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I Miss You Messages for Husband (2024)

Marriage is a beautiful thing that almost everyone wants to experience. But it can also become sour if you don’t know what to expect in marriage, so as to be prepared for it.

Like I always say, in life, it is better to be aware of some things and be prepared than to be caught unaware and become a scapegoat for everyone. That may not apply to everything in life though.

Back to marriage! Just as I have mentioned earlier, you have to expect some things in marriage of which one of them is having your spouse stay away for some time or probably for a long time, as the need may be. That could be minute to some persons and other persons, it could be unbearable.

Specifically, for a wife who is addicted to the presence of her husband, it could be unbearable to have her husband stay away for a long time, even for a short time. No matter what the case may be, it can be manageable when you prepare for it.

The question is, how do you prepare for it?

You prepare by accepting the fact that your husband will have a reason to travel or be away, and then, take steps to make him know how much his presence means to you and how much you miss him so much. That is the reason for this post, to help you express how much you miss your husband with sweet and heart touching words.

If your husband is away for one reason or the other, you need these romantic I miss you messages for husband below. Just go ahead, copy and send to him right away.

Missing You Text Messages for My Husband

Your darling husband who is far away will go all emotional and want to grab you when he receives these awesome, touching, and romantic missing you text messages from you.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and send him one or more of the messages below

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1. My darling husband, I have not been with you for barely a few days and it’s like my world is empty. Now I understand better what your love has done to my heart. Please, come quickly and make me complete again. I miss you so much.

2. The days I stay without feeling the warmth of your arms is like hell. That’s why I need you to not stay away from me even for a minute. I seriously need you right now, babe. I miss you pretty much and will be waiting to run into your arms once again.

3. Sugar pie, a perfect night is a night when I am with you, feeling the warmth of your body and the softness of your lips. You know what? I seriously want to have a perfect night right now but you are not here. I miss you, babe. I love you to the moon and back.

4. As beautiful as the dawning of the day may be, it still won’t make sense to me if you are not the first person I see. This day isn’t making any sense right now because you are not here. I so much miss you, my love. Do come back soon.

5. Hey babe, your absence has made everywhere boring. Nothing remains the same since you travelled. We really need to have you soon. The kids miss you so much and I miss you even more. Can’t wait to have you soon, darling.

6. Sweetheart, I could barely sleep last night because the thoughts of you filled my heart that all I wanted was your touch. Can back soon and give me that unique touch only you can give. But before then, do have a great day and always remember I can’t love you less.

7. My heartthrob, your wife misses you so much. I left home for just a few days and it feels like forever. I long to be with my darling husband right now. I so much miss you, babes… Kisses!

8. The thoughts of not having you around kills faster than a virus. I want to be with you, my love. Come back soon and save me from this pain. I really miss you, my love. I love you beyond words can explain.

9. Darling, sending you this text is my little way if showing how much being without you has not been easy, and how desperate I want to see you. Do come to mummy soon; the kitchen is cooking and the bed is warming up. Winks

10. Babe, I enjoy every moment with you that staying a second without you has become unbearable. I want you badly, my love. Come soon and fill quench my thirst. Your wife misses you badly.

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11. My darling husband, your being away has made me know how much I love you. I love you endlessly and can’t wait to have you home. I miss you dearly and want to run into your arms once again.

12. I never knew I would miss you this badly until you left. I miss you so much that I just wish I could have you for a second so my heart can feel some relief. I miss you, my love.

13. Let everyone try to make me smile, they still won’t make me laugh carelessly as you would do. You alone know how to ignite me to laugh endlessly. I seriously miss you here, love.

14. From day to day, night to night, nothing gets better since you left. Every part of the house wants to feel you around, and I want to feel you lying right on my bosom. I miss you here, darling. Can’t wait to see you soon, my king.

15. As much as I want you to come to me, I also want you to stay there because I know what you are up to is for the betterment of this family. It’s just that I miss you so much that I can’t control it any longer. I miss you, my heart owner.

16. The day is quite bright and it makes me wish you, my morning light, is right here with me. That would have just been perfect. But I will try to be fine until I see you again. I miss you, love.

17. Babe, I feel like doing many things and you are not here. Just be prepared to be eaten up by me… Smiles… I can’t wait to explore right in your arms. I really can’t wait, my husband. I so much miss you.

18. Good morning, my king. Your queen is wishing you a blessed day and your princes and princesses wish you a blissful day. We miss you so much and waiting to see you soon.

19. My playmate, I have really missed playing with you. I wish I could kick out the distance and bring you to me. I seriously miss the moments spent with you. I miss you and I love you, my handsome.

