Birthday Captions for Cousin Sister

Cute Birthday Captions for Cousin Sister

Birthdays are special days of our lives to reminisce and reflect over the past year and prepare for a better year ahead. Such days are usually filled with gratitude, joy and love all around from friends and family.

One of the ways to show love to your cousin especially on a day that is special to her like her birthday is by letting her know how much she means to you.

As you celebrate with your cousin sister on her birthday, let her know she is loved and appreciated by sending her these cute birthday captions for cousin sister.

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Best Birthday Captions for My Cousin Sister

These are the best birthday captions you could send to your cousin sister on her birthday.

1. Happiest birthday to you cousin, continue to enjoy God’s unlimited grace.

2. God’s goodness and mercy shall never leave you but follow you all the days of your life. Happy birthday, cousin.

3. God created you for a purpose. I pray the purpose of God in your life will be fulfilled. Have a fun-filled day cousin.

4. It’s a good and sweetest thing to have you as a cousin. I wish you the best birthday so far dear.

5. If there is just one thing to wish you on your birthday, that will a happy and prosperous life. Happy birthday to my beautiful cousin.

6. It was all God’s grace that you made it this far in life.
My darling cousin, I pray you will live to witness more of your day. Happy birthday!

7. I’m so glad to celebrate you on your big day again dear cousin. I wish you the best in life darling. I can’t wait to celebrate more with you.

8. Yeah, I don’t have a blood sister, but I am glad to have you, my cousin as one. Happy birthday, dearest! Live long and prosper!

9. Today is a remarkable day for you and us all because it is your birthday. I’m so sure that you are going places far and beyond. Happy birthday to my darling cousin sister.

10. My dear cousin sister, you mean so much to me. You have been an inspiration and a motivation to me. You have also been a blessing to me and the family at large. I wish you the happiest birthday ever. Love you!

11. Today is the day we all have been waiting for. Today, even the Earth, is incomplete without you. Blessed birthday to you sweet cousin sister. I wish you the best of everything you wish yourself.

12. Thanks to God for the gift of you in our family. Someone like you in this world is rare because you are so amazing and precious. I love you to the moon and back. I wish you a prosperous new year sweet cousin.

13. Happy New Year Cousin Sister! Your birthday is here again!
God shall make your way prosperous and you shall have good success. Happy birthday dear one!

14. It is so sweet to have someone like you in our large family. I bless the Lord for keeping you and everyone to witness this day. We all wish you a very happy birthday cousin sister.
Go out and rule your world!

15. Shine bright like a diamond baby. It’s your birthday again. Happy birthday my lovely cousin. May you grow in God’s wisdom and grace always.

16. Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you cousin sister,
Happy birthday to you.
Keep glowing,
Keep growing,
Keep shining dear one.
Happy birthday!

17. Happy birthday to my beautiful cousin. I celebrate you big on your day. Keep growing stronger and healthier.

18. Thanks to God who has given you the grace to celebrate another year in good health. May this year be the best year so far. Happy birthday, cousin sister.

19. I will love to testify that moments with you have been so amazing. Those memories are sweet ones and I would like to create more with you. Happy birthday lovely cousin.

20. Happy birthday cousin sister. You shall be like the sea set on the hilltop. Love you big.

21. I have got to learn that you’ve got brilliant ideas to motivate yourself and the people around you. You are a selfless woman full of inspirations. You are unstoppable darling. Keep going!
I wish you a prosperous birthday cousin sister!

22. Everything about you is unique.
You are God’s creation, a lover of God.
You are a woman with great influence.
You are so adorable and I am lucky to have you as my cousin sister.
Happy dearest birthday!

23. I love you even more for the fact that you are so determined, disciplined and diligent.
You are a woman with visions.
You are all ready to pursue and have your goals accomplished.
You are an excellent and complete woman.
Keep being you sweetest cousin.
Happy birthday to you!

24. You have been equipped for success and happiness with power and sound mind in your life girlfriend. I am so proud of who you are growing up to be. Happy birthday to my best cousin!

25. Your beauty alone is extraordinary. You are beautiful in and out. Your smiles are adorable and contagious too. I am so happy to have someone as important and amazing as you in my life. Happy birthday dearest cousin!

Funny Birthday Captions for Cousin Sister

These funny birthday captions can be Captions to your cousin sister to celebrate her birthday with her.

26. I could remember sometimes ago when you were acting drunk in one of our outings together. A security guard almost got you beaten up because you spitted on him unintentionally. If not for a nice man that came to rescue us, you would have got me beaten up too.
Memories are really sweet with you. I just can’t explain it all. You are so adorable.
It’s your birthday again baby girl. I wish you an amazing new year cousin. Happy birthday to you.

27. My cousin’s birthday is today! You’re so adorable dear even though you are not as me. I wish you the best of the best in life. Happy birthday!

28. So, my cousin is now fully matured. Thank God for birthdays in your life. Lol. Your good shall become better; your better shall become best and your best keeps improving. Happy birthday, cousin.

29. I wish I wasn’t a relative to you because you’re too cute and sweet. My handsome cousin is a year older today. Keep being amazing!

30. My cousin is an excellence-personified being. I’m so lucky to be related to you. Enjoy every moment of your life dear. Happy birthday.

31. I see my cousin as an excellent man. He lives his life purposefully, accurately and worthily. I will like you to take me with you sir (smiles).
Happy birthday to you man.

32. Someone’s future wife and asset is celebrating her day today. More wins in life babe. Much love cousin.

33. Happy birthday dear cousin. Keep breaking grounds and keep winning. I love you.

34. God has designed you to be great in life, and you will surely be that person He has wired you to be. Happy birthday, cousin.

35. Shine beautifully like the stars in heaven dear. It is your day to celebrate you again. Happy blessed birthday cousin.

36. God has set your feet on a Rock that never fails. You are a victor darling, keep winning. Happy birthday to you cousin.

37. Though storms of life may rage against you, but your feet shall not be moved because God’s presence is with you. I wish you a very happy birthday. Long-life cousin.

38. Dear cousin, I pray that those who want your downfall and do not want your success will be put to shame forever. God’s plans for you are coming to pass. Be strong in the Lord dear. Happy birthday to you.

39. You are a definition of many things. A man of purpose, an edifice of wisdom, emblem of excellence, a portrait of royalty and more. I wish you the best of luck in everything you do. Happy birthday, cousin.

40. God has made you for some spectacular reasons. And His will shall be done in your life. Happy birthday anniversary cousin.

41. You are the light of Christ. Keep radiating and shining to the world. I’m proud of you cousin. Happy birthday to you.

42. Blessed are you, dear cousin. Generations now and next shall call you blessed. Happy birthday to you.

43. Happy birthday dearest cousin. Your heart desires and needs are met in Jesus’ Name. Love you big.

44. You are such a talented, gifted and endowed being. I envy you in every way. Keep being the better version of you dearie. Happiest birthday to you.

45. May your life glorify and please God always. Happy birthday to you cousin.

46. I know you are of great importance in your lifetime and beyond. Keep being great dear. Blessed birthday to you cousin.

47. Gifted woman of God, I love you. May the Lord give you more grace to use your gifts rightly. Blessed birthday to you cousin.

48. The Lord will lift you higher and take you places you have been before. Happy birthday to you cousin.

49. Bright birthday boy. You shine bright in and out. You will shine brighter more in all ramifications dear. Enjoy your birthday cousin.

50. Great is the faithfulness of God who allowed you to witness this day. May you live longer and prosper. Happy birthday sweetest cousin.

Do endeavour to send these birthday captions to your cousin sister as she celebrates her birthday and I hope she likes them.

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