Birthday Messages for Dad
Birthday Messages for Dad

2024 Sweet Happy Birthday Messages for Dad (Father’s Bday Messages)

Best Happy Birthday Text Messages for Dad

Best collection of super-cute happy birthday text messages for your outstanding dad.

1. You might not be a perfect daddy but you were ideal for me and my life experiences. I celebrate you for being the best you can. Happy birthday, dad.

2. On this day which marks a day the Lord has graciously added a year to your life, I pray that you will never see shame. You shall continuously experience Love, Peace and Joy. Happy birthday to you, dearest dad.

3. Happy birthday, Daddy. I wish you longevity and prosperity from this day forward. Forever. I love you.

4. Daddy, you are our cover. You are my first love. You are an express image of God and Love. May your heart desires be granted today being your day. Happy birthday once again.

5. I remembered those days with relish how you took your time to play with us; you practically built us, papa. Those memories are helping me today. And I’ll say thanks and Happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Messages for My Dad
Happy Birthday Messages for My Dad

6. Daddy, you taught me how I should be treated; you always tell me that I am worth more than Gold and I’m very valuable. Daddy, those words made me who I became today. Happy birthday to the world best teacher and father.

7. You have been an unconventional father, society and culture couldn’t dictate to you how to treat your family. Thank you for what you stand for. Happy birthday, Daddy. Happy birthday to my Mummy’s Bestie.

8. I celebrate you every day because you are worth being celebrated. Today, I wish you all the good things of life. May you enjoy life to the fullest. Happy birthday, Daddy.

9. Any man can plant a seed in a woman but it takes a special man to be a Daddy. Dad, I appreciate and love the way you “father” me. Happy birthday, sir.

10. Your love and belief in me, those alone can make me a successful person. Your prayers, protection, counsel and directions are not found anywhere else. You are the best! Happy birthday, dad.

11. I love you completely because you are the express image of God and the real face of fatherhood, Dad. Happy birthday to the Daddy like no other.

12. I grow up loving you because you made it so easy. You were a perfect example of what being a father should be. I love you Dad. Happy birthday My King. My Mommy’s pride.

13. You are a super daddy. You made our house a home with the help of your loving wife. Sometimes, I wish I can share you with those children who need a father so they can experience whom a real father is also. Dad, you are loveable. Happy birthday my best Ally in life. Muah!

14. I learnt to love watching your daily actions, daddy. Your heart is so pure and beautiful. You are priceless to us. We love you wholeheartedly. Thank you so much for being there for us. Happy birthday to the man who has loved us from the beginning.

15. I appreciate all that you did for us. Having my own child has inculcated in me deep admiration and respect for you. I hope to be all that you were to me to my children. Happy birthday my Hero!

Happy Birthday Messages to My Dad
Happy Birthday Messages to My Dad

16. Papa, you are worth more than gold, diamond and all the precious stones together. I truly love you. Happy birthday Daddy.

17. I remembered when I broke up with my Ex and was shattered. I recalled how you helped me pick up every piece of my heart and mend it. You were a father who understood the word; LOVE. Happy birthday, Daddy mi. I love you completely.

18. I will always be your precious baby. I treasure you and every moment I have with you. Happy birthday, Daddy.

19. I don’t know how to give up because I watched you conquering the world without giving up. You encouraged my dreams and visions then though it looked like building castles in the air! But see where we are today. Happy birthday, Daddy; I treasure you to eternity.

20. Daddy, right from infancy I feel so connected to you. When you told me that I was your beloved mother incarnate it deepened our connection. You are everything I needed in a father and more. I honour you today. Happy birthday, Daddy.

21. You are Muse! You are awesome. You are more dear to me than diamond. Your wisdom is compelling and profound! You made me happy. I love you My role model. Happy birthday the best Daddy in the world!

22. You have worked so hard, Daddy. I will spend more time and share more laughter with you. You are my Hero.
Happy birthday, Dad.

23. Thank you for guiding us thus far in this journey of life. We might not have achieved much without your love and counsel. You are Rock; always there for us. Happy birthday, Dad.

24. It is thrilling Dad to know that you are aware of things I like and the ones I dislike. It tells me of a father who pays attention to his child’s needs. I love you immeasurably. Happy birthday, Daddy.

25. Today, I want to tell you how you have been our friend, teacher, counsellor, disciplinarian, motivation amongst many things. I love you to infinity and beyond. Enjoy your day, Dad.

Happy Birthday Messages for My Father
Happy Birthday Messages for My Father

26. I remembered with relish how I would complain about everything around me and situations; how I saw only the bad and negative, but you would surprisingly tell me about the positive things in that same situation. That has made me a grateful human, papa. Nowadays, I see only the good and brighter side of life.
I love you, Dad. Happy birthday.

27. I am extremely blessed to have a father who gave me his all! It gives me goosebumps when I recall how much sacrifices you have made on our behalf. Dad, I promise that I will make you proud; in fact the proudest father on earth. Happy Birthday, My first love.

28. Your belief in me is enough to make me a great person. I make decisions you don’t interfere in because you believe in me. May you celebrate more Birthdays Dearest father. Enjoy your day.

