Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Long Distance
Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Long Distance

2024 Most Romantic Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Long Distance

You are in love and it is his birthday.

You want it to be special but you don’t have the right words to make it so.

Worse, you are not close enough to show affection in other ways.

You can still make up for the distance.

We have wishes here that will help you keep the flame burning in his heart.

Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Long Distance

Here are Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages you can send to your boyfriend who is not around but far away from home.

1. Though today we are worlds apart, thoughts of your smiles still hang like the moon on my skies. Happy birthday, boo.

2. It’s been a year since I last saw your face, but I still see you in every good person I meet, I will always love you. Happy birthday, Love.

3. Time apart sought to separate us, but the seeds of memories you planted only grows with more times apart, I miss you more every day. Happy birthday, dear.

4. Your love to me, like seeds, have become trees. When you finally return from what looks like forever, I will shade you with every one of its leaves. Happy birthday, boo.

5. I used to hate the army for keeping you from me, but then I realised how many people need the kind of protection you always lavish on me. it’s your birthday, love.

6. I still don’t understand how you break through the distance to love me. I feel your presence knock at the doors of my heart daily. Forever yours, happy birthday.

7. Two things distance can never rob us of; my love for you, and how your love rubbed off on me. Happy birthday, babe.

8. I am good at maths, but I have always failed the answer to the conversion, of how many kilometres there are in one thought of you. Happy birthday, love.

9. You make me feel like you are just next door. I can’t count the distance and time lost between us, but your love has bridged them times without numbers. Happy birthday, dear.

10. As long as we are in the same world, with the same sun, and breathe the same air, I know it will never be the same without you here. I miss you boo, happy birthday, dear.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Long Distance

Best Romantic Birthday Wishes and Greetings you can send to Him (Boyfriend) on his birthday to celebrate him as he become plus one today.

11. It takes love from the world best boo to become the world best bae, and I am the world best bae, winks. Distance be hating on us. Happy birthday, love.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Long Distance
Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Long Distance

12. I still remember the day we met. Not even a world apart can make me forget the moment I truly began to breathe. Happy birthday, dear.

13. The sun shines, the wind blows, I love you. These are all things that happen naturally, no matter where you are. happy birthday, dearie.

14. I used to see people like reciting the alphabets, but I haven’t been able to read to the end since the day I met you. I miss you here. Happy birthday, dear.

15. How do I get rid of this reading defect, where I can’t help but feel sad whenever I see the word ‘you’? I miss you so much. Happy birthday, dear.

16. Doctors prescribed a dose of you for my sanity. Please bring back my medicine. Happy birthday, dear.

17. Without you here today, everything looks gloomy. Imagine celebrating Christmas without Christmas presents. You are a gift. Happy birthday, love.

18. I cooked your best and repainted my room the colour you like, just so I’ll have as much of you as I can create today since today won’t have you here. Happy birthday, dear.

19. You are much closer when I shut my eyes, I’ll be closing them most of today. Happy birthday, dear, I wish you were here.

20. We’ll be celebrating your birthday twice next year, for today’s can’t possibly count without you here. Happy birthday, babe.

Cute Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Long Distance

Your Boyfriend is celebrating his birthday today and you are wondering how to astonish him? These Cutest Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend from a Long Distance can do the wonder for you.

21. I used to love water till it became the distance that separated us. But I’ll smile when I drink today, for you will ride on the same to be delivered back to me. Happy birthday, boo.

22. Though you’re there to study, you better not be partying without me today. Kidding, please enjoy your day. Happy birthday, love.

23. I miss you so much. If I was an assassin with a gun, and you were a target one inch away, I’ll still miss you. Happy birthday, dear, I miss you loads.

24. I won’t be doing a single work today, I’ll spend all of it shuffling through the bags of beautiful memories you brought into my life. I wish you were here to do it with me. Happy birthday, love.

25. Waking up today, it felt like my sun rose in another world. You make today special, but it’s sad that my sun will also set in the world it rose. Happy birthday, boo.

26. I dreamt of waking up in your arms, look at what you have done to me. I am used to serving your wishes in bed today. Happy birthday, darling.

27. I’ll still bake your cake and light the candles, till the wind that your absence causes blows it off with their wishes of keeping you from me. I miss you badly. happy birthday, love.

28. My moon would not stop smiling last night, till my sun rose brightly this morning. They tried to fill your absence, but I am not in tune with any nature but you. Happy birthday, love. I miss you.

29. Today is your day, so I will resist the temptation to complain. For your absence leaves more holes than I can miss you today. Happy birthday, dear.

30. May your sun rays be gold, and your moon be all smiles today. Let them be a sign of my love to you. happy birthday.

Amazing Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Long Distance

The best way to celebrate a boyfriend who is not around is by sending him Lovely Happy Birthday Text Message for Boyfriend.

31. May all you meet today be goodness in all its shades, they will be a shadow of what we have always been to each other. Happy birthday, love.

32. I hope the times we shared have become seeds that still sprout memories? I miss not being there, happy birthday.

33. I could count every hour in today and still miss you for 24 more. you are worth all the distance that keeps us apart. Wish I was there today, happy birthday, love.

34. Find shelter in the shades of the leaves the tree of my love provides for you today, for your love was the seed that grew fondly in my heart for you. Happy birthday.

