Heart touching birthday wishes for myself

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Myself

It’s no gainsaying that a new age marks the beginning of a pleasant journey in life. I’m sure you can look back at the previous year and be grateful for how you’ve grown, both in health and wealth. You should express your happiness on your birthday with your words and make yourself feel like a boss!

People can wish you all they want on your birthday but you sure know how to make yourself happy in the most beautiful way and that’s why I’m here to give you the right words to say to yourself on your big day!

Feel free to copy one or two of these 2024 heart touching birthday wishes for myself and make your birthday the big bang!

Best Happy Birthday Messages for Myself

Who says self-love isn’t the best form of love? Make yourself happy on your next birthday with these happy birthday messages for myself as they’re just the best for you. The words you say to yourself matter a lot as they come from the heart and sink better more than the words anyone can ever say to you. It’s time to make yourself special on your big day!

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1. Birthdays come with lovely memories and nostalgic feelings. I feel so grateful for the gift of a new year! Happy birthday to me.

2. My existence is of no doubt a testimony of what it is to be more than a conqueror. I feel so blessed to have attained this new age! Happy birthday to me.

3. Age could be a number to some but age is an accumulation of a lifelong victory for me! Happy birthday to me.

4. As I inch towards the league of septuagenarians, all I can say is that I’m a partaker of exceeding blessings! Happy birthday to me.

5. A long term plan is not enough, wealth is not enough, character is not enough. Only by grace, I am enough! Happy birthday to me.

6. With great joy, I receive the blessings that come with a new year! Happy birthday to me.

7. A time has come when blessings can be counted one after the other and be thankful for all the accomplishments so far. Happy birthday to me!

8. My pictures are not enough justice to my age. I keep on basking in vigour and strength! Happy birthday to me.

9. Appreciation is the express show of sincere gratitude and for all that I’ve received and I’m to receive, I am grateful! Happy birthday to me.

10. As humans, we get to dispense wisdom and attitude through the light of life. This new year is for greater accomplishments! Happy birthday to me.

11. I never settle for what life gives me, I live for what I can offer life! Happy birthday to me.

12. Thankful for life, friends and family! Happy birthday to me.

13. It is worthy of note the years spent, the impact made, the purpose fulfilled and most importantly, it’s a year to do much more! Happy birthday to me.

14. Here comes another opportunity to reflect on the journey of life and its essence. Happy birthday to me.

15. I couldn’t stop reminiscing on the journey so far towards this remarkable age. I feel so blessed! Happy birthday to me.

16. As a person I find myself personable with the right energy towards life and that has always been my stamina! Happy birthday to me.

17. My words are few, I’m thankful for the past, present and what is to come. I’m indeed grateful! Happy birthday to me.

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18. With the melody of songs in my heart and praises on my lips, I can only be thankful for the life led so far. Happy birthday to me!

19. Birthday is a time to show love to the downtrodden within the society. It’s a time to rejuvenate one’s service to humanity and that will be happening a lot this year! Happy birthday to me.

20. As I journey through life, I have come across several people from different backgrounds, cadre, ethnic, religion. I appreciate the love shared so far and the lessons learnt. Happy birthday to me.

21. With a redolent memory and sincere appreciation, I can boldly say I’m a product of grace! Happy birthday to me.

22. I live well, lead with compassion and care for people, I will keep contributing my quota to the development of my society till it becomes better! Happy birthday to me.

23. I live to benefit mankind, I live to correct societal decadence, I live to serve the human race! Happy birthday to me.

24. My gratitude goes to everyone that has offered me help along this journey of life. I feel so grateful to people within the circle of my influence for their positive impacts in my life. Happy birthday to me.

25. Birthday serves as another time to show love to people regardless of one’s current status. It’s a time of charity and appreciation. Happy birthday to me!

Long Heartfelt Birthday Wishes to Myself

Birthday wishes for self should be the one that comes from the heart, filled with lots of emotions as the heart desires it. These heartfelt birthday wishes to myself, though long, are the right words to make you feel exactly the way you should feel on your big day. The words are right and timely for you!

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26. As I celebrate my birthday, all I could wish for is continued health with peace that passes all understanding. I can’t deny the fact that life has been fair to me and I’ve received grace on all sides, I wish for all of these and even many more on the occasion of a new year. I’m persuaded that my new year is going to be perfect just because I believe I am unstoppable! Happy birthday to me.

27. I wish for wisdom as I journey through another year. The year is going to be long as really greater things are coming my way. I break territories and I take larger grounds, I expand in authority and coast. It’s really going to be an amazing year for amazing things to happen. I can’t wait to testify of all of God’s goodness to me this new year! Happy birthday to me.