29. You are truly amazing and awesome. Your kindness is practically out of this world. Your love has made me feel secure and warm. I love you for everything you have done for me. Happy birthday, Daddy.

30. You are special to me. I believe in myself today because I have you. You won’t allow me to be less. You push me to be my best version. Being my father made life inspirational and easier for me.

31. You are Love. Peace. Humility. Compassion. Kindhearted. Loveable. You are the face of them all. You made life easy for people around you. I learnt all these from you growing up.

32. Dad,
With everlasting love, you have loved us all and you are still loving us.
We can’t love you less even. On this great day of yours, we pray that His love will remain evident in your life. Amen.
Happy birthday, My Hero.

33. I knew God because of you. I found Him in you. I saw Him in you.
Happy birthday to the Best Father in the Whole Wide World! I love you till eternity.

34. Daddy,
You taught me that no matter how bitter, sour or sweet life tastes; we should never give up. This has become my mantra. I love you, forever. Happy Birthday, to my handsome Daddy.

35. You always say to me,” Be Fearless and You will become Limitless!”. Daddy, this shaped my life. It made me strive better every day. I value you more than anything, except God though. Happy birthday to my manner man.

36. I learnt consistency because of you. I still learnt business principles from you. You are the best all over. I love you, forever! Happy birthday, Daddy.

37. Thank you for being my friend and confidant.
As you celebrate today, may you step into the realm of greatness and more influence? Happy birthday, my first love.

38. I am grateful for the bond we share. You will live long, Dad and enjoy amazing health. When I make a list of my blessings I list you triple. You’re truly awesome. Happiest birthday to the Most Outstanding Daddy.

39. You’re my everyday hero. You are trustworthy. You readily pick us up when we fall and fail. I will never outgrow the need for a father. You are the shoulder I cry on. You are my greatest fan. Our happiness is your priority. I love you deeply, daddy. Happy Birthday, Daddy mi.

40. Every year I crown you ” The Best Daddy of the Year” Award because you are! You are incredible.
I love you to eternity. Happy birthday, Dad.

41. I baked a cake for you Dad. It was prepared with some much love, care and smile. I was happy all through the process. You are wonderful. Happy Birthday, Daddy.

42. I will be glad to tell your story to my children; your grandchildren. How a great man you are.
I will write your story and keep for the generations to come cos you worth it.
I love you deeply. Happy Birthday.

43. Following God was easy for me because I watched you show me Christ on daily basis. I love you. Happy Birthday.

44. Your laughter can heal. Your smile rejuvenates me. Your scold builds me. Your silence makes me think deeply. You are a man if many parts. I am proud
to be your daughter.

45. The daddy of Life! Make a wish and I will fulfil it. I know you know my capacity and what I can do. I love you. Happy birthday.

46. Walking through our street and sharing life lessons and wisdom with me made me who I am today. Happy birthday, my Muse.

47. You provide for me. You sheltered us. You blessed us. You pray for us and it made us stand tall today and always. Happy birthday to the One God has made me from his loins.

48. It’s your day daddy. I have prayed for you and made a wish to God on your behalf. Enjoy your day. Happy birthday.

49. Your neatness inspired mine. Your fashion sense shaped me. Your witty nature made me laugh and learn too. Happy Birthday, father.

50. You are one that believes in education and you gave us the best of it. They say the best legacy any man can give to his children’s education of which you gave us. I value the fond memories of you. Happy birthday, Daddy.

51. I enjoyed your love, warmth, care, kindness, laughter, and affection. You’re always in my heart. Happy birthday, daddy.

52. Your love is unconditional
Your support is life-giving
Your impacts are breathtaking
You are everything I desired in a father and lot more.
Happy Birthday, Dad.

53. It’s your birthday, lovely daddy; but all I feel in my bones is gratitude. I remembered many times we would have lost you, but the Lord preserved you. We simply celebrate God’s mercies over your life. Happy birthday, Dad.

54. You are not only my father but also my friend. Thank you for your gift of friendship to me. Happy birthday my first love.

55. This is simply another step into another realm of possibilities, Dad. I love you; I will always do. Happy Dad.

56. This morning, I sprayed your favourite perfume and I was filled with nostalgia. I love you, Dad. Happy birthday My Hero.

57. Happy birthday to my first boyfriend. My very first love, my confidante, my adviser, my mentor, Everyday Hero, My Monday crush man; My everything, I love you now and forever!

58. Happy birthday to the man who has loved me even before I was born! I love you always. Enjoy your new age.

59. Happy birthday to my man of valour, my handsome daddy; spirit-filled, sensitive and highly purposeful father.
Happy birthday, Dad once again.

60. I feel so lucky to be your daughter. You have a golden heart. May all your beautiful dreams come true. Happy birthday my first love.

61. Father, you’re so incredible and awesome. I couldn’t have asked for a better father than you. You’re my everyday motivation. Happy birthday my Hero.

62. At this new age of yours, I wish you amazing health and a sound mind. Happy birthday, Father.

63. Thank you so much for the moments you have pushed me to become better. I will make you proud, trust me, Dad. Happy birthday, Dad.

