Good Night Messages for Crush

2024 Heart Touching Good Night Messages for Crush

Bedtime is a great opportunity to make your crush happy. it is one of the moments when you can make your words count by picking the right ones and sending them to him/her. It’s exciting as that’ll make your crush think about you all night.

It’s time to shoot your shot deeper, and this time around, your love words must hit so hard that he/she can’t resist you! This is how to make your crush smile before going to bed and get them all loved up. Below are some 2024 heart touching good night messages for crush

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Most Touching Good Night Text Messages to Crush

The thought of your crush is one that lasts all through the day, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want the feelings and emotions fade away just because it’s night time. You can have your crush’s heart touched with these touching good night text messages to crush in the most mesmerizing way! It’s time to bond their heart to yours with these heart touching words!

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1. I can hear the beat of your heart in my ears and that’s because I have you close to my heart always! Good night, love.

2. I couldn’t stop staring at you all day, now it’s night time and all I can see is your beautiful face and lovely smile! Have a pleasant night rest, my love.

3. You mean so much to me and even when you’re not by my side, I feel your sweet presence all the same! Good night, darling.

4. Babe, I thought night time is for rest but in my case, I could feel my heart beating so fast and loud till I remembered that I have to wish you a good night rest.

5. I wish I can come close and feel some warmth. For me, that’s the sweetest feeling ever! Good night, angel.

6. The night is going to be long but I’m happy I’ll dream of seeing your beautiful face at dawn. Good night, dear.

7. Sometimes I wish there are no night times so I can spend every minute with you. All the same, I’m grateful I can send you this message as my last words for the day! Good night, babe.

8. I wish you can see through me, I wish you’ll always be mine, I wish I’ll always be important to you just as you are to me! Have a lovely night rest, beautiful.

9. I wish I can watch you sleep off on my arms so that I can stare at your beautiful face all night! Sweet dreams, my dear.

10. I’ve always imagined how cute you’ll look when you’re asleep, I mean as beautiful as when you’re awake. I wish you a splendid night rest, queen.

11. I’ve been deprived of sleep just because I miss your beautiful smile, I’m sure I’ll lose my heart if I don’t see you tomorrow. Have a lovely night rest, dear.

12. You need to close your eyes and forget about the day’s activities. It’s time to treat yourself to a beautiful sleep, sweetheart.

13. All I wish for tonight is to see you glow tomorrow and that’s why I’m pouring out all my beautiful wishes to you tonight! Good night, my dear.

14. I hope you’ll see me in your dreams when you sleep tonight, whispering how beautiful you are to you! Lovely night rest, babe.

15. Just look at your side when you’re scared tonight cos I’ll be right beside you to give you all the love you deserve. Good night, love.

16. Don’t be scared when you see me in your dreams. Trust me, I’ll be there to steal your heart and sweep you off your feet. Good night, sweetheart.

17. I’ll hold your hands all through the night, pour you some love to make you enjoy the beauty of the dark. Have a sweet sleep, my dear.

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18. When you look at the stars tonight, I’ll be waving at you until you fall into a sweet sleep. Sweet sleep, darling.

19. I can’t wait for the dawn of a new day coz that’s what bring my beauty to me. Have a lovely night rest, my love.

20. What I feel right now is your love. I can feel it, right in my bones! Good night, sweetheart.

Touching Good Night Paragraphs for Crush

One of the best time to inscribe your love into the heart of that person you love and admire is here. You can write your words with gold on their hearts and cause them thinking about you all night. Win the heart of that person that makes your heart beat so fast with these paragraphs of touching good night messages for crush. Trust me, it works like magic!

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21. Hey, beautiful. I know it’s late and you’re probably retiring for the day but I just need to tell you that my day would not be complete if I don’t tell you how awesome your smile is and how important you are to me. I’m sending your way love, light and sweetness this night as you close your eyes in sleep. I hope this brings a sweet smile to your face and linger on your heart all through the night. Good night, babe.

