Messages for Mother's Day

Heart Touching Messages for Mother’s Day (2024)

Mothers are special people and they deserve to be celebrated for being a source of continuity in the world. Just by being a mother, I believe they already signed up for continuous support at all times.

It is even more inspiring when a mother does not just relish the idea of being a mother but also assumes the position with ease. When you are blessed with a mother who does not shy away from making sacrifices to see you happy, you should always be proud of her.

You could also extend the grace on special days like mother’s day to show just how blessed you are to have her in your life and if you are a mother, how proud you are of yourself by using these heart touching messages for mother’s day.

Happy Mother’s Day Messages

If anyone deserves to be spoilt with kindness, I think mothers do. It is important to treat your mother like a queen that she is especially on mother’s day with some of these happy mother’s day messages.

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1. You have only ever made me feel like a treasure and the best child in the world. Daily, I hope to make you proud and to remind you that you are just as much a treasure to me and to everyone you come in contact with. Happy mother’s day, mom.

2. Daily, I feel like the luckiest child in the world and when I’m asked how it feels to be in the same space with you, I tell people it feels like paradise because you are my heaven. Happy mother’s day.

3. I could not have asked the universe for a better mother. You have proven times without number that you are an amazing person and time over and over again that you are even a more amazing mother. Happy mother’s day to you mater.

4. You have been so many things to me for so long – teacher, confidant, friend and sister among other things. By far the most favourite of things you have been to me is mom. And I am happy that you are alive and well to witness yet another mother’s day.

5. Not many things rattle me like when you are angry. If there is anyone in the world I love to always do right by, it is you. The reason is not far-fetched, you have been the mother of the year every other year of my life.

6. I am committed to making you a happy mom because you have shown dedication and utmost commitment in making me the happiest child in the world

7. I feel blessed, also very privileged to not only know you but have you as my number one person in the whole wide world. Happy mother’s day.

8. I have made it a duty to always celebrate the greatness that is you at every point in my life and I am not definitely not going to be changing that narrative on this mother’s day. It is my pleasure to call you the best mother in the whole world.

9. As far as I am concerned, you are the closest friend and the greatest confidant I have and I am glad that once in a year, I get to blow your trumpet like you do mine all year long.

10. You remain undefeated when it comes to caring for your children. Thank you, mother. Have a great mother’s day celebration

11. It is such a beautiful time to be alive. I am going to make the best of the day with you. Happy mother’s day to you.

Mother’s Day Wishes to Myself

Sometimes, it is perfectly okay to choose yourself over all else on special days. So, never feel guilty for using mother’s day wishes for yourself when it matters.

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12. Call it anything. But, I see myself as the best mother in the world. Coming from someone that has had to work with so many mothers. Yes! I stand by it. Happy mother’s day to me.

13. It is another mother’s day and I feel extremely happy to be joining the group of mothers for this year’s mother’s celebration.

14. I don’t care how anyone else feels about the fact that I am the best mother in the world – I think I am and will continue to see myself as one. Happy mother’s day to me.

15. It is so unreal how being a mother makes me feel. Being a mother has to be the most fulfilling thing I have ever had to. I am so pumped to be here for another mother’s day.

16. Many times a week, I think about all the blessings the universe had afforded e thus far in life and every single time, what comes as number one of all these blessings is my children. I am such a happy mother! Happy mother’s day to me.

17. I am glad to be with the mothers today – I know the pain and pleasure of being a mother and stand in solidarity with all mothers across the world to say happy mother’s day to us all.

18. There is a defining moment in my life that cannot be compared to any other – it is the point I heard the cry of my baby. It is this moment that has helped me through challenges and obstacles over the years and it is the moment I will forever hold on to. Happy mother’s day to me.

19. When I was not a mother, I appreciated the sacrifices and commitment of mothers to their children. Now that I am a mother, I know that I must find every opportunity to intensify the gratitude. Happy mother’s day to me.

20. It is such a great thing to have another beautiful soul in your care. Another body that is both your responsibility and the love of your life. This is how being a mother makes me feel.

