Sorry Messages for Friend

Heart Touching Sorry Messages for Friend (2024)

One thing that is very expedient in keeping all types of relationships, is learning to say sorry. And not just saying sorry, but showing your friend that you are truly sorry.

The word, sorry, is one that you should learn to use at all times to move your relationship to the next level. Little wonder it is one of the five golden words.

There are different ways not to say sorry, and you should be careful not to apologise in these ways. They will only trigger what you are trying to suppress.

When you have a friend you love so much, hurting each other is inevitable and when such occurs, saying sorry shouldn’t be too far from you. Have you hurt that friend of yours, don’t hesitate to apologise now and restore your friendship.

Below are some heart touching sorry messages for friend which have been carefully written just for you!

Long Heart Touching Apology Messages for friend

Sometimes, it is better to express yourself with long messages so you can say all you want to. You can do this with these long heart touching apology messages for friend.

1. My friend,
Of a truth, I do not know the right words to put together that will make sense you. I’ve also been thinking about it a lot of times, and have not been able to forgive myself. If I had known things will turn out this way, I would have been careful with my words and actions. I’m so so sorry. I’m not asking for forgiveness because I’m not sure I deserve one, but please, I need you to believe that what happened was a mistake, one that I direly regret and I never meant any harm. I’m truly sorry.

2. Please remember how we started together as friends right from childhood. How we played, cried, ate, laughed, rebelled, and how we did virtually everything together! I remember all these moments now and cannot help but shed tears. It’s been a long way coming. Friend, please do not allow what just happened to create a bridge between us. I beg you to only look at the sweet memories we share and the positive side of things. Please, forgive me.

3. It’s been a long day without you, my friend. I know that you are still very much angry with me. I’m really sorry. Is there anything you feel I can do to make it up to you? Anything at all? Please let me know, whatsoever it is, I am more than willing to get it done. I’m truly sorry my words hurt you. I know that they were out of place but just wasn’t conscious when I said them. I’m truly sorry.

4. I’m here to say that, I’m very sorry for being the type of friend I have been to you. Looking at how great a friend you have been to me, I feel really bad that I have not been able to reciprocate the same level of love and commitment to you, and to our friendship. I promise to work on this and get better. I’m so sorry for everything wrong that I have done to you, and our friendship. I love you.

5. One thing I have learnt about you is that you have a soft and graceful spirit. You always put others first and are always conscious and careful of how you treat them with your words and actions, and that’s pretty much why it gets so much to you when you do not receive the same from people. I’m so sorry that I broke your heart as a friend who is supposed to guard it in the first place. I’m truly sorry. I promise to get better and make you happy just like you always make everyone around you happy.

6. I want you to know this today, that what I desire the most is that you forgive me. Up till now, I still haven’t been able to forgive myself but what will mean the whole world to me right now is having you to forgive and believe in me again. I do not know if you think I deserve a second chance but please, just find a way around things and forgive me. I’m so sorry for everything.

7. You are that friend who has never given up on me right from the word go. You have always been there with and for me. I sincerely cannot forget your love and sacrifices for me in a jiffy. I never can. I want you to understand something, whatever I do to and for you and our friendship is to the best of my knowledge and for our good. I will never do anything with the intention to harm you. I apologise that things look otherwise at the moment. I want you to know that this was never my plan. I’m really sorry.

8. I sincerely apologise for all what I have done that might have hurt you. I didn’t think much of how you could be affected by my actions as all I thought about was expressing my self. How selfish I was! I never thought you were going to he hurt. Please forgive me, my friend. I have learnt so much from them is experience and I want to assure you that it will never happen again. I’m really sorry.

9. I want to be your friend always, in this life and beyond. Please forgive my excesses. I’m so sorry I hurt and broke your heart and trust. If I had known, I would have been more careful and conscious of your feelings. Please find a place in that beautiful heart of yours to forgive my wrongs. I will definitely make it up to you. I promise I will. I’m so sorry, my friend, for hurting you.

10. My great friend, I’m not just sorry for what I did, I am sorry for what that did to you. Please try to forgive me, because I know you were really hurt. I never knew until now that what I did was wrong. I did all out of pure innocence and ignorance. Please forgive me, my friend. I beg you to open up your heart again and forgive me. I promise never to make such mistakes again. I’m very very sorry.