22. I couldn’t get enough of your heavenly smile today just because I had you in my thoughts all day. This is me putting a smile on your face tonight so you’ll look as beautiful as ever when you wake up tomorrow. I can’t wait for the night to be over so I can see this beauty once again. Have a sweet sleep, my dear.

23. I’m sending angels your way tonight, to guide and protect you all through the night. I’ll be by your side to put you to sleep like a baby, kiss you till you fall asleep and be right there in the morning to give you all the love you need. I hope you sleep well tonight, babe.

24. Your eyes have this blazing love that can’t be ignored, your sweet words are incomparable and your beauty is heavenly. I wish I could spend all my days by your side just to behold this angel. Sleep well and dream of our beautiful life. Good night, angel.

25. I noticed that I had trouble sleeping and when I checked, I saw that I’m not fulfilled for the day because I’ve not wished you a good night rest. I hope after this text I’ll find myself beside you, fall asleep peacefully in the sweetest way. Good night, sweetheart.

26. When I hear you talk, I feel chills all over my body. I wish I could hug you tight tonight and every other night I spend on earth so that you could whisper words of love to me as I sleep. I’m losing my heart and that’s because I’m deeply in love with you. Good night, my love.

27. This night is a special one and all I want you to do is close your eyes, make a wish and fall asleep. I’ll be in your sleep to make all your wishes come true. I hope you see this before you fall asleep. Have a lovely night rest, lover.

28. You’re the beauty I want to wake up to every morning, the love I want to feel all day. This is not my emotions talking, this is the desire of a man in love with an angel in human form. I hope my dreams come true with you! Have a peaceful sleep, my angel.

29. When I saw you leave without saying goodbye, I felt my heart leave my body in an instant. That was when I knew I need you for life. Sweetheart, never leave without giving me a goodbye kiss. Good night, baby.

30. I can’t imagine my life without you and that’s why I’m forever grateful that our paths crossed and continually pray that you’ll always be by my side all of my days. You’re the love that makes my life complete! Good night, my love.

31. You’ve proven to me, again and again, more reasons to love you by the day. I feel so excited at the mention of your name. I hope these words make you sleep well this night! Have a pleasant night, dear.

32. When I recount the happenings of the day, the flash of your face is the best of the moments I’ve had all day. You’ve brought so much light and love my way and I wish I can spend the rest of my life with you. Good night, handsome.

33. Hello, angel. I just want to steal a moment from you before the day ends and tell you how much I wish you’re in my arms right now so I can stare at your beautiful face all night. Good night, love.

34. I wish the days are faster so that I can finally get to sleep by you all night, kiss you good night and count the stars till you wake up. My dreams are wild, I know but that’s exactly how I feel tonight. Good night, beauty.

35. You’re like the flower blossoming by the day, I can tell you that I can’t get enough of you in a day and that’s why I wish you’ll always be mine so I can have you to myself even at night while you spread the fragrance of your sweetness all around me. Have a lovely night rest, my love.

36. They say night is for rest but the reverse is the case for me. That’s because I want to stay awake all night, count and recount the stars and name them all after you. Baby, I don’t mind you being all the stars for me! Have a sweet sleep, dear.

37. I’ll hold you tight at night while I hold you close to my heart all day. You’re that beautiful angel I never want to let go. I can’t wait for the days when you’ll be mine so I can share my deepest thoughts with you as you sleep peacefully at night! Good night, my dear.

38. You’re my joy giver, my fire lighter and the one that keeps me going all day. The night is dark and scary but the thought of you lightens up the room that I feel the glow and flow of love all around me. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Have a peaceful sleep, my joy.

39. I don’t understand how you are sweet and hot at the same time. I can get you off my heart and that’s because you’ve stolen my heart and all I can do is live at the mercy of your sweetness. You’re the real deal and I’m glad I have you! Good night, damsel.

40. As I lay on my bed to sleep tonight, you’re all that filled my heart and thought. I hope I’ll sleep well today but if I can’t, you should know why. See you dazzling tomorrow, dear.

