Heart Touching Sorry Messages for Girlfriend

Heart Touching Sorry Messages for Girlfriend (2024)

Relationships are beautiful to behold and experience with the right people. I want to believe that you are having that same feeling too; I couldn’t be happier for you.

The moments seem endlessly fun and lots of good memories are made in the process. You keep trying to find the right things to say to your girlfriend when she’s angry or maybe just find out if you are being a great boyfriend to her

Truth is, the emotions continually swing like a pendulum but it all boils down to the both of you wanting to make it work.
But then again, if you are here, it means that you have done something not so right(no judgements) because sometimes we all say or do things we don’t really mean.

It’s a good thing you came to the right place because there are literally tons of apologies you could use for different occasions.

Regardless of what has been said or done, apologies are a first step in the right direction and that is why I have carefully written tons of heart touching sorry messages for girlfriend.

There’s a lot to choose from but hopefully, you don’t get to annoy or hurt her as much but if by some mistake you do, just know that I’ve got your back right here.

Long Heart Touching Apology Messages for Girlfriend

Nothing says I am sorry like a detailed long message for your girlfriend with touching words from the heart to convey your most sincere apology to her.
The idea is for her to literally read that you are sincerely sorry for what you may have said or done.

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1. If I could turn back the hands of time, I would go back and change everything that happened that day.
Your feelings are entirely valid.
If there was a way to erase all that happened, I would do so over and over again without thinking twice.
I am deeply sorry that I’m putting you through all these unneeded emotions.
You mean the world to me and I can only hope that you will find a way to forgive me eventually.

2. You have never asked so much of me and the least I could do was keep you as happy as you deserve to be, I have failed you and I couldn’t be more sorry.
My baby, I can’t bear the thought of knowing that it is I who caused you this hurt.
I know that you are still mad at me and rightly so but I would really love for you to please forgive me and trust me again.
I’ll do better than my best to be an amazing boyfriend to the kindest girl I know.

3. I can’t get over the fact that I made you so sad and unhappy and I do hope that you are starting to feel better.
You must know that I completely acknowledge that this is about you feeling better and not about me getting your forgiveness.
You are the sweetest person I know and the most caring girlfriend ever and you don’t deserve to ever feel this way; not now or ever again.
I sincerely apologise for hurting your feelings and I promise to do better going forward.

4. Hi baby, with everything that happened, you have every right to completely ignore my calls and text messages and I totally understand.
You must know that it was not my intention to hurt your feelings; I love you too much to do that on purpose.
I sincerely hope that you feel a lot better and be in a place where you are ready to take my calls again.
Please, my dear, accept my heartfelt apologies.

5. I can’t say that I know exactly how you feel right now because I don’t.
Moments like this, I wish I was a songwriter so that I could put everything in a song for you.
You are right to feel hurt by my actions and I was wrong to assume that what I did was okay.
My world is empty without you in it and I regret putting you in this unhappy state.
Could you ever forgive me my darling?
That would mean the world to me because you are my world.

6. I had one job; to keep you happy but then I went ahead and did the exact opposite.
I can’t even begin to imagine how I have made you feel.
There are no excuses for what I have done and I can only hope that with time, you will get past these emotions.
If there’s anything that I can do to make you feel better, please let me know and I would be more than willing to do it.
I love you so much and I’m so sorry that this happened.

7. In a time when I was supposed to be a good boyfriend to you, I caused you unimaginable pain by doing things to hurt you.
I was so insensitive to your emotions and for that, I am incredibly sorry.
I would give anything to see a smile on your beautiful face because you completely deserve it all.
I would never want to hurt you again and I would do my best to keep to that.

8. I’m probably the last person you want to hear from right now but I just needed to reach out to you.
My actions were totally uncalled for and you feel the way that you do is only fair.
I hate that this happened especially towards our anniversary.
I’m not going to make any excuses and I deserve whatever treatment you are giving to me right now.
I’m so sorry baby.

9. I wish I didn’t say those things to make you feel this way.
I wish you could see how truly sorry I am about all of this.
I wish I could take all of your pain away and make you feel twice better and happy again.
Baby, I’m incredibly sorry for everything that happened, as unplanned as it was, it was all still totally wrong.
There are really no words to say just that I hope you feel completely okay and let me in again.

