Romantic Birthday Messages
Romantic Birthday Messages
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2024 Trending Romantic Birthday Messages and Wishes for Lover

Your lover has a birthday and you don’t know what to message him or her.

I see, below are 150 most Romantic Birthday Messages and SMS for Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Wife and Husband.

For Girlfriend

Your Girlfriend is plus one today. You can make her day look lovely and awesome by sending her Romantic Wishes and Text Messages for her Birthday.

1. How can your born day come and pass without me wishing you a blissful celebration, girl?

2. Happy birthday to my heart-drive that secures my trust in the throbbing thing behind her chest.

3. My warm wishes go to my one and only lovely companion. Happy birthday.

4. I wish you a blissful celebration on your upcoming birthday.

5. Despite my mischievousness, you have always been there for me. I wish you the best birthday ever.

6. I sometimes wonder why you still keep me as yours, may you be blessed this birthday.

7. May your past heartaches be soothed by the bliss that will come with your born day celebration.

8. I have been one of the most insincere lovers. But then, been there for me has been your watchword. I appreciate your constant support and wish you a new blissful age ahead.

9. May this day come with blessings that will cause you to wonder if you really deserve them. Happy birthday.

10. Let your day be filled up with fun, laughter, merry and bliss. Happy birthday.

11. My girlfriend’s born day is today. Hurray!

12. The only girlfriend I have ever seen doing as I wish is you. May you be strengthened the more from this birth celebration.

Romantic Birthday Wishes
Romantic Birthday Wishes

13. Being around you has made realize that love is indeed, true. Because you have gone beyond normal lines to please me. Happy birthday.

14. Your love is one in a bunch of a million. Happy birthday to you my dear.

15. The last time I checked. Your love has been a distinct sort. I wish you all the best.

16. Today marks the cradle of a new beginning and a new you. But, our love can only be renewed. I am sure. Happy birthday.

17. Things have not been in order since your last birthday. But, I believe that they will all fall in place tonight.

18. May your new age bring about more understanding and a new perspective on life. Happy birthday.

19. Let your new age begin and end with smiles as you start another. Amen.

20. May you be the one whose affection is all I crave for. Happy birthday.

21. May your day be super bright my girl. Happy birthday to you!

22. One smile from you alone can make my day worth living. Can I get that from you, as you observe your birthday?

23. You have always been a sweet and loving person that cares more about me than herself. Enjoy your birthday too.

24. Making the mistakes I use to do won’t happen again between me and you my love. Happy birthday.

25. May your birthday be the best sort in history my girl.

26. May all the sweet and lovely goodies you crave for be your portion tonight. On this birthday.

27. May your born day be full of wonders like your humble self my dear.

28. As you observe your birthday. May it be cool and calm with utmost serenity.

29. If your day turns out to be bad like yesteryears’, my heart will bleed. May this year’s birthday be distinct and joyful.

30. Happy birthday to my cute and loving heart nurse.

31. My heart-tender. May you be filled with joy and have a sense of fulfilment today as you mark your birthday.

32. For your chastity, I dare not tamper with your trust. Happy born day.

33. Of all people, you have chosen to be mine girl. I heart you, dear. Happy birthday, sweetie.

34. My bone is plus one today. Yes, you! You make me feel strong even when my vigour wanes.

35. The best thing I must admit I have right now is your affection. Happy birthday to you.

36. Babe, sing and dance as if you want to be awarded a gift. You know it’s your birthday, right?

37. May another candle be added to the initial number we blew off last year on your birth celebration.

38. I wish you happiness and will try my best to see you in that mood even after this birthday.

39. Make a wish. I am ready to meet your needs tonight. Happy birthday.

40. I need you to just pause whatever you are doing and muse about us. Our love, baby and your blissful birthday yesterday.

41. I think I should have scribbled about you in the sky so as to make everyone have a glimpse of our love and your birthday.

42. May this day mark the genesis of your undeserved merits and favours, girl.

43. Let’s celebrate your past, present and morrow as you add a year today.

44. Happy birthday to the most charming and distinct girlfriend in the wise. I heart you.

45. To the most special girl in my life, I wish you long life in bliss even after your born day.

46.Congratulations to your parents for given birth to such an amazing girl many years ago on this day and season.

47. It is really uneasy to buy a gift for you, sweetheart. Because I want to purchase the entire world just for you. Happy birthday, anyway.

48. Because today is your born day and you’re extra caring, a wish is not enough for you. So, may your day be splendid And may next year bring you more joy.

49. Let’s celebrate your special day and hope this blissful time lasts forever. May you get the best of everything in life and career.

