I Miss You Paragraphs for Ex Boyfriend

I Miss You Paragraphs for Ex Boyfriend (2024)

Are you here because you once had a guy you were in a relationship with but now, everything has slid into the past and you really miss him?

I know you may be wondering why I had to ask that question when it is obvious already. Smiles… I wanted to be sure if you are going through what I once went through. Yes, you are not alone on this. I once had someone I thought would make it to the aisle with me but some unwanted situations decided to give me the reverse; perhaps I should call it fate. I must confess to you that I also did miss him and still do. Yes! It happens that way.

Now, let me say something.

Having yourself miss a guy you are not with again is a thing that happens without your permission. You just find your heart starving of the good times you once had with him. Every memory of it makes you want to run to him, give him the warmest hug and whisper to him how much you miss him.

You see all of those feelings, it could simply be because you once loved him or still love him. It could also be that you don’t really love him again but just miss the times shared. It could even be because he once played a role in your life that you seem not to just find someone else to do it the way he did.

You know, at times, we just wish things go well on and on that there would be no reason for a breakup. But you see this fate, it gives what it wills. And when things happen this way, it’s definitely not the end of the world. But then, It is not easy to get over memories shared with a romantic partner like a boyfriend. They make you long for him, want to do things you used to do with him and the likes.

When you find yourself missing your boyfriend so much, what do you do? Just express it to him. You wouldn’t want to underrate how expressing your feelings could go a long way in relieving you. I have tried that and it worked for me. It doesn’t matter whether he broke up with you or you did, or maybe even some situations of life like blood group incompatibility. Just make him know how you feel at the moment. Who knows if things can work out again by doing that.

You know what? Don’t bother yourself on how to go about it. I have prepared some really touching I miss you paragraphs for ex boyfriend. They were perfectly written with you in mind; with the rights words that can melt a man’s heart. Don’t you want to try them?

Slide into the content below and make use of them freely. Pour out that emotion that’s locked inside of you. I will be expecting feedback from you down there in the comment section.

So, let’s go!

Long Touching Missing You Paragraphs for Ex Boyfriend

A good way to make your ex boyfriend know how much you miss him is to reach him with touching words. So, I have made available for you, these long touching missing you paragraphs for ex boyfriend. Proceed to copy and send to him.

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1. Most times, the value of what one has is not known until one loses it. That statement has become so real to me since we broke up. Now I know I lost someone of great worth. I lost someone who wouldn’t mind going out of normal to make me happy; someone who knows how best to treat me and make me feel special. How I wish I could turn back the hand of time and make things work between us. I really miss being with you. I miss you!

2. I never knew a day like this would come when I will feel like holding you but can’t. We shouldn’t have allowed this to happen, my love. Everyone admired us together. We should have created space for forgiveness and trust once more. I know nothing can be done anymore, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about the beautiful moments spent with you. You were just all that mattered to me until now. I still love you though and miss you badly.

3. There are a lot of things to say that words can’t convey. The silence your absence has caused in my life has uttered many unheard things to me that I can’t just express. It reminds me of the good times we had together; the naughty things we did, and all our adventures. Everything we shared will always remain in my heart until I get over you. I hope you are fine. I just miss dearly.

4. Let the merriment in all the earth come to my table, It still won’t fill the void in the heart. I feel so alone and want to be with you. Nothing really matters to me anymore because all that mattered to me has left me in voidness. I really wish things had worked out for us but I will be fine. I have really missed you and still do. I hope somewhere there, you missed me too.

5. Hey, babe! Oh! Ex babe. So, life can be like this? Who would have thought you would be my ex? But what happened has happened already and nothing can be done. You don’t want me in your life anymore, and that is well understood by me. I just wish we find the right person for us and have better moments than ever. This is just to let you know that I still care and really do miss you.

6. After breaking up with you, it is expected of me to get my mind off you and go on with my life. But it’s not working easily that way for me. You had already become a part of my dreams, plans and life generally. I had already been fantasizing the future with you. That is why it really hurt me bad that you broke my heart. I have forgiven you though, and I miss all we had together. I miss you.