10. I thought I was doing the right thing but apparently, I wasn’t.
I can tell that you are not ok with what I did and I’m so sorry that I let something so little escalate that much.
Forgive me for going out of line, I know better now and I wish nothing but to make you feel as safe, happy and cared for like you need to be.
I don’t intend to let you down anytime in the future.
I love you much more than any words could describe.

11. We had something so good going on and I messed it up with what I did.
You feeling hurt is so justified and until you are ready to get past this, I will give you all the space that you need.
I completely regret my actions and I promise to do better in everything going forward.
Take your time, heal and get better.
I’ll be here all the way waiting for your beautiful heart to heal.

12. Hurting you was the last thing on my mind but here we are.
I only care about how you feel and how to make you feel much better.
I miss seeing your laughter and your beautiful smile.
This guy right here is totally sorry for being so wrong.
If there was a way to take all your hurt and put it on myself, I will.
In all this, please know that I love you and nothing can change that.

13. This was never the plan for me; hurting my baby girl, someone that I sincerely love.
No of this makes sense because I should be making you happy and not doing this.
There’s no time in this world where you should ever be made to feel the way I made you feel.
I know it’s probably easy to say that I’m sorry but I mean it with all my heart.
This is not something that would ever happen again, that’s a promise.

14. I can’t even imagine how disappointed and hurt you’ll be with me right now.
No one should be made to go through this especially you, my beautiful angel.
I read the whole situation wrong and I shouldn’t have jumped into any conclusions.
I know that it won’t be easy to get back to how things were before this but I will do everything that I can to win back your trust.

15. I know that I have completely let you down and I’m not here to make any excuses for that.
I just need you to know that my actions were totally out of line and belonged nowhere near our relationship.
I cherish what we share and this action of mine says otherwise.
I will do everything that I can to make this up to you.
Please whatever you do, don’t leave.
You are my world and I don’t know what I would do without you.

16. I woke up thinking of when we first met and how I promised to never hurt your feelings.
The events of these past few days have seen me break that promise over and again without even realising it.
You have given me so much love and happiness and I have failed to keep it mutual.
I messed up so much and that’s all on me.
Words are no longer enough, I would do my part to make sure that things get better.
I know that I have made some things difficult for you and for that, I am so sorry.

17. I made you feel a way that I should never have made you feel; hurt and unneeded.
I was going through stuff and I pushed you away when all you were trying to do was be there for me.
What I did was insensitive and totally wrong.
I know that I have made it so hard for you to trust my feelings towards you.
I would never wish to hurt someone I love intentionally.
I’m not sure where we go from here but believe me when I say that I’m so sorry and that I wish that this never happened.

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18. If you ever have to feel this way, it shouldn’t ever be from me and that is how I know that I messed up real bad.
I don’t even know what to say because I was supposed to have your back, not break it.
I cannot read your mind to know exactly how you feel but I would say it as much as it needs to be said; I am so sorry for this.
I never meant to hurt you or cause you any form of pain or sadness.
You are too good for any of this and I should totally have done better.
I’m deeply sorry for all of this and I love you so much.

19. I never believed that I was capable of bringing you hurt because your beautiful heart doesn’t need any of that.
I have made a ruin here and I will spend as much time as possible doing all that I can to make things right.
I am truly sorry for taking things too far and making a big deal out of something that wasn’t.
You complete me and I never want to lose that for anything in the world.

20. Hey baby, I have been thinking of the right words to use in this message and still, nothing feels right enough.
You trusted me enough to share those things with me and using them to make you feel bad was totally wrong.
There’s not so much that words can do right now but if you let me, I will spend every single time going forward to love you as much as you need to be loved, respected and cherished.
I’m so sorry.

21. The one thing I was hoping not to do what the same thing I went on to do.
My darling (insert girlfriend’s name) can I ever make this up to you?
You let me be a part of your life and instead, I do this, no apologies can be enough but then again, I hope you find comfort and get past this.
From the beginning, I was trying to not let this happen but all I can do now is to go back to being the reason you have a smile on your face every day.
I’m going to work to be the man you deserve all over again.

