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2024 Trending Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom

A mother is a child’s first friend and first love. It is great to celebrate your mother at any given opportunity. A birthday is one of the opportunities aside Mother’s Day, to celebrate your mothers. You can use these emotions filled birthday messages to celebrate your Mom on her birthday.


Happy Birthday Quotes and Wishes for Mom

Your mother is plus one today, let her feel the joy encapsulated in motherhood with these Wonderful Birthday Quotes  and Messages for Mother.

1. Happy birthday, mum. You mean more than the world to me. You mean life, itself, to me. Mum, you are just the best. May you reap the fruit of your labour. Much love from your loving child.

2. There are many things that I have learned from you, my mother. You have taught me how to love people. You have taught me to have a kind word on my lips for the less privilege. You have taught me timeless values. I smile and bless you whenever someone tells me that I have good behaviour. Happy birthday, mum.

3. My Mom, you are one of a kind. You are a mother to virtually everyone you come close to. Your motherly instinct is high. I have met many other women who lack what it takes to be a loving mother like yours. Happy Born Day Mom.


4. I keep remembering how you teach me to attend funerals even if I don’t know
the deceased, to look in the survivor’s eyes and offer
sympathy, as though I understood loss. I will continue to remember those things that I have learnt from you. Happy birthday dear mum.

5. It’s your birthday dear Mom. Thank you for the time you usually create to be with us, your children. You are always there to listen to our stories, gist with us. We, your children, really love and celebrate you. Cheers.

6. Whenever I see someone who talks too much without caution, I love you more because I would have been such a person. You have made me know that whatever we say may hurt or help us and I have learnt to listen more and speak less. You are a great Mother.


7. I and my siblings are blessed to have you as our mother. You are unique and special. We Inherit our good looks from you and you are a great influence on us. You are all a child can have in a mother.

8. Hello Mumsi. Happy birthday, ma. I just want to use the occasion of your birthday to tell you that I love you. I cherish you. You are my confidant and first love. You own the space at the top of my heart. Enjoy your day ma.


9. You mean a lot to me. You are my first teacher and there is this undiluted love I feel whenever I am around you. You are my gold. I keep talking about you wherever I go because I am very proud of you. Happy birthday Mommy.

10. One major thing that drives me has been your philosophy that what a person will remember is that we care. I learned, from you, to believe that I had the power to ease awful pains materially like an angel. I cherish on your birthday and every other day.

11. Happy birthday to you. You are the one who has made our house a home. I look forward to coming home whenever I’m away from home mainly because of you. Happy birthday sweet mum.

12. You are the one who I can always speak to. I can empty my mind to you and I know I will not be vulnerable to exposure or judgment. You are the best mum. Happy birthday.


13. I celebrate you, dear mom. You have given me the format for true love. You have shown me what true love really means. I can’t love you less. It’s your birthday. Celebrate!

14. God made a wonderful woman. She gave me that woman to me as a mother. A mother who never grows weary. God made her very loving and caring and blessed my family with her. That wonderful woman is having her birthday today. That wonderful woman is you. Lots of love!

15. Dear mother, you have the smile of the sunshine and you possess the heart of pure gold. There are bright shining stars in your eyeballs. You are a dear mother to me. Happy birthday, dearie.


16. This is an opportunity for me to express my gratitude to you. I can’t explain how much I appreciate your love for me and everyone in the family. I appreciate all the days and all the nights spent right beside me. I appreciate how you choose to stay with Dad during the rough times. You are a great influence. Happy birthday, Mummy.

17. The close affection I received from you is best. The hugs and every kiss mean very much to me. The way you will follow me to the car park and wait till the bus starts moving. How you would be counting the numbers of passengers left for the bus to full. There are many memories of both of us. Happy birthday, mum.

18. I usually watch you put our last born to bed at nights and how you hover over her and I can not but imagine how you will always put me to bed when I was young to prepare me for another day. I know I can’t appreciate you enough mum. I celebrate you on the occasion of your birthday today. Happy Born Day.

19. Mother like no other, happy birthday to you. You were there when I made that mistake. You loved me through the hurt and the pain that came my way during that period. You held on to me. I can’t love you less. Happy birthday mother like no other.

