Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad
Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad

100 Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad in 2024

Celebrate your father’s birthday by sending any of these heart touching birthday wishes as a text message to him. He will really appreciate it.

You can post these birthday wishes for dad (father) as your Facebook status and add a lovely image.

Cute Happy Birthday Quotes for Dad

Lovely Happy Birthday Text Messages to Wish your Lovely Father (Dad) a Blessed Birthday with long life.

1. Happy birthday my lovely Dad. You are my trusted friend. No one to replace you. I can’t deny you love for anything daddy. Thank you for your never failing love. You deserve to be celebrated. I celebrate you on your birthday. Much love!

2. I celebrate you today for how much you have impacted me, for how much you love me, for how you usually strive to provide for the home. You are a real father. I’m happy that I have you as a father. Happy birthday to a real man.

3. I have been to many families and I keep thanking God for giving you to me as a father. You are not an absentee father. In spite that your work is time demanding, the time you spend at home is usually productive. You would care to know how every one of us fares. Thanks sir for being there for us. Happy birthday, Dad.

4. When you were needed most, you were always there. You are an active member of the house, unlike most fathers. You taught me many things and usually have to quote you every now and then when speaking with my friends. My Dad once told me this… My Dad once told me that… Is that a kind of man I will not celebrate? I celebrate you, Dad. Enjoy your birthday party in the evening.

5. Happy birthday to my ever happy father. I love your sense of humour. You are the light in our home. Your presence usually light up the home. Your intelligent but funny jokes usually put a smile on my face whenever I remember any. I miss you Dad. Happy birthday.

6. Good morning to you this special day in your life. Happy birthday to you. I want you to know that you have impacted many people even if some of them may not come to acknowledge it. If you think you have not, don’t forget that we, your children are still standing in faith. Don’t worry, you have planted a seed in us, we will take it to the world and produce many fruits. You are loved beyond measure. Happy birthday sir.

7. Your birthday day is here again. I want you to take time to enjoy yourself. I know you love playing football when you were younger. You can go to the field today and watch secondary school boys play. You may even ask them to let you join them, buy them drinks to celebrate your birthday and you talk about popular football players with them. I just want you to be happy. Enjoy.

8. It’s your birthday, Dad. You are loved beyond measure. Keep living the faith so that you can finish strong. Resolve that nothing much stop you from getting to heaven. As you keep growing older, let your faith keep getting stronger. Happy birthday my Dad.

9. Happy birthday to you Dad. May your new age bring the good things of life. May it be a year of rapid promotion. May it come with multiple streams of income. You are loved. Happy birthday sir.

10. I celebrate you for being a good father always. I respect you for not overstretching your position of authority in the family. You are a reasonable man. Thank you for loving my mother. I believe that is your greatest gift to me. Happy birthday, Dad.

11. I thank God that you are alive in good health and sound mind today your birthday. I thank God for your safety. I thank Him for guiding and protecting you till today. May His protection, guidance never leave you Dad. Expand on every side. I love you Dad.

12. Popsi, let’s rejoice in witnessing this year’s birthday. It has been God all the way. Thank you, God, for provision. Thank you, God, for my Popsi’ business and his job. Greater years are here for you. Happy birthday, Popsi.

13. Glory! It is time for you to praise God for your family and your loved ones that you are alive to still be with us. Another 365 days have come and gone. It is worth celebrating. Happy birthday, Dad. Stay joyful.

14. It is time to be jubilant. A year has been added to your age. I love you Dad for being there for us, your children and Mum. The greatest gift a man gives to his children is to love their mother. Thank you for giving me the greatest gift. Happy birthday sir.

15. On your birthday, I pray that your good heart desires come to fulfilment. I pray that you live long and enjoy the rewards of your labour. You shall live in good health and will not experience having to spend your saving and investments on sickness. I love you Dad.

16. Dad, today being your birthday, on your behalf, I thank God for the ideas He has been giving you. I thank the Lord for shelter. Thank Him for putting food on our table. Thank Him for His guidance and His mercy. I say thank You, God.

17. I pray the prayer of thanksgiving for your birthday. I thank You Lord for the wisdom, knowledge and understanding You gave my Daddy.Thanks for the roof over our heads. Thank You, Jesus, for never leaving nor forsaking him. Thank You for his siblings, friends, loved ones and us his family. May we never cease to have reasons to thank You, Lord. Happy birthday, Daddy.