22. I can’t believe that I have hurt the one person that I swore to protect and love with my whole heart.
Baby, I can’t imagine what you are feeling right now and you are right to be so unhappy with me.
I can’t even live with myself right now because that was so uncalled for.
All I ever want to do is to make all of this go away so that we can go back to being at our best.
You are the best girlfriend a guy could ask for and I’m sorry that I hurt you.

23. I know that some things happen even without us intentionally meaning for it to happen but I accept full responsibility for all of this.
I haven’t been myself since this began and it’s all my fault so that makes it twice unpleasant.
You didn’t deserve that from me and I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there when you needed me.
You keep me in check and I got carried away this one time.
It’s you and it’s always been you and I hate that I made you feel this way.

24. You, my darling do not deserve all of these dramas and emotions.
I want to say some things but I guess none of that matters now.
The only thing that matters to me is you and how you are faring.
Don’t be mad at me for so long because my heart can’t it.
I promise to treat you just like the amazing girlfriend and lady that you are.
We have come a long way and I’d hate to be the reason for anything to go wrong between us.
You are so brave and kind and I’m so sorry that I put you in this position.

25. My love, my actions are so inexcusable and all I have are apologies and sincere promises for better behaviour going forward.
I put you in a position that I had no business putting you in.
All you have ever done is love and cherish me.
Your beautiful heart has no business getting hurt and being the reason for all of this makes it even worse off.
My baby, please find it in your heart to forgive me and this would never repeat itself again, that’s a promise.

Most Touching Sorry Letters for Girlfriend

A long or short letter of apology is ideal to send to your girlfriend to say sorry for the wrong action. It should be touching, from the heart, address the issue at hand with a promise for better behaviour. So, here are the most touching sorry letters for girlfriend you should use.

1. Hi love, I haven’t stopped thinking of this past couple of days and everything that transpired between us.
You are right to feel the way you do and I wish that none of this happened. I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am for being at the centre of your pain, I will spend every day making it up to you.
I want you to know that you still have my heart and I’m forever grateful to have the world’s best girlfriend as mine.
I love you.
Yours, (insert your name).

2. Hey love, I hope this meets you well.
I know that you probably don’t want to hear from me yet but I don’t think I’ll be okay until I know that you are feeling a lot happier.
I’m so sorry for being the reason that you are hurt.
I wasn’t thoughtful enough to realise that not all jokes are acceptable.
If there’s something I can do to lighten your mood, please let me know.
Yours forever.

3. You are my favourite thing about every day and the fact that I haven’t been able to call you for a while now has left me in a bad place.
But then again, I think of how I made you feel and your actions towards me are as fair as it gets.
I sincerely apologise for my insensitivity to your thoughts and brushing your contributions aside.
I let my ego take the better part of me and for that I am sorry.
I can’t wait to see you again and I love you so much.
Your darling boyfriend (insert your name).

4. Knowing that I hurt the feelings of my amazing girlfriend have left me speechless.
I can’t imagine what you think of me right now but baby please don’t go all hard on me(even though I do deserve it).
I completely accept that I was on the wrong and I’m so sorry for my misplaced words.
You have been nothing but kind and loving to me.
This is no way to treat a sweet soul like you and I’m sorry that I did.

5. Dear (insert her name).
Telling you a lie was something that I never thought I would do until today especially because I know your opinion about being lied to.
I should never have done that and I’m incredibly sorry.
Me saying sorry is more than the word because I mean it with all my heart.
All I want is for you to be happy again and I’ll do my part to give you that.
Still yours, (insert your name).

6. Hi love, the thought of you feeling sad and down because of me has killed me over and again.
Lord knows that your beautiful heart deserves better than all the things I put you through.
I’m so sorry and I wish to be more than that; do things in a better way.
I hope that your heart heals in no time and your smile brightens up again.
I hope that this doesn’t change what we share because having you as my girlfriend means so much to me.
Yours now and always.

7. My dear heartbeat(or what you call her), it’s been a long minute since we spoke and this is all my fault.
I saw the look on your face that day and I realised how much of a mess I caused.
It wasn’t supposed to be this way but unfortunately, it is.
I wish that this could all have been a dream so that you wouldn’t hurt any more.
Please take my word for it when I say that I’m beyond sorry for everything I did.
I love you and I miss you so much.