Goodnight Texts to A Male Crush

You really need to let your feelings out and pour out your emotions to that one person that makes you turn around and leave you in awe. Your male crush will find this set of goodnight texts really amazing, and that’s why you should send him one tonight. It’s your opportunity to sweep him off his feet and let him know how much you care about him and would love to see him around all day!

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41. You’re the most amazing person I’ve met. I can’t deny the fact that you send chills through my bones when you call my name. Have a lovely night rest, boo.

42. You’re handsome and with an awesome personality to compliment your looks. I hope you have a great night, dear.

43. I’m as excited this night as I was in the morning just because I know you’re always in my heart even though I can’t see you. I wish you a sweet sleep, my dear.

44. Whatever the day brings, I take it with all gladness just because I know I can go through it with you. Good night, sweetie.

45. I wish I can stay with you all night, pour out my heart to you and make the night as amazing as you are. Sleep well, dear.

46. I know I’ll see you in my dreams as you’re always in my heart. I hope you’ll enjoy the night as much as I’ll do. Good night, sweetheart.

47. I’m living in the world of your fantasies, I know my dreams will come true one day but till then, I’ll keep on dreaming about you. Have a sweet sleep, love.

48. I keep wondering what you look like while you’re asleep. I’m sure you’ll look as cute as when you’re awake. I wish you a peaceful night rest, dear.

49. Tonight, I want to say thank you for sweeping me off my feet every time you’re around me. I wish this lasts forever! Good night, boo.

50. You’re every girl’s dream and I’m glad I can see you every day, even in my dreams! Sleep well, love.

51. You’ve got an amazing personality and I wish I’ve known you all years long! Good night, dear.

52. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow morning. To me, you’re the brightest part of my day. Good night, love.

53. Handsome, I wish you a beautiful night rest, peaceful sleep and a sweet dream. I hope this makes your night.

54. I can’t stop staring at your picture, I’m glad for the memories I make with you during the day. That’s enough to take me all through the night. Have a pleasant sleep, my dear.

55. I wish I can hold your hands more often, see you happy and make more pleasant memories with you all years long. Good night, dear.

56. My day isn’t complete without saying good night to the one I love. Sleep well, sweetheart.

57. I hope the night is as fast as the day and I hope I spend the rest of my night in your arms. Have a pleasant night rest, dear.

58. Your memories are in my heart just as your face is in my head. I just hope you know you make me stay awake all night. Good night, my love.

59. Whatever the day brings, I’m rest assured the night will always be restful because of you by my side. Have a pleasant night rest, baby.

60. You’re my dream come true, that’s why I sleep every night with the hope of having sweeter dreams. Good night, boo.

Goodnight Texts to A Female Crush

It’s time to win the heart of that damsel you’ve always been stealing glances at, hoping she’ll look your way and love you the way you want to be loved! Shoot your shots with one of these goodnight texts to a female crush and make her think about you all night. It’s high time you hit the jackpot and get all the love you deserve just with these words!

61. Hello, angel. I wish you a beautiful sleep just like your smile. Have a great night rest, dear.

62. I don’t know that shines brighter between you and diamond. I’m damn sure you do, my angel! Good night, babe.

63. I want to feel the warmth of your words and the aura of your beauty this night and every other night! Sleep well, angel.

64. What makes a great day is your smile and your love. To me, nothing else matters! Good night, love.

65. When you look in the mirror, I hope all you see is an angel in human form because that’s exactly who you are! Have a lovely night rest, my angel.

66. I can’t wait to have you by my side all night, that’ll be the most fulfilling part of my days! Good night, sweetheart.

67. I need you to rest well and take your mind off the happenings of the day. You’re all that matter to me and absolutely nothing else! Have a sweet sleep, love.

68. I can’t deny that your beauty mesmerizes me and even above that, your sweetness is second to none. Have a good night rest, my dear.

69. Over and over again, I’ll choose you over the most precious stones because you’re the most precious pearl I’ve ever met! Good night, sweetie.

70. I want to hold you tight at night, whisper my love into your ears as you sleep off on my chest. I hope this day comes soon. Good night, dear.

