the beginning of greater things for you. Happy birthday, mom.

56. There is no other expression of true love than the one you have expressed towards me right from my childhood. I’m grateful, and I wish you a new age filled with love, people, joy and blessings. Happy birthday, my mom and first love.

57. Happy birthday, mom. Nothing in the world would be enough to pay you for all you have done for me. That’s why I pray that your new age be blessed of the Lord. You will enjoy good health in a sound mind. I love you, mom.

58. Every day leaves me thanking God for you but today is specially to celebrate you. It’s my wish that you will always find reasons to celebrate and your joy will not be cut short. Happy birthday, mummy.

59. The joy of every reasonable son is to be alive to take care of a loving mother like you. This is just the beginning of what I will do to ensure you are happy. You will enjoy good health as you age gracefully. Happy birthday, mom. Hope you like the gifts.

60. Good morning, mom. You had not stopped making everything about me special, right from my childhood. Today is your big day and I hope I try my best to make you feel special as you truly are. Get up and get set for the merriment, mom. Happy birthday.

Heart Touching Birthday Quotes for Step Mom

Make your stepmother feel special on her birthday with these heart touching birthday quotes for stepmom. They are emotional birthday messages for your father’s wife.

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61. Happy birthday, mom. What else could I have asked for in a mother that I haven’t gotten in you? Thank you for treating me as your blood and motivating me to do what I never knew I could. I’m so sure your new age is blessed already because you deserve it.

62. I will never make the mistake of calling you a step mom ’cause you are just like a mother to me. I wish you every good thing as you celebrate today. Happy birthday, mom.

63. I have always known that having you as a stepmom isn’t a coincidence. Your encouragements, love and care are awesome and I appreciate them. I wish you many good things in life, with a long life in good health. Happy birthday, mom.

64. May this day bring answers to your long time prayers. You will sing songs of victory all through this new age of your life. Happy birthday, mummy.

65. Happy birthday, second mom. May all the days in this new year of your life be remarkable for good. Have a super birthday celebration, ma.

66. This is to a step mom who is just like a mother to me. Thanks for all you have done; from taking care of my dad to taking care of me. You will be greatly rewarded in this new year of your life. Happy birthday, mom.

67. All I wish right now is to give you the beat treat today but the distance wouldn’t allow me. But then, nothing can stop me from blessing your day. May you be highly favoured and honoured in all your days in this new year of your life. Happy birthday, mom.

68. I don’t know the best way to thank you for everything. From managing the home to motivating and wishing me well. I just know I will forever be indebted to you. Welcome to a new age of all-round blessings. Happy birthday, mum.

69. Happy birthday, best stepmom in the world. Your type is rare and I’m proud to call you my mom anything, any day. Thanks for being the best, and I wish you many years in good health and peace. I love you.

70. I never knew someone could fit into the place of my mom in my life. You have done that perfectly. Your wisdom, care and love make me never remember I don’t have a mom. I will forever be grateful for the gift of you. Thank you, mummy. Happy birthday to you. Let’s get the party rolling already.

Touching Birthday Messages for Mother Long Distance

Is it your mom’s birthday and she is far away? You can reach her heart with these touching birthday messages for mother long distance. Best of all heart touching birthday wishes for mother.

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71. Happy birthday, sweet mom. I so wish I’m there right now to peck you and tell you how grateful I am to have you. Nevertheless, the special place reserved for you in my heart is still intact. I will love you always. Many happy returns, mom.

72. Get up, mom! I’ve got plans for today but let’s start by allowing the beautiful sing you a birthday song. That’s what I would have done first if I was there with you. But all the same, my heart sings and prays for you. This new age of yours will be remarkable for good. Happy birthday, dearest mom.

73. The distance can separate me from you but can’t it stop my heart from wishing you the best this day. You deserve that, mom. Happy birthday!

74. Every single day reminds me of what I’m missing: your call to action, your attention, just everything you do. And this day makes me miss you more. Can’t wait to hold you again. This is to wish you a new age of blessedness before the gifts arrive. Happy birthday, mom. I love you and I miss you.

75. Happy birthday, mom. It’s so sad that I won’t be at the party, but you know what? I will convert the energy I would have used to dance with you into praying for you. May you prosper beyond measure. May you not find any reason to sorrow. You will enjoy good health with long life. Amen. Much love for you mom. Enjoy your day.

76. Happy birthday to the mama of mothers. The mama I would have loved to embrace so tight right now and tell her how awesome she has been to us. But then, the angels would do that in my place. They will embrace you with blessing, peace, joy, favour and perfect health. Love you!

77. I have thought of what I can do to bridge the distance between us today but nothing is coming forth. I have resolved to go on my knees to bless your new age. You are forever blessed, mother. Happy birthday, sweetest mom.

78. Wow! Another year of great achievements has come again. How I wish I’m there to felicitate with you but my heart is with you, always remember that. Happy birthday, mom.

79. Welcome to a new age of many victories, mom. Do you know what I wish right now? I wish I’m one of the chairs you will sit on today, so I can have the chance to touch you again. I miss you. Happy birthday!

