Best Friend Forever Paragraphs

2024 Best Friend Forever Paragraphs for Friends

Everyone can have friends but not everyone can maintain friendship. Friendship has got a lot to do with keeping people close to your life, having dear people who want the best for you and who you’ll give the best for, any day and time. Friendship is very important, it is one of the build-ups of a society.

Real friendship requires hard work, tolerance, patience and real fun of course. You do not want to be the ‘boring’ friend.

Whether you’re a sociable person or an anti-social, it’s a very nice feeling to have good friends that look out for you. There’s a feeling of belonging that comes with knowing you’re not alone in the world, that you’ve got friends.

In one way or the other, everyone needs a friend, more like a shoulder to lean on in most cases.

Your friend is the one you talk to when it seems your world is going in ways you don’t really understand. ‘A good friend is like a brother’, that’s a very popular saying. Another saying is that ‘good friends stick together’.

But then, friendship is more than just talks. Real friendship is the one that goes ‘yo! I got your back if nobody in the whole world does’

It’s could be quite easy to find a friend, but are you ready to give your friendship all it takes and never give up on each other, no matter what at all?

If you have a best friend (or the best of friends) that you will do anything to hold onto no matter what, then one of the things you should know first is how to keep your friendship bond. The saying that twenty children can not hang out for twenty years is not exactly true as long as you understand some friendship tips.

There are many things you can do to keep your friendship growing: you can hang out, have a eat out, go sightseeing, take classes on topics that interest you both, go window-shopping, visit a zoo and so many other fun things to do.
No matter your tight schedules, always find time to hang out with your friend (or friends). A time to be with them, away from the normal. And of course, make sure you enjoy the time, not hangout and keep checking your time to see if you’re not late for the next appointment.

Friends need each other to thrive, right?

You will always want to be there for your friend(s) when they’re going through difficult life situations, that’s when you should get across some motivational quotes to them.

You can celebrate your best friends with any of these best friends forever paragraphs for them, it’s a way out of many that you can express how much you appreciate you friend and the friendship they offer to you.

When you’re at a loss for words to say to let your friend know that you’re sticking with them no matter what, then let these paragraphs of best friends forever come to your aid and give you the right words to say to your friend or friends.

Cute Best Friend Forever Paragraphs

Let your friend know how much you appreciate friendship with him or her with these cute best friend forever paragraphs. It’s not vulnerability, it’s more of accountability to the course you pledge allegiance to, which, of course, is friendship.

1. I don’t think I remember the details of how we met and kick-start this friendship, I just know that so far, you are the best of my friends! From time, you’ve been an amazing personality and a great influence on me. Your wisdom and advice, I don’t ever take for granted; you know that. With you, I don’t have any problems, not even in the least because you make me forget all of my worries as if they don’t even exist in the first place. You’re simply the greatest of all, and I want you to know that I got your back always, like you got mine.

2. If anything, this friendship has taught me strength, resilience at all times, patience, courage and of course my reasoning has been tremendously improved! I’m glad I got you as my friend buddy, in fact, it’s my life gift. You are the best friend anyone could ask for and I’m glad that you are my friend. I wouldn’t have survived life without you, that’s how awesome you are. We’ve come so far, now, we will continue to be best of friends no matter what.

3. If you hadn’t been in my life, I’d have cracked from work overload, thank you for always been there whenever I needed a getaway. I don’t get to tell you often but girl, you are the best thing that happens to me, well after love. But then you know I can’t trade you for anything. Thank you for letting your amazing and awesome personality rub off on me. You are my best friend that I am not trading for anything in the world.

4. I love that I got someone to talk to, to bare out my heart burdens and share whatever is bothering me with. I really don’t know what I’d have done without you here for me. You are that one friend that sticks with me even when I start acting up. You understand me perfectly, more than I do myself. No one can take you, my friend, away from me. You’re important to me, always and forever.

5. You strength, your charisma, your charm, your beauty, your sense of humour, your transparency, your experiences, your ingenuity, I could go on and on about the things I love about you and never get tired at all. You are the only friend that knows me like the palm of their hands, no wonder we have a great connection. I love you my best friend.

