Heart Touching Quotes for Sister

Heart Touching Quotes for Sister (2024)

Different situations may call for the need to celebrate one’s sister with a fusillade of beautiful words. You can choose to celebrate the benevolence of your female sibling or even encourage her with any of these most touching messages for my sister. You don’t have to wait for world sister’s day to do the needful.

Thus, as a good brother, sister, or twin, there’s are messages you can send to her not only to make her smile but to melt away her heart as well.

You may even be more direct by choosing from the categories of heart touching quotes for younger sister or heart touching quotes for elder sister you’ll find in these beautiful collections of messages. And if she happens to be your twin, you can strengthen your bond even more with the emotional messages for twin sister.

Let these words that speak volume of your love for her be the first thing she reads when she wakes up in the morning or the last before she goes to bed. Come to think of it; it’s not a bad idea if she gets to read any of these messages in the noon.

So, make the most of these collections of heart touching quotes for sister, before the year, 2024, runs out.

Most Touching Messages for My Sister

Sometimes, thinking about who we have for a sister can make us want to give her the world. There’s something about these most touching messages for my sister that can aptly depict the state of your heart to your sister. You just wait until she reads any of these messages to see her overwhelming reaction.

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1. I love you, sister. You’re my soulmate and the reason I don’t have to watch my back, cause you got me always. Love you from here to the sky where two hearts of sisters came together to make a full moon.

2. Because I have a sister like you, then I can say that I have it all. You pour out your warm smile on me, like a cup of shiny oil, and every strive and heartache cease. Thank you so much, sister, for always holding my hands.

3. Hang in there, sis. Don’t you ever think about giving up. Smile when it’s the hardest time to, but cry when you feel like it. I’ll always be here to make life much better for you. I love you, sis.

4. If all females act like my sister, the world will be a lot better. You’ve taught me to be strong and unbowed by the overwhelming challenges of life. I love how you glide through the travails of life like you were flowing atop the sea waters. You’re the most gorgeous waves of hope I’ve seen.

5. Sister, I love how you make me feel. You bring out my wings and make me spread them as though the entire sky belongs to me. Thank you very much for bestowing on me your humility and kindness. They’re worth more than fine gold.

6. If all I have is you, then it’s more than enough. Your smile makes me complete. Your kindness enriches me. Your advice pushes me forward. And your happiness is my joy. You’re my soul sister.

7. You’re my answered prayer while I was in mum’s womb; I came into the world to meet the kindest sister awaiting my arrival. She continues to cover me the purest of all compassion even after all these years. Who can ever be like you, my dearest sister?

8. When you call me by my name, I feel a touch of your sisterly love. When you hold me in your arms, I am sunk into the depth of your compassion. There’s no sister in the world stronger than you, nor who can do the things you selflessly do for me. For that, I say a big thank you.

9. I’d like to have you in my life one more time and then time after time. I love how you’ve been a sister to me. Your soul is finer than diamonds and it glitters than a cluster of emerald gems. I love you like there’s no place in my heart for anyone else.

10. Sisterly love is irreplaceable. It never runs dry cause its source is from the purest spot in heaven. I bless the day we were tied by blood and made whole by love.

11. I love everything about you; the way you smile and walk atop the world as you own it. You’ve taught me to act like a queen cause there’s a place atop for Queens alone. I’m working to make you proud as you do me.

12. For the times I’ve fallen sick and you tendered to my injury with a poultice soaked with love; thank you. For the times I’ve lacked resources and you brought to me a sack of gold; thank you. The truth is, I owe you a lot.

13. You’re the true meaning of sister. You double as my mum and stand in the place of my teacher. Without you, I can say my better wouldn’t have been made perfect.

14. You provided me with a haven the moment you gave your heart to me. Thank you so much sister for giving me your best. You can be rest assured that I cherish this gift of love.

15. Who is as fierce as my sister? Who can be as strong as she is in the face of opposition? No one. Only you, sis, walks into a battle and shield your sister even while you’re in danger. I love you.

16. I shudder to think about how life would have been without you. I love you dearly my extraordinary gem. You’re the reason why I feel safe and don’t worry about what tomorrow brings.

