Birthday Prayers for My Dad

Effective Birthday Prayers for My Dad in 2024

Let us say you have got a dad as cute and lovely as anyone can ever image. And on top of that, he is such a father you can be proud of, even in your dreams.

He is caring, sweet and everything a greedy child would ever want in a father.

Is that you dad? Then send any of the birthday prayers below to him.

 Birthday Blessings for My Dad

Powerful Birthday Prayers/Blessings for my Dad on his birthday.

1. Happy birthday, daddy. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour, in Jesus name.

2. May this new year of yours be filled with love, joy, goodness, good news, and long life. Happy birthday, dad.

3. I love everything about you, dad. You’re the source of my joy and inspiration. I love the way you father me. May God grant you longer life as you start another phase of your life. Enjoy your birthday, sir.

4. You made my life so meaningful with the way you provide me with all the assistance I need to overcome life’s obstacles. May God never leave your matter unattended to. Have a blast, dad.

5. Thank you for guiding me to chase my dreams. May you always find reasons to be happy. Uplifting is yours, dad. Happy birthday to you.

Lovely Birthday Prayers for My Dad

Here are Lovely Birthday Prayers for My Dad. Copy and Paste.

6. I know you love me, and I love you more. As long as you’re my father, happiness and the good things of life will never depart from you. A lovely birthday, daddy.

7. I love you. You love me. Give me another reason not to be happy with life. Dad, as you’ve made me be with life, may life and it’s good qualities never frown at you. Happy birthday, my dad… Cheers!!!

8. I wish you always stay happy in life. I pray for your good health and wellness, today and forever. Happy birthday, my father.

9. Today, I’ll like to appreciate you for the love and care of a father you’ve made me experience right from infancy. I’m really among the world’s chosen few. May you never lack anything good. Happy birthday to you, dad.

10. You’ve made me known life and challenges roll together, and you’ve promised me your full support whenever I need you. May God never leave you when you’re in need. Amen. Continue to bask in God’s glory, dad. Happy birthday.

Sweet Birthday Prayers for My Dad

Sweet words of prayer for my Dad on his birthday.

11. My number one, you’re so special in my eyes. You taught me what life is. May your intelligence never depart from you. Happy birthday, daddy.

12. Happy birthday to my handsome dad who never seems to grow old. May you continue to enjoy God’s unending love.

13. You’ve always loved and pampered us. You’ve made us understand what true love is. Dad, I celebrate you today. I wish you long life and greatness. Happy birthday, first love.

14. It would be too less to thank you for your mere presence in our lives. One thing I wish for you now and forever is, you’ll never find help before you get it. Happy birthday, my lovely dad.

15. Happy happy birthday, dad. May you never regret ever living. I wish you all the best, sir. I love you.

Best Birthday Prayers for My Dad

Best of all Birthday Prayers for My Dad on his special day.

16. You’re the most caring and loving father on the whole planet. No regrets having you as my dad. May you always remember today for good. Enjoy your birthday, daddy.

17. I love and cherish you, dad. Nothing can be compared to your love in my heart. Thank you for raising us. You’ll always find help in time of need. It’s your day, dad. Enjoy it to the fullest.

18. You love for me is priceless. I can only thank you for all. You’ll never eat the fruit of your labour in sadness. I trust mum would give you a nice treat today. Enjoy your day, sir.

19. A super happy birthday to you, daddy. May God bless you beyond measures.

20. I cherish you more than words can explain. I wish you a birthday filled with achievements and prosperity. Love you always, dad.

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