8. My darling, I wish I could mend your heart and take the pain away.
It sucks more because I’m the reason that you are in this situation.
I want you to be happy and going forward, I intend to help fulfil that.
I sincerely apologise for being so inconsiderate towards your emotions, do forgive me.
I’ll be here waiting for you, whenever you are ready, I’ll be here.

9. I saw the look in your eyes and I haven’t been able to get over the fact that all of your hurt was caused by me.
I wish that there was a magic wand I could use to take all of this hurt away from your heart.
I am deeply sorry for making you sad and I hope to make you happy as much as I can.
Yours truly.

10. I know that my words may not mean so much to you right now and rightly so but baby please know that I am more than sorry for hurting your feelings.
I haven’t been the boyfriend that you need me to be and I promise that I will behave better in the present and the future.
I want you in my present and future and I hope that you still feel the same way about me.
From your apologetic boyfriend.

11. My darling,
With regret and sorrow in my heart, I write to sincerely apologise for my harsh comments about your friends.
I know how much your friends mean to you and I shouldn’t have said those insensitive things about them.
I have realised that loving you means caring for your friends as well and I intend to do just that.
I love you so much and I wouldn’t ever want to lose you.

12. If there was a way to erase the events of last night, I would do so without thinking twice; the words and the pain that followed.
This time around, there are no excuses, I should have simply been a better man and boyfriend to you.
If you can find it in your heart to forgive me, I would be so grateful.
I need you in my life and losing you is not an option for me.

13. In all this, I only care about how you feel and what will make you feel better.
I also need you to know that I’m so sorry from the depth of my heart.
All I ever wanted was for us to have a great weekend.
I hope that you have a great weekend and feel happier by Monday.
Your love, (insert your name).

14. I’m writing to let you know that I’m so sorry about everything that happened.
Sincerely, I didn’t mean to let my anger get the best of me.
I wouldn’t understand how you feel at this moment but I just want you to know that I want you to feel better.
You are the world’s best girlfriend and I would want it to remain this way.
Your love.

15. My darling, my most sincere apologies for the way I spoke to you earlier on.
I kept pushing the whole conversation even when you wanted me to let it be.
I know that some topics are sensitive to you and I’m sorry for disrespecting you like that.
I sincerely hope that this is the last time that this happens.
I love you so much, baby.

16. If only I could take things back before all of this, no hurt and no issue.
No, I’m not trying to erase my actions just regretting them.
You are all that my heart yearns for and it breaks my heart that I did this.
Every part of me is sorry and I hope you hear me out.
Love you forever.

17. Raising my voice as I did earlier was totally wrong and uncalled for and there are no excuses for it.
Baby, I’m so sorry that I made you feel that way.
I know enough not to do that again and I have learnt my lesson about controlling myself.
As my girlfriend, you always say things calmly to me and you deserve that same courtesy from me and much more.
I love you always.

18. My darling, there’s no world where what I did to you is acceptable, I was completely wrong.
You have every right to stay mad at me(hopefully not for long).
I am so sorry my darling.
Take your time and feel better and I’ll be here loving and cherishing you from the distance.

19. Hurting the feelings of the one person I should have her back is as bad as it gets.
I’m so ashamed of my actions and I want you to know that I am incredibly sorry about everything.
I just want my baby to be okay again; I hope you are soon enough.
Your big baby(insert your name).

20. I woke up today and it hit me how much hurt you are going through because of what was said and mostly because it came from me.
I messed up so much and I can’t be sorry enough for it.
I love you so much and all I want is for your heart to feel good again.
Please know that you can still count on me as a friend and lover.
With love from your boyfriend.

21. I didn’t keep my word to you and for that, I’m very sorry.
You sounded so hurt over the phone and it crushes my heart that it is I who have done that to you.
I will do all that I can to make it up to you.
Baby I don’t ever want to lose you and I’ll have to do better because you deserve the best.

22. I’m so sorry that I cancelled our dinner plans over a football game.
That was insensitive of me and you deserved better.
I’m writing this to make sure that you aren’t feeling so down.
If it’s ok with you, I want to come by and see you.
Please text me back, I love you.

