Paragraphs for Long Distance Boyfriend
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(2024) Cute Paragraphs for Long Distance Boyfriend

Finding that guy you can call your boyfriend, who you love and then, loves you too is an awesome feeling I would say every lady should experience, except for some special and legit reasons. And finding the opportunity to start a relationship on that note gives you a better chance to freely express your feelings for each other, share beautiful moments together and stand for each other when the need be.

However, a love relationship can be faced with several challenges and some people see long distance as one of them. But one of the characteristics of love is that it conquers all things. If love conquers all things, then, distance shouldn’t be a barrier.

The question now is, how do you conquer long distance in a relationship? Hey, friend, don’t think you have to fight a Goliath to ensure that whatever causes the distance between you and your boyfriend is taken away. The distance may not even be removed physically but there are ways to enjoy a relationship even while there is distance of which communication is one and vital part of them. There are many ways to communicate and expressing your feelings through messages is one of them.

Yeah, making your boyfriend know how much you still love him through messages can really help your relationship, especially to stand the test of distance. I know you are here because of that. Applauds to you! With this beautiful gesture of yours, I will go ahead and show you some really nice words you should use in conveying your thoughts to your boyfriend.

Below are cute paragraphs for long distance boyfriend you can freely use. Send your favourite to him and make him long more for you. There may be a physical distance but there shouldn’t be a distance in your hearts. What are you still waiting for? Carefully go through the messages and make your boyfriend mushy.

Long Distance Relationship Paragraphs for Him – Boyfriend

Take your relationship to another level by assuring your boyfriend of your undying love for him using these long distance relationship paragraphs for him. They are the cutest paragraphs for long distance boyfriend.

1. What I feel for you is nothing close to what words can perfectly paint and something stronger than what distance can weaken. I love you more than love itself and right now, I miss you and wish every second will find me in your alms. Can’t wait to see you again and give you the hugs you deserve.

2. Distance has it’s effects on relationships but this is to assure you that what I feel in my heart for you can not be shaken. My love for you has come to conquer and stay. I need you to be strong so we can pull through this together until we meet again. Take care of yourself!

3. Looking back to times shared with you, I just know I have missed many things: your smiles, naughtiness and troubles. But I’m also very excited because staying this long without you will definitely make seeing you again a glorious reunion. Can’t wait for that day.

4. I used to think long distance relationships don’t work but giving it a trial with you has proven otherwise. I have never regretted it because you have made every day in it beautiful for us. That doesn’t cover the fact that I miss you though. I miss you so much. Xoxo.

5. The brightest of moments seem void, all meaningless just because you are not here with me. I really wish I could hug you so tight right now and whisper to you how much your absence has caused me. I really do miss you, dear, and can’t wait to hold you again.

6. Even when you are far away from my touch, I still feel you all around me because you are right in my heart. Distance is the last thing that would want to separate us. We have come to be and forever we shall be. Just know that I love you always.

7. Nothing can come between us, for my love for you is undefeatable. You are mine and I am yours. That’s the fact that even the distance understands. Rest assured that our love will only get stronger and deeper as long as there are times and seasons. I love you so much.

8. Nothing matters to me right now more than what we share. I know I can’t hold you physically but my heart holds what matters most, which is the love we share. I will keep and treasure it until I see you, to tell you how well it has grown. See you soon, babes.

9. When things get well, my love for you gets stronger. When things get worse, my love for you remains stronger. That’s how deep my feelings are for you, not even the space between us can stand it. I love you and will always do. Do take care of yourself, darling.

10. Hey, love! Someone misses you right here. Everything here reminds me of our moments together. It hurts that such opportunity comes once in a while but I will be fine because what really matters most is what I feel for you which is unshakable LOVE.

11. Living every day with the fact that I am yours is more than the world to me. Even when I can’t see you, I have this peace that you are in my life. I think that’s what really matters. I love you so much.

12. A day without you is like the world has come to an end but here am I staying months without you. It could only be the deep love I have for you that has sustained me. I love you pretty much and can’t wait to see you again.

13. You mean a lot to me, handsome. I have never for once doubted what you feel about me because I can feel the effect here, it makes me get more deeply in love with you. I am glad I have you in my life. Kisses…

14. Sending you this is my little way of telling you how much I love and miss you. You are the hero my heart adores always, the royalty my head bows in adoration to. I love you to the moon and back. Can’t wait to hold you close.

15. Who would have thought we would still be together? The challenges associated with long distance relationships came and our love conquered it. I am sure we would conquer even. Love you so much, cutie.

16. You mean the world to me, handsome. Even while we are miles apart, my heart can’t let you go. I carry you everywhere I go, right in my heart. I love you so much and my love for you is only going to get deeper and stronger.

17. You are my king, my everyday prince charming. Not even the distance can change that. You taught me how to love by loving me perfectly. I will continue to love you as long as I have air in my nostrils. Xoxo

18. I have never for once regretted the day we met. It has been from one love paradise to the other, and distance has not changed that. It only makes me long and yearn more for you. Can’t wait to see you soon, my love.

19. Babes, I know you love me and I love you too. The fact that we are miles apart should not affect that beautiful reality. I am so sure that when we meet again, it’s going to be heaven on earth. Can’t really wait for that day.

20. Good day to my ever cute and good looking man. I hope you are doing great. Even though you are not with me, you have the key to my heart and nothing can change that. Just chill and rest assured for my heart always beats for you.

21. You are my heart desire, dear. I love you no matter what. Even when it is said that long distance relationships don’t work, ours is going to prove it wrong by getting stronger and deeper. I can’t love you less, sweetheart.