28. With a heart of gratitude, I wish for more years of prosperity, platforms for dreams fulfilled and the grace to affect many more lives with positivity. All I wish to see around is greatness, and I’m sure that’s coming my way. This is a year of unmerited favour and peace undeniable. I officially wish myself a happy birthday!

29. I’m grateful for the gift of people who have made the journey of last year worthwhile, I feel all your positive vibes and I wish for even much more, I long to spend the new year with you all fulfilling purpose and making the world a better place for us all. There are so much light and love. All I see is progress on all sides! Happy birthday to me.

30. I wish not to make a living out of life but to enable the world to live more amply. I wish to spread love and beautiful fragrance of sweetness in this new year and many more years to come. It’s the beginning of a new dawn and a beautiful season. I’m waiting patiently to live this full life in the arms of love and peace. It’s a beautiful new year for me!

31. At the drop of a hat all I could wish for is to lead a gracious life, live a loved filled life, make super differences in all aspects of life and get my name inscribed on the rock where the rains can’t wipe it off. The essence of life is love and I hope to live it to the fullest. There’s no stopping this year! Happy birthday to me.

32. I can’t phantom the joy within because all I have ever asked for has come into realization, I’ve seen my prayers answered and my dreams come true. I’ve seen my purpose fulfilled and I can boldly call myself a blessed man. For all of these and even many more are what I’m grateful to God for now and forever! Happy birthday to me.

33. It’s often said no two persons can be the same. I have wished to be the man I’m becoming and I’m thankful for that. I see myself different in all ramifications and I’m grateful that I’ve not modelled myself according to what I’ve been through but rather I’ve made out the best of every opportunity that has come my way. This is more to be grateful for and I’m happy I could do all of today! Happy birthday to me.

34. I have no joy in myself, I have no joy in the pride of life, my joy is wishes coming through, a woman God has blessed beyond words and doing the things I love best. The most important part of today goes out to being grateful for all I’ve achieved, not with my power but purely by grace. This is a year of an unending supply of God’s goodness! Happy birthday to me.

35. I’m not affected by the negativity that has ravaged but I’m affected by the undeniable grace bestowed upon my life. I wish for a continued grace as I journey through another year and a heart to be grateful for the little benefits I receive each day. I am more than grateful for the gift of another year! Happy birthday to me.

36. As I grow older, I wish for a great and wonderful impact in my generation, the courage to stand for that which is right, be the voice of the voiceless and give hope to the hopeless. My deeds will be great and I’ll be part of the change the whole world wants to see! Happy birthday to me.

37. By this time next year, I wish for a better me, effecting changes in all aspect of life and doing what makes the soul glad. I’m that light bearer and I’ll shine my light so bright, lighting up the dark places of the earth while getting better at the sweetest things of life! Happy birthday to me.

38. It is often said time makes more convert than reason. I wish for a good time throughout this new year, doing greater things and breaking barriers. Things are getting beautiful in their times and this is the time for the beauty to exude. I see myself achieving a lot this year! Happy birthday to me.

39. To the world, I am somebody but even more than that, I wish to be the world to somebody. I want to put genuine smiles of those around me and influence the circle I’m about to build this new year, doing greater things that matter in the most mighty ways. I know my dreams are coming true and I can’t wait to see a changed world through me! Happy birthday to me.

40. The energy of the mind can be regarded as the essence of life. I wish for a mind with renewed vigour and clarity as a journey through another gracious year. To understand the principles of living and spreading the fragrance of love and light wherever I find myself. This is a year of doing exceedingly great things and I’m happy to see the bloom of this! Happy birthday to me!

41. I wish myself a remarkable birthday celebration and a desire to grow in health, wisdom and wealth, I wish for gain in all that I do and a lifelong of happiness, peace and tranquillity. My best year is here and I’m excited because I see my wishes coming true already! Happy birthday to me.

42. I wish for a long life but most importantly to live as if today is the last having in mind the vanity of life, the grace to be eternity conscious while fulfilling my purpose here in earth. I’m grateful for this beautiful gift of another year of impact and greatness. The world awaits my manifestation! Happy birthday to me.

43. A friend is cheap but an enemy is expensive. I wish for friends to journey through life as I grow older, to enjoy the benefits of living, grow old together to see our children’s children flock around our table and flourish in all of our endeavours. This is the year of making life matter with beautiful minded folks! Happy birthday to me.

44. I wish for more love, more of life, more energy as I celebrate another year. I wish for a year full of God’s blessings and premium protection. A year where all my needs are met and I live joyously every single day. I know God has granted all my wishes and it’s the time to live a full life! Happy birthday to me.