Most Touching Sorry Letters for friend

These most touching sorry letters for friend will surely touch your friend’s heart and make them forgive you easier. Send these letters to your friend now.

11. I don’t want you to be mad at me anymore, and I also don’t want to be mad at myself anymore. Please forgive me. I’m truly sorry.

12. I’ve cried and hated myself so much for what I did to you. It just dawned on me that I made the greatest mistake of my life by hurting you. I’m so sorry, my friend. Please forgive me.

13. My friend, it appears already like I am at the verge of losing you. Please I don’t want to! I’m so so sorry for hurting you. Please forgive me.

14. One thing that would make me the happiest person alive right now is receiving your forgiveness. I know I do not deserve it but I direly covet it. Please forgive me.

15. I deeply regret what happened the other time. I’m sincerely sorry. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me.

16. I’m sorry for being a selfish friend. Please forgive me. I’ve learnt to do better now. I’m so sorry.

17. Henceforth, I will put your feelings at heart before taking actions. I’m so sorry for hurting you.

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18. Knowing you these past years is one of the best things that have happened to me. I’m so grateful I have such a friend like you. Please I never want you to go. I’m sorry for all my wrongs. Please receive me back into your heart.

19. I have made a promise to myself and I’m making that same promise to you again now. It is that I will never hurt you or anyone again. Please accept my sincere apology.

20. I know how badly you are hurt and how you feel right now. I’m so sorry you feel this way because of me. Please forgive me.

21. I really do not know what you think of me right now. But no matter how bad you feel about me, I never want to lose you. I’m sincerely sorry for everything.

22. I believe misunderstandings happen sometimes so peace can be made and friendship bond strengthened. I admit that I was wrong to have said those words but I need you to believe that I didn’t mean any harm. In so sorry.

23. My friend, I sent this to apologise for my wrong. I promise this will not repeat itself. I’m very sorry.

24. Please accept my apology, dear friend. I never thought you saw things in another light. I’m so sorry I misconstrued you. Please forgive me.

25. I’ve been mad at myself all day because of what transpired between us. I’m so sorry I acted selfishly. Please forgive me, dear friend. I promise never to hurt you again.

26. Dear friend, I need you to find a place in your heart to forgive me. I know I messed up. I did. But please, forgive your dear friend. I’m so sorry.

27. I can’t believe I’ve just put our years of friendship on a whim with that careless action I took. I need you to believe that I didn’t mean it the way it appears. I’m sincerely sorry I made you feel bad.

28. Friend, I just realised I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry I hurt you. Please forgive me, I love you.

29. I’ve never felt this bad in years. I just realised the gravity of my offence. I’m really sorry that happened. Please let me know when you’re ready to talk to me. I love you.

30. Oh my! This is me saying ‘I’m sorry’ for all my wrongs. Please don’t get mad at me anymore. I’m sorry I disappointed you. Please forgive me.

31. Dear friend, I need you to believe that I had a positive motive all the while, I didn’t expect things to turn out the way it did. Please forgive me.

32. I plead, my friend, that we put the past behind already and get back together as best friends. I’m sorry I hurt you.

33. Please do not let us allow this to put a barrier between us and the bond we share. You mean so much to me and I’m deeply sorry for all that has happened.

34. I’ll like to assure you, my friend, that I will never disappoint you or break your trust. What happened was a huge mistake which I greatly regret. I’m sorry, darling and I love you.

35. The friendship we’ve built over the years cannot be shattered by just a little misunderstanding. We’ve been through worse than this, my friend. Please forgive me and let us get together, again. I’m really sorry.

36. You are a huge blessing to me and nothing will ever make me lose you, not disagreements or misunderstandings. Please forgive my wrong, dear friend. I’m so sorry.

37. I admit that I can be excessive sometimes, which usually leads to our arguments and fights. I’m sorry it had to happen again. I apologise sincerely, my friend.

38. You know that you are that friend I will not trade for anything. I hold you in high esteem and will always want the best for you and our friendship. Please forgive my childish act, I’m really sorry.