64. When you look at my countenance you can literally read my mind and comprehend my thoughts and feelings—–you understand me like nobody else. Happy birthday to my Lovely Daddy.

65. You always believe in me so it was easy for me to do so too. Your belief in me is heartwarming and your support to me is super legendary.

66. I am so proud to be referred to as your daughter. I love you, Daddy. Happy birthday my Hero.

67.Your hugs bring healings to me. You make me feel loved always. Who listens to me like you, Dad? Nobody! OK; apart from God. I love you, Dad.

68. I love the way you laugh, Dad. It makes me happy! Happy birthday Daddy yo!

69. I am so thankful and grateful to be your baby. I will make you proud!
happy birthday, Dad.

70. I love the way you love mummy. It made me to believe in love and to work towards love. Happy birthday, Dad.

71. Happy birthday to the man who has loved me always both in my strengths and weaknesses. I love you to eternity, Daddy.

72. You are priceless! We can never exchange you for all the riches in the world. We love you, forever!
Happy birthday, Daddy; Our Hero!

73. When I’m hurt even without uttering it, you know. You see yourself in me and you trust me so much. That alone has been my everyday motivation. I love you, Papa. Happy birthday, My First Love!

74. You encourage my dreams and visions even when you don’t understand them. I treasure you to high heavens! Happy birthday, Daddy.

75. You are worth more than Jasper, onyx, diamond, in fact, all the precious stones joined. I love you, forever. Happy birthday, Daddy mi.

76. Your wisdom and words are compelling and profound. They tell the story of a man who has seen the world and experienced it. I love you, deeply. Happy birthday, Daddy.

76. Walking with you while growing up through the gardens, parks, streets, and boulevards; you discussed and shared life lessons with me. Those moments moulded me into the person I am today. I love you, to eternity. Happy birthday, to my dearest father.

77. You are absolutely exceptional. You are my inspiration. Happy Birthday, to my incredible Daddy.

78. Happy birthday to my purposeful father. My very pillar and support. You encourage me like no Man’s business. I love you to the moon and back! Muah!

79. You are my legend. My everyday crush. My Hero. My everything. I honour you today and always. Happy Birthday, Papa.

80. You are peace personified. They call you, peacemaker. You go all out to help others. I bless you, father. You shall live longer than your ancestors. Happy birthday, first love.

81. May your new age brings you immeasurable blessings. Amen! Happy birthday, Papa.

82. Dad, have I ever told you how much I love how you love Mummy? I knew love because of you. I love you! Happy birthday, My Hero.

83. I appreciate and celebrate you so much because you didn’t make us scamper into our rooms whenever you come back from work. You refused to terrify us by being the lion of the tribe of our home. I love you, Daddy. Happy Birthday, Daddy.

84. Dad,
In a world of,” No Time”, you gave us the greatest gift of all time which is your presence. Happy birthday, My First Love.

85. You are one man who is not ashamed to admit when he goes wrong. You taught us about integrity and honesty and I love you more because of that. Happy Birthday, My Pride.

86. Happy Birthday, My Super Man. May your new age brings you love, peace, harmony and everything you wish for. I love you, Daddy.

87. I’m super grateful to have you in my life, Daddy. You answered my many questions lovely. I love you. Happy birthday, Daddy.

88. Though you will get old there will always be an abundance of love in you for me. Happy Birthday, My First Love!

89. Though. I’m not perfect but I will always reciprocate your love in the best way I can. I love you. Happy Birthday, Daddy.

90. Most people believe in Spiderman or Batman, but my favourite character is my hero,” The Knight in Shining Armour”, who when unmasked reveals my Daddy! Happy Birthday, My Hero.

91. You are so many things wrapped in one. You are our father, friend, brother, and mentor. We love you. Happy Birthday, Daddy.

92. Thank you abundantly for the Love and Hope you have given me. I promise to make you proud. Happy birthday, Daddy.

93. You are an express image of God in affluence and influence, in love and care. A visible proof of the diversified magnanimity of divinity.
Much love, Daddy. Happy Birthday.

94. You carry a palpable aura of God around you. We love you. Happy Birthday, Daddy.

95. You always pray for us when we fall sick. You taught us care, charity and love. For this, we love you more. Thanks for all you are to us. Happy birthday, Our father.

96. Thank you for helping me face my fears. You are my fear killer. Thank you for believing in me. I love you with all my heart
and soul. Happy Birthday, Daddy.

97. You always tell me to hold my peace while you fight for me. You are the God I see. I love you. Happy Birthday, My First Love.

98. Mere words are not enough to tell you how I love you. I love what you stand for. I love you to eternity. Happy Birthday, Daddy.

99. Happy Birthday to the man who brought me here. To the man who has provided for me all my life. To my dearest incredible father, I love you!

100. I learnt how to appreciate my environment because of you. You taught me to become aware of my surroundings. Daddy, that has been a lifesaver for me. I love you more than words can express it. Happy Birthday, Daddy mi.

  • Written By Oluchi Joy.
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