Happy and Safe Journey Wishes for Husband

Happy and Safe Journey Wishes for Husband (2024)

It’s not easy spending a period of time being apart from the love of your life. Many married wives who go through these experiences have a hard time coping without the presence of their husbands. They spend their days looking for ways to avoid the feeling of loneliness but that isn’t always successful because they have gotten so accustomed to staying around their husbands. This might be your case.

Or is your husband is travelling soon and you can’t set aside that heavy feeling in your heart? Well, you are not alone in this, as this is the case of most women who are in your situation. The truth of the matter is that not only wives’ have this feeling, men also have a difficult time staying away from their wives when going on a journey. So, you should show him how much you care by sending some happy and safe journey wishes for husband as message to him.

When travelling, your husband stands the risk of encountering casualties and mishaps as this is the case of most travellers. The burden of leaving you worried about him is also weighing him down so don’t add to his worries by keeping a sad face as he departs.

Instead, make him understand that you are praying for him and that you will always think about him by sending some happy and safe journey wishes for husband to him.

If you are worried about not being able to write the perfect words to him, don’t worry, this article got you covered. Here, you get the right blend of words that can inspire you to write your perfect wish for your husband.

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Powerful Safe Journey Prayers for Husband

Prayers have a way of making one feel at ease. If you are worried about your husband’s safety, take your time to send him some powerful safe journey prayers to calm your nerves. Sending these prayer messages to him will let him know that you are always thinking about him. Prayers are powerful, so send this to him.

1. May every fatality that will come your way in this journey be removed in Jesus’ name. You will experience happiness dear. Have a happy trip.

2. I pray that God will keep you safe until we meet again, this I’m sure of. Enjoy your journey for the rest is in God’s hand.

3. As you go on this journey, the lord’s spirit will always be with you to wade off every manipulation of the evil ones. Amen.

4. Lord Jesus, bless my love as he goes on this journey. May every evil plan be in his favour. This journey will bring smiles to his face. Amen.

5. Your travel is in God’s hand, so no harm will come your way. Instead, you will experience joy unlimited.

6. As you set out, the lord’s angels will be your helper. With them, this journey will be a source of joy.

7. You are clothed with God’s garment of favour and safety. Everything you encounter as you travel will draw blessings to you. Amen!

8. The Lord God powers towers to the sky. From up there, his protection will find you as you come and go. Take care.

9. Your feet will lead you to his grace as you travel. His angels will always be there to keep you from backsliding from God. Amen!

10. Your destination awaits you with favour. Every hindrance on your way is removed by God’s power in Jesus’ name. Amen!

11. The grace of God that follows you will let the road respect you, no accidents will occur for God will be your driver.

12. Dear Lord, as my husband makes his journey, be his pillar and shoulder to rest on.

13. The Lord will always be your guide and protection, keep your mind at ease for the lord is fighting your battles for you.

14. Take your time and admire every second of your time as you travel. I’m praying to God on your behalf, he’ll never leave you.

15. God’s blessings and favour will follow you as you embark on this journey. Don’t feel sad for God is always with you.

Best Safe Journey Messages for Husband

Your husband holds an unshakable position in your life so it isn’t a surprise that you want the very best for him. Are you looking for ways to keep your husband smiling as he travels? Here are the best safe journey messages for your husband.

16. My heart is always with you, distance can’t stop my heart from beating whenever I think of you. I’m wishing you a safe journey. Love you!

17. It’s no laughing matter knowing that I’ll go to bed and wake up without you by my side. I’m wishing you a smooth journey to and fro so that you can be around me as soon as possible.

18. I love you, darling! My life won’t be the same with your absence. Come back to me soon. I love you so much.

19. I’ll always send text messages to you as you begin your journey so get prepared. This will be the first text message and it’s about how I want you to have a safe journey.

20. I can feel your presence around me, this assures me that you are always thinking of me. Have a peaceful ride dear and enjoy your travel.

21. The day is so slow and I’m bored without you. I count every second that goes by without you. Come back to me in safe health dear.

22. I know I’m not taking this journey with you but don’t feel nervous about it, your ride will be stress-free and I’ll always be thinking of you.

23. I know it’s too early to say this but I miss you already. Have a safe trip and don’t forget to always call me. If you don’t, I’ll assault you with text messages.

24. Take care of yourself, darling. My prayers are always about you. I’m always praying for your safety. Love you!

25. I’m waiting patiently for your return for I know you will have a safe trip. Come back with stories for my ears are itching to hear about your trip experience.