20. Hey, there! Look who is coming home today. I have got the house warming up for you. Just can’t wait to give you the hottest hug you have ever had. Come home to me safely. I miss you recklessly.

21. Every day is beautiful but no day can be as beautiful as the day I have you with me. I really want to be with you, my love. I miss you more than what you can imagine.

22. My darling husband, I never knew you being away for just a few days will have such an impact on me. I have not been myself ever since. I think I am missing you.

23. I feel empty tonight. Everything has refused to make sense because you are not here. I miss you and want to hold you. I hope that will be possible soon. I love you, sweetheart. Good night!

24. My love, you need to know how I feel right now. Everything inside of me wants you. I don’t think I can bear this anymore. I seriously need you here. I miss you so much. Come back soon.

25. There is some space right now in my heart. I have tried to fill it up with other indulgences but nothing seems working, only you can feel this space. Please, come home soon and make me whole. I miss you, darling husband.

26. My love, can we do some naughty things together? Can we go imaginable places together? I just want to do things with you right now. I miss you and can’t wait to see you soon.

27. Hey, sugarpie, have I told you I have got a lot set for you? Get ready for the best threat when you get home. This is all about me missing you though. Just come home soon.

28. Good morning, my king. I hope you are fine this new day. Don’t ask me if I am fine too because I don’t even know. All I know is that I miss you badly and can’t wait to see your cute face soon. But before then, do stay safe and cool. I love you.

29. My husband, you need to see how I can’t sleep. How can I even sleep when my God-given warmer is not here? I just miss you, darling. I want to feel you beside me. I miss you so much.

30. What a boring day! I never knew a day without you will be this boring. Don’t laugh at me, I just got to know I love beyond what I understand. Don’t stay too long because I am missing you already. Do stay away from trouble and be fine for me. I love you.

Missing You Sms for Husband

When you love someone so much, staying without that person becomes unbearable, but you can make that person know how you feel. That’s why these missing you SMS are here for you to send to your husband to make him know what you feel while is not with you.

You will be shocked he feels worst. Smiles

31. My darling, how I wish you can see me right now, you would be amazed at how much I am helpless without you. I miss you so much that I doubt if I can hold it any longer. I want you, baby.

32. Nothing seems to make sense when you are away. All that matters is when I will run into your alms again and kiss you like my life depends on it. I miss you, sweetheart. Come to mummy soon… Winks

33. Babe, can you tell me what I can do without you? Because I just find nothing working well without. Even my heart doesn’t beat well without you. I seriously miss you. Come fast and make everything work well again.

34. My friend, my lover! I miss playing with you as my best friend, and I miss doing stuff with you as my lover. Can you, please, not make me miss any other thing? Come back home soon. I love you!

35. Oh no! Don’t tell me I am this restless because you are not here. You love has done a lot to me, babe. I don’t want to recover from it though. I will love you forever. I miss you here!

36. My heartbeat, I know you are not here with me, but the thoughts of you still linger like fresh wine. You mean a lot to me. I love you and miss you so much. I hope I see you sooner than planned.

37. My heart is filled with joy this day, not because you are not here but because you are right in my heart. I will always check for you in my heart when I miss you. Oh! I just missed you now.

38. My everyday crush, Don’t be surprised when I say I still crush on you. I do that whenever you are out of the house. And right now, I miss my crush. Do have a great day. I love you to the moon and back.

39. A day without you is like years without food. What more a few days! That’s to make you know how I feel right now that you are away. I miss you and really need you.

40. I am glad to say you are the best husband so far. But me staying without you is the worst experience so far. I don’t want to go through that often. I really do love you and I miss you badly.

41. My husband, please, don’t stay longer. I have missed you enough and want to be with you right away. I love you so much. Do stay safe for me.

42. My candy crush, I miss everything you do. Do fast and come crush me. But before then, do have a great day with thoughts of me. I love you.

43. I go through every day feeling like something has left me. That’s because you are not with me. Everything in me wants you desperately. I really miss you, babe. I need more of you.

44. Just a few minutes you are away, it seems like an eternity to me. I can’t go through this for days. I need you to come back soon, my love. I miss you so much already. Do have a safe trip.

45. What I feel right now is difficult to describe. If only I can just see you and get a warm embrace from you, I will be fine. I miss you pretty much, my darling husband.

46. Every night leaves me feeling lonely. When it happens that way, I’ll just think of you and realize how much I miss you. I do miss you badly, my sweetheart. I miss you.

47. Hey! husbandman, hope you are fine today. We all miss you here. Everything has never been the same since you left. We can’t wait to have you soon, and I can’t wait to have you specially. I miss you more, darling.