18. It’s time to be joyous. Let everyone that surrounds you celebrate your birthday with you for God’s unending love for you and everything that concerns you. A thousand tongues cannot thank God enough but let them join us to celebrate God’s goodness in your life. Cheers!

19. Fifty -two weeks has been added to your life, Dad. Hundreds of thousands of more weeks to you. Enjoy sir.

20. It is the cry of my heart to be with you to celebrate your birthday this year but I will send my best wishes notwithstanding. I celebrate from here. Happy birthday to my Popman.

21. I use your birthday has an opportunity to remind you that I respect you. I adore your words. They are usually inspiring and empowering. Happy birthday great Dad.

22. I thank God for the kind of life you are living. Lord, I can’t thank you enough… From the depth of my heart, I am grateful for the kind of man you give me as a father. Happy birthday dear Papa.

23. My model and mentor, happy birthday. You are not just my father in the biological sense, you are more than being a father. I admire how you usually take the right decisions in different situations. Happy birthday my mentor and father.

24. As nothing shall separate me from the love of God, so shall nothing separate Mr from the respect I have for you. I celebrate you on your birthday. Happy birthday my respected man.

25. As you begin a new year in your life, I ask for the renewal of the Lord’s protection over your life and families. We’re covered with the precious blood of Jesus (Amen).

26. This is my birthday prayer to you. The Lord will hear you whenever you pray and grant every of your heart desires, and we shall all be testifiers to His wondrous work in Jesus name ( Amen).

27. Happy birthday to you. May God bless you today and always. May your path keeps shining brighter as you get older. I love you Daddy Happy birthday sir.

28. I may not be there with you physically to celebrate your special day with you, I want you to know that you are worth celebrating. I am thinking of you & wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

29. Father, I bless you. I appreciate you.You are wonderful you are worthy, oh Lord. Thank you for all you have done to keep my father until today. I give all You glory. Happy birthday, Dad.

30. Happy birthday my lovely Dad. Just use today to appreciate God’s grace and mercy. Be ever grateful. Thank Him for undiluted blessings and favours. Happy birthday.

31. In spite the demand of your job, you usually make sure you make us happy. I love the way you relate with Mum. You have taught me how to treat a wife. You are a good model. I celebrate your birthday with you today as I declare that you are a MODEL.

32. Lord you reign, forever You are the same….sing with me. Dad, it’s your birthday. Sing out loud. Express yourself to your maker. Let Him know that you appreciate Him for keeping you alive until today.

33. My birthday prayer for my D lad’s birthday is that the Lord God will pay His special attention to you. May he let you experience your power afresh Lord.

34.Happy bornday to my father and friend. God bless your new age and perfect all that concerns you. Happy Birthday sir.

35. Happy birthday to you. I wish you long life, prosperity and good health Happy birthday sir. Age with Grace

36. Happy Birthday to today’s celebrant. Today’s celebrant is no other person than my very own father. You are a father indeed. Happy birthday, Dad.

37. Dad, may God bless your new ages and may the lines begin to fall to you in pleasant places. It is your day, enjoy it.

38. Happy Birthday to you Dad. Wishing you God’s blessing all the way. Your days shall be long so that you will be present at the wedding ceremony of my last born. Happy birthday, Dad.

39. May God bless you richly with every goodie of life and perfect all that concerns you. I will come home soon for my cake. Tell Mum to save some for me. Happy birthday sir.

40. Happy Birthday sir. Feed well, dance to the music, laugh out loud because today is your day. Happy birthday, Daddy.

41. Happy birthday, Popsi. Your son sends his best wishes to you. I wish you all that you wish yourself. Stay loved.

42. I many others to celebrate you on your birthday. I celebrate you as a son but I join the host of the many people you have influenced to celebrate you because you are a valid and useful instrument for the Lord. You are not an ordinary being but spiritual being. Stay blessed Dad.

43. Happy birthday, Dad. God bless your new age. May your new age be full of unlimited grace. May you continue to grow in wisdom and in the fear of God.

44. Happy Birthday, Dad. May God bless you richly with every goodie of life and perfect all that concerns you. Stay blessed today and always.

45. It is your birthday. Let me use the occasion of your birthday to let you know that you have got a great personality. Keep being yourself, sir. Happy birthday, Dad.

46. I’m glad because of you Dad. A year is added to your years today. I exalt God for your life. I exalt Him for His protection over you. Dad, keep basking in the glory of God.