26. I want you in my arms soon if not, I’m boarding the next bus to where you are.

27. I’m with you as you travel so smile always and feel happy as you would if I were by your side. I hope you have a steady ride.

28. I feel sad knowing that you won’t be around me for a few days, I can’t still cope without you here, I’ve tried but you are the addiction I can’t quit. Wishing you a fun-filled and safe journey.

29. Take a lot of pictures and videos while travelling, I want to feel your experience through photos. Safe journey my dear.

30. My hands can’t wait to curl itself around your waist. I’m yearning for you and I hope you get back home safely so I can hug you to sleep.

Safe Journey Quotes for Husband

I know it is your wish that your husband travels and get back to you without experiencing mishaps on his journey. So, convey this wish to him to relieve the tensions he might have about travelling. One way of doing this is by preparing safe journey quotes for your husband and sending them to him. Here are some safe journey quotes to get you started.

31. Drive steadily, remember to drink a lot of water, and please stay safe.

32. Knowing we’ll be spending a great deal of time apart is heartbreaking. So please dear, do come back to me in one piece. I’m looking forward to the day you will be back. I miss you already. Safe trip!

33. Although the road may be bumpy, your journey will be smooth for the Lord God has taken over your safety. All you need to do is enjoy your trip.

34. Now you are away, I’ve got no one to talk to or who’ll listen to me. I want you back safe and sound for I miss my gossip partner.

35. You are my greatest treasure so take care of yourself. I don’t want my baby getting hurt. Call me when you need help and have a smooth journey.

36. Remember to always follow road rules and pay attention. I want you back home with no casualties. So, take care of yourself.

37. Pay attention to your environment and don’t neglect the little lessons nature has to teach you. Have a safe trip.

38. Have a fun-filled trip! Don’t you dare forget to take a lot of pictures for I’ll be expecting them. Safe journey!

39. I’m hoping to see you healthy and chubby when you come back so endeavour to eat well. Safe trip.

40. Calm down babe! I’ll always be with you as you travel. My heart will never stop thinking about you till you come back to me.

Happy Journey Messages for Husband

As your husband is planning on travelling, you should have only happy thoughts for him. Express these happy emotions by sending him happy messages for his journey. This little act of yours will keep him happy and make him miss you.

41. We may be apart from one another, but our love will never grow apart. For the sake of the love we share, the universe will obey God’s call and grant you a safe journey to and fro.

42. Check your phone’s gallery darling, I transferred a lot of my photos to you. I know we’ll be spending some time apart from one another. I don’t want you to miss me too much, so whenever you think of me, look at my pictures. I’ll be here praying for your safety.

43. You won’t admit it but I know you are missing me already. I’ll send you a text whenever I feel my heart beating loudly because this is a sign that you are thinking of me. Don’t hesitate to call me baby. Have a pleasant trip!

44. I’m making a long list of my daily activities since you aren’t here with me. Get yourself prepared as I’ll be reading them all to you when you return. Your only job is to return safely to me. I love you babe, and I’m wishing you a safe journey.

45. Only happy memories await you because you glow wherever you are. Have a memorable and safe time on your trip. You are always in my memory.

46. Are you ready to receive my endless calls? Better be back home safe and healthy or I won’t stop calling to check up on you. The kids are missing you already. You are loved.

47. Now that you aren’t here, I’m going to go shopping while having the best time of my time. I know you’re doing the same over there. Come back safely so we can enjoy it together.

48. I’m glad that you are visiting your loved ones, don’t forget to tell me when you arrive. Come back to me soon, I’ll be praying for your safe ride. Love!

49. We have so many memories together, remembering will be enough for me as you depart. Come back safely so that I don’t miss you too much.

50. I’m wishing a journey void of stress, take care of yourself, and don’t forget to eat. I’ll always love you. I’ll be calling always to see how you’re doing, so save some discussion for us.

Have you been thinking of putting a smile on your husband’s face as he embarks on his journey? Sending these ‘happy and safe journey’ wishes will keep him thinking about you.

Your support is needed by your husband, he may have a hard time saying it but he needs your tiny words of comfort as he takes on this journey. Don’t miss this opportunity! Use it to build the bond you have with your husband and connect with him. Grab it while you can.

And don’t forget to share and comment, thanks.

Written by Joseph Abimbola

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