20. My private motivator, my closest companion, my counsellor, my gist partner, my mentor, my mom, I say happy birthday to you. Make sure you catch some fun with Dad today.

21. Happy birthday to you, mum. Thank you for believing in my future. Thanks for never letting go or giving up on me. Thank you for the hope you hold for my life. I promise not to disappoint you. Have fun!

22. Mum, I pray for you on your birthday that you shall live long enough to eat the fruits of your labour. You shall see our success. You shall not have any reason to cry. As you celebrate today, may you always have reasons to celebrate. Happy birthday, mum.


23. It’s a special time to show my appreciation to you sweet Mom. Thank you for keeping me close to your heart all the time. Thank you for correcting me when I’m out of place. Thanks for telling me the truth even when I was reluctant to hear. I will keep loving you Mumsi. Happy birthday.

24. I have a wonderful woman as my mother. Mummy, you are wonderful. You are the combination of many virtues. Thanks for choosing a good man like Daddy as your husband which affords us to have a good father. Enjoy your day.

25. Let us rejoice and be glad because it is your birthday. All glory to God for sparing your life till today. In spite that terminal sickness, you made it to today. Just be happy and be joyful. Many more years by God’s grace. Happy birthday to my strong woman.

26. You are one in a million. Which adjective can I use to qualify you? You are all a man will want in a woman. This might explain the reason, Dad keeps loving you, even as you grow older. Also, you are all a child wants in a mother. We, your children, cannot but keep loving you more and more. Happy birthday to the best mother in the world.

27. Your forgiving prowess is worthy to be praised on your special day. Thanks for forgiving me for what I say that hurts. I have come to realise that I have to check out whatever I have to say before saying it. Mum, my respect for you has become deeper. Happy birthday my.

28. Mum “I Love You” all the time. You have built my self-confidence. I can boldly pursue my dreams So, happy birthday!

29. You are a wonderful mother. Your heart is a home for all of us. Your love and your smiles have brightened many moments. My God will continually bless you day by day. Happy Birth Day.

30. I can not fully express how much I love you, Mother. Thank you, Mother. I Love you, Mother. Thank you, Mom, for many things and everything. Happy birthday Mother.

31. My pastor and mother, happy birthday to you. You didn’t let go of me when I went astray. You chose to keep praying for me. Thanks to God who heard your prayers for me. I will not disappoint you anymore. Happy birthday Mommy.

32. Mummy, you sweet past honey. Most times, after dressing to go out, I look at you and see the reason my Dad has chosen you. You are purely beautiful. You are the epitome of beauty. Happy birthday Beauty Queen.


33. There is a sweet woman on planet earth. She is my mother. I am proud of you always. May your sweetness keeps being fresh. May you never lose your savour. May today adds flavour to your sweetness. Happy birthday sweet mother.

34. Happy birthday to you. A priceless jewel was born into the world on a day like this many years ago. The jewel keeps shining which attracted my Dad and many other men to view her. My Dad won the election and got married to her. I and my siblings are the offspring of that union. Mum, you are that shining jewel. Keep shining. Happy birthday.

35. It is a super woman’s birthday. You were able to pick up yourself emotionally when Dad left us. You made sure I and my brother have all the basic things of life and we didn’t lack. I respect you, Mom. Happy birthday my superwoman.


36. My Mom, you will live longer. I will do all I can to put smiles on your face always. Just keep being fine for me. I love you, Mom. Many more years to come. Happy birthday.

37. To my very own mother, I wish you a happy birthday woman of God. This year shall be a year of tremendous progress for you. This year you will soar on wings as an eagle. The hand of God will be undeniably evident in your life. I love and celebrate you ma.

38. Mummy, God bless you on every side. Happy birthday to you. I wish you long life and prosperity. Happy born day, my friend and gist partner. May you continue to grow in leaps and bounds. I celebrate you, Mummy.

39. Happy birthday to my mother. You will enjoy God’s grace and favour on every side. You are that one guy that trips me when qualifying a small container with some very huge content. Your petite body cannot be compared to the virtue and success you have. Keep excelling! God has got your back now and always.

