Good Night Messages for My Husband

Romantic Good Night Messages for My Husband (2024)

Nights are the best time to rest especially after a hard or busy day. Wishing the most important person in your life a good night is the loveliest thing to do.

The husband is the dearest companion for a wife, she loves him more than anyone and anything else and cares for him.

The love of a wife for her husband is unexplainable, it is her duty to show her devotion to her husband by sending him good wishes when necessary. When the husband is a long distance from her, it is a perfect time to send him cute, sweet or romantic good night messages or quotes to wish him a good night rest.

Apart from sending these messages to her husband to show she is missing him, she wouldn’t mind going all the way to write a poem for him.
Wishing her husband a good night will make the night more romantic, the fact that she is thinking about him just before going to bed will make him feel special.

A sweet message for a husband before ending the day will make the relationship stronger. Sometimes it is difficult to get the right words to express how one truly feels at a particular time.

This post has made that easy by complying these romantic good night messages for my husband. Pick the ones that best suit your mood and send to him, he will just love them.

Romantic Good Night Wishes and Quotes for My Husband

To make the night more romantic, send a good night wish to your husband. These romantic good night wishes and quotes for my husband will do just that.

1. I can’t wait for the day to come to an end so I can roll myself up in your arms and dream of you all night.
Good night my love, thanks for being in my life.

2. My night is always wonderful because your hugs take away the stress of the day and your kisses relax my nerves.
Good night my darling, you are my dream come true.

3. No matter how dark the night is, it is bright for me because you are by my side. You are my shining star.
Good night honey, sleep tight.

4. I always look forward to night time when you will cuddle me in your arms and make my worries go away. Good night my amazing husband.

5. You make every night pleasant and restful. I always look forward to crawling into your arms and holding you tight.
Good night my love.

6. No feeling can be better than sleeping in your caring arms and waking up to your starring eyes. Good night my husband, I love you.

7. Good night my darling, I know my dreams will be all about you just as my day is full of thoughts of you. Thanks for being a part of my life.

8. I wish the nights will be longer so I can spend more time in your loving arms. It makes my cares go away. Good night my love.

9. I am excited to go to bed every night because I will meet you in my dream and it is only of pleasant memories of you. Good night my darling, sleep tight.

10. I no longer wish for my dreams to come true because they already have. I only go there so I can touch your heart and soul. Good night my heartthrob.

11. I wished for a bright star, I got the brightest one that is why my nights are always bright because you shine in them. Good night dear.

12. The nights I spend all cuddle up in your arms are the best. Thanks for making my life wonderful. Good night my soul mate.

13. I am not in a hurry to see the break of dawn as long as I am wrapped up in your lovely arms and sleeping tight. Good night honey.

14. Nights are always beautiful and amazing because that is when you are closest to me I can’t wait to be in your arms again tonight. Good night my love.

15. Nothing feels better than your handsome face by my side and your caring touch every night, that is why I am always excited at night. Good night sweetheart.

16. Good night my darling husband. Sleep tight and sweet dreams but be sure mine will only be filled with sweet memories of you.

17. Our love grows every night we spend together that is why I can’t wait to run into your arms. Good night my love.

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18. My nights are always restful and peaceful free from worries because I spend them in your arms. Good night my dear husband.

19. No matter how tiring your day is you still make sure I have a good night rest filled with sweet dreams of you. Good night my love.

20. The day seems to be too long because all I do is think of you and wait for the night so I can hurriedly get cuddled up in your arms. Good night baby.

Good Night Messages for Husband Far Away

Your husband far away will be delighted to receive a good night message from you. These good night messages for husband far away will tell him that he is always in your thoughts and that out of sight truly does not mean out of mine.

21. The day is always lonely without you by my side but I am grateful for the night because I spend all of it dreaming about you. Good night my love.

22. You are not here by my side at night but I still have a good night rest. I am consoled knowing you love me and will be dreaming of me. Good night my darling husband.

23. My loving husband since I can’t give you a hug and a kiss before going to bed I will do that in my dreams. Good night my heartthrob.

24. Even though you are not here with me at night I can feel your protective hands around me. You take good care of me. Good night darling.

25. Even on the busiest day when I have a million things to do, you are always on my mind I miss everything about you. Good night my love.

26. This night is going to be a long one, I will be checking the time every hour. I can’t wait for the day to break so I will see you in the morning. Good night, see you soon.

27. Do you know what I miss the most? My good night kiss and hug from you. Have a peaceful night full of sweet dreams, can’t wait to see your handsome face.

