2024 Happy Birthday Wishes for Him or Her

Birthday Wishes for Him or Her

Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Below are sweet Happy Birthday Wishes you can send to your Girlfriend on her birthday.

Happy birthday to the flesh of my flesh and the bone of my bone. I rejoice with you my dear. Mwah!

The birds, the unseen creatures, the sun, the moon and even the sky join me in whispering happy birthday to you my Angel.

No more sorrow but joy, no more expectations but surprise no more heartbreak but good loving for the sake of this great day. Happy birthday my unique lady.

No one else has ever made me feel the way you make me do. I adore everything that you do and say. I thank God for creating this day so you can come to life. Happy birthday to the birthday queen.

Each time I look at your pictures, I always laugh in awe. I know my future will be great wit our kids and you’re secured in my arms but the future would not have come without this day. Let us jubilate on the day the lord has made it possible. Happy birthday to you my life partner.

My beautiful princess, you deserve all the good wishes in life and not just happy birthday. You are such a wonderful being who must be remembered and cared for. Enjoy your day my darling.

My biggest reward is to see you smile, know you’re happy and feel you are loved on this special day. Happy birthday sweetie.

Days can be boring but that’s why I’m here to show you days can be good when somebody cares. Happy birthday dear.

The happiest birthdays don’t necessarily have the best drinks and all that but are surrounded by good wishes and love. Happy birthday.

My hearts and body yearns for you as you celebrate your birthday. Wish you more of this day in good health and wealth. Happy birthday to you, my heart.

I wish enormous success in your endeavors as you celebrate this special occasion with lots of love and warm wishes. Happy birthday cutie.

Meeting you has been the best thing that has ever happened to me and I owe that to this day. Happy birthday.

I waited so long for a day like this to come and here is it! I’m painting the sky red so the world can know it’s your day. Enjoy the celebration.

If stones can speak you would have hear them singing happy birthday cos of how special you are to me and the world. Happy born day.

I truly believe we are meant to be that’s why this day is coming to pass. Time cannot fade this special memory of your day. I rejoice with you. Age with grace my love.

From the depth of my heart, every fiber of my being I say a cheerful happy birthday to you my love.

To the hint of fall, through the sunlight, as they begin to show you colors, your scent, your glorious and divine hues that make this day your birthday brighten your world, calm your fears and encourage your hopes. Happy birthday to you from me.

While the sun takes its peak as the dawn answer its daily call, let the the world behold my princess, my wife, my star’s birthday. Happy birthday to you.

Thank God for helping you to see past your flaws, for trusting in you and for loving you more than me that he kept you alive to see this day. Happy birthday babe.

Like a mother that never questions her child’s love, know that my wishes for you on your birthday are just as true as pure like an angel’s wishes. Happy birthday my wifey.

On your birthday, I wish you God unwavering support, undaunted commitment and care. Happy birthday lovey.

Words cannot express how I feel today but on the pages of my heart I give to you my body and soul, eternally yours. Happy birthday my angel.

Each corner of my heart echoes in a sweet tone and loving voice because it’s your day – yours alone. Happy birthday darling.

I truly confess that the most existing experience I have is witnessing your birthday. It’s here again! Age with grace my sunshine.

My every thought is of you, and I find it to be an unending and exquisite delight, knowing today Is your birthday. More love and joy baby.

The thoughts that today is your birthday sustains me all through the nights that have passed, knowing fully well that even in ages to come I’ll still wish you a happy birthday. Age with pleasant growth.

It is my fondest desire that our hearts will one day meet in a way that only exist between true lovers wishing each other a happy born day. Age with grace.

If you listen closely you will hear my sweet voice in the wind wishing you a happy birthday. It’s all about you today. I Love You.

I am gazing at the clouds as I write this, praying that the cool winds blow down on you and you are safe and happy as you celebrate your special day. More of days like this, my woman.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but the moments we spend wishing our loved ones well. You mean so much to me. Happy birthday sweetie.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend


Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife

Here are sweet Happy Birthday Wishes you can send to your Wife on her birthday.

I believe in miracles because one happened this day years ago. Happy birthday darling. Best of this day, my darling wife.

I hope you understand that no one can ever love you like I do. You’re the only woman my heart beats for. Happy birthday my dear.

Everyday I keep on falling in love with you all over again. It’s because of how special you are. Happy birthday darling wife.

Can you hear the sound of my heart as it beats for you? That’s how close you’re to my heart. Happy birthday to you my dear wife.

Relax and enjoy my dear, you’re worth celebrating. Happy birthday my wifey.

To be gifted with a wife like you by God is more than what words can describe. Enjoy this day my dear. Happy birthday.

My life keeps getting better because of how wonderful you make me feel with all your good deeds. Enjoy this special day my wife. Happy birthday to you.

You are the treasure I hope and wish for since I was a kid and now you’re the only woman I need even in the after life. You’re the best. Happy birthday my wife.