21. I am wishing myself a happy mother’s day because I deserve all the good things in life.

22. Nothing in the world could have prepared me for this position. I’m glad because it is such a pleasant surprise that u I am capable of being a great mother. Happy mother’s day to me.

Beautiful and Inspiring Mother’s Day Quotes

There are no positions in the world like a mother’s position. So, there is no denying the fact that beautiful and inspiring mother’s day quotes are perfect to celebrate them.

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23. I love celebrating mother’s day because it is just another day to let the world know that I am blessed beyond expectation and have the best mother in my corner.

24. There are few people I defend like I do my mother. The reason is not far-fetched. My mother has created a defence for my sake as long as I have known her.

25. In gratitude and love, I like to hold onto every mother’s day as my life depends on it. It is yet another time of the year. Happy mother’s day.

26. You remain unmoved in the face of tribulations and show strength when it is needed the most- if these are not qualities to celebrate, I don’t know what is. Happy mother’s day.

27. It is about time I let the world know that my mother has been there from birth and I live by the mantra that says “mothers are precious” happy mother’s day to you.

28. This is the time to let you know just how awesome you are and how amazing you have been to me and everyone that comes in contact with you. Happy mother’s day to you.

29. Mothers are very important to the continuity of the human race. Hence, they deserve to be celebrated every day and celebrated even more on mother’s day.

30. The role of a mother in the family and the life of children cannot be overemphasized- mothers are gifts that keep giving and should be treated like the treasure that they are to the world. Happy mother’s day.

31. It is a special day for special groups of people. Everywhere you look today will involve the celebration of mothers and that is okay because they deserve all the good tidings they get today and beyond. Happy mother’s day.

32. I am grateful to the universe for giving another day to celebrate the woman who means the world to me. Happy mother’s day to you.

33. You are such a wonder. Never let the world tell you otherwise. Happy mother’s day to you.

The Best Messages for Mother’s Day

If your mother is the best thing that has ever happened to you, then, she deserves to get the best massages for mother’s day this year again.

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34. Dear mother, you are God’s most resolute blessing to me. I know I don’t say this enough. But you are and I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world. Happy mother’s day.

35. I genuinely hope that this message meets you bubbly, and pleased with everything in your life. Happy mother’s day to you.

36. If there is anything I am convinced is a lover of people and life, it is you – the way you express your love in your deep smiles and laughter is not something that should be taken for granted. Happy mother’s day to you.

37. With your bubbly nature alone, you have helped me burned bridges and held my hand when it mattered the most and these and more, I am grateful. Happy mother’s day to you.

38. In my down moment, you show up. When I am most happy, you are present to cheer me up. Happy mother’s day to you.

39. There is no one I would rather move through the world with other than you – you have taught me to be gracious always and have taught me how to smile through it all. Thank you and happy mother’s day to you.

40. It is such a great day to celebrate you. Just yesterday, you did yet another one of your good tidings and today being mother’s day just proves that the world agrees that you are awesome. Happy mother’s day to you.

41. There are a lot of things to be grateful for about you – I am most grateful that you are my friend just as much as you are my mother. Happy mother’s day to you.

42. I consider this day an opportunity to say thank you for being an awesome person and an even more amazing mother. Happy mother’s day ma.

43. Not many people in the world get me as you do. And that is perfectly okay because having you get me is all the assurance I need to know that I matter in the grand scheme of things. Happy mother’s day.

44. I hope that you have a day as wonderful as you. Happy mother’s day.

Mother’s Day Messages in English

I hope that you are courageous enough to use these mother’s day messages in English to appreciate your amazing mother this day and beyond.

45. Today is already blessed because we still have each other’s back. The fact that I get to celebrate you once again on mother’s day is mind-blowing. Happy mother’s day

46. I am ever going to remain grateful to the universe that gave me you as someone to accompany through life. Thank you, mom. Happy mother’s day.

47. There is nothing you won’t do to see me happy and pleased. You have shown this day in, day out. While I believe you deserve the world, I know I am unable to give you the world. So, I am going to just say that you mean the world to me. Happy mother’s day.

48. There is a confidence that is often inspired by the fact that a certain person you hold in esteem loves you with equal ardour or more. You are that person for me.