47. This my birthday prayer for you, every locked door of greatness and joy open for you in this year. Everywhere you have been knocking and it seems no one is answering is opening with people rushing to answer. Stay blessed Dad.

48. I thank you, Dad, for how you kept encouraging me whenever I was down. I pray that everyone born of woman favours you in Jesus name.

49. Happy birthday, Dad. This year God’s banner of favour will continue to rest upon you. Everywhere you go, men will favour you. Don’t forget that your children love you.

50. It is the beginning of a new year for you. You are surrounded with lovely children and a godly wife. You are indeed blessed as you have been a blessing to others.May this year will be a year of restoration with compensation for you. We love you (the family).

51. Happy birthday to the best Dad in the world. May your eyes be enlightened to see the provisions for life and godliness.

52. Happy birthday to you, Dad. I pray that more testimonies abound in your life and the joy of the Lord continues to overflow in your heart in Jesus name.Amen.

53. Happy birthday my childhood playmate. I may now spend more time outside the house than when I was younger and used to play with you my favourite parent, yet, my love for you keeps waxing stronger by the years. I love you Dad.

54. Happy birthday, Dad. I pray that favour will follow you around. May God grant you your heart desires and bless your new age.

55. Happy birthday to you Dad. I pray that all of your heart desires are granted in Jesus name. Enjoy today.

56. Happy birthday, Dad. Always remember that your little princess still loves you big. Stay loving.

57. Happy birthday to my ever caring father. Your new age is declared a blessed year for you. Your son loves you.

58. Happy birthday dear Dad. You know that we have agreed that you will live up to a hundred years at least. Keep yourself healthy always. I’m waiting to wish you a hundredth birthday. Live long Dad.

59. Wake up and smile. Look out of the window and see the undiluted beauty of the universe. The firmament is saying a happy birthday to you because you are special to me.

60. Happy birthday to my lovely father. I use this occasion to pray to my heavenly Father and ask that all your helpers locate you in this your new year. I ask that they locate you from anywhere they may be in the four corners of this earth. That person that God needs to touch his/her heart to bless you, Father touches them for you.

61. Open your eyes. Stir yourself up and begin in your mind till words of praise or songs of praise spills out of your mouth. Praise God for seeing the beginning of a new year in your life. Happy birthday sir.

62. I speak the truth and I lie not that you are the best father a child can have. Nothing gives me more joy than to see the man who has taken care of me since childhood to be happy. Be happy today and always. Happy birthday, Dad.

63. It is true that the family that plays together, plans together, prays together, always progress together. Thank you for making sure that there is harmony in our family. Happy birthday, Dad.

64. Great is God’s faithfulness over your life in your past years. In this your new age, God shall remain faithful to you. Happy birthday loving Dad l.

65. It is your day Dad. I know that you really do not like eating but ensure that you don’t make the worms in your stomach angry with you today. Let them have a taste of your birthday cake. I really care about your well being. Your son loves you.

66. Hurrah! It’s is the dawn of your birthday. It will be the dawn of new and great things in your life. Cheers Dad!

67. There is excitement in the air. Joy is flowing all around and the fragrance of happiness is just here and there. This is simply because it is your birthday sweet Dad.

68. Rise up this morning. Rise up and sing. Sing a joyful song. A joyful song that will accentuate our house in the neighbourhood for your birthday. I love you Dad.

69. I will use the occasion of your birthday to express my appreciation of your love for me. It is a love so true that what I look out for is a man who will love me the way you do. Dad, I appreciate your love. Happy birthday my loving Popman.

70. I will arise now and sing out loud for the birthday. I hope the wind brings the vibration of my voice to you. I am wishing a happier birthday Dad

71. It is time for dancing. It is time to cut the cake. It is time to give gifts. It is time for celebration because it’s my Dad’s birthday. Happy birthday sir.

72. Happy birthday, Dad. God bless you real good. May God keep you for us and grant you all your heart desires now and always.

73. Let us rejoice and be happy because it is the birthday of the head of the family. Joy and gladness to every heart in the home. Dad, I celebrate you.

74. Hallelujah to the Lord for keeping you alive to see the beginning of a new year in your life. It shall be a great year in all ramifications.

75. There is joy all around. Let us celebrate because Dad is plus one today I know that you will receive many wishes from people today but be reminded that we, your immediate family, love you.

76. Let the breeze of love blow to you on the bed to wake you up on this special day of yours. Eat your breakfast slowly, feeling the taste of every ingredient of the food.

