Islamic Birthday Wishes

2024 Islamic Birthday Wishes & Messages for Someone Special

Here you are in search of the best Islamic Birthday Wishes for someone you cherish and care so much for; Yes, some Birthday wishes in Islamic Way.

And here I am with the sweetest of Birthday Wishes and Cute Birthday Duas for that special person in your life.


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Islamic Birthday Wishes for a Muslim Friend

So you want to send some Islamic Birthday Wishes to a Muslim Friend? Use the ones below

1. You’ve never ceased to be a friend in need. May Allah bless your heart for me! Happy birthday dear friend.

2. I always look forward to celebrating you for being one of Allah’s best gifts to me. Happy birthday, bestie.

3. For all your support, love and care, I can only pray that Allah bless you according to your heart desires. Happy birthday to you, my friend of life.

4. Since you won’t stop surprising me, may Allah continue to surprise you all your days. Happy birthday to the surest friend I have.

5. It’s another day to celebrate the one I’m not ashamed to call a friend indeed. Multiples of Allah’s blessing on you, dear friend! Happy birthday.


6. My wish for you today is every single day filled with untold merriment. Happy birthday to you, dear.

7. I wish you another 365 days of Allah’s blessings in all you do. Have a wonderful day.

8. May Allah grant you unspeakable success in all you do from today onwards. Happy birthday to you.

9. I wish you better days and years ahead as Allah pleases. Enjoy yourself birthday guy.

10. May things of celebration never cease from your life as you celebrate another year of Allah’s faithfulness. Happy birthday to you.

11. Here comes another 365 days for you to share Allah’s graciousness to the world. Enjoy it and have fun. Happy birthday to you.

12. It’s another year divinely given for you to love, live and learn. Use it to Allah’s pleasing. Happy birthday to you.

13. Beyond what you wish yourself, I wish you another year full of happiness, peace and prosperity, InshaAllah. Happy birthday to you.

14. I pray Allah grants you boundless reasons to celebrate more of this day. Happy birthday to you.

15. As you celebrate today, may Allah grant you reasons to celebrate all the days of your life. Happy birthday to you.


16. For being a friend I can trust at all times, I pray for Allah’s unending favour over you. Happy birthday.

17. On behalf of every person you’ve been kind to, I wish you another year of Allah’s graciousness. Happy birthday to you from us.

18. You’re a proof of Allah’s love for me. Thanks for being a wonderful friend all these years. Happy birthday to you.

19. Just one thing I pray: that you will continue to be Allah’s choice for unmerited favour. Happy birthday to you.

20. Enjoy your day, friend! You deserve more than the best all friends can give and may Allah give you that. Happy birthday.

Islamic Birthday Wishes for a Lover

So your lover (Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Fiancé or Fiancée) deserves some birthday wishes?

What are you waiting for then? Just pick one of the ones below and send to him or her.

Happy birthday to him or her on your behalf.

21. I’ll watch as Allah Bless You for Me. You’re my one and only lover forever. Happy birthday to you, love.

22. Allah loves me, that’s why He has sent you my way. May the cord of our love never be broken forever. Happy birthday to my one and only.

23. I celebrate the love of my life today and pray that Allah’s bountiful blessings shall be your daily experience. Happy birthday to you.

24. I see us celebrating this day yearly in love, InshaAllah. Happy birthday to world’s best lover.

25. To be celebrating today with you is Allah’s favour. I love you beyond words can tell and my heart knows. Happy birthday to you, love.


26. Happy birthday to my daily joy. May you continue to enjoy Allah’s grace and mercy. I love you.

27. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Enjoy Allah’s love for the next 365 days. I love you.

28. I see you rejoicing forever in Allah’s generosity. Happy birthday to you, my love.

29. Wherever you turn or go, may Allah’s mercy never depart from you. Enjoy your day, dear. Happy birthday. I love you.

30. It comes once in a year and has come with Allah’s unending benevolence as usual. Happy birthday to you, my love.

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Islamic Birthday Wishes for Sister/Brother

This section is specially written for your brother or sister (Islamic Birthday Wishes for Brother or Sister). And as you would see, some of the paragraphs have the word ‘brother’ or ‘sister’.

So if you find any you’ll like to use, just change the brother to sister, or sister to brother as the case may be.

And, obviously, some have no brother or sister. To use any of them, just add sister or brother after “Happy birthday to you”. E.g. Happy birthday to you, dear sister.

31. I never regretted having you as my blood brother. Happy birthday to you and may Allah bless all you do.

32. To the sister like no other, happy birthday to you. I pray Allah’s blessings in all you do.

33. It’s amazing how you’ve grown in stature and wisdom. Happy birthday to you. Have a blast in Allah’s blessings.

34. May Allah showers you with His love and grant you your heart desires, InshaAllah. Happy birthday to you, bro.

35. I wish you a blessed birthday in Allah’s riches and boundless joy. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart.