48. My love, your presence in my life is heaven on earth, but your absence is like hell on earth. I feel so hot right now and I want your heaven. I can’t wait to see you soon. I miss you so much.

49. Going down memory lane, I just knew staying without you wouldn’t be easy. Yes, it’s still not easy. It feels like nothing is complete anymore. I miss you and hope I see you sooner. I love you, sweetheart.

50. My handsome, I hope nobody calls you that over there. Just checking to know if things are going as expected. I wish you the best. I miss you here though. Much love for you.

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With these romantic miss you hubby quotes, make your husband feel what you feel why he is not with you.

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51. My husband, my crown. I couldn’t have imagined being this far from you. It’s an experience I don’t want to go through often. I miss you here like seriously. I just hope to have you soon. I love you, darling.

52. My love, your enthralling presence has captivated my heart that I can’t bear to stay a day without you. It’s been days now that you left, just imagine how I feel. I miss you, bubby. Much love and many kisses.

53. The joy your presence brings me is equivalent to the sorrow I get when you are away. I miss you beyond words. I passionately miss you, hubby.

54. A single thought of you rescues my heart from sinking. Whenever I miss you, I just take my time to think about you deeply and I will be better. I just did that because I just missed you.

55. Dear hubby, you can be far from me but you are close in my heart. I feel great to carry you inside of me all around but I will be over joyous if I see you physically. I miss you, darling.

56. Many moments we have had together, many more moments I want to have with you. Many naughty things I want to do with you. Do come back soon to me. I miss you, hubby.

57. I miss my hubby. I miss your special treat. No one has treated me the way you do. I want more, babe. I want you like never before.

58. My treasure, I hope to have you back soon. I miss giving you some kingly treats. Everything is set, waiting for you. Do come to your Queen soon. I love you dearly.

59. Babe, talking with you on phone is relieving but can not replace your sweet voice when spoken with me holding your hands. I want to hold your hands and hear you speak, darling. I really miss you, hubby.

60. Hey, cupcake! I want to have all of you today. I know you want more of me too. Just come home on time, I miss you here.

61. Nothing can be heartbreaking as lying in bed without you beside me. I miss finding warmth is your shoulders. I miss you here, darling. I really do miss you, hubby.

62. My darling husband, you are away and everyone misses you. No doubt you are a good man. But I miss you more than any other person. Cone home soon, love.

63. Babe, you need to know how bored I am right now. Only you can kill this boredom. I miss you around me, hubby. Can’t wait to play rough with you soon. I love you.

64. Sweetheart, I enjoy everything you have made available to me in this house but not as much as I enjoy your company. I want you more, babe. I miss you dearly.

65. Hubby, I rejoice because I will see you soon. I will be home to run into my lover’s arms. That’s what I have desired for long because I have missed you. I love you pretty much.

66. My love, I am sorry, I have not been available to give you the attention that you desire. I really miss you, but I am glad because I will be home soon to take care of my king. I love you carelessly. I miss you, my hubby.

67. The joy of my heart is to be with the one I love. I really miss you, my love, and want to be with you forever. Can you do that for me?

68. My heartbeat, my heart beats right now because you are not here. It needs just a smell of you to feel relaxed. That’s why I miss you. My heart misses you. Much love, hubby… Kisses…

69. A day without you is obviously different from others because people won’t stop asking me what has gone wrong with me. They won’t understand how much I love and miss you. I miss you, hubby.

70. Nothing makes sense when your presence is not here. Nothing can take your place in my heart and this home. That’s why I miss you as you are away. I miss you, hubby and I love you.

Dear Husband I Miss You Messages

Here are the best of all I miss you messages you shouldn’t hesitate to send to your dear husband who is away.

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71. Darling, I miss you so much. I miss your charming smile, your soothing voice and your calming touch. These are what I have been starving of since you left.

72. Now I know why I can’t be without you. It’s because you have locked me in your heart and have travelled with the key. Please, come back soon and make me feel whole again. I miss you, dear husband.

73. Babe, the thoughts of having you leave the house was killing. And now that you have left, the experience of living without you is hell. I so much miss you, dear husband.

74. I miss the morning light that has the ability to light my world and bring me laughter; that’s you, my dear husband. I can’t wait to be with you, my king in shining armour.

75. Sweetheart, you are very special to me that when I think of you, every other thing loses its existence. I love you so much and I miss you badly. Just be fine for me wherever you are right now.

76. Everything that had been fascinating is no longer fascinating. All my heart wants is you, all my hands want to hold are your lovely hands and all my eyes want to behold is your cute face. I miss you here so much.