23. I want to apologize to you for making you angry, you are right to get upset especially when you kept telling me to stop teasing you excessively.
I love you so much and I wouldn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable around me.
I promise to tone down my mood going ahead.

24. Hey honey, I can’t even imagine how annoyed you must be at me and in all fairness, I deserve it.
I got you all worked up when you just wanted to relax.
I hope that your mood is lighter now and I’ll call you only if you say I can.
I love you so much and it’s all love from me to you.
With love, (insert your name).

25. My baby, I know that apologies won’t do so much to change what happened but know that it’s a start.
Your wellness and how you feel is my priority right now and I just want you to be okay.
I want you to know that having you as my girlfriend is one of my favourite thing about life so I could never want it to end.
Yours forever.

Touching Sorry Messages for Her From The Heart

Apologies are best said from the heart, in this case; better typed from the heart.
These messages will let her know exactly how sorry you are because they are written from a place of remorse and love; touching and sincerely from the heart.

1. Hey babe, I was genuinely trying to make you laugh, I didn’t know that you would take my words the way that you did.
I hope you know that I would never intentionally try to hurt your feelings.
I really hope you forgive me.

2. Hurting you is not something that I would just do knowingly, it was totally unintentional and I’m so sorry for the way that I made you feel.

3. It breaks my heart to see you hurt and especially because I have a hand in it.
I would never make you feel this way again, I promise.

4. I can’t even find the right words to say because nothing really describes how sorry I am for making you feel hurt; that wasn’t ok at all and I’m incredibly sorry about everything.

5. You are too precious to feel this way and it breaks my heart that I’m at the centre of it all.
I’m so sorry beyond all words and possible actions.

6. I don’t know what came over me but you have to believe me when I say that I am truly sorry for teasing you unnecessarily.
I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry.

7. I love and respect you and I hate that I made you feel some type of way with what I said; I shouldn’t have.
Baby, I’m so sorry, please accept my apologies.

8. Believe me when I tell you that this wasn’t the plan; I let you get mad at me and I was totally at fault.
I need you to know that I’ll never try to hurt you again.

9. If you let me, I want to look into your eyes and tell you how sad I am that I hurt you and more importantly, make it up to you.
My darling, I’m so sorry.

10. I hate that instead of keeping you happy, I made you sad and that’s all on me.
I totally take my blame and I promise to do better.

11. Let it be known to you that I haven’t been able to sleep properly since that day, please accept my most sincere apology for hurting your beautiful heart.

12. I should be putting smiles on your face not making you sad.
I completely regret my actions and I will do everything within my power to be a better boyfriend to you.

13. I have the world’s most amazing girlfriend and yet somehow and I managed to hurt her feelings; that’s totally lame from me.
I love you so much and I am deeply sorry that this happened.

14. No one is allowed to hurt you, not even me!
I want to be a better man and boyfriend to you.
I hope you still know that I love you.

15. You don’t deserve to feel this way about anything especially from me.
You deserve better and I’m so sorry that I didn’t treat you better.

16. Going forward, I want to be able to treat you better; like the incredible human being that you are.
But for now, please do forgive me.

17. The most important thing right now is how you feel and I hate that I literally caused it.
I’ll do better, I promise.
I am so sorry and yes, I sincerely mean it.

18. If you could see my heart, you will know how sorry I am for hurting you.
You shouldn’t ever have to feel this way especially from me.
I love you so much and I will do my best to make things better.

19. Hurting you was never part of the plan.
I hope you can understand how sorry I am about all of this.
I only care that you feel much better.

20. You are the best thing to happen to me and I hope that all of this won’t change that.
Tell me what to do, anything at all, I will do it.
Baby, I’m so sorry.

21. Babe, I want you to know how sincerely sorry I am that all of this happened.
I can’t even really tell what got over me.
I just need you to know that your presence in my life makes all the difference.

22. I miss you and I miss us and this is all on me.
Take all the time you need but just know that your boyfriend is incredibly sorry for hurting your feelings.

23. You are not only beautiful, but you also have a kind heart too and you have never hurt my feelings so it is devastating what I did to you.
Please find it in your beautiful heart to forgive me.

24. I want to take back everything I said and mend your heart in whatever way I can.
Sincerest apologies to you my darling for my misbehaviour, I promise that it won’t happen again.

