Text Messages for Husband at Work

(2024) Sweet Text Messages for Husband at Work

 Little things in life are the things that count. For example, a simple text message. Such can go a long way to have a huge positive impact on relationships.
Texting is a good way to stay in touch with your husband when he is at work especially when he is having a hard day.

Nothing gladdens a man’s heart at work than a beautiful love message from his wife. Little gestures like this will go a long way to help me know you value him more than he can imagine.
At times, you can choose to write a love letter for him to make his heart melt. Sometimes, our busy schedule prevents us from doing all these. But not to worry, this post has put together lovely, encouraging and supporting messages and quotes to send to your husband at work to motivate him.

No matter how stressful his day is going, these sweet text messages for husband at work will put a smile on his face.

Love Messages to My Husband at Work

As a married couple, at times, it is difficult to connect with your spouse. After going through the day’s activities, there isn’t much time to spend with your husband.
Sending a simple love message to your husband at work can help in keeping your marriage exciting. It will let me know you are thinking of him and get him thinking of you too.

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1. Hey hubby! just want to remind you I have a big hug and kiss waiting for you

2. Wish you are here with me right now, I miss you loads.

3. I can’t wait to see you soon, you are the most amazing husband around.

4. Hey husband, thank you for taking good care of us, I am proud of you my superhero.

5. I cherish the time we spent together this morning. Thank you.

6. I am happy to be married to you, you are my greatest blessing.

7. My darling hubby, you are a rare gem, thanks for showering me with love even when I don’t deserve it.

8. I am thinking about you right now and it is putting a smile on my face.

9. Hey handsome! I want to tell you that you are my dream come true. I am forever grateful you are mine.

10. Looking forward to seeing you tonight, you are the best thing that happened to me.

11. Making you the king of my world is the best decision I ever took. I love you forever.

12. Thanks for preparing breakfast this morning, I appreciate everything you do for us.

13. My dear husband you are my better half, I can’t do without you. Thanks for taking good care of me.

14. Dear husband just want to remind you that I and the kids love you and we appreciate everything you do for us. You are our superman.

15. I can’t imagine my life without you, thank you for always supporting me.

16. It was difficult saying goodbye to you this morning. Looking forward to being with you soon.

17. Sweetheart don’t ever have the thought of leaving me for a second, I wouldn’t survive it.

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18. I took this time out just to tell you I love us together.

19. Hello handsome, I just want to appreciate you for being you and for loving me selflessly. If I come back to the world, I will choose you over and over again.

20. I just had to take time out to remind you that I love you and I am blessed to be your spouse.

21. You can’t have all you want in life but you can have all you need. You are my need and I have you.

22. I might not say it often but I hope you know I love you more than anything in the whole wide world.

23. I started missing you as soon as you left home this morning. I can’t wait for you to get home.

24. Just thinking about our first date it’s a memory I can’t forget in a hurry and I will do it all over again. I love you.

25. I couldn’t have achieved all I have without your support. Thank you for believing in me.

Encouraging Text Messages for Husband at Work

There are days your husband can be stressed out at work. An encouraging text message from you can put a smile on his face and help him relax some more.

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26. Even if you don’t get it exactly right today, know that I am that one person who thinks you are the most competent, skilled and amazing person in the world.

27. Honey your intelligence, bravery and strength scare me. You can surmount any challenge that comes your way. I love you to the moon and back.

28. No matter the amount of load on your shoulder I can always depend on you when I need help. I am forever grateful honey.

29. I never dreamt of meeting someone as loving and kind as you. I will live the rest of my life showing you how grateful I am.

30. Do not allow this little set back to get at you. Remember that failure sometimes fast track your success and my love for you is everlasting.

31. Happiness for me is to stand by you and support you in every moment both the good and bad, two hearts as one.

32. I have achieved this great milestone in life because of your support. Thanks for loving me, I love you too.

33. Hey husband! I am proud of you and I am proud to be called your wife.

34. I am having a hectic day and I feel so lost. But I just remembered I have you to come back to and I am relieved.

35. My husband, your kindness and loyalty show you were created specifically for me alone. Thanks for being mine.

36. My darling, I know I have not been good at sharing or connecting with your enthusiasm but I want you to know you are the most important person in my life.

37. Every moment of my blissful life makes me realize how blessed I am to be your wife. I love you my darling.

38. Hey hubby! I know being a mom has prevented us from connecting more lately but I want you to know it doesn’t change your position in my life.

39. You always make me feel special especially at occasions, like the most beautiful woman in the world and I am grateful.

40. You face every challenge like a superhero, nothing scares you. You will always remain my everyday crush. I love you to eternity.

41. My love, I know your tomorrow will be greater than today, you are born to shine.

42. My dear husband, always remember I am here to lend a helping hand to ease things for you. You can always count on me.

43. As you carry out your routine at work today, do it with pride and enthusiasm you are born to win.

44. Our love is worth showing to the world because it is unique and special. I love you with all your imperfections.

45. I am not afraid of what life will throw at me because I know you will always be there to lend your shoulders for me to lean on. Thank you, honey, for being a part of my life.

46. I know your love for me will never be shaken no matter what happens. It gives me confidence and comfort.

47. I was counting my blessings and being your wife is top of the list. Loving you is so amazing and I am grateful to God for giving you to me.

48. I am insanely happy that you married me and I will spend the rest of my life showing you just how much I love you.

49. Our marriage has gone through many challenges but it has stood the test of time. We are stronger and more in love than ever.