49. I hope that you start to believe me whenever I say that you are awesome – because you are and nothing is ever going to change that. Happy mother’s day.

50. I hope that you keep basking in the ambience that you are premium. A mother that knows just how to be a great friend to her daughter. Happy mother’s day.

51. This is just a day I would like to use to appreciate you for being a world-class mom, thank you so much and happy mother’s day to you.

52. There is nothing that will be able to convince me that you are not the most beautiful should to ever walk on the surface of the earth.

53. It is beautiful to experience yet another mother’s day with you still present with full-blown love. Happy mother’s day to the best to ever do it.

54. If there is anything solid I have been able to learn from you over the years, it is that gratitude is the most important thing. This is why I am using this opportunity to say that I see what you do, the sacrifices you make and I am grateful. I will forever be! Happy mother’s day.

55. I want you to forget duty this once and have a great day because you deserve it. Happy mother’s day.

Funny mother’s day quotes

Mothers deserve all the good things in the world. From gifts to love and of course laughter. This is why you should put these funny mother’s day quotes to good use.

56. How would you feel if I told you that I am pregnant? I know you have always wanted a grandchild. But, I am sorry you would have to wait one more year for it. Happy mother’s day to you.

57. I hope you are feeling up to the task that I have for you today. At the end of today, you will be feeling like a teenager more than a mother. But, I don’t care. I just want you do have a taste of the life I enjoy even if you are old and grey. Happy mother’s day to you.

58. You should laugh more. Looks like you are getting older and I hear smiles can make you look younger. I want you forever young mom. It is not impossible! Happy mother’s day to you.

59. There is a joy in heaven right now – who would have thought that you could ever take any celebration seriously? I am joyous that you are smiling today. Happy mother’s day.

60. You deserve to have a great day. Don’t let no child deprive you of your orgasms. Happy mother’s day.

61. You are an amazing person. Although being a mother takes up all your persona most times, you still manage to shine and I love that about your stubborn self. Happy mother’s day.

62. Every day that you have not been your wild self is a day to celebrate for me. So, trust me I have celebrated you more than once before today. But, yes you deserve to be celebrated even today. Happy mother’s day to you

63. You still have not told me how you felt when you felt held me in your arms. I want to know as soon as possible so that I can have stores to tell my hungry friends. Happy mother’s day to you.

64. You are going to give me that favourite dace of yours today. No matter how embarrassing you look, I promise not to laugh and to stop anyone from laughing. Believe me. Happy mother’s day to you.

65. Do you still feel like a mother or you feel more like a grandmother? I have to ask because if it is the latter, then today is not for you dear grandmother of four. Happy mother’s day to you

66. I just want you to have fun today. Look in the mirror and laugh all you want. Happy mother’s day to you.

Mother’s Day Messages for Boyfriend’s Mom

It would be amazing to add your boyfriend’s mother to the list of the mothers you want to celebrate. Here are the right mother’s day messages for your boyfriend’s mom

67. I am so grateful that you decided to have him and for how much you have given and poured into him, ii am even more grateful. Thank you ma and happy mother’s day to you

68. The first time I met you was one of the best days of my life. I won’t trade you for anyone or anything because you have come to mean that much to me. Happy mother’s day to me

69. It is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen – having someone who is not your mother take you as a child and treat you with an equal measure of love that she gives her child. Thank you so much and happy mother’s day

70. For this beautiful man that you raised, I give you all the accolades. He is a daily reminder that you are an amazing mother. Happy mother’s day to you, ma

71. You raised a darling. He is so fond of you and I can see why. You have done a great job of being a mother for years and I hope that God blesses him enough to pay you in folds. Happy mother’s day to you.

72. It is a great day and a wonderful opportunity to remind you of your elegance and awesomeness you are such a great soul, ma. Happy mother’s day.

73. It is a beautiful day, a day that has been set aside to celebrate people of your calibre and someone from your class. I am glad to be acquainted with you. Happy mother’s day to you

74. I do not say this enough – but, I think you are an amazing person and an even amazing mother. Happy mother’s day to you.