77. Babe, please, come back soon. Don’t make me go through this again. Being without you is unbearable. I want you seriously. I miss you so much.

78. I am used to being with you that being without you is now unbearable. I really want to be with you right now, my love. Come to mummy soon. I love you.

79. When I miss you, I think of seeing you in my dreams but that even makes it worst because it makes me miss you the more. I can’t wait to be with you, dear husband.

80. What can I do without you? Nothing seems to make sense again, just because your presence is not here. I miss you here like never before. Dear husband, I miss you.

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81. I feel so terrible right now, and that’s because my darling is not here. I never knew this is what it means to be without having you right by me. I so much miss you, my hubby.

82. It’s a joyful experience to be married but the joy becomes overflowing when you have your husband by you always. I feel so despondent right now that my hubby had to travel. I couldn’t have stopped that though, but I miss him like crazy. Can’t wait for you to come back soon, love.

83. My crown, you know I have not been lively lately, right. That’s because I can’t be lively when the one who makes me complete is not here with me. I miss you so much, my love.

84. What a void morning! My darling is not here and everything is lifeless. Missing him so much. Can’t wait to have you back home, hubby.

85. It’s another beautiful day but then, I am on a low key. Why won’t I be when my heart code is not here to give me a morning kiss to ginger me into a great day. I miss him so much.

86. I am missing someone right now. Guess who! No one else but my sugar pie, my love, my heartthrob, my crown and my heartbeat. I miss you, darling hubby.

87. The night is so serene and cold. It reminds me of warm nights with you. Just a warm embrace from you would send this cold out of me but you are not here. I miss you so much. I just hope I see you in my dreams. Good night, hubby. I love you.

88. Boring days, lonely nights; that’s what I have been having ever since you travelled. I can’t wait to come back alive again. That can only be possible with you. I miss you, my love.

89. Loving you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Being without you is the worst thing that has happened to me. I can’t take it any longer. Do come home soon, my love. I miss you badly.

90. I miss someone right away. Someone who owns the key to my heart and has travelled miles with it. Can someone tell him to come back soon and make me complete again? I miss you, darling husband. Much kisses for you, sugar crush.

Waiting Sms for Husband

Here are the best waiting sms for husband you shouldn’t hesitate to send to your husband who is miles away from you. Make him know how much you miss him and waiting to have him with the romantic missing you messages below.

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91. Every second you are away seems like minutes, minutes like hours and hours like days. I just can’t wait to be with you, my love. I miss you and waiting for you. Come back soon.

92. Everything is set, my darling husband will be home today. I can’t wait to hold your hands and tell you how much I miss you whenever you are away. I miss you, babe. I will be waiting.

93. I never knew what your presence meant to me until now that I have experienced your absence. Now, I know your presence is worth it all. I need you, sweetheart, and can’t wait to be in your presence again.

94. Sweet hubby, if I tell you what I have in stock for you tonight, you would be here in a second. Let’s just keep it a secret till you come. I miss you already and waiting for you here. Do come home safe.

95. My heart longs desperately for one thing right now and that’s you. I want to look you in the eyes and tell you what your absence has done to my heart. I will be waiting for you, my love.

96. I miss my hubby. I miss everything we have shared. I can hardly eat because you are not here to eat with me. One thing I need right now is to be with you. I miss you so much, darling. I will be waiting to have you alone.

97. A thousand voices can not overshadow the sound of my heartbeat right now. It’s all because you are not here. Can you come back soon, my love? Come calm my heart with your love. I miss you.

98. Dear husband, everything I think of right now is how to find my way to your arms. I am lonely and want to be in your company; just you and me alone. You need to know how much I miss you. Can’t wait to be with you.

99. Seriously, babe, you need to know that staying a day without you is hell. I miss you badly. Just can’t wait to have you home. The kids miss you too, daddy. But come to me first… Winks

100. There are voices but everywhere still remains silent and boring. That’s because only your voice matters to me right now. Come home, sweetheart and whisper silly things to my ears. I miss you and can’t wait to be with you.

Having your husband stay away for some time is one thing that may be inevitable in marriage. This is because he will find one or two reasons to travel and you can’t hold him back.

But there is something you can do! Yes!

You can make him feel loved and wanted while he is away. Make him know how much you miss him and how much you value his presence. That is why these romantic I miss you messages for husband are here for you. And it’s good to see you have gone through the messages. Take a step further to copy and forward as many as you want to your darling husband.

Make him want to come back home soon!

Thanks for staying through these messages. I would appreciate your comments and would be more appreciative if you take some time to share with your loved ones who would need the messages for their husband. Thanks.

Written by Melissa Usunobun

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