17. Sis, if you ever need a helping hand; I’m here to give you my arms. If you need a smile to melt your heart; I’m here to make you laugh. If a drop of water is all that you need; I’m here to provide you with an ocean. What I mean to say is I love you.

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18. I don’t need a brother, cause your love is as fierce as that of brotherly love. I do not need a friend ’cause you’re all that and more. Thank you for being a blessing to me.

19. Your advice to me is as precious as a sack of priceless jewels. Your presence in my life is worth more than a tank of oxygen. You’re my sister and my life.

20. I see your smile and all I do is thank God for it cause it’s been a blessing to me. I love you, sister, more than I can ever make you believe.

Touching Quotes About Sister

There are touching quotes about sister that would make your sister feel so special whenever she thinks you. Since you’ll like to know, here they are for the satisfaction of your beloved sister.

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21. When my heart was broken, it didn’t take anything else to heal it than your soothing words. When I was too weak to stand, I didn’t need a dose of medicine to get back on my feet; your arms of love wrapped around me made me walk again. You’re my hope and the beauty of my life.

22. You sing my praises like I have no wrongs. You bestow your love on me like I never make you feel sad. Nothing you ever gave me have I deserved. You’re an epitome of unconditional love.

23. What is more than enough is your love and the joy you brought upon my life. Oh, sister, there’s no better way to love you than for me to show you my sincerest appreciation all life long.

24. Who is like my sister; she makes me shelter when it rains. She makes me a bed to lay on when the night is as cold as the winter. You’re my darling in the body of a sister.

25. I wonder what makes you do all that you do for me without seeking anything in return. May the heavens bless you more than I can ever do. May the earth heed to your need. I love you, sis.

26. If the earth were a warm place to be, it would be named after my sister because you provide me with a warm place in this cold life.

27. I have two wings and one of them belongs to you, cause without you I can’t fly. Together, we can reach for the sky. Love you, sis.

28. The brightness I see in the sky reminds me of the purity I see in your adorable eyes. You’re an angel in the body of a sister.

29. The meaning of love is the unfathomable kindness of a sister. You are a paragon of love with many sides of beauty.

30. As we swim together in the sea of life, I have no fear that we’ll sail safely to our destination cause a sister is whom I’ve got by my side.

31. There’s something that can make a weak girl strong and a wicked brother have a change of heart; it’s the true love of a sister. I’m glad I have that in my life.

32. There’s so much a sister can offer. This much is true, cause I have seen you give the world to me countless time.

33. The threat of hell and the devices of tyranny can’t make a sister forsake her siblings. You’re that sister. I attest to this truth cause you’ve proven that to me.

34. A sister like you creates a beautiful path for her siblings to follow. I’m glad to have you as my pathfinder.

35. The walls of China ain’t as strong as the arms of a loving sister. Her words are softer than water. Her heart is purer than the heavens.

36. There’s none like a sister. She’s everything a mother could pray for, a father could be proud of and a sibling could have confidence in.

37. The joy of having a sister who is better than the best is far greater than finding true love in the arms of a man.

38. A good sister withholds nothing from you. She gladly gives out her best with no expectation. I have more than a good sister in my life.

39. If there’s a place in heaven for the best of all sisters, you’ll be seated at the highest throne of it. You’re the best; nobody comes close to you.

40. Life’s greatest companion is a sister. She knows far too much on how to make you happy and get you up when you’re down.

Heart Touching Quotes for Younger Sister

There’s a way your younger sister expects you to protect her, make her happy and even want to hear from you. These heart touching quotes for younger sister can meet that need of your younger sister.

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41. I’m glad I have someone I can protect. Thank you for being my sister. You provide me with a place I can shower my love and attention.

42. There’s no greater joy and fulfilment than looking into the eyes of your younger sister and seeing how proud she is of you. I love you, my girl.

43. The beauty of life is made clear when you pass on your cherished belongings to your younger sister. You own all that I have. I love the unbroken bond we share.

44. If everyone would kick out pride and take on humility as most younger sisters do, the world would be blissful. Thank you for teaching me this wisdom, sis.