40. May you keep being as beautiful as your heart. Gentle hugs and kisses from me to you. I celebrate you today. I celebrate your good heart. You are the example of the Proverbs 31 woman. Virtues blends with you. Happy birthday my virtuous mother.

41. The good things God has done for you will never be destroyed. Heaven keeps opening to pour down blessings on you Mom. May we, your children, be all that you want us to be. You are God’s favourite and I’m happy to have God’s favourite as my mother. Happy birthday, ma.

42. As you grow older, my your success be louder. May your health becomes better. May you be spiritually more alert. May your business gets bigger. May your wishes come true. Happy birthday Mum.


43. It is my desire to make you happy always but today, being a special day, I have decided to make you happy in a special way and that is the reason for the surprise you receive from me this morning. May you be happy always. Happy birthday.

44. Joy, happiness, dancing and singing is in the air because it is my mummy’s birthday. Dance and sing Mom because it’s your day. Receive our gifts. They are coming from loving hearts. Enjoy yourself and pamper yourself. Happy Birth Day.

45. Days roll into weeks, weeks roll into months, and months roll into years. Another year is added to your years today. May you witness many more years in good health, joy and peace. Happy birthday Mum.

46. I am sending you this message on behalf of us, your children and your husband. We want you to always remember that we love you and our love for you deepens day after day. We celebrate who you are on the occasion of your birthday. Loads of love.

47. Mum, you shall live long and enjoy abundantly from the reward of your hard work. May you see we your children attain great heights. May you be blessed with the good things of life. May you be strong and healthy. Many more blessings on your birthday. Cheers.

48. I have decided to make you feel happy always. I love you, mummy. You are the shining star of the family. You are the centre of the family. You make the home lively. May you live long and enjoy the brightness of the joy you radiate. Happy birthday to you Mum.

49. Mum, I cherish you and love you. Even if I am telling you this on your birthday, know that I love you always. I might not be expressing it every day but I cherish you every day. You are important to me. Happy birthday sweet Mom.

50. Now that I am a mother, I understand the stress you must have undergone to nurture I and my seven siblings. I can’t love you less. Thanks for watching over us when we were very young. You are a joy to me. Happy birthday, my joy.

51. Happy birthday, Mummy. This year will bring better blessings. More money in your account and greater things to celebrate. Many happy returns. Happy birthday, many more fruitful years ahead. Happy birthday to my very own sweetie. Happy celebrations.

52. May this season, birth you unusual miracle Thank you God and happy birthday, Mom and God bless you. Happy birthday woman of God. More glorious years to come, my Mum. Have fun.


53. I am thanking you with these wishes on your birthday. May the good Lord reward you plentifully. Happy birthday, Mom. Continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

54. I pray that as you celebrate your birthday today, may you prosper in all you do. Be wealthy. More grace and favour to you in your new year and always. H-a-p-p-y! b-i-r-t-h-d-a-y Mom.

55. Happy birthday to you Mom. Wow! You must be the best Mom in the world. My first lady, you come before any other woman in my life. You are on top of the list of the women who have influenced me positively. Happy Birthday, Mom.

56. I wish you a happy birthday. You will continue to grow in the strength and wisdom of God. No evil shall truncate your destiny in Jesus name. Amen. I love you Momsi.

57. Happy Birthday, dearie. The Lord will always make you a giant among your friends and business partners. Happy birthday pretty woman. I’m happy that I have you as a mother.

58. May you never know a better yesterday. May you never have a better last year. This your new age shall bring forth great joy and the goodness of God in your life at least for my sake. You mean so much to me.

59. Continue to soar high daily. Happy birthday my pretty mother. God bless you loads. Happy birthday my every looking young mother. God will bless your new age. I wish you long life and prosperity. You are awesome. Hurray!

60. Happy birthday, Mom. God bless you for the family. May He bless your new year. The blessings of God will your portion in this special day of yours. The future will bow down for you because the signature of God is already on your tomorrow. You are blessed today and forever. Happy birthday to you. Keep enjoying the grace of God.