75. Not many people can maintain friendship with their children and still manage to be a mother. But, you do both in such style and with such class. Happy mother’s day to you.

76. I hope that you get all that your heart desires. Because you deserve nothing less than happiness. Happy mother’s day to you.

77. Thank you so much for giving me all that you do without asking for anything. I am eternally grateful for your love. Happy mother’s day to you.

Mother’s Day Messages for Girlfriend’s Mom

When all is fine in the relationship, your girlfriend’s mom sometimes feels like yours and it is understandable to use mother’s day messages for girlfriend’s mom to celebrate her.

78. Whenever she smiles, I am reminded to thank God that she was blessed with such a beautiful gene and also with someone brave enough to teach her how to smile. Happy mother’s day to you

79. You deserve to have a great mother’s day celebration. I hope you do not let anyone convince you otherwise. Happy mother’s day

80. As much as you want, have fun and remember that you raised a beautiful daughter. Happy mother’s day to you.

81. You are a loving, empathetic human and I have been blessed with your kindness. You are a great personality and an even more amazing mother to my girlfriend. Happy mother’s day to you

82. Truly, I do not thank you enough for being so great with my girlfriend. I know I don’t. And this is why I am using this opportunity to let you know that you are appreciated. Happy mother’s day to you.

83. Every day I get to spend with you teaches me why I have such a beautiful soul for a girlfriend. She would not have been anything less with someone like you in her life. Happy mother’s day to you.

84. Every day that I get to see the amazing side of her, I remember to say thank you to you because I know it would not have been possible had you not been constant support all her life. Happy mother’s day.

85. I hope you go through this special day having it in mind that you do a great job being a mother and a friend to your daughter. Happy mother’s day to you.

86. Your day is here. You are a mother through and through and nothing is going to ever change that. Happy mother’s day to you.

87. I am so blessed to be acquainted with someone as wonderful as you. Have a wonderful mother’s day celebration.

88. When I count my blessings, you come up quicker than a bunch of other people in my life. You have done a lot for me in a little time. Happy mother’s day to you

89. I hope that you have a great day today and that the rest of the year brings you good tidings. Happy mother’s day to you.

90. Today is not a painful day because I have you on my life. I am so proud that you are the mother figure in my life. Happy mother’s day to you.

Emotional Mother’s Day Quote for Mother In Law

It is okay to choose a mother’s day for baring your heart to the mother of the person who means a lot to you. It is even more important to do it well by using emotional mother’s day quote for mother in law.

91. I did not get to start life with you, but it is such a blessing to look around these days and see you right in my corner. Thank you for being a great mother in law.

92. You are an awesome soul. You are a gentle spirit and you have one of the beautiful hearts I have ever seen. Happy mother’s day to you.

93. I cherish you. The fact that I feel like I still have a mother even my mother is gone is a thing to always thank you for. Happy mother’s day to you.

94. Thank you for not only welcoming me to your son’s heart but also welcoming me to your home. Thank you so much and happy mother’s day.

95. I hope with all my heart that the day gives you everything and all the happiness a mother like you deserves. Happy mother’s day to you.

96. You have had a great year. It would be more beautiful if you had an amazing mother’s day. I am going to ensure you have fun. Happy mother’s day to you.

97. There is only so much I can do to repay you for all your kindness. But, I want you to always know that I love you and above all appreciate you. Happy mother’s day to you.

98. The way you sacrifice time and put in efforts to make everyone in our family is comfortable is something I have come to genuinely love. You are our backbone. Happy mother’s day to you

99. You make us all feel all the feelings in the world- I have never laughed with reckless abandon than when I am with you. I am sure every other member of our family thinks so too. Thank you so much for being you. Happy mother’s day to you.

100. It is such a perfect time to let you know that you are an awesome so and we would not trade you for silver nor gold. Happy mother’s day to you.

There is a joy that comes with having your mother in your life on mother’s day. Nothing is capable of trumping this joy when your mother has been nothing short of an amazing friend and a wonderful woman every day of the year. It is only fair that you make use of some of the heart touching mother’s day messages to celebrate your mother for all that she is and all that she does.

Written by Adebayo Esther

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