45. Nobody consoles anyone much better than a younger sister with a pure heart and wise words. She’s all I’ll continue to need when life gets hard.

46. I may be your elder brother, but you’ve protected me more than I have done you. Thank you so much for being my baby sister in whom I’m so proud.

47. There’s no greater force than the combination of a big brother and a younger sister. They’re simply undefeatable. Let’s keep on conquering our world.

48. I have found happiness in you many times when I couldn’t find it anywhere else in the world. Thank you very much, little sister.

49. I’m so happy to call you my own baby sister. You’ve always had my back. You’re a true friend and a great companion in hard times.

50. I’m here to say thank you for all the times you’ve protected me with your tiny little hands. I’ll be forever grateful for showing me that the place of a baby sister is irreplaceable in our lives.

51. The compassion of a baby sister is soon felt than anything else in the world. They give you their tears when you need it and offer their strength when you’re too weak to protect them.

52. My life without my little sister would have been a sorry sight. You’ve been my voice of wisdom and hope. I never give up because my kid sister keeps urging me on.

53. If everything else fails, not the love of a baby sister. Suppose everything else changes not the trust of my younger sister. I love you, my dear.

54. I’m glad to have you as the recipient of my love and attention. I’m happy to know I have made my little sister happy.

55. If there’s anything you ever want, let me know; I’ll be more than happy to grant all your wishes. I love you so much, my darling sister.

56. If my mission on earth is to make my baby sister happy, then I can say that I’ve done a great job. Thank you, sis, for allowing me to be a blessing to you.

57. A younger sister like you make my life better with her tenderness and honestly. I couldn’t have asked for a much better kid sister.

58. I cherish your presence in my life. I appreciate all that you do. For looking up to me, you make me strive for the best. I’m all that I am today because I have a younger sister whom I can’t afford to fail.

59. You’ve built in me unwavering confidence. You’ve made me see that there’s nothing impossible for me; it’s all because you believe so much in me, baby sister. Thank you, sis.

60. You have no reason for loving me, yet you do anyway; that’s true love and I pray never to lose it. I love you, my sister.

Heart Touching Quotes for Elder Sister

Elder sisters strive to be there for their younger ones at all times. All they need is your appreciation that acknowledges all their efforts. Bare it all when its time to express your feelings and gratitude to your sister. Thus, these heart touching quotes for elder sister would do justice to that.

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61. I look up to you like you’re the sky up above my head. Dear elder sister, I love you, my world was built around you alone.

62. I’m glad you came into the world before me and made it a great place where I’m not denied love, care, and attention. You, my elder sister, made it all possible.

63. No one makes loving another so easy as much as my darling sister. You’ve proven to me that there’s a reason you are my elder sister, and I’m glad to relish all the benefits that come along with it; thank you, sis.

64. Life is more comfortable not because there are so much beautiful things but because there’s the love of an elder sister that’s irreplaceable.

65. No one would ever lift you as much as the sister that came into the world before you. I’m glad I have you in my life, sis. You have been the secret of my success in life.

66. If there’s something I would always love to keep; it’s the love of my elder sister. If there’s a heart I’ll never like to break; it’s the one belonging to my elder sister. She only deserves the best for her selflessness to me.

67. I may not have everything everyone else has but I’m sure they don’t have the extraordinary love of an elder sister as I’ve got. She makes me feel so special.

68. My sister is like my wings. She makes me fly and inspire the best in me. Whoever is blessed would have you as an elder sister. I’m glad to be that lucky.

69. I pray that the time comes when I’ll be able to reciprocate all the kindness you’ve shown me. You deserve nothing short of the best, elder sis.

70. Your love for me has shown me the true definition of love. Now, I know what it means to be loved unconditionally. Thank you for this precious gift of love.

71. I’m glad to have known you and be tied to you by the blood that is full of love. You mean the world to me and thanking you can never be enough.

72. The greatest assurance I ever got about a better tomorrow was from you and that is because you play the role of an elder sister so well to me. Thank you for being a great predecessor.