28. You are far away but I have never doubted for one second that you and I belong to each other. Good night, sweet dreams.

29. The bed is so cold without your warm kisses and silent whispers but I recall every moment you have cuddled me and I feel better. Good night honey.

30. My pillow is now my companion but I dream of you all through the night and it is you I am holding in my dreams. Good night my prince.

31. I am longing for you to hold me in your loving arms craving for your silent hugs and lusting for your kisses. I miss you. Good night sweetheart.

32. I thought I was done thinking about you all through the day but at night it even gets worse. Hope to be with you soon my love. Good night.

33. I hope you know I am missing you and I will be waiting for you in my dreams. Good night my honey pie, love you.

34. I know I am always in your heart and thought just as you are always in mine. You are my dream come true. Good night my darling.

35. I want to be wherever you are, hold your hand, talk to you and touch your lips with mine. But I can only do that in my dreams. Good night my sweet hubby.

36. Whenever I feel lonely at night, I look at the moon and recall all the good moments we shared under it especially the first kiss. I love you forever, good night my sweetheart.

37. I am not there to whisper good night in your ears, but I know this message and my heart will do just that. Good night my love.

38. I know I am going to bed alone but I am still excited because I know I will meet you in my dreams. Good night my soulmate.

39. Good night my hubby, I wish we meet in our dreams so we can play under the moonlight with the stars and make good memories.

40. The bridge separating you and I is just one night. Have a good night sleep and see you in the morning, my darling husband.

Good Night Sms and Msg for Husband

There is no better way to say I love you to your husband than sending him some amazing good night sms and msg.
Reading such a message from his wife will give him immeasurable joy. But sometimes you lack the exact words to express how you really feel. This good night sms and msg for husband has got you covered.

41. I enjoy every moment spent with you. I feel your presence even when you are not here. I hope this night will express my feelings better. Good night my soulmate.

42. I know that tomorrow will be brighter because I will spend the night in your arms. I love you so much. Good night my sweetheart.

43. I will gladly walk a thousand miles just to be with you tonight. Missing you greatly. Good night my love.

44. Your good night kiss sends me to dreamland where I feel more of your love and care. Good night my dear.

45. You make me feel whole and complete, you are everything I need. Good night darling.

46. All I need to have a restful night is to think about you when I am drifting to sleep. I love you, my husband.

47. I know you love me but I feel it more when I am cuddled up in your arms at night hearing your gentle whispers. Good night my love.

48. I know you are not perfect but I long for you every night because you complete my world. Good night my lovely husband.

49. A hug and kiss from you are all I need to take the tiredness away and have a good night sleep. Good night my dear.

50. Good night my dear husband. My love for you grows every day, I am happy to have you in my life.

51. Even at the darkest nights my dreams are always bright because you are in them. Good night my honey pie.

52. Your whispers at night sounds like sweet melody to my ears and your lovely sleepy eyes make everything beautiful. Good night my dear husband.

53. My best definition of love is the kisses, silent whispers and cuddles I get from you at night. Good night babe.

54. Just lay in my arms tonight and sleep away the trouble you have been through in the day. Good night my hubby.

55. There is no guarantee in my life except for one thing, which is your kisses before bedtime always gives me sweet dreams. Good night my love.

56. The sun has set and the moon is happy to be with you to fill your night with sweet dreams. Good night my lovely husband.

57. I am grateful that you are the one I spend every night with. I am fortunate to be your wife. Good night my husband.

58. I have found out the best way to say good night to you, it is with my kisses, hugs and saying I love you. Good night my heartthrob.

59. My only dream is to make all your good wishes come true so let me share all your worries and wipe away every tear by holding you tight in my arms tonight. Good night my love.

60. The best thing I did in life was giving my heart to you. Thank you for protecting it with your love. Good night my sweetheart.

Cute Goodnight Text Message for Husband

Wishing your husband a good night is the right thing to do to build a romantic relationship. These cute goodnight text messages for husband are the best to wish your husband a good night.

61. I wait with eagerness for the sun to set so I can have you back in my arms. Wishing you a beautiful night my husband.

62. You know even when I am not there to say good night, my soul always does. Good night my darling.

63. When I am asleep I am still thinking of you. My life is filled with thoughts of you. Good night my love.

64. All my heart is looking for is your hug and closeness to be able to sleep well and have good memories. Good night my darling.