36. May Allah never cease to fill your life with reasons to celebrate your birthday. Enjoy your day, dear.

37. As the years roll in and out, may you continually find Allah’s favour in all you do. Happy birthday to you, brother.

38. I’m proud to call you my sister and friend. May Allah bless you for me. Happy birthday to you, sister.

39. As you’ve been a source of inspiration to me all these years, I pray that your source of Inspiration never run dry, Mashallah! Happy birthday to you.

40. You will increase in wisdom, knowledge and understanding, even as you increase in age, Mashallah! Happy birthday to you.

Cute Islamic Birthday Wishes for Son

You think your son deserves some Islamic birthday wishes? Then pick one of the Islamic Birthday Wishes for Son below.

41. My love for you is endless, and thanks for making it grow daily. Happy birthday to you.

42. I wish you abundant joy and fulfilling year ahead. Happy birthday to you again, son.

43. Years back, we planted a seed and Allah never stops watering it with His blessings. That seed is you, son. Happy birthday.

44. I wish you become the best Allah has destined you to be. Happy birthday to you, my dearest son.


45. You’re Allah’s gift for us and you’ve never ceased being precious to us. Happy birthday to you, son.

Sweet Islamic Birthday Wishes for Daughter

You’ve got a sweet daughter that deserves some birthday wishes? Send any of the Islamic Birthday Wishes for Daughter to her.

46. Happy birthday to you, dear daughter. You’ll grow to be greater than your parents, Mashallah.

47. My sweet daughter, may your celebration be as sweet as you’ve always been. Happy birthday to you.

48. More of Allah’s graciousness upon you, daughter. I wish you all the best. Happy birthday to you.

49. May your steps be guided in Allah’s will for you. Happy birthday to you, my princess.

50. Have a blast! Enjoy all you can because Allah has got your back. Happy birthday to you, princess.

Cute Islamic Birthday Wishes for Dad

I know your dad deserves some cute Islamic Birthday Wishes and I’ve written them to your delight. Just pick one to send.


51. Allah packaged perfection into a man and called Him my father. I’m blessed to have you, dad. Happy birthday to you.

52. The more I grow, the more I become like you. I celebrate my living legend today. Happy birthday, dad.

53. I’m celebrating Allah’s faithfulness over this family today. Happy birthday to you, dear father.

54. On behalf of the family, I am pleased to wish you another year of Allah’s graciousness. Happy birthday, dad.

55. You’ve been my inspiration since I knew my left hand for the right one. May Allah continue to fill you with more wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Happy birthday to you, dad.

Sweet Islamic Birthday Wishes for Mom

Every sweet Muslim mother needs some Sweet Islamic Birthday Wishes and I’ve helped that need by writing some lovely ones you can send to her on her birthday. Just pick on and send to your mom.

56. Allah has been so good to me to have blessed me with you, mom. Happy birthday to you. I love you.

57. InshaAllah, your great grandchildren will celebrate this wonderful day with you. Happy birthday to you, mom.

58. Your position as the best mother in the world hasn’t changed. Happy birthday to you, mama.

59. You’ve been a mother and sister and no one can ever come close. Happy birthday to the best mother in the world.

60. As you celebrate another year of being a blessed mother, may Allah bless you with many more years in health, wealth and prosperity. Happy birthday, mom.

Cute Islamic Birthday Wishes for Husband

Every loving husband deserves the best of wishes and your husband isn’t an exception. From the Islamic Birthday Wishes for husband below, pick one to send to him.

61. To have you as my husband is the height of favour from Allah. Happy birthday to them best husband in the world.


62. You’re Allah’s greatest gift for me. I’m proud of you day and night. Happy birthday, honey.

63. I wish you all the best of this day and I pray Allah grant your wishes, too. Happy birthday, dear husband.

64. I bless Allah for keeping you for me. May this date be a blessing to us all forever. Happy birthday to you, love.

65. Today is a reminder of how much you’re worth to me and the family. Happy birthday husband and dad.

Sweet Islamic Birthday Wishes for Wife

Every wife deserves sweet birthday wishes, your wife being the first on the list. So copy one of the Islamic Birthday Wishes for Wife below and send to her.

66. I must have been greatly honoured by Allah to have been your husband. Happy birthday to you my ever adorable wife. I love you.

67. We will celebrate many more of this day together in love, wealth and harmony, Mashallah. Happy birthday, wife.

68. When I look at our children, I see how much you’re worth. I can’t thank you enough. Happy birthday to you, my love.

69. You’re a daily proof that Allah is good to me. Happy birthday to you, wife. I love you.

70. You haven’t failed to make me wonder why you’ve given me so much to be grateful for. You’re indeed Allah’s blessing to me. Happy birthday dear wife.

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