73. Nothing is as great as having someone in your life who roots for you and makes you feel so great even when you’re so small. The love of a sister is nothing compared to any earthly asset.

74. There’s no greater blessing than the one of an elderly sister. I may be your brother, but you have given me so much more than I have done you. I count this as unmerited favour.

75. There’s no place safer than the space between the arms of an elder sister. I’m my best when I’m with you and I feel unconquerable with you in my life.

76. I’ll like to spend the rest of my life besides my elder sister, cause she got my back than anyone else I know. Thank you my dearest one.

77. You have my respect, love, and utmost kindness. I can never repay you for all you do, but I can promise never to take your gift of kindness for granted.

78. There’s a place safer than the caves of old; it’s the shelter of an elder sister. I feel my safest when I find myself around you.

79. The only love that can rival with parental love is an elderly sister’s love. I’m glad I don’t just have a sibling but a sister older than I am and so protective of her own.

80. No one deserves to be blessed as much as my elder sister. So I pray for you every time of the day cause I owe you that much. I love you endlessly, sweet sister.

Emotional Messages for Twin Sister

The bond between multiple births is so strong. This category is specifically written to make sure that as a twin brother/sister, you deliver the apt emotional messages for twin sister to your twin.

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81. There’s nothing comparable to the bond between twin sisters. It’s beyond one of the rains with the earth and the sky with the night stars.

82. My heart only aches when yours is in pain. I only want the best for my twin sister. Thus, never hesitate to call me when you’re in trouble.

83. When we cry together, our heart heals faster; so call on me to cry on my shoulders. I’ll never get tired of being there for you, my sweet twin sister.

84. Twins are so special, they make each other feel so important. I’m glad I never came into the world alone. I love you, twinny.

85. I’ve got a rare blessing and it’s the blessing of a twin sister. I’m privileged to be your twin brother, it makes me feel so special in a way I can’t say.

86. My heart aches to know that someday you’ll have your home, but I trust our bond to keep us together and never disconnected in love.

87. Being your twin brother is so much appreciated by me. I feel like you’re the best thing to ever happen to me. I promise to always be there for you more than I’ve ever done.

88. As your twin sister, I pray only the best of prayers for you. I look at you and see the kindness you give to the world, it assures me that you’re indeed a nice girl. I love you, twinny.

89. If you’re all that I have then I need nothing else again; in you, there’s joy, unmerited favour, uncompromising love. You have it all and don’t hesitate to give it all out.

90. I don’t love you because you’re my twin sister, but because you deserve to be loved fiercely. I promise to continue giving you the kind of love you’ll live to appreciate till the end.

91. It’s amazing how we love the same thing even more amazing how we are inseparable. The love of a twin sister is nothing of the world.

92. You make me happy like you were an angel sent to fulfil that purpose. Thank you so much for being the hand that wiped off my tears.

93. I’ll love to see you in my future, therefore, I wish you long life and pray you live to mark every milestone of your life. From your twin brother who helplessly loves you.

94. Heaven is here with me cause you’re my peace, joy, and wealth. I love you, my precious twin sister. Have a great day doing what you love to do best.

95. God is good to me for making me share the womb and the world with someone so special. You have rubbed off your kindness, greatness, and happiness on me.

96. Thank you, twin sister. I owe everything to your cause in the journey of life not once have you left me when everyone else left like they were blown off by the winds.

97. I can never do this life alone, the reason why God gave you to me. Thank you for fulfilling that purpose in my life without looking back.

98. There’s no place I’ll rather be than being next to my amazing twin sister. She is the sanity in this crazy world and the peace when it’s so chaotic.

99. I have you to thank for being this happy in life cause you’ve effortlessly made me happy when I never thought I could have come out of any challenge as happy as I used to be.

100. You’re the twin sister that every twin brother dreams to have. You make our bond so admirable and nothing can ever come close. I’m glad to have you, my dearest sister made of a rare heavenly gem.

Best believe you’re on your way to wearing the best sibling crown for donning your sister with any of the most heart touching quotes for sister.

Don’t forget to drop your comment and suggestions here, and remember to share with the rest of the world so every sister can be celebrated.

Written by Taiye Christiana

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