Missing Your Best Friend Paragraphs

Missing Your Best Friend Paragraphs (2024)

Friendship is a very beautiful thing once made with a good person. But no matter how beautiful your friendship is, life will always happen. You might not always be together. They might be away for personal or professional reasons.

Being away from your best friend can be so devastating and sad, considering they are a very strong part of your life. You keep remembering the memories you’ve had together; both good and bad. But making them know how much you miss them will go a long way in keeping the friendship.

Send a beautiful missing your best friend paragraph to them, and tell them how you feel about their absence. Here are perfect missing your best friend paragraphs you can use.

I Miss You Best Friend Paragraphs

Tell your best friend how much you miss them with these beautiful paragraphs.

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1. No matter how hard life tries to tear us apart, I will always call you my friend. How are you? I miss you so much.

2. I do not want to believe that you don’t miss me at all, because how can you cope for so long, without hearing from me. Anyways, I miss you so much.

3. Nothing can be compared to the memories we shared. The awesome times that we had and the priceless things we did together. I miss you so much and wish you were here.

4. When you are with me, the world keeps running, but when you’re far, it stands still. I can’t keep calm anymore, when are you coming back? I miss you.

5. I have tasted your absence, and it’s not something I can cope with. Now, I value our friendship more. From the bottom of my heart, I miss you so much.

6. I know that miles and distance don’t matter in friendship, but the connection does. Having not talked to you for a while, it feels like we’re drifting apart. I miss you.

7. I’m just here lonely, and starring at the selfies we had together before you left. Am I going to continue this way? I miss you, my friend. Please come home soon.

8. Ever since you left, you are always present in every single one of my thoughts. I hope to see you pretty soon. I miss you very much, dear friend.

9. Not being here with me, makes me feel like a very big part of my existence is missing. I cannot wait to see you again. I love you so much.

10. Missing you makes my heart beat faster. I hope you are doing well wherever you are. Sending you love and light. I love you so much.

11. Time flies when you are with me and on the other hand, time stops when you are not with me. I miss you so much. Love you a lot.

12. We might be living miles away from each other, but this doesn’t stop the beautiful friendship that we have. We are always on each other’s hearts, and that’s the most important thing. I miss you so much.

13. I miss you more than you can imagine.
I’m always going through my phone’s gallery, ever since you left. I hope to see you again soon. I love you.

14. Being away from you has made me think about you more than I used to. I hope you are doing great and miss me more than I do. I miss you every day.

15. There is nothing more painful than missing your best friend, and not being able to see her. Hope to see you pretty soon. I miss you a whole lot.

16. I’m going to keep missing you until you get back. I really can’t do a lot in your absence. You give me the zeal to do more. Please, can you be back already? Miss you lots.

17. Never ever thought there could be a time I’d miss you this much. My mum hasn’t been around since like forever, but I do not miss her this much. Please come home before you hurt me with your absence. Love you.

18. I know you’re missing me, but not as much as I miss you. I miss you hundreds of times more than you could ever miss me. Please, hurry up and get back home.

19. Our selfies have come to my rescue since you left. They are the priceless memories that keep me sane, ever since you left. I miss you.

20. When you are not around, I feel surrounded by more problems than usual. All these difficulties make me miss you the more because you’d have saved me if you were here. I miss you a lot.

21. All the moments we spent together will forever be stored in my mind, no matter how far we are from each other. I can’t lie that I don’t miss you, but you’re where you are for some important assignments. So, I wish you well. All my love.

22. Thank you for always being the one I can rely on no matter what. Now, I wish you were here. I just miss you more than I can express. Hope you are doing well.

23. Dear friend, I’m seriously missing you. I am numb with boredom, most times. I wish to see you soon because everything seems meaningless here without you.

24. Hey babe. I wish you were here so I could laugh at your silly dry jokes and random tantrums. I love you and miss you.

25. Thank you for being a good friend that I could miss this much. Now, I know you worth even more… I miss hanging out with you, but I miss you more.

Missing My Best Friend Paragraphs

These are the best missing my best friend paragraphs to tell exactly how you feel about your friend’s absence.

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26. Dear bestie, my every moment don’t just seem right without you here with me. I miss you so much. Please, come back soon.

27. Being away from you has brought me nothing but sadness. Never even knew you were this important until you left. I wish you could know how much I miss you.

28. The true test of friendship is not how much fun we have when we are together, but how much we miss each other when we are not together. I miss you a whole lot.

29. I can’t imagine my life without you; it will be plain empty. I am lucky that I have you, and you never make me feel alone, but today I miss you.

30. You’re my happiness and I owe all my successes to you. You’re the only one who knows me in and out. I miss you, and I can’t even tell anyone all I’m going through.

31. Thank you for having a part in my success. Thank you for being my greatest supporter, counsellor and cheerleader. You’ve never made me sad, but not being here is something that I’m not happy about. I miss you.

32. Everything we planned together is making sense already, but you’re not around. I can’t possibly enjoy all of these alone. Please come home. I miss you.

33. You are the only person that’s aware of all my secrets. Now, I have more to tell which I don’t know how to go about it. Who do I turn to? Please come back home.

34. So I got home now, and I was told you already travelled. Why didn’t you wait till I get back? Why did you have to leave in my absence? You thought I wouldn’t let you go? I’m so pained right now.

35. I blame myself everyday for not following you. If there is something I regret in this life, it is that I am not able to be with you. I miss you so much

36. Only if I can have one of my wishes come true, it would be to be able to see you once again. I miss you so much, but do you even care about how I feel?

37. Seeing you just three times a year is not enough. You know what would be enough? Living in the same room as you. I really do miss you.

38. Being with you is the best part of my life. I have lost so much weight because of your absence. I don’t even know what to do anymore. I miss you so much.

39. Hey friend, you fill up my life with so much happiness and that is what I am grateful for because that’s the most beautiful thing. I miss you, notwithstanding.

40. You’ve been away for quite a few days now. Don’t you think it’s time to come home, so we can at least spend more time together? I miss you like forever.

41. I miss you a whole lot, I can’t deny it. And I know you miss me too, but please, now is the time to concentrate on what you’re there for. Please do well, so I can be proud. Miss you.

42. I think we have spent enough time away from each other. I think it is time to be together again. What do you think? I miss you though, that’s the reason for this message.

43. Each time I think about all the memories that we share, I miss you even more and more. I really can’t wait to have you back. Love you.

44. I doubt if I still have a friend in you, after all these. You’ve been away for far too long, and you’ve not gotten in touch with me. I’m very worried. I pray you get this message and reply. I miss you.

45. There is nothing as painful as the pain you feel when you miss the most important person in your life. I miss you so much, and it’s more painful I’m not going to see you anytime soon.

46. Where would I be if I hadn’t had a friend like you? I guess I’d be nowhere to be found. I know you miss me, but I miss you more than you miss me.

47. I just hope that the time we spend apart does not change anything about you, because it will be a devastating thing for me. I miss you every day.

48. I’m not sure I can bear the stress of starting another life with another friend. You are the only friend I will have in this life. I miss you, darling friend. Please come home.

49. Life hasn’t been so fair without you here. I have been trying not to mention this, but I’m being pushed to. I can’t deal anymore. When are you coming home? I miss you.

50. Come back home now, or this friendship is over! Oh… I didn’t mean that, I just wanted to let you know that I miss you a lot.

I hope you got what best describes your friendship in the missing your best friend paragraphs. Please, share with friends and everyone. Thank you.

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