45. I have found addiction and I wish we all go through it. This addiction is love. I celebrate my new age with love, my new song in the year is of love and massive affection. It’s another year to spread love and light to everyone around me! Happy birthday to me.

46. Its the most remarkable time of the year for me coz it’s my birthday, all I can see as I look back is a life of grace and favour. I keep acquiring experience as I journey through life, she gives me test and lessons afterwards and I’m grateful I didn’t fail any of the test. Happy birthday to me.

47. I wish to continuously live a gracious life to reveal God’s embodiment of grace all through my lifetime as I celebrate another year filled with grace and favour. I won’t stop being grateful for how grace has found me and has made all the difference all years long. Happy birthday to me.

48. Without mincing words, I can boldly say all I have wished to achieve within the years spent has been accomplished. It’s not pride, it’s just an acknowledgement of God’s mercy and goodness to me and in this new year, I pray for continuous achievement in far greater dimensions! Happy birthday to me.

49. Come to think of it, another year spent and everything I wished for at the beginning of the year has been granted, I feel so blessed for the unimaginable ways God has come through for me even in a hopeless situation. I’ve come with a grateful heart to show my gratitude and bless God for His wonderful deeds all through the year. Happy birthday to me.

50. I wish for a ripple effect of joy experienced this year. I wish for better days ahead, better achievements and better blessings this year. I know all these are coming my way because I have a God who delights in making lives better for the ones He loves. Happy birthday to me.

Inspirational Birthday Quotes for Myself

Your birthday is here and you should inspire yourself with words on your big day. The day is all about you and everything that should be done that day should be things that’ll get you fired up for the journey of the next phase of your life. This collection of inspirational birthday quotes for myself is specifically for you to get better in the new year while in the euphoria of a beautiful celebration!

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51. It is often said that history can be explained through the lenses of the impact of great men, I feel inspired in the course of making a good history! Happy birthday to me.

52. I’m fully joined to the course of humanity, my resources and my time have been judiciously utilized to foster this course. I feel so blessed to have attained this age. Happy birthday to me.

53. All through the years spent, I set my mind on not only the things of this world but beyond. I’m living to set a legacy of hope! Happy birthday to me.

54. I keep on been inspired by the impact made so far in the course of repositioning the society for greatness. I feel graced to be part of the progressive team. Happy birthday to me.

55. At old age, value is all that matters, I keep on adding the right values to my life. I’m so happy and inspired to be living in this reality. Happy birthday to me.

56. Success can be built through people, purpose and performance. I’m inspired by the people I have met along the journey of life. Happy birthday to me.

57. Embracing changes requires that we step out of our comfort zone and do things we have never tried before. I’m grateful for this motivation which keeps on driving me towards my purpose. Happy birthday to me.

58. In the business of life, diversity is one big component. I’m grateful to have been able to accept people’s differences and acquired the culture of working together with people to achieve a common goal. I’m inspired to achieve more as a team throughout my lifetime. Happy birthday to me.

59. I have never created any labels, I never labelled according to the colour of skin or ethnic background. I’m grateful for the outright love and I’m inspired to do more with love throughout my ages. Happy birthday to me.

60. I’m motivated with the opportunity seized within the years spent for the betterment of myself and the society at large. Happy birthday to me.

61. I’m happy and inspired for the connections made through the journey of life. It has made me create a strong and positive relationship. I feel blessed with this! Happy birthday to me.

62. My commitment to being a better person than I am yesterday is my motivation. I feel so inspired to see a better version of myself tomorrow. Happy birthday to me.

63. I’m committed to the true course of liberating people and the society from the ills of decadence. I see this as a responsibility to liberate the upcoming generation from these ills. I’m so inspired by this as I journey through life. Happy birthday to me.

64. As a person, I have always been accountable to people, it has always been my motivation towards success. I feel blessed! Happy birthday to me.

65. My commitment to winning has always been my fuel and I’m grateful for the wins. Happy birthday to me.

66. Awareness of other’s need has envisioned me to the course of elevating poverty in society. I see this not as a herculean task but a noble one. Happy birthday to me.

67. Early in life, I got acquainted with my purpose but much more I have realized that my experience in life was leading me to discover my mission for being on earth, which is to motivate people and share love with them. I’m committed to this and I’m thankful for the clarity of thoughts. Happy birthday to me.

68. Vision could be regarded by seeing into the future before it comes into being, I’m motivated by my vision, I live for my vision, I pray for my vision, I feel blessed with my vision. Happy birthday to me.