I can’t help but thank God for his goodness. You are the best option any man can have in this world. Happy birthday to you my queen.

Mercies of God, blessings of God all upon you this day as you have made me proud not only today but always. Happy birthday my wifey.

Whatever is true, whatever is good and pure are what I wish for my queen on this special day. Happy birthday, love.

You’re just the true definition of a wife. I know joy and peace the day I met you. Happy birthday to you, darling.

I pray our son marries a woman like you. You’re the best I’ve ever seen or met of all women. God bless you for me always. Happy birthday Darling.

The best thing that has ever happened to me was your birth and the second is meeting you. Happy birthday to you, my lovely wife.

This day is worth a celebrating because you’re the African queen Elizabeth – no, you’re more than that! Happy birthday dear.

For the fact that today is your birthday, I hereby declare it a public holiday because you’re worth celebrating my wife. Happy birthday, darling.

The greatest joy a man can ever have is meeting an angel like you. You’re more than ordinary, you’re extraordinary. Happy birthday my queen.

Only a stupid man will not appreciate your efforts. You’re everyman’s dream, though you became true for only me. Happy birthday dear.

To the queen of my heart, the apple of my eyes, flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone, I wish a very happy birthday full of joy and happiness. I love you.

I found strength in my weaknesses, I found help in times of need. They all were possible because I met you. You rock my world! Happy birthday to you, my one and only wife.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband

Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes you can send to your Husband on his birthday.

Happy birthday to you my one and only man. May God crown your efforts with success. I love you.

Thus says your wife: every seed you sow shall bear good fruits. Happy birthday honey.

In the most deepest place in my heart, you’ve taken your place and no one else can take it. Happy birthday darling.

My body, my soul, my heart all race to wake up today just to make this day a very special one. Happy birthday honey.

Beyond the party, more than the candles on the cake, even above the wishes from friends and family, I pray years of more fulfilment ahead. Happy birthday to you my love!

To the man who made my imperfections look perfect I wish another 365 days full of fruitfulness. Happy birthday honey.

From the deepest place in my heart I wish God bless you abundantly on your birthday and beyond. I love you darling.

Words will ever betray me to tell of your worth to me as a friend and husband. You mean more than words can say. Happy birthday to you my hubby.

I never knew love until you showed me love and care. Now my love for you keep on increasing every second of the day. Thank you so much and Happy birthday to you my king.

Deeper than the ocean is the love I have for you since I knew how special you are. Happy birthday my husband.

I am forever grateful to God for giving me the man every woman envy. You’re just too amazing my love. Happy birthday.

To the dreams of my heart God made them come true the day you were born and today I celebrate you. Happy birthday darling.

What else can I ask from God after, despite my imperfections, he blessed me with a man who knows the best about me since he was born. Happy birthday my love.

More success, more joy, more happiness and soundness of mind as we celebrate today as a special day. Happy birthday, my king.

I was completely lost before I met you but I found myself the day I met you. I’m glad I met a special man like you. Happy birthday.

You gave me life when I was almost dead. For all that you do and say, you remain the most special man to me. Happy birthday my king.

When life gave me a reason to cry and there was no one to run to, you came into my life and gave me a million of reasons to smile. You’re the best my lord. Happy birthday dear.

I wonder if there’s a better explanation or definition of love than what you’ve shown to me. c
Certainly, there is none. Happy birthday dear.

You’re the real hubby my dear. You are the rocker of my world! Enjoy your special day. Happy birthday darling.

I love you today not because it’s your birthday but because, today, the journey of our coming together started years ago. Let’s celebrate my king. I love you darling. Happy birthday.

I see myself in your eyes, fully assured of unabashed love and care from you my dearest man. Happy birthday honey.

If I’m changed to choose again in a million time the answer will always be you. Thanks for showing me love. Happy birthday dear.

You’re more than a husband, you’re my life. You’re more than a man, you’re a father! Happy birthday my world.

My world became a better place to live the moment you walked into my life. You’re my everything. Happy birthday to you my love.

Thanks for saving my dying soul. I pray that God rewards you abundantly. Happy birthday my dear.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mum (Mom)

Celebrate your mother with these beautiful Happy Birthday Wishes for Mum.

On a day like this, I remain the most blessed for having a wonderful woman like you as a mother. You’re worth celebrating. Happy birthday.

An eagle is valuable but you’re worth more than all the eagles in this world. So what do I say you are? No word can describe that. Happy birthday mother.

You’re my world, you are my prime joy. Without you, my dreams are chattered. I love you mom. Happy birthday.

No greater gift could have been better than you as my mother. Enjoy your special day mom. Happy birthday to you.

I wish you the very best of the best in this world, even as you celebrate your day, today. Happy birthday mother.

If I’m to choose again, even in a million time, I will still choose you as my mother. You’re such an amazing woman. Happy birthday mom.