71. I’ll be your guardian angel all night, just close your eyes and fall asleep. I’ll be right beside you when you wake up. Good night, baby.

72. Even as the day ends, I’m glad I’ll spend the rest of tomorrow with you and that gives me joy than you can ever imagine! Good night, beautiful angel.

73. All I’ve ever dreamt of since I set my eyes on me is the day I’ll have you by my side all night without the fear of you slipping away. I hope the day is nearer than I imagine. Have a good night rest, my dear.

74. Baby, my days are full of my moments with you. All I can think of right now is you! I wish you a sweet night just like what you make me feel right now!

75. I don’t know what memories I’ll have tonight if not for yours, yours is the sweetest memory ever and my best days are those spent by your side. Good night, dear.

76. Before you sleep tonight, I just want you to know that you’re my life and all I live for is you! Good night, sweetheart.

77. I can’t help thinking about you all day, I’m sure it’ll be the same all night! Have a lovely sleep, my dear.

78. I see myself loving you as the days go by, I wish to say this all the days of my life! Good night, dear.

79. I wish you a sweet dream and also to be in your beautiful heart forever, build an empire in your soul and live in your body all years long! Good night, babe.

80. Look out of your window, check out how beautiful the stars are. Don’t be surprised because you’re even much more beautiful! Good night, lover.

Cute Ways to Say Goodnight Over Text to Your Crush

One of the sweetest feelings is to love and be loved right back. You want your crush to reciprocate the blazing love in your eyes towards him or her? Then you should send one of these cute ways to say goodnight over text to your crush. You need to go the extra mile to make them smile, and I’m sure you’ll be building yourself an edifice in their hearts and very soon, you’ll get all the love you’ve always longed for!

81. When I see you lie in bed, all I see is a queen living her full life in a beautiful palace. Do have a peaceful night, queen.

82. I’ll keep loving you, even till the end of times. You’re the real deal and I always love seeing you around. Good night, dear.

83. The most important part of the day is here and I’ll be the happiest person to wish you a good night rest.

84. Stay cool and calm, enjoy the peace that the night brings coz I want to see you dazzling tomorrow morning. Good night, sweetheart.

85. I hope you know how beautiful your heart is and how resplendent you look when you smile. So smile tonight! Have a lovely night rest, angel.

86. The best feeling tonight is to see you close your beautiful eyelids and drift off to sleep. That’ll be a beautiful sight indeed! Sleep well and sleep tight, my dear.

87. I see the stars shining for just you and me! Good night, my love.

88. It’s hard to say good night coz I don’t want to see you leave me but you have to enjoy your sweet sleep. Good night, honey.

89. You’re the last person in my thoughts every night. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Sleep tight, handsome.

90. I’m looking forward to the day I’ll be by your side to give you a good night kiss while you sleep off my chest. Till then, enjoy your sleep.

91. The days are so fast that I wish I can spend more time with you. Thank you for always making my days eventful. Good night, darling.

92. I’m sending you lots of love to put a shinning and beautiful smile on your face tonight! Good night, babe.

93. I can hear my heart telling me how much I’ll miss you tonight and I hope to let you know you’re always on my mind. Have a sweet sleep, my dear.

94. I don’t mind keeping a vigil so long that’ll make you sleep soundly tonight, this is to show you how much you mean to me! Sleep tight, darling.

95. I’m not afraid of the dark since I know you’re always with me even if I can’t see you. Have a beautiful sleep, dear.

96. No matter how far you’re from me, I’m not afraid since you’re always in my thoughts! Good night, baby.

97. I’ll wait patiently to see how resplendent you are tomorrow. So you should go to bed now ’cause I’m sending you love in your sleep. Good night, dear.

98. I won’t stop loving you, even in the life to come. You’re my love forever! Good night, darling.

99. You’re all that makes my night worth it, that’s why I’m sending you this text so you know you matter a lot to me! Good night, baby.

100. I won’t stop loving you even when you give me a million and one reasons not to. I love you now and always! Have a sweet night rest, my dear.

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