65. When you came into my life you touched my heart and went deep into my soul stole my peace and became my joy. Good night my heartthrob.

66. I end the day by your side, enjoy a good night rest and then wake up with love and joy I can’t ask for more. Good night sweetheart.

67. My dear husband, you work hard to give me a good life and I am proud of you. So take some time out and have a good rest. Sleep tight.

68. Sleeping in your arms every night has made me realize I am truly your missing rib. Have a good night rest my love.

69. I can’t wait to have you by my side tonight so I can give you all the love I have for you. Good night dear.

70. Whether it is morning, noon or night every moment of my life is always bright because I have you by my side and you are always on my mind. Good night honey.

71. I am not scared of any monster in my dreams because I know my super husband will be there for me. Good night darling.

72. My day starts with warm kisses from you and ends with me falling asleep in your loving arms. My only wish is to be with you forever. Good night honey.

73. Every day I glow with happiness because you are always in my thoughts and my heart. I can’t take your love for granted. Good night my honey pie.

74. I gave you my body, heart and soul and you have taken good care of it. I am proud to be your wife. Good night my dear.

75. My life has been full of gladness since I met you. Thank God for our fateful meeting. Good night my dear husband.

76. Before you go to bed tonight, I want you to know that my life is perfect the way it is. Having you as my husband completes everything. Good night my dear.

77. Dear husband, you are my knight and shining armour that shields me from pain and shower me, love. Wishing you a pleasant night rest.

78. The night I slept without you in my arms was the longest night of my life. Good night baby.

79. Men like you that can win the heart of a woman with such gentleness and love don’t come by easy. I am lucky you are mine. Good night sweetheart.

80. It doesn’t matter how many nights we spend together or how long the night seems to be, it can never be enough for me. I love you, good night my dear husband.

Sweet Good Night Messages for Hubby

It is your duty as a wife to help your husband overcome the stress of everyday life. One way of doing that is sending him sweet good night messages for husband to put a smile on his face and give him a good night rest.

81. Feeling your heartbeat at night is all I need to have a perfect sleep. Don’t ever stop holding me tight. Sweet dreams, my sweetheart.

82. No matter what life throws at us good or bad, we will always overcome and our love will only grow stronger. Good night my hubby.

83. Since we got married our lives has been beautiful like a bed of roses. I never knew that could be possible, all thanks to you and your love. Good night my love.

84. I wonder how your heart could be filled with so much love that even the universe cannot contain. Thank you for loving me the way you do. Good night my love.

85. I am counting everyday hour, minute and second of the day so I can be in your arms soonest. Good night sweetie.

86. Sleeping in your arms at night makes all my pains and sorrow go away and make everything right. Good night my darling hubby.

87. I don’t ever want to spend a night outside our home I can’t survive not sleeping in your arms even for one night. Good night my loving husband.

88. Just like the stars and moon gives light to the sky at night your love gives light to my world. Good night my dear husband.

89. Your kisses are sweeter than the sweetest air of the night and it brings sweet rest I don’t want to miss for a single night. Good night my love.

90. The night is very dark today but the brightness of your love overshadow it and so I am not scared. Good night sweetie.

91. My feet will walk a thousand miles for my heart to be healed of missing you. Good night my prince.

92. Staying without you during the day is already unbearable I can’t risk trying it in the silence of the night. I love you. Good night my darling.

93. Since I can’t be with you everywhere during the day, I will be with you all through the night even in your dreams. Good night love, sleep tight.

94. From the day you walked into my life, you filled my heart with only thoughts of you. You are the reason for everything I do. Good night love of my life.

95. You are so cute, sweet and loving and I know even your dreams will be just the same and I always want to be in them. Good night my darling hubby.

96. Good night my husband. You are my love, you are my everything, you occupy the deepest part of my heart and so it can’t survive without you.

97. I will win a starring contest if I have to look into your eyes, the way you walk, the way you smile, the way you laugh. Good night my heartthrob.

98. You are the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last before I drift off to sleep. You are actually always on my mind. Have a good night rest my hubby.

99. Good night my husband, my joy knows no bounds whenever I am with you, you are my superman.

100. I know I can be unbearable at times but don’t worry I will make up for that with lots of kisses and hugs tonight. Good night sweetheart, sleep tight.

I hope you found the right words to express your feelings in this romantic good night messages for husband.

When you use the right words at the right time, especially when it comes to relationships, you are sure to have a blissful one.

I will really love to know which of these messages is your favourite. And please, don’t forget to share with a friend.

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