6. One very likeable character you’ve got is knowing when I’m down and doing all you can to help me back up, right on my feet. It takes a genius to do that, well, you’re one so I’m not too surprised. I’ve got a request though, please let’s keep hanging out like we do. No matter what let’s keep holding to this friendship and never let it end.

7. You are the sweetest friend anyone could ever have but it’s a shame they’ll never know because you’re never going to stop being my friend. Thank you for the warmth you give to me on cold days, thank you for being there when I badly needed someone. Without you, the cycle of my days is incomplete. This friendship is one that I will never take for granted.

8. Life is beautiful because I got a friend as sweet as you. I like that I can get to be with you anytime I choose to with no inhibitions. Our friendship is a gift I got from life and it is the most beautiful of my life treasures. Thank you for being my friend on good and bad days. Thank you for being the one that always gives the sense in our friendship. I know there are times that I mess things up but I’m glad that you’re always there to help me back home. You are my best friend forever.

9. Like the air that I breathe, this friendship is so important to me that I need it to live. You’re not one to easily give up on anyone and that’s has helped our friendship on many occasions, especially when it feels like I’m drowning, you always show up for me. I don’t know much but I’m certain of one thing: you are the best human that life could give anyone as friends.

10. I’ve never met anyone as lively as you are, you enter into a room and literally light everywhere up. Although we have our differences and difficult situations, but then, we manage it well because we know that our friendship must certainly stand the test of time. Thank you for being so supportive, it means a whole lot to me. And this is me saying we’re going to be best of friends forever.

11. Tell me one thing that will make me get very mad at you and I’ll mention a hundred things that’ll make me love you more. It’s been a great time knowing you and having a friendship with you. You’re real, you don’t pretend and that’s so cool. No matter what times we go through, I want you to know that you’re the only friend I’ve got in the universe.

12. I remember when we were much younger when we promised ourselves that we were going to stick together no matter what. Well, the universe heard us and now look at how far we’ve come. We still got a long way to go ahead of us, so we’ll walk with each other hand in hand, as best of friends.

13. If I didn’t know you, I’ll say that you’re one quite unserious human, but then you’re just you. You’re fun to be with, easy-going, cool-headed and very kind even to a fault. Thank you for being the better side of me, our life is not boring I’ve got you to thank for that. I know I do not get to say it often but buddy, you are my favourite person in the world and I intend to keep it that way.

14. I’ve got a friend who’s a genius. One who is everything that I am not, the one that compliments me and adds value to my life. That’s you girl. Thank you for all these years that you have to stick with me. Thank you for all the lessons of life I got from you. Thank you for the strength that I draw from you each day. You’re a friend indeed no matter what. No one knows me like you do and I think that’s a very good thing. You’re the best always.

15. Each new day, I learn something outstanding from you and it makes me realize that my friend is a world-class treasure. When things don’t fall in place as much as we want them, you’re ways there and that’s an indication that you’ll stick with me always. Our friendship is the kind that’s rare and that’s just fair because we’re but not regular people. Cheers to us always.

16. There’s definitely no way that I’m surviving this life without you because it’s all going to be bleak and colourless. You are the only one that makes sure that I smile no matter how hard and rough the day has been. The one that understands me best, the one that not only tolerates my inadequacies but helps me to become a better version of me. Thank you for the things to do to make sure that I grow and keep growing. This is a promise that we will be friends forever no matter what.

17. The dearest set of people are the friends that hold into us no matter what life is pushing to them. You are the most precious friend that I have ever had in my life. Our friendship is special, that I am very much aware of. You deserve to get the award for the most outstanding friend that anyone could have the opportunity to get. Well, I guess I’ll prepare the award and give you myself. You are the best.

18. Life is very perfect because I have you as my best friend. You are the one that slices everything up and makes life worthwhile so that I’m not bored out of my very boring life. There’s no word I could think of to quantify our friendship with. You are just so amazing my dear friend. How about we grab a bite and very cool drink this evening, don’t worry we can split bills.