50. Happy birthday my love. I promise to make your day as important as you are in my life. Happy birthday.

For Boyfriend

Do you need some romantic Birthday Messages For Him (your boyfriend)?

Okay, below are sweet messages you can send your boyfriend on his birthday.

1. I don’t have any close friend if not you. I love you and may your birthday be full of fun.

2. Happy birthday to my lovely boyfriend today.

3. May your wisdom increase as you add another year today, boy.

4. May you be blessed in abundance as you add one more year to the initial.

5. Happy birthday to the most intelligent boyfriend I have ever had.

6. To the most caring, charming and loving boyfriend, happy birthday to you.

7. Your age will soon be a year more. Happy birthday in advance.

8. Happy birthday to my amazing boyfriend may his strength increase more, amen.

9. My boy is now a year older than before. Happy birthday to you boy.

10. May you be blessed in everything you do as you age more my love.

11. Knowing that your birthday is around the corner is a great thing to be happy about. Happy birthday to you in advance.

12. My dearest boyfriend, my heart wishes you the best that tomorrow – your birthday holds.

13. May your wishes come into reality today as you mark your birth anniversary.

14. A blissful birthday to the most charming and classy boy that owns my heart.

15. May your birthday be filled with joy and laughter. Enjoy your day!

16. Sweet gifts and presents will be in tons on your birthday.

17. Wishing you all the best as you add another age to your years on earth.

18. May the young man that reads this message be blessed with wisdom and prosperity in his new age.

19. My special friend is plus one today. Hurray!

20. Happy birthday to my most amazing friend right now. Hurray!

21. Happy birthday to you my lovely boyfriend. May you be more in all that you aspire to become.

22. Happy birthday to my cute baby. Yes, you. I wish you all the best, boy!

23. May your efforts not turn out to be futile as you aspire greater heights in life. Happy new age.

25. Being away from you makes me feel bored. But your company makes me chuffed. Happy birthday.

26. Warm birthday wishes are what I crave you find. May your day be better than the word itself.

27. I knew from scratch that you won’t leave me. I hope and pray that you become a better personality in life. From your birthday henceforth.

28. Like a fire your gaze sets my soul ablaze. You are an amazing boyfriend. Happy born day.

29. Happy birthday to this rare personality. May you find less constrained in all your aspirations in life.

30. May you be a distinct person who does extraordinary things in life. Happy birthday.

31. My most special friend is plus one today. Help me shout out to him.

32. Even though the hard and easy stages of life. I will always be by your side. Happy birthday.

33. I wish you the best birthday ever in history my lovely boyfriend.

34. With all the bits and parts of my life. I wish you the best birthday in life.

35. I can’t spend a day without you, my boyfriend. May you be blessed in everything you do. Henceforth.

36. Deeper than the sea moist does our love goes. May your birthday bring about more bonding to us.

37. My love won’t wane, unlike a flower. It will be strong and stronger than the way it was. Happy birthday.

38. I am the one whom you can trust with your heart. I love you, dear boyfriend. Happy born day.

39. Knowing that you are mine is one thing that makes me happy too. Happy birthday.

40. His day is now! This guy! My love,.happy birthday to him.

41. I instantly stopped thinking of anything much like I used to. I wish you the warmest regards this birthday, boy!

42. Whenever I hold you it makes me know that I matter. Happy birthday to the one who makes me happy.

43. My lovely boyfriend, do you know your smile is like an icing on the cake? It makes me feel elated. Happy birthday.

44. Beyond being a boyfriend. You are my best and closest companion. Warm birthday wishes, okay?

45. I am happy that you still see me as one who is important in your life all this while. For the gifts and all. I am wishing you a blissful birthday.

46. You are mine just like I am to you. Happy birthday to you dear.

47. Being your girlfriend alone is worth celebrating. Talk more about this; your born day! Hurray!

48. How could I ever say I don’t care about your birthday boy? I heart you.

49. To the one I want to spend my life with, happy birthday to you today.

50. May the peace of mind that comes with birthdays be what will fill your heart tonight.

For My Husband or Wife

Below are most Romantic Birthday Messages and Wishes for Husband/Wife.

1. Nothing gives me joy than the smile on your comely face. I want to see that smile on my husband’s/wife’s face forever. Why? Because you deserve the best on your birthday.

2. No good diction could ever describe my love for you. It’s larger than the world’s size and deeper than the sea waters. Happy birthday my husband/wife.