7. Good morning, dear. I know you weren’t expecting this from me but what else can I do when I can’t stop thinking about you and the times we once had. They are not getting out of my head easily. I just have to let you know how I feel right now and what you meant to me before the breakup. I believe things happened that way because we probably were not good together. I just want you to know that I miss you so much.

8. Everything that had happened to our relationship was supposed to build it and make it stronger but I never got to know that on time. I took my decisions too fast, I didn’t see misunderstandings as what should be understood and sorted out. I messed up big time. I know things may not return to the way it used to be but I just want you to know that I miss you so much.

9. Hey, dear! I hope you are good. It hurts me that I can’t get to be with you anymore. We were so perfect together if not for the genotype issues. I just wish I have the power to change things for our favour. I miss being with you, I miss the memories we built together, I miss your laughs, I miss your naughtiness, I miss our adventures, I miss your attention, I just miss everything about you.

10. How many days have passed without me communicating with you? To me, it’s like years. I feel something is missing somewhere in my heart that just you can fill. Ending things with you was the best thing to do even when I know you matter to me a lot. I just know this way, we can get to be with someone who can treat us better. We can’t be in a relationship where we argue almost all the time. Amidst all, I still miss you somewhere there.

Short I Miss You Paragraphs for Your Ex Boyfriend

Do you want to reach your ex boyfriend with just a short message expressing how much you miss him? You will never go wrong with these cute and emotional short I miss you paragraphs for your ex boyfriend.

They are short but deep enough to convey your feelings.

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11. It’s not just so good to think about how we are now and how we used to be. I have accepted my fate but I still miss you so much. Do take care of yourself.

12. Every day brings me the trouble of thinking about you and the times we had together. I find it hard to get over you. I miss you more than what you can think of.

13. I feel like spending this day with you and finding solace in your arms. I know that’s no more possible. I just miss being with you but I know I will be fine.

14. I miss the affection and love you showered me with. I miss the assistance and help you offer without hesitation. It hurts thing couldn’t work out for us. Life continues, dear.

15. Nothing around me seems to matter since you left my life. You’ve obviously left my life but my heart has refused to accept that fact. It misses you every now and then.

16. I thought things were getting better with us, never knew it was only getting better to get worst. I have accepted my fate even though I miss you pretty much.

17. I have never experienced this kind of restlessness before. I feel so empty that I just wish I can be with you again. I miss you, dear.

18. I had always loved you and still do. It just hurts so much that you couldn’t reciprocate it as expected. I just hope we find someone that really deserves us. But then, I miss you.

19. I know I am not supposed to be doing this right now but I have got no choice because I miss you so much. I miss everything we did together. I don’t know if it’s the same with you.

20. Little did I know that our argument would lead to a breakup. But who says we can’t resolve things and get out of this valley of loneliness. I really want that, babe, because I miss you.

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21. I feel really terrible right now and that’s because I had hurt you. I never knew this is what it’s like to be without the one you love. I am so sorry. I’m missing you so much.

22. I really don’t know if there is anyone out there that would love me the way you did. It’s so not pleasing to my heart that we are not together again. I miss us and I miss you.

23. I know that not every relationship leads to the altar. That’s why I have accepted my fate with you and decided to move on. But then, that doesn’t stop us from being friends. I miss you and want to hear from you; not as a boyfriend, but as a friend. Can you do that for me?

24. I was the one who never wanted our relationship again, and I am still the one who misses you like my life depends on you. I miss you so much but I think our lives will be better without us being together.

25. Babes, I accept the fact that I really hurt you. I flopped, yeah, I did! But I know you are not that hard heartened not to forgive me. Please, let everything go and let’s have a common ground. I seriously miss you.

26. If I count the beautiful moments we had, they would outnumber the ugly ones. Don’t you think it’s enough reason to give this quitting a second thought? I so much miss us together, don’t make us continue like this.

27. Every silence in my heart reminds me of the excitements you once brought into it. I miss you pretty much and doubt if I have the strength to go through this.

28. Who says what we had was not love? It’s obviously true love. Since we parted, I can’t get you off my head and I am pretty sure it’s the same with you too. We can make this work again. I really miss you.