19. Ours is a perfect example of true friendship because we stood the test of years. We have been through thick and thin together that now, we know each other like the palm of our hands. We weathered storms and still came out, hand in hand. I have never had any reason to bolt out of our friendship and I definitely won’t have any. Thank God that I chose you my best friend. We suit each other, and we fit perfectly like the parts of a puzzle.

20. If there’s one quality you’ve got that awes me, it’s the way you’re able to hold it all together whenever shits is about to go down. Sometimes I stand back and ask myself how you got the strength to be all of that and more. You are the most patient and kindhearted human I’ve ever met in my entire life. You’re the best of humanity in the form of friends, well, I never get to choose any other human as my friend.

21. You and I are the exact opposite of each other and I guess that is the reason we’re able to stick together and never drift apart. You are the one that brings the brain, the one that’s always in charge of very important issues. Well, I don’t mind at all, as long as I got you, I get to live a life of fun and get the excitements as much as I want. No matter what happens buddy, trust me I got your back because that’s what best friends do.

22. Everyone sees me as the ‘cool dude’ and I smile. They say that because they’ve never met you – the real definition of cool. Our disagreements only go ahead to foster our relationship and make us come out stronger and better. You’re the one that brings real meaning and quality to friendship. You’re the best human being around. Thanks for getting my back through it all bud, I got yours too, it’s a promise.

23. Before any man in your life, it has always been me your best friend. And thank you for understanding this too. We had an amazing time growing up and now that we’re adults, we should never let go of each other’s hands. Let’s have a friendship that is stronger than any relationship in the world. You know I’m saying this because I do not want to lose you. We got this girl, we stay together no matter what.

24. Life is easy for me because I got you as my best friend to go through it all with me. Who could have thought we’ll still be together in spite of all the long years. I guess we have a fate that’s entwined together. It’s easy for us because it’s what we both want to do, no matter what. I love that you’re not just my friend but my best friend too.

25. When I heard you were moving, I thought that’s the end of our friendship but then, it wasn’t meant to be! Look at us now, despite the days and distance that’s kept is apart, we’re still the best of friends out here. We have both come a long way with our determination to be together no matter what, we deserve the ‘best of friends’ medal. Cheers to us and to the bond that keeps us going.

Paragraphs for Best Friend Forever

Make your friend feel special by sending them these paragraphs for best friend forever.

26. Dude, I don’t know about you but it’s definitely going to be a very strange feeling if I have to start all over again with making friends with someone I’d just met and barely know. It won’t even work, because I’m positive that there’s not one person in this world who knows how to be my friend except you. You’re the one that got me always, the friend that sticks like my skin.

27. On many occasions you’ve made me realize that I really can’t live my clueless life without you. How I’ve done that so far, I can’t say, but now, thanks to God that I got you as my friend. You are my life’s real gift, my safe haven. You know, I imagine one day, having to tell how kid’s how far we’ve come and then watch as their face lit up with smiles because they also can’t fathom how two different people could be strongly attached to each other. You’re my best friend girl, always and forever.

28. Apart from the fact that we’re best friends, it feels so real that we’re like soul mates. Always finishing each other’s sentences, oh and drinks too. You’re the one friend that I can kill for. Thank God I met you and stuck with you, how else would you have survived your life? You’re the toppings on my ice cream, the one that adds the additional sweetness to my life. I promise to be there till forever.

29. If we were to go back to the first time we met, my question will be, how do you combine your contradicting traits? Like playful, yet intelligent. Frail looking yet you’ve got the strongest heart. Cheers to you my one in a billion friend, the only one that will do anything to see me smile. There are many things that I don’t know in this life, but trust me when I say I’m certain of one; you are my best friend forever!

30. Every minute in my life, I realise that I’m grateful for many things and definitely, the gift of your friendship tops the list. Thank you for the work you put in is so that our friendship doesn’t go stale. The different shades of you are want makes you stand out, and I love that my days and adventures are exciting with you in them. You are the one best friend that is enough for a whole lifetime for me. Oh, there’s nothing I’d do without you too.

31. From the beginning, we’ve had a connection so strong that I felt we were made to last long. You are the friend that completes and complement me always. The one I could sit with and tell the tales of my life without feeling bored. The one that listens to me without judging. My best friend that also doubles as my companion in all things. You are a real blessing to me, you know I’ll never stop saying that to you.