35. You have always been the softer of us, but you still make me your beauty when any beast arise. Even though I am miles away today, please be strong once again for me. Happy birthday.

36. You are one hell of a thief. My heart is missing, but who would believe if I told them it was stolen from a thousand miles away? Happy birthday, sweetheart.

37. Only two people would know what today means to us. the one who wrote this, and the one reading it. I love you through the distance, happy birthday.

38. If this was physics, I will never get our chemistry. For the velocity with which we love has nothing to do with distance and time. Happy birthday.

39. You are celebrating today without my fingers in yours, but I understand how this must feel for you, for I feel exactly the same. Happy birthday.

40. I am glad we both built a strong bridge, it has kept us tough with every stomp from distance’s foot. And though I am not there this instant, I can feel you know how much I love you. happy birthday.

Inspiring Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Long Distance

Make this birthday an unforgettable one for your boyfriend by sending him an Astonishing Birthday Messages. To achieve that, here are Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend to inspire him on a day like this.

41. The same things happen to two hearts knitted in one. I feel happy waking up today, for boo is a day older. Celebrate like I was there, cos I am. Happy birthday.

42. I never thought that any distance could come between us, it’s your birthday today and I can proudly say I thought right. I love you all the way from here.

43. You make me the best thing love can catch from a distance. In this wide ocean of space between us, I will still be your only fish. Happy birthday, boo.

44. We met on this day a few years ago. Though this year I am a long way from you, the year I will no longer love you is the year I don’t want to have anything with to do. Happy birthday, boo.

45. Nature doesn’t struggle to love me. You feel like nature to me. How else do I explain waking up in your arms when you are not there? That sounds like something only the rays of the sun can do, shine from anywhere. Happy birthday.

46. You make me feel dull, I can’t seem to read through 26 alphabets without stammering at U. happy birthday, dear, I wish I was there to hold my favourite letter today.

47. If you were the only word in a language, I’ll still learn to speak it. I will never get tired of talking about you. Happy birthday, sugar, have fun for two today.

48. I’ll overdose on you and never rehab, till you cover this distance between us with a closer supply of you. Happy birthday boo, from your only addict.

49. Imagine the sky without clouds. imagine spending every day without you. Happy birthday, dear, let’s just imagine I was there present with you.

50. For every gift you receive today, imagine me present. Happy birthday, boo, I miss you.

Motivating Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Long Distance

Birthday only comes only ones in a year. Today mark the day you boyfriend was given birth to. Celebrate him with these Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend.

51. I don’t know how to celebrate in seasons, you are not here, but I’ll celebrate cos you are the reason. Happy birthday.

52. Pretend I was there today and do all we normally would. I have to send this now and go spend hours dancing with you. happy birthday, boo.

53. Don’t let the stress of the last year get to you today. this day is a mark of a new and better year. Imagine, I’m not there to disturb you, winks! Happy birthday, love.

54. We will do today when you are back here, a king needs his queen to celebrate properly. Happy birthday, love, I miss you loads.

55. Happy birthday, boo. I wish I could fly to you on angel wings just to whisper those first three words today. I love you.

56. It’s hard to hit bull’s eye on any target today. It’s your day and you are not here, so I miss you too. happy birthday, love.

57. Today, sing your highest and shout your loudest. I will listen through the distance for the echo of your joy. Wish I was there, happy birthday.

58. Time stopped when you had to go live a thousand miles away from me. Today, every year, my heart joins my clock to be broken. I miss you, happy birthday, boo.

59. I will bake your cake and then eat it with friends. I’ll let the cake remind me of your taste, and friends will remind me of how a thousand people still fall short of what you mean to me. come back quickly, happy birthday.

60. I can think of a million ways to not miss you any other day, but how do I not miss you on a day that a single thing reminds me of you in over a million ways? Happy birthday, dear.

Best Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Long Distance

Best wishes you can wish your boyfriend on his birthday is happiness and joy. Here are a series of Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend who distances away from home you can send to him.

61. The sun feels unusually harsh today. I am bearing the whole rays we both share and my cover is so far away. To my cover on his day, shine on dear. Happy birthday.

62. Today, the peg that fills my hole was born. Even from a world apart, you still fill my whole. Happy birthday, darling.

63. I wanted to be there today, to blow all your cares away. Though my mind is far away, my love for you has come to stay. Happy birthday.

64. There is no distance in love, with hearts that beat as one. As you dance today alone, may the rhythm be to the lovely sounds of our drum. happy birthday, love.

65. I will watch a romantic movie today and feel all mushy. I will pretend that your celebration is here. So I don’t drown in the sea of thoughts that reminds me of how much I’ll miss not being there. Happy birthday, boo.

66. Distance might have won today, but our love wins every day. For though I am not close to share the time with you today, our love will still have many other days. happy birthday, boo.

67. May you have a thousand horses raid your heart, those will show how much I wish I was there with you today. Happy birthday, dearie.

68. I cannot complete a single sentence today without two thoughts of you. My heart has travelled the distance to be with you. Happy birthday, love.

69. I am jealous of my heart. I am missing your birthday, I am still making empty wishes with tears filled eyes. But it is always there with you. Happy birthday, dear.

70. I am not overly concerned with being there present with you, though I want to. It is totally enough that I am the one you chose to love through space, and I will never regret how stupidly I love you. Happy birthday, love.

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