39. Friend, this is me saying I’m sorry for the other day. I realised my wrong and I sincerely apologise. Please forgive me. I love you, darling.

40. Thank you for being such an amazing friend to me. I understand that I have wronged you and I’m sending this to let you know that I regret it and to plead for your forgiveness. I’m really sorry.

Touching Sorry Messages for Him From The Heart

Your friend will definitely be touched when he reads these messages from you. Send him these touching sorry messages for him from the heart.

41. My guy, I know that I messed up. Please forgive me, buddy. Let’s get our friendship and brotherhood working again. One love, bro.

42. I know that you will not allow the many years of friendship we’ve built to be soiled by a mistake. I sincerely apologise for making that mistake. Please, forgive me.

43. I know that you were hurt, and I admit that I was wrong. I sincerely apologise and wish you could forgive me completely. I promise this will never happen again.

44. Dear friend, you know that this has never happened before. Right? Please forgive me as it was a mistake I never thought could cost this much. I’m really sorry.

45. I just want to sincerely say sorry for talking the way I did. I just spoke out of anger and frustration. I didn’t mean the bulk of all I said. You know I love you and will never do anything to hurt you. Please forgive me.

46. I just got to understand the saying, To err is human. I know that times like this may come once a while when we have slight misunderstandings. I’m sincerely sorry you were offended by my actions. Kindly forgive me, my friend.

47. One thing I learnt about friendship is that once the two parties are willing to accommodate and forgive each other, the relationship waxes stronger. I have no justification for my wrong, all I ask for is your forgiveness. I’m truly sorry.

48. I haven’t stopped beating up myself for making such an error. I’m sorry it appears like I betrayed your trust. Please, forgive your friend.

49. I’m so sorry, my friend. I never intended to make you sad. Please forgive me for my wrong deeds. I assure you this will never happen again.

50. Dear friend, what happened resulted in a fight between us because you misunderstood my intentions. I’m really sorry it appeared that I was trying to hurt you. I need you to know that I’m always looking out for you as a friend and will never hurt you intentionally. I’m really sorry.

51. Please forgive me, friend. I promise never to let you down again. I’m really sorry.

52. Throughout our years of friendship and until now, I have never regretted choosing you as my friend. I need you to believe that what happened was a mistake which I direly regret. I hope you find a place in your heart to forgive me, dear friend.

53. The bond of friendship between us cannot be broken. Not after how much efforts and investments we have put into building this friendship. I need you to always remember something, I will always cherish what we share and will never hurt or disappoint you.

54. One thing I need you to know is that while the outcome might be wrong, the intention was a right one.
I’m really sorry you felt bad about all that happened. Please, forgive me.

55. I sincerely regret ever letting someone else come in between us and believing another person more than you. That is the most stupid thing I will ever do. I’m deeply sorry. I just didn’t know what came over me Please forgive me.

56. I feel like seeing you right know and explaining how things really went. I know you are still angry and mad at me, but truly, I believe getting to have a chat with you will help sort things out. I’m sincerely sorry for everything.

57. Every single time I remember those words I said to you in anger, I realise how terrible you must have felt. I need you to believe that those words are just words, I never meant them. I’m really sorry I hurt you with my words. I’m so sorry.

58. My friend, you do not deserve to be sad or unhappy. I’m so sorry I caused those things to happen to you. I still haven’t forgiven myself for doing that. But you will forgive me, right? I’m so sorry.

59. Friend, please know and note that these things happen sometimes to make friendships more solid. I need you to see it that way. Please understand the point I was trying to make even if you saw things differently. I’m sorry I made you feel bad about the whole thing.

60. You are one great friend I’m never going to lose. Never! I’m truly sorry for my wrongdoings. Please forgive me, I never want to lose you.

Funny Sorry Quotes for friend

You can apologise to your friend and still make him or her laugh out loud, easing off the whole tension. Send these funny quotes for friend to them and see the magic it will do!

61. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m really sorry. With these few points of mine, I hope I’ve been able to convince you that I’m truly sorry. Smiles. I love you.