22. I love each day that wakes me up to the thoughts of you. Everything about you makes me glad. You have been the perfect example of a lover and a giver. I am so blessed having you in my life. Thanks for always being there for me even with the distance between us.

23. Who says long distance relationships can’t be beautiful? Then, they have to come see ours. Our love is new every morning. It brings forth fresh wine that I am not tired of sipping. I am glad I’m doing this with you. I love you tirelessly.

24. You are the blessing I needed, need and would need in this journey of life. You know how best I like to be treated. You are just perfect for me and I can’t trade having you for any reason, not even for the distance between us. I just love you so much.

25. Every day is beautiful because I carry you in it. I find loving you easy and convenient every day. If I am to love all over again, I will do it with you for you are obviously the best for me. I love you to the moon and back. Kisses!

Romantic Cute Paragraphs for Him Long Distance

Sending these romantic and cute paragraphs to your long distance boyfriend is a good way to make him know how committed you are to what both of you share. Go ahead and send the one(s) that suits your intention.

26. Taking a trip down memory lane, I just realized you are the only one who has treated me better. Your angelic personality has captured my heart and has captured it pretty well, that the more I love you is the more I want to love you. You are made for me and distance can’t change that.

27. I love every moment I take my time to ruminate over us – the times we’ve had. They bring smiles to my face and gladness to my heart. And that makes me miss you even more. Hope to be with you soon.

28. Thoughts of how great you make me feel when you are with me sustain me when you are away. They make my love for you get deeper and strengthen me through the lonely moments. I will keep thinking about you, love.

29. I have chosen to love you and distance can’t undo that. I promise to remain faithful just as you have been to me until we are reunited. Many hugs and kisses to you. Let me low when you get them (insert wink emoji)

30. Beautiful moments are moment spent with you. Your absence has really made me realize what your presence had meant. I just wish you are here with me, even if just for some seconds. I really miss you, darling.

31. I wanted love and fulfilment. When I found you, I found both. You are just so perfect for me. That’s why it hurts when you are not here with me. I know this distance will make our love stronger. I love you so much.

32. You are the most caring person I have ever met. The way you are concerned and careful about me really amazes me that I don’t want to spend a day out of your presence. I feel so safe with you and need to be with you soon.

33. Your kind is one in a million, nice to a fault. I just can’t imagine being with someone else other than you. You make every dull moment bright. Little wonder my life has been bright ever since I met you. Thanks for everything.

34. I want to hug you, want to whisper to your ears how much I miss you right now. Thought I could handle the distance but your love spell has really been strong on me lately. Come back soon, my love.

35. No one can ever replace you in my heart. I can’t even imagine my life without you. You have showered me with love and affection that all I want right now is to love you forever. I will definitely love you forever. Xoxo

36. Babes, You need to know how I love it when you carry me along with your plans but right now, I want to be right there with you. It’s been a pretty long time and my heart longs to see your cute face again.

37. I have never for once thought of being in a long distance relationship. How I manage to stay in this for this long marvels me. I think this is proof that I truly love you. I love you, dear.

38. Darling, I want you to keep this in the most special part of your heart, that no matter what happens, I will love you and remain true to you, and the distance between us is just too minute to change that.

39. I love you so much that I wish there is no distance between us. But even with it, I still love you and this time around, deeper than ever. Kisses and hugs!

40. I appreciate all you do for me even while you are away. You’ve included me in your schedule for every day even while it’s not convenient for you. You are just so sweet. Thanks a lot, darling boyfriend. (Insert emoji)

41. I am so excited we have come this far even with the distance between us. Our love has really stood the test of time. Thanks for your genuine love, limitless attention and consistent assistance. I love you so much.

42. Never for a day have I felt lonely. You know just the right way to schedule things and meet every need. I am glad I have a genius like you in my life. You are my hero and you mean the world to me. Thanks for everything. Kisses!

43. I reckon the day I met you as the most blessed day of my life. I still wonder who would have loved me the way you do. You are just so perfect for me, seeing that I am doing well even when there is a distance between us. You deserve a thousand applauds, my love.

44. Have I told you how cute you are lately? I can’t get tired of saying that because you are not only cute outwardly but also in your heart. I am glad met you that day. I love you.

45. I can’t get tired of loving you, my Prince charming. The distance between us will only make what I feel for you even stronger. Rest assured that your baby is here loving you tirelessly. Xoxo

46. Every day with you in my life makes me happy. Just can’t wait to be with the one who knows how best to make me happy. Let’s kick the distance aside and be together soon. Missing you, sweets.

47. The thought of how long I am going to stay without you is killing me. I miss your cute smile, I miss your breath-taking touch and your calm and charming eyes staring at me. I just want to be with you again.

48. Being in your alms makes me feel so safe. That’s where I wish to be right now. Can we make that possible? Let’s get the distance away and make each other feel good once more. Will be looking forward to your response, darling.

49. I have never for once seen you physically but what I feel for you is beyond what words can explain. Most times, I wonder how amazing our love would be when we finally meet. Can’t wait for that experience.

50. Seeing you through video calls is great but can’t be compared to seeing you physically and holding your hands. Being in your alms while talking with you makes me feel like the luckiest person in the whole world. I have missed that feeling… I have missed you.

I am glad you read through to this extent. That means you really want to make your long distance relationship work. Once again, I applaud you for that. Nothing takes care of a long distance relationship better than constant communication. So, do well with the paragraphs for long distance boyfriend I have written for you. Use them generously.

I would really appreciate your feedback as that will make me know where I should improve or adjust. Also, do well to share with friends and family that may need them.

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Written by Melissa Usunobun

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