Happy birthday to the most caring mom in the world. I wish you more than the world can give you on this day. You are cherished, mom.

Every day spent, I thank you for the knowledge you’ve impacted in me as an Infant. Thank you for being my guide and mother. Happy birthday to you mum.

No one else could have done the job better than you. You made me who I am today. Thank you mother. Happy birthday to you.

To my role model, my first love, my teacher and my best friend, I wish a very memorable day. Happy birthday to you, mum.

Every day I pray for you to remain the same just as you were years ago and today you’re still that special woman everyone look up to. Happy birthday mother.

Are you wondering why dad never married another wife? It’s because you’re worth more than all of the women in this world. Happy birthday mom.

The world will need a billion women to surpass all your efforts to make me a better person. Mom, you’re real. Happy birthday to you.

When I lost my self-esteem you instilled in me courage and made me become a better virtue of myself. I love you Mom. Happy birthday.

There’s nothing more special than having a mom who cares and love me like you do. Thank you for everything mom. Happy birthday.

In the quest to become a successful man you proved supportive and assured me of all your love. I’m glad to be your child. Happy birthday.

I stayed awake all night to make sure I’m the first to wish you a happy birthday party. Mom, I Love you.

Dad must have been more than lucky to have a woman like you. Thank you for being a good mother. Happy birthday to you mama.

No one else could have done the job better than you. You are the real African woman. Happy birthday mom.

Everything you taught me brought me this far. You gave it all to see me here. I’m grateful mom. Happy birthday to you.

When I thought I was alone and there was no one to run to, at the blink of an eye you were by my side to stand by me. Thanks mom. Happy birthday to you.

If every Mom can be like you then Africa will be the greatest continent. You’re the best mom. Happy birthday.

I wonder if a mother like you still exists because you are far more than a woman – you are a heroine. Happy birthday.

I would have been a thug or useless to myself and the community but you helped me to become who I am today. I love you mother. Happy birthday to you.

If wishes is human, I would have the whole world to grace the occasion of the best woman in the whole world. You rock my world, mum. Happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad

Celebrate your Father with these amazing Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad.

You have first loved me before any guy can echo their skin-deep affection for me. You have been a friend and a brother. You have been an unrepentant confidant.
Thanks for being your best for me.
Happy birthday to you. I love you, dad.

Beyond the accolades of the day, more than the loveliest of the gifts and the sweetest of the wishes, I pray a fulfilling year ahead. Long live, dearest father. Happy birthday to you. I love you.

Every great woman needs a crown on her head. You have been mine since I was a kid, even until now. You are a father indeed. Happy birthday, dad. I love you so much.

In the face of every wonderful man I meet, I see you. With few of your kind as a father, the whole world will celebrate forever. Happy birthday to the best dad in the world. I love you.

Day by day,
the Lord of thee these things I pray…
To protect this dad daily
Provide for him greatly
Favour him so dearly,
Day by day.
That’s my prayer for you on this day.
Happy birthday dad.
I love you.

I pray another year of God’s abundance grace and favour. Another year of supernatural blessings from up above for you.
Happy birthday, dad.

From the depth of my heart, I want to wish you a happy birthday, dad. You have been my best of friends. You have been my help even when I didn’t deserve it. I love you.

Let the Angels that answer prayers hear me this day.
I pray unspeakable joy ahead of you and a family that’s inseparable, forever.
Thank you for being the pillar of this house.
Happy birthday to you, dad. I love you.

To the wishes on your heart I say amen to them as you are a year older today. Happy birthday to the best dad in the world.

Every child’s dream is to be pampered. You did not only pamper me but you trained me. I owe you a thanks today and always. Happy birthday, father.

You showed me love and care even as a toddler and when I grew up to be a man you stood by me as my adviser. You’re the best dad. Happy birthday to you.

I could have been a nobody or criminal but for your discipline I am who I am today. Thank you father and happy birthday.

I’m sorry for the times I hurt you with my attitude. You have very special heart, still. Happy birthday, dad.

Despite how stubborn I was, you never for once neglected me. I steadily, you trained me to be useful not only to myself but to the society. You’re worth celebrating. Happy birthday dad.

From where I was to where I am and to where I’m going to, you have always been my backbone. Thank you father. Happy birthday to you.

One of the greatest gifts a man can ever get is having a father as great as you. Happy birthday my hero.

No lexicographer, philanthropist, philosopher nor even the greatest men living can verbally describe you, but I can – you’re a human angel. Happy birthday, dad.

You’re just too awesome! I can’t and won’t trade you for all the wealth of this world. Happy birthday, sir.

Many times I wonder if people like you still exist, then the world will be a better place to live. You’re the real man. Happy birthday to you, dad.

Some people are geniuses, some are heroes, some are legends while some are extraordinary; you surpass them all! You are a man blessed by God. Happy birthday, dad.


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