62. Are you still mad at me? I know you can’t because I’ll also get mad at you. That makes two of us. Smiles.

63. Thank you for forgiving me already. I’m sorry for yesterday, today and tomorrow.

64. My friend, did you really take that serious? Do I look serious to you? I’m sorry for making you take me seriously. Lol. How does that even sound?

65. I’m sorry for being naughty. But isn’t that what I am?

66. I’m saying sorry to you, not just because I was wrong, but more because I was not right. Lol. Please forgive me.

67. I’m sorry and you have to forgive me whether or not you like it because that is what friends do for each other.

68. I know you have forgiven me way before now, so maybe I should say thank you or should I still be sorry?

69. I wish I could say I’m sorry with a hug. Your arms are a place I always want to be. I want to be sorry all the time cause I always want to hug you.

70. I’m not “unsorry.” Read that again and understand before you judge me. Smiles.

71. I’m sorry a million times. A million times because I love you a million times. And maybe so I won’t have to keep saying I’m sorry all the time. Lol

72. I don’t know why I just can’t find the right words to type. Okay. I’m sorry for everything. For not even knowing what to write.

73. I’m sorry but that’s not even why I’m sending this. I’ve some gist for you and will only share them when you forgive me. I know that time is now! Smiles.

74. I’m really so very truly sincerely sorry. I don’t know how best to qualify how sorry I am so maybe you help me decide that.

75. I’ll meet you in person to say the real sorry but pending that time, take a virtual one.

76. I’m saying sorry now and will try my best not to misbehave again but in case I do, I’m also sorry.

77. They say show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. So, if I an sorry, then you also are!

78. Let me fulfil all righteousness and say sorry even though I can’t stop being that your crazy but sweet friend. Isn’t that what you love about me?

79. Let’s strike a deal. I’ll say sorry and you’ll send me some food and drinks. Deal? I’m sorry already, again and again.

80. I want you to know that I’m truly sorry, but how are you even my friend? Do two wrongs ever make a right? Lol

Apology Messages to My friend for Hurting Him

You definitely did not decide to hurt your male friend but sometimes, he might be hurt by your actions. Some apology messages to my friend for hurting him paragraphs will go a long way in making your friendship work again.

81. I really shouldn’t have allowed this to happen. I’m sorry I broke your trust. Please forgive me, friend, I meant no harm.

82. My good friend, words fail me right now. I’m so sorry I hurt and let you down. Please accept my apologies. I love you.

83. You have proven over and over again to be a great friend to me. I’m so sorry I couldn’t reciprocate this when I had the chance to. Please forgive me, dear friend.

84. I’m deeply sorry I hurt you, my friend. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me for my wrongs. I love you.

85. Truthfully, I messed up and I regret all of the words I spoke. I’m sorry you were hurt. Please forgive me.

86. Dear friend, please do not be mad at me. I plead for your forgiveness and the whole of it. I’m truly sorry for everything.

87. I’m really sorry for hurting your feelings. Please remember all that we are and share, dear friend. I’m so sorry.

88. No words. I’m really sorry, friend, for hurting you.

89. I know I do not deserve it, but please, forgive me. I’m so sorry. I really am.

90. I sincerely do not know how I let this happen. I’m truly sorry I made such a huge mistake. Please, friend, do forgive me.

91. You are to me a bunch of everything good. I’m really sorry I let you down. Please forgive me, my friend.

92. I never saw things turning out this way. You need to believe me. I’m so sorry you were hurt. I’m really sorry.

93. I really wish I could open up my heart for you so you know how sincere I am. I know you find it difficult to believe that I did not intend any harm. I’m so sorry you were hurt.

94. Here is me saying I regret all that had happened in the past and that I realise and admit my wrong. Please forgive me.

95. My friend, I am sending this in to apologise for hurting you. I’m truly sorry.

96. This is me promising and assuring you that I will never hurt you again. Never! I’m really sorry.

97. I’m not just sending this to tell you how sorry I am, I’m doing this to apologise for hurting you. Please forgive me.

98. I do not invalidate your feelings. I know you were hurt and I sincerely apologise for causing it. Please forgive me.

99. From this day henceforth, I promise to always be there for you as my friend, not hurting you anymore. I’m sincerely sorry.

100. You are that friend I will never trade for anything. I’m truly sorry I hurt you. Please forgive me.

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