3. To stay with you, to hear your voice, to walk with you, to talk to you And laugh with you. Is all I long for, to make my days as happy as the word itself. Because I love you, dear.

4. Happy birthday my sweetheart. I wish you a very warm life filled with love and laughter.

5. On this special day, I wish to tell my romantic Wife/Husband that he is my world! Lots of love, hugs and kisses.

6. Happy Birthday to the lovely husband/wife of my dreams. Let’s celebrate this special day of your life like there’s no morrow.

7. Today is a perfect day to tell you that I love you and I hope that all your aspirations come into reality. Enjoy your special day! Muah!

8. Best birthday wishes are all I wish you. You’re so lovely and I don’t want to part from your bosom. You have stolen my heart before we got wedded. ha ha ha.

9. Sending you a sweet Birthday Wish wrapped with all my love! I know that Every Husband/Wife dreams of having a partner like you.

10. Today is your chance to ask for anything that you want from me. Happy Birthday to the most special person in my whole life.

11. Today will be remembered, in so many lovely ways. Because your birthday is remarkable.

12. Dear, you are sweet, loving and caring Husband/Wife. I wish that you always be mine. Happy birthday.

13. Only special people get birthday SMS or messages from me. And you have always been the most special personality. Happy Birthday to the best Husband/Wife ever!

14. It’s time to dance and pop some champagne, and even burst balloons. Because today is a special day for you, dear.

15. Have a superb day and a prosperous year ahead of you my dear.

16. I wish you have the energy to dance like a pro! It is your birthday and can act like it’s your last day.

17. Anytime I think of you my mind feels okay. Knowing you are my star is enough to make me smile. Happy birthday.

18. My husband, I need to tell you that you are the best motivation I have to aspire more in life. Wishing you the best birthday ever.

19. My king, my heart leaps up anytime I look around and realise that you are the best husband ever. Happy birthday.

20. My heart, you know I love you right? Happy birthday to you my dear wife.

21. Happy birthday to the most charming and comely wife in the world. Wish you the best of the season.

22. May you have the most blissful birth celebration ever. My dear lovely Husband/Wife.

23. I wish you all that harsh situations have been depriving you of.

24. May you be filled with laughter and love. Happy birthday my cute wife.

25. Happy birthday to the father of my kids today. Hurray!

26. May you be strong like you have always been to help me fend for our kids. Happy birthday.

27. I am earnestly wishing you more bliss and achievements as you clock a new age today.

28. May this new age you just opt into, bring you joy and happiness in life from now on my sweet Husband/ Wife.

29. My Wife is plus one today. Hip-hip-hip, hurray! Lol.

30. My heart-tender is a year older than she was today. I wish her long life and prosperity.

31. May all your endeavours henceforth, be crowned with blessings and promotions dear.

32. To the most intelligent and caring Wife/ Husband. May you be blessed this birthday.

33. If I was asked what my only wish is in life, I will say it’s your health and nought. I wish you a quick recovery from your ailment and a happy birthday.

34. Hurray! My one and only honey, sugar and Wife whom my heart is pleased with, is now plus one today.

35. I wish you a resounding success in life and business as you become a year older.

36. To the one who will not mind staying at home to help me do the chores, I wish you a splendid celebration of birth.

37. I can’t list what I am happy for and exclude you. Our kids and you are what makes me happy. I am sending you warm wishes today.

38. How could I just skip your birthday in my memory, even if I am the most forgetfulness person on earth? Happy birthday, dear.

39. Let this day give you one more reason to smile and be happy about life and family. Happy birthday.

40. Your new age will bring about a new good job, new smile and a renewed love. So I pray.

41. May you find less constrained in all your endeavours from now on. Happy birthday my sweet wife.

42. Honey, you know you are my heart-drive right? I wish you the warmest wishes today as you add another year.

43. I have nothing but, a wish on my mind’s page today; I wish you a memorable birthday celebration.

44. Honey, I have a dream that your birthday will continually be splendid and worth-while, say Amen.

45. May your celebration be the actual meaning of what born days stand for.

46. Let your upcoming birthday be a cause for another laughter festival here, in this home.

47. Let your birthday be an unforgettable one in our memories dear. I pray so.

48. You have been the backbone of this family. I can’t really take responsibility for everything in this house. I pray for more strength to you.

49. My heart’s bruises have always been mended by your sweet words and caring habit. I really appreciate our union. Happy birthday.

50. To the most adorable woman on earth, I wish you all that your heart desires in life, business and career.

Thanks to All My Friends and Family for the Birthday Wishes

Thanks to All My Friends and Family for the Birthday Wishes in 2024

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