61. On your birthday, let me tell you that I am indeed happy and excited to be your child. I want to pray for you. You know I have an undiluted love for you Mom. Because of my undiluted love for you, I pray that this day will be filled with laughter for you and may you live long for my sake and the sake of everyone in the family.

62. Hurrah! It’s your day Mum. May the best gifts in life like joy, love, happiness, peace, come your way. May the grace of God be yours always. May you celebrate many more birthdays. May you live your life in a peace of mind. Happy birthday, ma.


63. Happy birthday sweet Mom. I have a genius as a mother. I celebrate you. More money, better increase, innovative ideas and more blessings. Cheers!

64. Happy birthday to my one and only mother. Happy birthday, sweetie. Of your increase, there shall be no end. Increase on every side ma. Your daughter loves you.

65. Wow! This is my first lady’s birthday, I wish you a good celebration and may you celebrate more things on earth. Always remember that you are an amazing and special creation of God. you have been one of the most amazing gifts of God to our family. Stay blessed Mom.

66. Mummy darling, I pray that your birthday brings you lovely memories. I pray that the rest of your life shall be surrounded by the warm love, peace and grace of God. It is your birthday, enjoy it to the fullest. Big hugs Mummy.

67. Happy birthday to you, Mum. Your birthday brings a deeper sense of happiness and joy. I wish I was around you, I would have sung out loud to celebrate you, my mother. I would have loved to see how you would smile and blush. Be happy.

68. On your birthday, I pray that God will be with you, and cause you to smile always. Laughter and joy will never cease from you Mom. I see you singing and dancing into glory. Mom, you will accomplish all that God has created you to accomplish. Happy birthday once again.

69. Today is my caring and loving mother’s birthday. You are one in a million. You will move from grace to grace and from glory to glory. May God supply all that you will ever need in the remaining years of your life. Happy birthday.

70. As you grow older, may your glory shines brighter. May your dreams become reality. You are a blessed woman. As you have blessed many lives, may you be blessed beyond measure. All things are working on your behalf. You become how great you wish to be. I can keep on praying for you because you are a true mother.
71. Oh, Mom, I celebrate with you on your birthday. You are a heaven sent to me, my siblings and Dad. You are a mother indeed. There is this love that you radiate to us and even to outsiders. You taught me the joy that accompanies loving others. I will keep loving you. Happy birthday, Mom.

72. Mom, you showed me what true love means because your love for me is deep that I can recognise when others truly love me. You taught me many morals and virtues that I am surprised to see that many young ones were not raised to know the importance of virtues. Thank you for the right upbringing. Happy birthday to the best Mom ever.


73. It is the birthday of the woman who has brought me up to be the kind of lady I am today. It is the birthday of the woman who has shown me to be a better version of myself. It is the birthday of the best Mom in the world. Happy birthday, ma.

74. Mummy, you are just different and special. I have been to many of my friend’s homes and only very few mothers can compete with you. Thank you for being among the few women of virtue. I am proud of you today being your birthday. I am proud of you every day too. Happy birthday, Mummy sweetie.

75. I give glory to God that you are alive to witness another birthday yet again. With happiness in my heart, I send my birthday prayers and wishes to you. In this your new year you will encounter more blessings from God now and forever. Happy birthday, Mummy.

76. It’s your birthday. Mom, make sure you enjoy your day. Take yourself out since there is no Dad to do that for you and I am not around too. Just create a lively atmosphere around you. If a friend drops by, enjoy the moment and if that does not happen, entertain yourself. Your son cares about you. Happy birthday my first love.

77. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are my backbone and my counsellor, my comforter, and strength. You have always stood by me in all situations and would not just judge me. I will keep loving you Mom. Happy birthday my confidant.

78. There are excitements and light feelings in the air. There is the flow of joy like a river. It seems there is a river in the sky. I woke up extremely happy. I was wondering why, until I remembered that today is your birthday. Happy birthday, Mom.

79. Let me send you this text message first. This is just to lay the foundation of how much I will celebrate you today. Happy birthday, Mom. Expect some surprises.

80. You have illuminated my heart and the heart of my sibling too. You have strived to make sure that we have virtually everything we need for a good life after Dad’s death. You have been a strong woman for me and my siblings. Happy birthday to my strong woman.