69. My execution of plans in life is motivated by ethics, doing what is right because it is right. I feel inspired to have built a good reputation with this through life. Happy birthday to me.

70. The way I think, the way I speak, the way I interact with people has been inspired by value. It has become a component of my conscience. I feel inspired by what I value. Happy birthday to me.

71. It is often said the days are full of evil and life is full of challenges, my commitment to declaring victory over any circumstances no matter how terrible has been my motivation. I’m a victor, not a victim! Happy birthday to me.

72. The ability to face reality has made me develop an optimistic and winning attitude. I’m motivated to do even much more! Happy birthday to me.

73. In the midst of life, most of the impossible challenges I came across gave hope. I’m committed to making people view life from the lenses of hope. It has always propelled me forward. Happy birthday to me.

74. Persistence and perseverance have made me steadfast in my journey of achieving my purpose. I feel so blessed and committed to this virtue. Happy birthday to me.

75. My knack to work as a team has made me an achiever and a rational-minded person. I feel blessed to have been equipped with this and I feel more committed to working as a team to achieving success. Happy birthday to me.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Myself

Your birthday is another day to catch all the fun you’ve missed out on throughout the journey of the last year. It’s time to feel funky and enjoy all the fun that comes with a new age. Enjoy these funny wishes for myself and laugh so hard on your big day. You should agree with me that ageing shouldn’t come with wrinkles and that’s only possible if you avail yourself of all the fun you deserve on the first day of your new year!

76. Happy birthday to the old me, I continually count my blessings and not my age coz that’s definitely going to give me some wrinkles!

77. I want to spin around in the rain just like old times but I guess age won’t let me but I’m glad I’m ageing graciously. Happy birthday to me!

78. I’m not scared of ageing, I’m just scared of the wrinkles but in all, I’m glad I’m expanding in wealth and knowledge! Happy birthday to me.

79. The stars remind me of the nights I counted them, now I understand better that stars are to be stared at and not counted! Happy birthday to me.

80. I see a new me this new age doing the things age won’t allow anyone to do! Happy birthday to me.

81. Can the days just go slower, I need to count the minutes I’ve spent in the earth! Happy birthday to me.

82. It’s time to paint the whole town red. Don’t tell me not to coz it’s my big day today! Happy birthday to me.

83. Time, they say waits for no one. But I guess it has waited for me to see this day in health! Happy birthday to me.

84. Whenever I’m tempted to count my years, I prefer to count the stars instead coz that makes me happier than seeing myself grow old. Happy birthday to me.

85. It’s that time of the year when my old friends remind me of how old I am. But before they do, let me gladly remind myself! Happy birthday to me.

86. If age isn’t a number, could you please tell me what it is? They say I’m 40 years old today, that’s a number, I’m sure. Happy birthday to me!

87. Let me wish myself an amazing birthday celebration before anyone else does because I come first in everything I do!

88. I would rather spend the whole day partying, not thinking or sulking that I’m aged already. Happy birthday to me!

89. I can wait another year and even many more years so I can complete my jokes and stories. I’m sure you’ll all want me around! Happy birthday to me.

90. You all need to calm down, it’s my day and you’ll all wish me well but first I need to tell you the secret to my sweet sixteen, so follow me closely! Happy birthday to me.

91. I want to party all night, sing all night and drink all night, by your many wishes won’t allow me! Happy birthday to me.

92. It’s good to see a new me and new age. It’s more amazing to see a new year! Happy birthday to me.

93. I feel I’m growing older every day coz the years seems to be running! Happy birthday to me.

94. I was thinking of dancing all day but old age won’t let me, so I’ll just lie low and allow the presents roll in all day! Happy birthday me.

95. Don’t let the looks deceive you, I’m older than you think I am, but I’m glad I’m as healthy as you think! Happy birthday to me.

96. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my big day. I just want to do a shout out to all those who think I’m ageing! Happy birthday to me.

97. When it’s time to hit the dance floor tonight, I’m sure I’m gonna win every one, not because I’m a good dancer but because it’s my birthday! Happy birthday to me.

98. Happy birthday to the big boy in the big body. Thank goodness I have good looks to compliment myself!

99. I don’t think I have to tell you to send in presents before your wishes. The presents come first, then the wishes! Happy birthday to me.

100. I’ll stay awake all night to see myself enter into another year, but if I sleep off while keeping this vigil, send me your wishes! Happy birthday to me!

And boom! I’m sure you enjoyed every bit of the heart touching birthday wishes for myself; from being inspired to being funky. Let your friends and loved ones enjoy the same too as you share with them. See you next time!

Thank you!

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