80. Let’s leave your challenges with the previous year. This is a new year for you, and your daughter is right here wishing you the best the year has to offer. Things will become more beautiful and the failures of the past will not be remembered. Happy birthday, mom.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Foster Mom

Appreciate your foster mom on her birthday. Make her feel loved with the emotional birthday wishes for foster mom below. Top heart touching birthday wishes for mother, your foster mother.

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81. Happy birthday, mom. You have made me know that true love can be found anywhere, even from those we are not related to by blood. Your generosity in dispensing love has made me found countless reasons to live. I am so grateful for everything. I love you.

82. Here are my wishes to the woman who has not allowed me to wander the streets. You gave me love as a covering and comfort as clothing. I am so blessed to have you in my life, and It’s my wish that the heavens won’t fail to bless you today. Thank you, mom. Happy birthday.

83. Happy birthday, mummy. You have been an awesome mother to me. What else could I have asked for? Thanks, ma. It’s my prayer that God Himself will reward you greatly. I love you dearly.

84. Here comes another opportunity to thank you for everything and tell you how much you mean to me. Your words of encouragement and support are the reason I’m who I am today. May you never lack any good thing in life. Happy birthday, mom.

85. Every other day, I want to express how grateful I am to have you but today I want to express how much I value you. Get ready for a nice treat, mom. Hang out with me! But before then, happy birthday!

86. One of the greatest things life has offered me without pay is you, ma. You came just when I needed a mom badly. I won’t forget your labour of love forever, and I will keep wishing you greater things in life. You will excel beyond your expectations and heaven will honour you. Happy birthday, mom.

87. Happy birthday to the woman who inspired me to greatness. Greater heights I wish you as you enter into another phase of life. You will be blessed and remain a blessing forever. I love you.

88. I want to sing your songs to the world. I want to tell them how fortunate I am to be blessed with a mother like you. You are more than I expected. May you be favoured and blessed than expected. Thanks for all you do. Happy birthday, mom.

89. I asked for a guardian, little did I know I would be blessed with a great mother. I am greatly blessed to have you, mom and I pray you will be greatly blessed by God. Happy birthday, mom.

90. I wouldn’t have known you aren’t my biological mom if I wasn’t informed. Even before I came to the realisation of myself, you loved me passionately, without segregation. Thanks for the sacrifices, the inconveniences and the resources. May God enlarge your coast and make you an icon that won’t be forgotten. Happy birthday, dearest mom.

Funny Birthday Wishes for My Mother

Make your mom’s birthday fun and lively by sending her these awesome and funny birthday wishes for my mother; your mother.

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91. You know why I like showing you off to my friends? Because they keep asking if you are my mom or my sister. The more you age, the younger you look. I’m so sure this new year of your life will leave you younger. Happy birthday to my forever young mom. I love you.

92. Happy birthday, mom. You know you are just getting more beautiful and younger as you age. I’m afraid one day, I will call you, ‘sister’ and forget to call you, ‘mom’. That’s by the way, let’s get the party started already.

93. Hey! Look at who is celebrating today. My cute and ever young mom who doesn’t want to get old but wants to cut birthday cakes. Let’s just say you are not a year older today but it’s your birthday. Happy birthday, sweet mom.

94. Happy birthday, mom. Get set for the day because I am going to spoil you today and make the remaining days of this new year remain like your birthdays to you.

95. Best birthday to you, mom. May you always find reasons to shine your teeth in this new year of yourself. Welcome to an egg-cellent year!

96. This is another time to specially tell you how much I heart-ppreciate you for allowing my love in your heart to keep appreciating. You are the best mother for me and I wish you better days ahead. Happy birthday, mom.

97. Happy birthday to the best mom I have ever seen. As you celebrate today, I wish you a new year filled with good tidings and sweet-smelling experiences. I’m glad to celebrate you this day though I still won’t enjoy eating the cake as much as I enjoy eating your food.

98. Looking back to how you have knocked unseriousness out of me, I just know you are the kind of mother everyone who wants to be great needs because that’s what made me who I am today. I love you as long as love remains in the dictionary. Happy birthday, mom.

99. Happy birthday, mummy. Have a super birthday celebration and remember I love you and wish you well. This is also to tell you not to use my naughties today against me after the party… Winks (insert emoji)

100. Happy birthday, mummy. I have a secret to tell you today. I used to think you are the cutest woman in the world but now, I have come to know you are just the cutest woman in my world. And guess what! My world is everywhere in the world. So, you remain the cutest!

Yeah! Mothers are awesome beings who deserve awesome treats. The fact that nothing can pay them for the sacrifices they make for us shouldn’t stop us from trying our best to make them happy.

That’s why I wrote those heart touching birthday wishes for mother in 2024 and beyond. I hope you read through them, and if you did, kudos!

Don’t also stop there, go ahead and share with family and friends who may need them for their mothers’ birthday. There is love in sharing.

And I would also like to know the particular birthday wish that struck your heart among the heart touching birthday wishes for mother. Kindly let me know in the comment box. Thanks.

Happy birthday to your mom!

Written by Melissa Usunobun

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