29. I enjoyed every moment spent with that it’s now an unfruitful adventure to stay a second without you. I miss all the time spent with you. I don’t know if you feel the same way.

30. Before this breakup, I felt the connection between us dwindling. I fought to rekindle it and make things work but it’s like this is what is meant to happen. I miss you so much but I’m consoled by the fact that I tried my best.

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31. I understand the fact that two people can’t walk together if they don’t agree. Our disagreements were escalating rather than resolving. It was just so obvious that we are not compatible. I really wish we are because I love you and I miss the good times we had.

32. I miss you, darling. Our separation was not because you weren’t perfect enough for me. It just happened that nature decided our fate. You have a good heart and I miss that already. I will always have a place in my heart for you.

33. Nothing hurts than the thoughts of living without you. Can I actually survive this? It’s barely a few days and I am losing it already. I seriously miss you, dear.

34. Dear, I just have to confess that you are everything good, nice and loving. I never appreciated you until I lost you. I am really sorry for ignoring your efforts. Now, I know what I had been enjoying. Now, I miss you so much.

35. I miss not being with you, dear. I know I brought this upon myself. I concentrated on your weaknesses and trivialized your strengths. If only I had known that no one is perfect. Now, I get jealous of seeing you happy with someone else. I really miss you!

36. Babe, our parting makes me miss you like never before. Nothing seems to make sense anymore. I just hope this doesn’t continue. I miss you like seriously.

37. Right now, I feel like running into your alms for solace like it used to be. It so hurts that it’s impossible. I miss having access to you. I miss your words of love and encouragement.

38. The joy that fills my heart like sweet wine whenever I think of you has turned to bitterness. It’s only because the thought of you now makes it clearer that I can never be with you. I so much miss you, and I miss us even more.

39. The calmness of this morning takes me deeper in the thoughts of having live life without you. I know I am really going to miss you and it’s happening already.

40. This is your ex-girlfriend confessing that you were the best guy that ever came into her life. I know I never told you that when we were together but that’s the truth, dear. Right now, I miss you.

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41. The night is so cold and boring, calm and void. It reminds me of the warmth I got from you every time we were together. I miss all of that. I miss you.

42. Your absence in my life has taught me how important your presence is. Now, I appreciate all you did for me: the sacrifices, attention and commitments. I miss all of it. I miss us.

43. Having you in my life was the best thing I ever experienced. Living without you is the worst thing I’m experiencing so far. Can we let the hurts of the past go and try to work things out? I miss you and want us back.

44. Going down memory lane, I come to realise you were good to me but I just couldn’t calm down to see it. I regretted all my actions the very day you broke up with me. I miss everything; I miss you.

45. Hey, guy, hope you are cool. I am not supposed to be doing this but I can’t help missing you right now. Is it possible we have some moments together once more?

46. The day is so promising that it makes me wish you are right here with me to get the best out of it. Oh! How I have lost golden moments with you. I so much miss you, dear.

47. Many things would have changed after our breakup if not for the fact that my heart still lurks around you. To me, it’s like a dream. I still miss you as though I can’t live without you.

48. I miss the only man that knows how best to treat. I still wonder why I couldn’t love you more, just the way you deserve it. I just wish you find someone deserving of you. But then, I miss you.

49. It’s another awesome dawn but then, everything about me is on a low key. It’s because somewhere right there in my heart, I miss someone, and that is you. I seriously miss you.

50. It should be a thing of joy leaving the relationship and allowing us to find someone who would treat us better. I just don’t know why my heart still lurks around you. You have really gained a place in my heart. I miss you every day.

And here we are, dear. After trying to make you see that expressing your feelings to your ex boyfriend could be a good way to help your emotions, I hope you found the I miss you paragraphs for ex boyfriend helpful. They were helpful to me and I am pretty sure they will be for you too.

Don’t hesitate to use the messages. Like I said earlier, things may still work between you two if you really want that. I feel where there is love, there should be hope.

Thanks for staying through the reading. I would really appreciate a response from you. Would you mind using the comment box? Please, do make me know the paragraph that captured your feelings. Do well to share with friends and family that may need them. Thanks.

Written by Melissa Usunobun

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