50. I admire your ability to multi-task and you are so amazing at it. Well done my darling husband.

Supporting Messages for Husband

Your husband needs all the support he can get in life especially from his wife. Sending a text message to him at work to tell him you always have his back and is ready to stand by him at all times will make his day brighter. This might also give him the motivation he needs to pull through a difficult day.

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51. I will stand by you to overcome every obstacle on your way to success. You are a loving man and deserve all the good life can offer.

52. Every moment I spend with you makes me feel special and I can’t give that up for anything in the world. Baby, I will always be by your side.

53. Dear hubby, I will always treat you like the prince you are, you deserve all the good that comes to you.

54. I never knew I had the potential to do all that I do, thank you for inspiring me and making me see the beauty in imperfections. You are my hero.

55. My dear husband, you are brave, intelligent and strong, so go all out and achieve your wildest dreams. I am solidly behind you.

56. This little set back does not define who you are. I have confidence in your ability, take on the opportunity before you and prove your worth to the world.

57. Hey hubby! I just want you to know you are a rare gem. Thanks for showing me unconditional love even when I clearly do not deserve it.

58. Dear husband, I just want you to know I appreciate all you do for me and the kids, we are proud of you. I will always stand by you no matter the situation. I love you.

59. Hey hubby! Just want to say thank you for the fantastic dinner and a wonderful night. That was really something.

60. I noticed you are working out lately so you can stay healthy and look more handsome for me, believe me, I really appreciate it.

61. I know you are having a rough day at work but don’t worry I am praying for you.

62. I sometimes wonder how my life would have been if I had not met you. I can’t do without you, hope you are having a great day.

63. Hey honey! I know you will succeed at whatever you have set your mind to do, you have got all it takes.
64. Hey there! I know you are having a hectic day but you still need to be reminded that your wife loves you.

65.I have never doubted your competence for once, you have worked hard to get here and I know the sky is the limit for you. Keep soaring high, my love.

66. You have always been there for me, I want you to know as you go about your day that your thoughts are always with me and I hope you are having a great day.

67. Sometimes seeing the good in yourself makes others see the good in you. Don’t be bothered when people ridicule you just recall the goodness in you and move on.

68. No matter how busy your day is going today, have it in mind that the thoughts of my heart will be all about you. Love you.

69. My dear, never be pessimistic for once, I know you can achieve that great height you never thought possible.

70. I know challenges can not take a toll on you, you have the strength to tackle every task thrown at you, I believe in you.
71. Hey honey! If you ever feel down remember that I will always be here to hold your hand and help you regain your confidence.

72. Living my life with you is a dream come true, I will give all it takes for yours to come true too.

73. I don’t know if the rest of the day will be rainy or sunny but one thing I know is that you have my love and support to face whatever will come your way today.

74. Honey I know you can turn that challenge into a stepping stone, I have confidence in your ability.

75. Remember you are not alone, we are a team and I will be right here to weather every storm with you.

Messages and Quotes for Stressed Husband

Some days at work could really be stressful for your husband. A simple message or quote from his wife on such days will go a long way to boost his energy and give him the right motivation he needs to pull through such days. These messages and quotes for stressed husband contain just the right ones.

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76. Hey handsome! I know you are having a hectic day, I have prepared a treat for you. Come home soon.

77. Dear husband, keep moving on, your efforts will not be in vain. You will be rewarded with success sooner than you think.

78. I have a big hug and kiss waiting for you here come back quickly.

79. I am sending this message to tell you you’re my superhero don’t ever think otherwise.

80. You are my fantasy come true. I will spend the rest of my life showing you just how much I love you.

81. No matter how bad your day is going just put a broad smile on your face it will do wonders.

82. Hey honey! Just take a break and recall all your past achievements and the day will turn out great.

83. You can determine the end of a thing from its beginning. Start with a good attitude to be positive and everything will be just fine.

84. I will be praying for you all day, today will be awesome just have faith.

85. Choose to see the good in whatever challenge that will come your way today. The day will be just OK.

86. I am sending this message to remind you that you are a special breed. You are stronger than you think.

87. Dear hubby, stop recalling the failure of the past it will stop you from achieving the success of today.

88. Take on the rest of the day with a positive mindset and see what great success you will achieve.

89. Just to remind you that you are a tenacious, optimistic and rogered goal-getter.

90. Dear husband, choose to let go, stop worrying be peaceful and you will have a fruitful day.

91. All you need to have a successful day is to go about your day with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.

92. This hard times simply means you are close to the end of the tunnel. You will soon see the light just hang in there.

93. I know your dream is a really big one but you can achieve it by taking a step at a time. Relax dear and take it easy.

94. Hey you! No matter what happens today, don’t allow your confidence to be shaken, remain strong and remember I love you.

95. This day will mark the beginning of great things for you leading you to achievements you never knew possible.

96. I hope you are having a day with less stress, my love and support are with you.

97. I am sending this message to remind you of how valuable and amazing you are. Don’t ever think otherwise.

98. No matter the situation just know every second is taking you closer to the actualization of your goals.

99. Just take some time out and calm down you will see the opportunity in that difficult situation.

100. My faith in you is boundless, I will always be by your side even if everyone is against you. I love you.

I hope these sweet text messages for husband at work inspire your husband and fuel his spark to achieve great heights he never knew possible.

You can bookmark this page so you can always come back to choose the ones you love best and send to him.

I will love to know which ones are your favourite; please, drop a note and also share with a friend.

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