81. It is a popular simile that like mother like daughter. Do you know that there are many ladies like me who usually pray that they don’t want to be like their mother but I can boldly embrace your personality. I really want to be like you. Today is your birthday, enjoy it my number one mentor.

82. The light in your heart has brightened my heart. Indeed, you are a light that shines to brighten all those that are around. You are a blessing to me, my siblings, Dad, my generation and subsequent generations. Happy birthday Mum.


83. God has blessed me with a woman like you in my life. You have brought me up in the way of the Lord. It is now that I am away from home that I understand its importance. I now have the zeal you have for the things of God and I am also enjoying the blessings that usually comes with that. You are my hero. Happy birthday to my hero.

84. Your birthday is an amazing reminder of the gift of God to all of us in you. I pray today that you will move from grace to grace from today till forever in Jesus name. God be with you. Happy birthday, Mom.

85. It is the birthday of the person who tops the list of the people who are special to me. You are special and amazing. Happy birthday, Mom.

86. My gold, I celebrate you on your birthday. You are worthy to be celebrated in a grand style. I just want to remind you on your birthday that you are a great woman. A woman with a loving heart like yours is a great woman. I wish you all that you wish yourself. Keep being the woman I know.

87. My mother is the best in the world. I can say that again and again. I have not found a woman that can replace you in my heart. None. I have searched all over, I have only found some as beautiful as you are but these beautiful women can’t just measure up to you in my heart. Happy birthday to the best mother in the world.

88. Do you know that you are my inspiration? Sometimes, I just feel like giving up and some other time, I feel like just shutting down but whenever I remember how much you believe in me and in my future, I get inspired. Today is your birthday, so, I say a big shout out to my source of inspiration. Happy birthday, ma.

89. A birthday affords the chance to make the celebrant know what you think about them. Mommy, I want to let you know that you gave me lovely childhood memories. How we shop, how you used to punish me with reading books or bible. I missed those periods. Happy birthday, Mom.

90. My beauty queen, my fashionista mother. It’s your birthday. I know that you will give me one of your beautiful outfits. Snap as many pictures you can today and send them to me. Happy birthday to my beauty queen.

91. Today is a special day my life because it is the birthday of someone special to me. I celebrate you, Mom. May you continue to radiate God’s glory to the world. May you be prosperous now and always. Have fun.

92. It is your day Mom. Today is your birthday. I pray for you today that you are all that God wants you to be and you are blessed beyond measure. You are greater than your imagination. You are blessing to everyone that comes in contact with you and that includes me. Happy birthday.


93. God has spared your life till today to witness another birthday. May you be alive in good health and plenty money to witness many more years. May your path be brighter as you grow older. Happy birthday to you.

94. It’s your birthday! Eat a large part of your cake, taste out of the drinks, dance to the music, don’t dance gently, dance hard. Blow some balloons. Join in decorating the venue for the party. Participate in every activity that will surround your birthday today. Enjoy every bit. I love you, Mum.

95. I’m coming to take you to see the premiere of a movie. You are important enough for me to take the time out of my busy schedule to take you out. Mummy, are my jewel. Happy birthday my jewel.

96. I love everything about you, Mom. You are important to me. You have been the only parent I have known since my childhood. You have as a father and as a mother to me at the same time. Happy birthday, Mom.

97. You were born into the world on a day like this. Today is therefore special to you. Because today is special to you, I decree that you are favoured beyond human limitations. You increase on every side of your life. Things are falling in pleasant places for you. Your miracle is now. Happy birthday to the best Mom.

98. It is a new year for you Mum. In your new year, I pray that what you have gathered will not be scattered. What you have laboured for will not be destroyed. Whatever has been identified with you as a trophy will not be lost to the enemy. Amen. Happy birthday to you Mum.

99. My birthday prayer to you, Mum, is that the Lord shall keep and perfect all that concerns you. Grace and favour will speak for you and distinguish you among your equals by the grace of God. Amen! Have a glorious birthday and remain blessed.

100. I tried your number, it was switched off. I wanted to be the first person to wish you a happy birthday this year. Whenever you get this text, know that you are precious to many people including me. Happy birthday, Mummy.



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