32. To my best friend that I trust with my life, the one who has been through ups and downs with me, the one whose friendship I dare not take for granted; I just want to say: thank you for always been there and for the listening ears at all times. You are like my life’s pillar and support. Forever cherished and valued, that’s what you are to me. Now let’s go grab a drink, shall we?

33. My favourite time of the day is when we get to sit together, get drunk, talk nonsense and share gist, then find our way home to slump on whichever part of the house we desire and pass out there. Who can do it better than you? My dear, there’s no one and I don’t even want to have a trial of someone else. You’re my best friend, I should remind you of that fact, always.

34. The way you help me shoulder some of my problems and take them on as if your life depends on them, awes me. You’re not just my friend, you’re my better half. You e got a heart so sweet and a soul so kind that I’m convinced you weren’t made for this world. With you, I got to experience having the best of friends. I’ll always appreciate you, and never take you granted, trust me. I promise that I’ll have your back always, because what’s life without that?

35. You are the sunshine to my rainy days, the warmth on stormy days, the one who stands by me when no one else stands. You have the most beautiful soul of everyone I’ve encountered and that’s why I don’t think twice before sharing whatever burden I’ve got with you. You are the friend that gives me peace of mind, the one that’s my real sister, but from another parent. Life is fun with you in it. Thank you for all that you are to me.

36. I know I’m lazy and all, but who cares when my friend is always there? You know it’s not easy to have a genius friend like me but then, you’re welcome. You got my back always, you make me understand how real friendship love feels. Through smiles and tears, calm and fears, you’re my friend, the only one that makes sense. You can’t live without me, I know that already but then, you’re welcome, again. It is time to clear off your desk, get off work, meet me at our favourite spot and let’s shake life up as usual. The latecomer gets the bill so, let’s go!

37. It’s been so long I spoke to my number one fan, how are you today my most precious treasure in human form. No matter where you are, as long as I get to talk to you, I’m confident that I have no worries at all. Between the two of us, you’re the one person who’s got things under control, always. The one that doesn’t have to freak out, the fearless one. I wanted to say I’m in love with you but you don’t give me the butterflies? Thanks to you, I get to laugh hard at all times and that is because you want me to stay happy, always. You’re my best friend, I’m sure of that.

38. With you, I got to enjoy amazing, beautiful, selfless, exciting, memorable, pleasant and very comfortable friendship. You don’t give up on things and even people, easily. That’s one trait that I love so much. You deserve all the credit that you can get for the being the most outstanding friend ever. Thank you for all the words of encouragement and support. It means a lot to me always. I can’t lose you and I won’t lose you because we share the strongest if bonds, you’re my best friend till forever.

39. From the first time we met, you’ve always been nothing short of my life support system, my backup at all times. Friendship with you makes life so easy and very simple for me. Our friendship is unique all in all because, you’re the one I can cry with, laugh with, have fun with, get lost with and get back with at any point in time. The pillar that supports me when life starts it’s funny acting and shits. The one that knows a million and one ways to make me smile, that’s you. You know I can’t lose you and you’re lucky to have me in your life right? Well, you are the best, my dearest friend.

40. I haven’t told you this before but I will now, you’re the one best friend that has ever been so good to me in my life. In my high and low moments, you’re always there. You know the best words to say to lift my spirits and even make me burst into laughs. You never mince words with me or hide anything, you help me get a better reflection of myself. I could have sworn we were twin in our last life, but then of were not, let’s look forward to the life after this one. No matter what, you are and you’ll always be my best friend.

41. To me, life’s greatest treasure is not in books, riches, priceless gems or whatever, it is our friendship. Thank you for always reinforcing positivities in me. Who cares whether we’re rich or not? We have each other and that’s a wide world of wealth. With you, I strive to become the best version of me, to reach my full potentials and that’s what real friendship does. There are no downs with us, just ups and we keep moving. And when it seems you’re tired in the way, I promise, I’m always there to help you back up, right on your feet. My life’s journey is incomplete without you.