25. Looking back to all that happened, I wish I knew and acted better because my attitude was wrong.
I should love you and not hurt you and for that, I’m so sorry.

Funny Sorry Quotes for Girlfriend

Apologies can also be fun and goofy especially if the issues arose from a funny incident.
Pretty sure your girlfriend will enjoy most of these funny sorry quotes conveying apologies for hurting her.
She will go from hurting to laughing and that’s a great way to end an issue before it even begins.

1. Not everything is as funny as we think it is.
I’m so sorry for thinking that I was funny when I was just being annoying.

2. Rule number one: never annoy your girlfriend for whatever reason.
I did just that and I’m incredibly sorry for hurting your feelings.

3. It may not look like it but I’m so sorry for everything.
No matter how much I’m laughing over the phone, you must know that I’m so sorry.

4. It’s the time of the month when I’m most annoying. I’m so sorry that you have to live through this with me.
I’ll do my best to do better, I promise.

5. Sending you my apologies over the phone because I’d laugh in person and you’ll think that I wasn’t truly sorry.
I’m sorry babe.

6. If I could, I’ll roll and cry on the floor so you could see how so sorry I really am.
I won’t though (insert laughing emoji) but you still get the message right.

7. I completely forgot to be on my best behaviour today and I’m so sorry about that.
That was an unpleasant joke and I promise to do better in the future.

8. Some jokes are not funny on some days.
I told a good joke on a bad day and I should have read the room better.
Please forgive me my sweet beautiful one.

9. I like to see you angry sometimes(because you have this whole sassy face thing going on when you are angry) but definitely not this angry.
Babe, I hope you are no longer mad at me.

10. I don’t want you to be mad at me before bedtime because how else are we going to have that pillow talk?
Dear sweet one, could you please forgive me this one last time.

11. You are the best girlfriend ever and hurting you should be considered a crime.
I’m sending myself to jail tonight and I’ll only come out if you ask me to.

12. The only tears you should cry are when you are watching those romantic comedy movies that you like.
I promise to watch them with you next time but right now, please forgive me.

13. If taking away all my video games will make you feel any better, please do.
I’m so sorry, I don’t actually mean that but I definitely mean that I’m sorry for hurting you today.

14. Sometimes I act like I’m twelve and today was one of those days.
Please forgive the twelve-year-old me because I still love you (insert wink emoji).

15. I’m cuddling my pillow right now when I could be cuddling you, instead I decided to be all annoying and stuff.
I’m so sorry for being the world’s most annoying boyfriend tonight.

16. Even my ten-year-old self would have acted better today.
I was completely childish but this childish soul loves you so much and is completely sorry for his childish actions.

17. I must be completely terrible at making jokes because I was only trying to make one.
You are way too amazing for me to intentionally say anything of that nature to you.
Ps. I wouldn’t intentionally say that to anyone either.

18. Tonight and always, I promise to put you above everything else including my video games and this is coming from the most sincere part of my heart.

19. You are incredibly beautiful and sometimes I get carried away(for good or otherwise).
Today was the bad day and that will never happen again.

20. I’m genuinely learning how to be better at comedy so that I can make you laugh instead of hurting you.
Please cheer up my baby.

21. I wanted to say something about stars twinkling but there’s not a single star in the sky.
But you are still a star and I’m asking you to shine your forgiveness on me.

22. I would write you a poem but you and I know that I suck at that too.
Straight from my heart, I am so sorry that all of this happened.

23. If you are reading this, I hope that you are no longer as mad at me as you were thirty minutes ago(insert laughing emoji).
On a more serious note, I’m so sorry babe.

24. To show you how truly sorry I am, you can confiscate all my video games for the next week.
Even though that will also hurt my feelings, but so be it.

25. I promise that you can have whatever shirt or stuff you want from closet, just don’t stay mad at me(insert crying emoji).
Babe for real I’m crying, I’m so sorry.

Wow, you made it to this point, that’s amazing!
I hope you found an apology message that shared your possible thoughts(scratch that, I know you found a couple).
I hope you treat your girl as good as she deserves and I hope you get loved back in return too.

Thanks for going through the heart touching sorry messages for girlfriend.

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