77. I’m texting you this morning to tell you to you should eat your favourite foods today. Take a taste of the bushmeat you like a lot. Take a taste of the blue cocktail. Take a taste of pounded yam too. Enjoy your birthday, Dad.

78. Look at the time and you will see that it is telling you that it is 12: 00 am. It is the beginning of a new year in your life. Happy birthday my sweet Dad. Stay blessed.

79. I hope that I am the first person wish you a happy birthday this year. I have kept myself awake so that I can be the first person to wish you. Happy birthday, Daddy.

80. Let me dance in Cinderella’s glass slippers because 365 days have been added to the life of my father. You are a man indeed. Happy birthday sir.

81. Happy birthday, Dad. God bless you real good. Love and joy come to you today and always. May God bless and send you more reasons to be happy. I love you Dad.

82. Today is all about you, Dad. You deserve to be celebrated. You have a good heart and you have the love of my Mum and the love of we your children at heart. I respect the way you treat my cousins nicely as if they were your children too. Happy birthday, Dad.

83. Happy birthday my lovely Popman. As you celebrate your birthday today, may celebration never cease in your life. May you live long to witness our success. Your investments shall not crash in your lifetime. You will not hear bad news in your old days. Happy birthday, Popman.

84. As you celebrate your birthday in good health, may you live all the days of your life in good health. Sickness shall not come near you. Illness shall not come to you. Happy birthday sir.

85. Dad, do you know that you have everything a woman will love in a man and what a man will want in a close friend? No wonder Mum keeps loving you day by day and you childhood friends still contact you.

86. Dad, you are God-fearing, you are humble, you are industrious, you relate well with virtually everyone. Happy birthday, Dad.

87. Happy birthday to the best father in the world. You usually create time to build a friendship with us your children in spite of your busy schedule. I appreciate your gift of time and your material gifts. Happy birthday sir.

88. Happy birthday sir. Many more fruitful years in good health, joy and more money. All things are working out for you. There shall be no loss. Happy birthday sweet Dad.

89. I let out a loud shout to wish you a happier birthday. I wish all the good things you want in life. I want to marry a man that will love me the way you love me. You are my first love. Your daughter is saying: Happy Birthday.

91. You have served as both my father and my mother since the day we lost Mom, so I am saying happy birthday to my father cum mother. Happy birthday, Dad.

91. It’s your birthday, my ever caring Popsi. You know that you are precious to me. I am not saying this just because today is your birthday. I’m saying it because you are really precious and special.

92. Good morning this special day. Happy birthday to you, Dad. Age gracefully. Taste out of your birthday cake. The little cake you will eat today will not add to your weight. Just be free and enjoy yourself. I love you Dad.

93. My pastor, my counsellor, my friend, my lover, my mentor, my confidant, my father. Happy birthday to you Dad. Thank you for your interest in my success. Thank you for those strict instructions. They didn’t seem palatable but I understand now that you were doing that for my good. I will always appreciate you. Happy birthday sir.

94. I am proud to have you as a father. You joined hands with Mom to build a conducive home for your children to live a balanced life. I respect you, sir. I have told many of my friends to call you and wish you a happy birthday. Anticipate their calls. I know that you deserve more.

95. I sometimes think back now and I usually remember the length you usually go to pay our school fees then. I know that we are trying our possible best to repay you by taking good care of you yet, can we really repay your love in full? It is your birthday and this is another opportunity to celebrate a true father. Happy birthday sir.

96. Happy birthday to you Dad. Thank you for being a good role model of who a father and husband should look like. My wife keeps appreciating the kind of man I am and I know that it is because you have groomed me up to be this. Your son respects you. Happy birthday sir.

97. Hurrah! You’re 52 weeks older. You are becoming one of the community elders. May your old age be pleasant and may you receive only good news always. May your health not deteriorate and may you be an epitome of sound health in old age. Happy birthday, sir.

98. Today marks the beginning of a new year in your life Dad. My birthday prayer is that you shall surpass your critics. I pray that your investments expand. I pray that you experience unexpected blessings that exceed your expectation abundantly.

99. Good morning sir. I am sending this text on behalf of the family. We just want to tell you that we celebrate you and that you mean much to us. Happy birthday to the head of the family.

100. Rejoice and be glad because it is your birthday sir. Let God hear your songs of appreciation and your words of thanksgiving. Relax and take time to enjoy your birthday. Happy birthday, Dad.

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