42. On your high days, you’re a real vibe, one whose strength and vibrancy is and will forever remain, unmatched. That’s why we stick together no matter what. The way you see the good in me even when I feel terrible about myself is so overwhelming that I always knew I don’t deserve you. You’re awesome, you’re beautiful, you’re amazing, you’re the one that makes my world go round. I look forward to every new day with you because I’m confident I’ll love the experiences that’ll come with it.

43. You’re positively different in every way. you are the greatest of friends and one of the humans that’s so dear to me. Thank you for being my friend, my sidekick, my partner in crime and all that’s good, my confidant, my special adviser, don’t worry, I’ll place you on a payment plan when I start raking in big money. I’ll spoil you with dollars because you deserve it, my dear friend. But we can start with you, take me on a trip first then I’ll come back to work hard so that I can reciprocate it. It’s a very fair deal, I’m sure. I love you my best sugar, my dearest berry in the world.

44. I don’t know who’s more troublesome between you or me? Well, one thing I’m sure of is that you’re different and very special too. You know how to fit in perfectly into the role of a best friend and life support. Even if you go far away, you’ll still be my best friend because you’re one whose influence in another’s life can never be erased. Make sure you are my best friend always, life is beautiful that way. You wouldn’t want to go to another trial with another human, it’s a whole lot of stress.

45. Let me tell you what gives me the confidence at all times, it’s the fact that I have you as my best friend and someone I can always dump issues on any time I choose to. Just joking. But for real, I can’t even joke with you. You’re my best friend, like my breath, I need you to survive. Non-work schedules, no distance, no economic situation and no life dramas can keep us apart. I love the way you’re always there when I need a shoulder to lean on and someone to listen to my rants. Dearest best friend of mine, you’re the best!

46. You’re the only one that looks me in the face and point out my flaws, if that’s not real friendship then I don’t know what is. With you, everything in life is just fine, no matter what it feels like out there. Your laughs are sincere, your hugs therapeutic, your heart pure as gold. I’m not just glad that I’m your friend, I love that you’re my best friend. You are my life greatest gift too, don’t ever forget that.

47. Through you, I see myself in ways that I have not dared to imagine. From everyone else I’ve met so far, you’re different and that’s because you’re you. I love the times we spend together to iron out life issues and then head out to have a nice and banging time. You’re always in my heart, that way I can carry you along to where I go to. Nothing makes sense without you my best friend.

48. You deserve so much my best friend and that’s why I’m working so hard right now so I can give you a very deserving treat, maybe take you shopping to Paris? Well, you’ve got to work hard to support this dream too. You are an amazing being you know I always say that to you and I can’t even get tired. Thank you for always knocking sense into my brain at all times too. You’re my darling best friend forever.

49. When you have a friend as unique as you, you’ll understand how I feel right now. Our friendship is so valuable to me that there’s nothing that’ll make me give up on us. Our friendship is so strong that when you’re not here, your words of encouragement ring loudly in my head. You are a friend like no other, the one that won’t rest until they make visible the best part of the other person. Trust me when I say there’s no one like you and there will never be. You are a very special human.

50. Since you came to me as my friend, there’s always the motivation of striving to be a very better human that you alone give me. You’ve got to be the human with the largest heart that I know. You’re accommodating, you’re warm, you’re selfless, you’re strong, in fact, you’re everything that I’m not. We’ve got a friendship whose bond will never break, no matter what comes. You’re my best friend, yesterday, today and forever.

Your friend deserves any of these best paragraphs, it’s the avenue for you to reinforce your loyalty and friendship to him or her.
So, if you’re still negotiating or debating whether to appreciated then or not, let these paragraphs above give you the kick you need.

Enjoy these friendship messages, forward one or more of it to your friends, you can even customize them into a photo frame, a greeting card or a handwritten note just to perfectly suit your style.

And please, don’t hesitate to let me know what you think of this post. It took quite a while to collate the messages, so, I could use your feedback as a motivation to do more.

Thank you for your time but before you go, please share these best friend forever paragraphs for friends with your loved ones so they will enjoy what you enjoyed.

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